Evan Sokudo

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March 28th, 2023

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January 29, 2022


03/18/2023 02:33 PM 

Evan Sokudo - Post Shin'ō Academy

After Evan honed his skills with the sword way better than he had expected, did a pretty good job learning the Hado/Kido techniques, and passed his classes with flying colors. He was able to graduate in just one year with his hard work and dedication to becoming a Soul Reaper. As time went on he had a matured a lot and some people had realized that he just wasn't acting himself at all. Most people had assumed it was just his focus on his studies that made him distant, or possibly he had no interest in socializing. Either way he was left alone, and once he had left the Soul Academy he was gifted his own Zanpakuto. It's name was Idaten, and he was an interesting Zanpakuto. It was some boy that looked around his age, but more mature. He had a tail of a cheetah and the ears as well, but the rest of the fur seemed like that of an outfit. Evan was able to understand him pretty quickly, but at the time he did that was when he started to become quiet. Evan looked back at those he met while training under Yoruichi, and realized that they didn't really seem to like him at all that much. Even Yoruichi seemed happy to get rid of him, but he saw his old self in Idaten. The Zanpakuto was mature but tried so hard to fit in, and Evan was hurt by this realization that he almost felt like he didn't want Idaten in his life...but he learned to love him and forgive his past self as well as those who may have wronged him. He was just ready to finally move on from the academy and hopefully be taken up by a Squad now. He had so much potential that someone would have wanted to pick him up, but who would it be? Well...from those he had met, it was hard telling if they'd wanna see him again. He would have to wait and see who he'd belong with...

01/19/2023 10:11 PM 

Character Bio:
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CHARACTER INFO. Verse: Bleach Name: Evan Sokudo Nickname: Ev Ev Title/Rank: Newcomer Species: Shinigami Squad: Currently training to join one. Clan/Family: N/A Age: 22 Date of Birth: 9/8/2000 Gender: Male Personality: Kind of a joker at times, but tries to be a kind Soul to others. Hides his emotions usually to look strong. Physical Traits: He's fit but has a noticeable scar on his left shoulder. Height: 5'7 Body Type: Slim and fit Appearance: He'll usually wear a shirt and an outer button up one as well with some jeans. When training he's shirtless though. Other important Info: If he ever gets emotional, he'll either try to hide that or hide his face. Affiliation (Arrancar, Gotei 13, etc.): Recently has come more affiliated with the Gotei 13 and its captains. Preferred Fighting Style: Judo, lays heavily on defense though. Shikai (if one): Has none. Bankai (if one): Has none Background: Just a regular school boy that graduated and had high potential in college. He was always looked up to by a lot of his peers and tried to be a good role model for most. He loved practicing and using his Judo as well. Though while he was in college a tragic accident accoured. Ending him up in the Soul Society. Parents & Relatives: Mitsuki Sukodo and Akira Sukodo, his parents. Relationship: None at the moment. ~~Backstory: Evan had a really rough start in the Soul Society. Evan didn't understand why he was even there, which is probably what most newcomers felt when entering. Evan really had no clue what it was he needed to do from here on out, and soon enough he sought for answers. Evan was oblivious to the fact that he was dead do to a tragic accident, just believing this could have been some dream. It wasn't long that he found out he was in a place called the Soul Society. Though he needed to know why he was even there, and most said he was dead. Evan didn't want to accept this and eventually ran into a former captain of the Gotei 13. Evan met Yoruichi and they bonded a bit. They talked all about stuff in the Soul Society and Yoruichi told Evan all about her time in the Gotei 13. Though Evan asked her a serious question, "am I dead?" He was met with an answer that told him he was indeed dead, and that's how he was there now. Evan nodded his head and for days he was pretty depressed and silent. Everything he had worked for was now out of his reach in this new world. It really hurt him, though eventually he went to Yoruichi again and told him he wanted to be trained as in his past life he was also good in Judo. He was met with a sparring session that ended with him getting his ass kicked in one hit, but it was a stepping stone for his new goal. To become very strong and possibly join the Gotei 13 if it was even possible. To this day he trains hard and makes bonds with those around him, though he still struggles accepting that he really is dead as he strives to become stronger.

07/22/2022 02:07 PM 

Come and roleplay with me!
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Just don't waste my time please, don't add me and then just ignore me. :/

07/18/2022 02:57 PM 

Bored As Hell
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Really wanting to roleplay with someone, but I guess most of my partners have checked out or are just busy as of right now. Anyone up for a roleplay?

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