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Locke Leichtenberg - Character Sheet


Basic Information:

Character Name:

Locke Leichtenberg





Place of Birth:

Callaneth, Wall Rose










Scout Regiment



Kill Count:

Titan Kills: 0


Human Kills: 0


Assists: 0



Personal Information:

Faceclaim/Appearance Description: Locke has a sharp, face that is completed by his deep blue eyes. His shaggy, dirty blonde

hair hangs down to just above his chin and is often pulled back into a small bun, though a few strands always seem to find a way to fall in front of his face. He is fairly thin but his body is toned just enough to keep him from looking scrawny, though he is weaker than most.


(General look I was able to make on a website)


Personality Traits:

    Locke is generally a happy-go-lucky, if not somewhat awkward guy. He enjoys teasing others, especially those he is close to and tries to make light of any situation. In fact, it probably wouldn't be too unbelievable to see him laughing (or at least grinning) after only narrowly escaping death. However, that is not to say that he cannot be serious, in fact when others are in danger or even just fatigued or depressed he can be rather protective and encouraging. For all his awkwardness and smiling he would gladly die if it meant the safe return of others. Actually, he has welcomed the fact that he will die fighting to save others, which makes it unlikely for him to falter. Although, he has never actually never seen a Titan and, like most people, doesn't necessarily want to die. 


    Even though he has his caring side, Locke is not a very sensitive person and can often come across as blunt or rude, and is no stranger to bringing up embarrassing stories about others. He cares precious little for his own reputation and sometimes doesn't consider that others may care about theirs. On the same note, he at times has the same disregard for his safety, though he would never compromise the safety of others (Or at least not on purpose) he is prone to charge recklessly without a plan if someone's life is at stake (or just in general) and if he does not correct this flaw it may cost him, and possibly others a premature death.

    Along with his personality flaws, Locke also has his fair share of physical weaknesses. It would seem that all the strength and speed went to his younger brother, and though he is reasonably able to maneuver in a hand to hand fight if he was ever grappled by a stronger opponent he wouldn't be able to do much to free himself. Not to mention that he is also quite clumsy. 


Locke aims to carry the family tradition by becoming a member of  the Scout Regiment. However, that is only his short term goal. In becoming a Scout he yearns to take the fight to the Titans. Ever since wall Maria fell he has witnessed much suffering and pain caused in those who lost loved ones. He has vowed to fight for those who cannot defend themselves against their horrid enemy.


When he was younger his father would take him and his younger brother hunting whenever he was home. Thus Locke became pretty handy with a musket. Wrestling and sparring with his younger brother was also a favorite pastime of his. More recently he has taken an interest in reading and journaling. 


Eldest child of the Leichtenberg family household. 

Father: Walter Leichtenberg [Deceased] 

Mother: Yvette Leichtenberg

Brother: Theo Leichtenberg

Grandfather: Wilhelmh Leictenberg


          Locke was the firstborn son of the newly wedded Yvette and Walter Leichtenberg in Calaneth district. The Leichtenberg family had a tradition in which the firstborn son of every generation joined the Survey Corps. Therefore Locke's father, with much persistence from his grandfather, (who was a very hardened, grim man having only one leg)  joined the scouts. Locke had an uneventful childhood, living in relative comfort until the age of thirteen. For that was the year wall Maria fell. Although Locke was far removed from the chaos and destruction, he was no stranger to it's effects. The faces of the refugees that came to colleneth spoke for themselves, furthermore, the subsequent expedition to reclaim wall Maria resulted in his father's death. 

         Locke vowed the very next day that he would follow in his fathers footsteps and bring the fight to the Titans. His mother and, surprisingly, grandfather protested immensely. Nonetheless Locke remained steadfast. His Grandfather, filled with guilt and experience saw that there was no detering him, and decided to teach Locke all that he had learned from being a Scout all those years ago. The training proved reasonably effective, as best it could that is, being taught by a peg legged man and without being able to actually use ODM gear. Not to mention that Locke's physical prowess didn't get much better. Locke trained until he was old enough to join the Cadet Corps and receive real training. On his 18th birthday he hugged his mother and younger brother, shook his grandfather's hand and said goodbye to his family. The next few years of training were gruelling but Locke passed nonetheless. He got along with his fellow trainees fairly well, though he never really got to know any of them on a deeper level, he was thought of as a funny, somewhat idealistic and awkward guy, and was never given much more thought than that. However his comrades did apreciate his determination to help others when they were struggling even if he got scolded for it by the commandant and made his own training harder. Locke graduated with a pretty average score, near the more skilled recruits but still quite a bit bellow the top of his class. Thus at last he joined the Survey Corps and we are brought to present day. What lies in store for Private Locke Leichtenberg remains to be seen.

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