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10/11/2023 08:29 PM 

cult paraphernalia.

Cult of the

Invites all
to come join

Membership comes with a free uniform!!!*

*This is not an irl thing duh

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I call this one the "whoops you've fallen for the one you still wanna kill" playlist.
... It happens to the best of us!

Grave Miscalculation · My Terrible Friend
It was a grave miscalculation,
another scene to draw into:
an overfed imagination
for me.

Go ahead, return the accusation,
but do I need to prove
what I should mean to you?

Threnody (Acoustique) · Burn The Ballroom
Let me be your drum, a midnight thunder rage;
for the kingdom that comes, would you bury me under the stage?
Foncer mon petit ange, au fin de la lumière -
comme un amour étrange, la nôtre est histoire de guerre.


Taking all my vitamins.
Searching for enlightenment.
The world is way too frightening.
There’s not much that I like in it.
Oh, except you.

Killshot - Magdalena Bay

Sin and tonic, stupid promise,
something like a death wish -
all alone, stare into my soul.

(If I wanna stay alive, you should never cross my mind.
Yeah, I knew it - I been through it.)

Gallery Piece - of Montreal

I want to hurt you bad,
make you paranoid,
and say the sweetest things :)

Love Interruption - Jack White

I want love to, roll me over slowly,stick a knife inside me, and twist it all around.
I want love to, grab my fingers gently,slam them in a doorway, put my face into the ground.

Love is Murder - Nomotion
Life is learning how cruel love is.
You're carrying things inside that Ive never seen.

I'll break your skin to take your bowels out,
I'll cut along your chest and,
I'll grasp your beating heart ♥

Formidable Marinade - Mikelangelo and the Dead Sea Gentlemen
I'll roast you on the spit like a fatted calf.When you're done, I'll split your body in half,climb into your reddened core,curl up tight, and close the door.And in your body I'll dream of things,like geese, mustard, cabbages and kings,thermos full of chocolate sauce,and men who live on only remorse.

True Love - ThouShaltNot
In walks the villain of this tale,
the door closing silent behind you.
I smile and I offer you something to drink,
in the hopes that a taste will remind you -
that poison goes better with grenadine;
that deceit's always lovely with lime;
that bitterness can be so sweet when it's served
in the right place and at the right time.

Parasites - San Fermin
These little hands are parasites,
get in there and hang on tight--
take what they can take and leave you bleeding.
This little mouth's no good for you,
these lips will suck you black and blue.
When it's done, the teeth and tongue for feeding.

Please Destroy Me - Get Set Go

Murder everything I am. (Please destroy me)
Ground me into dust so fine. (Oh, please destroy me)
You can do most anything. (Oh, please destroy me)
Just so long as you are mine (I'm in love with you)
'til the other end of time.

Mad Head Love (English Cover by Saki) - Kenshi Yonezu

From the moment you were in my sights, I was brought to ruin.
All the lies and truths involving you, are what brought upon my sweet undoing.
Before you was there meaning at all? Can’t seem to remember... Yes!
It’s you and me in paradise; we’ll take the carnage on together

in a game where we both play fools.

Cut Me Up - Har Mar Superstar
Your beauty ripped my world apart, now I'm coming back to settle up and take your heart.

Recurring Dream - Tankus the Henge

Holding your hand as we're jumping off buildings,
I'm loving the feeling of falling with you!
Screaming your name as we crash through the skyline -
if I'm going down, thеn you're going down too ♥

Vow - Garbage
I came to cut you up, I came to knock you down,I came around to tear your little world apart.I came to shut you up, I came to suck you down,I came around to tear your little world apart.
Tear your little world apart...Tear your little world apart, and break your soul apart.I can't stop when it comes to you.

10/07/2023 08:56 PM 


Why can't I at least block the dev account from my timeline? I won't be praying for colonizers ✌️😃

An Auschwitz survivor's opinion on Israel.

And f*** Columbus too while we're here.

10/01/2023 10:55 PM 

oh, worm? i didn't post my headcanons before now?

Copied and pasted from my blog, so there's links'n formatting'n sh*t.
A chunk of it is tumblr only, but I'm too lazy to do any pruning.


It has become a little less particular about being in possession of a body when it leaves its temple. However, it will certainly only enter towns and cities when it’s inside of one of its cultists, or some other body.

On its own, outside of any vessel, mask, or magical influence, Majora looks like this. It now also carries around a mask it has created by killing one of its favored cultists in a ‘ritual sacrifice’–the appearance it assumes upon donning that mask looks like this. One day, it hopes to look like this

Its armor can protect it from many things, so long as those things hit its armor. However, even with said armor, it is very susceptible to certain kinds of magic. Particularly any sort that relies on the Moon.

It’s trying to hunt down the Fierce Deity mask–it lost it after the battle with that boy. It wants to know. Was the bad guy granted freedom, too?

Currently, Majora is weaker than it used to be, though it won’t admit to that. It can’t call down the Moon, or cast any extremely destructive, large-scale hexes. It can, however, still hex people–but the curses it casts aren’t permanent. They’re time limited, wearing off within three days of the initial casting, likely an echo of those three days.

When the lone wanderer sealed the armor’s powers, he also sealed a spiritual form of Majora’s armor within the mask–the source of its powers. However, due to its defeat, Majora’s armor was damaged; this is the reason why its curses are time-limited. The armor can only grant Majora’s wishes to an extent, but due to its spiritual nature, it can be repaired… With the sacrifice of a lot of people.

When someone is being possessed by Majora, their eyes change to look like its own; red, orange, green, peculiar things. If it stays in possession of someone’s body for long enough, they may experience terrible side-effects such as nosebleeds, gillbleeds, migraines, nausea… The mask it was once sealed in acted as a sort of buffer, keeping the brunt of its presence from effecting the wearer in such negative ways.

Manipulating the Skull Kid, picking through their mind with a fine-tooth comb, re-taught it what loneliness was. It didn’t like that feeling. It doesn’t like feeling anything beyond ANGER and HAPPINESS. 

It isn’t very fond of the Twilight Realm or the Twili. In fact, it hates them and their dreary realm–but it does like how they taste. It considers them to be ‘very filling.‘ 

It likes to dance. 

It also likes to play games. Granted, these games are often only fun for itself, and not very fun for anyone else involved.

While it doesn’t have hands in its usual form, it can manipulate things with its hair. It can’t wield its magic precise enough to use it for things that require accuracy or delicacy.

It likes to be hated. Those that hate it tend to be more fun to play with. 

Its idea of a ‘good time’ to spend with someone ‘close’ would be possessing someone and letting the object of its current ‘interest’ destroy said vessel in a slow and preferably creative manner. It gets to see how vicious the other person is, and it also gets to directly relish the panic and suffering of the poor soul caught in the middle. And, of course, it’s only fair that it gets to retaliate afterward, right?

It’s aware of parallel dimensions and the multiverse. It’s aware that its Termina isn’t the only Termina to exist, for example, along with the trappings that go with that. Its also been to other lands and time periods, though its knowledge about those places and times is minimal at best.

It was once located in the forest between Clock Town and Ikana, but then it got burnt down during a fateful game of truth or dare. 

It got its cultists to build it a new one somewhere in the Great Bay.

And when that got wrecked in a confrontation with a certain Deity, it got its followers to build it a new one somewhere deep in the Swamp

Majora’s favorite cult members serve as its High Priests and Priestesses.

Each cultist is given clothing reflecting their membership. They’re also charged with making personalized masks.

Most of the members are unsavory sorts. Greedy, vain, prideful, power-hungry. 

Their ultimate fate? Dinner.

09/24/2023 12:44 PM 

writing examples ♪

Taken from my old, old Tumblr roleplay blog for this beastie.

After trying and failing to get Skull Kid to join their cult...

Luckily it currently had features to sneer with, ‘cause that’s what it couldn’t help but do while Skull Kid spoke. Majora came to an abrupt halt roundabout to the left of its pesky puppet pal, one hand on its hip as it tossed its other army limb around the Kid’s shoulders. It leaned forward, somewhat in, all buddy-buddy-like and chuckling.

“I guess it’s for the best! Hee, hee, I wouldn’t want to subject my cultists to garbage like you, anyway! Their lives are bad enough.” The demon flashed its chum a toothy grin. “Imagine if they had to deal with you every other day? Imagine if I had to deal with you every other day? I’d probably wind up disbanding my cult in a desperate attempt to get rid of you!”

An attempt at reverse psychology, or genuine insults?… Well, all right, there was no doubt about it - they were genuine insults. 

“This is where I’d tell you to run along and go play with your friends, but…” A cackle bridged the distance from one statement to another, “How could I forget! You don’t have any of those, do you?”

First reply to a rather lengthy horror story featuring a Kafei (that sadly ended early cuz I got burnt out. Novella isn't my thang, y'see.)

It was always a treat to oversee its cult, to watch them prepare elaborate set-ups for silly little rituals and–better yet–meetings. Rituals could be fun, but meetings often brought in fresh meat, and that? That meant that its plans were going full steam ahead. If membership became stagnant, if people stopped joining, where would it be? It would actually have to start encouraging its followers to… To procreate, or something, and overwhelm Termina’s main regions through actual generations. 

Sure, Majora may have decided to go slow, to play with its food, to watch them bumble about and prostrate themselves unwittingly before their false god and eventual demise, but actually having to wait outside of its own choice…? That wasn’t an option it would settle for. 

So… Yes. Meetings. It had called for one for early that night (”Make sure to invite your friends!”), and the twilight hours had already fallen; it could still hear hammering. What was probably one of the construction fellows was barking orders to, “Hang that up over there! No, that’s wrong, I said over there!,” at some poor sap. Who, it sounded, had done it wrong again since the next thing the demon heard from the outside was, “Do I have to do everything myself?!”

Once upon a time, it could relate.

Sadly it wasn’t able to see the goings-on. Earlier it had been able to, but then it had remembered that, oh, it had preparations of its own it had to do. The erroneous idol had itself busy with getting its chosen vessel to look Just Right. Not difficult to do for a ‘god’ that could ‘bend reality in weird and wondrous ways’ - otherwise it would have taken an entire day to meticulously apply body paint just to have the stuff smudged to hell by its robes. It knew that from experience. 

And once its own preparations were complete and over with–after it preened itself a little, did a small little dance to stretch and settle into its current meatsuit’s limbs–it finally stepped out of its little stone shrine to see what progress its builders had made. Banners emblazoned with an eclipsed sun hung from newly re-constructed frames (one was still being positioned, those doing the work supervised by that burly, ornery man) that sat on either side of a temporary platform; fancy painted stone bowls filled with rocks and flammable materials lit the scene; incense burning in holders held by several hooded members mingled with the fresh sea-salted breeze. 

It was as good as it was going to get given the quality of the people of this stupid, stupid land. Now it just had to get everyone into their positions and wait for the attending to arrive.


Those making the short pilgrimage to the Great Bay would be greeted with the following scene: four incense-holding hooded persons kneeling on the platform, each an equal distance from the colorful, floating man in the middle. The wolf in sheep’s clothing was sitting leisurely on nothing, a small outward display that the ‘god’ the cult had been built around was present. 

And of course the four around it was a homage to the Giants.

A very mocking–perhaps blasphemous depending upon who was asked–homage, of course. Just the best for those boring, old things.

All stayed silent (well, relatively so, considering the droning chatter of those in attendance making small-talk while they waited for everyone else to arrive) until the ‘man’ in the middle had deemed the group large enough to begin. It could espy new faces. New playthings. It giggled to itself before it rose its voice, addressed the crowd,

“Good evening, all of you! We’re very happy that you could attend tonight! Do make yourselves comfortable–I have. Hee, hee! The sand should still be warm, unless you prefer to stand.” There was a pause while it waited for people to make their choices: sit, stand, or in some cases sit on each other–eugh. When it began this whole facade it should have made up a commandment forbidding such outward displays of closeness

“Now then! How about we start off with a story for you new folks? I haven’t seen some of you before. You must be wondering what this is all about!“ Another pause. “Well, you see… Once upon a time, long before Termina, there was a land of perfect peace! Perfect order! No man, no woman, no child, no one killed another, and no one suffered.” It had eaten them all. But why would it mention that? “Time was still.” 

The ‘man’ waved a hand, palm up, a tiny ball of yellow light taking form. “The Sun presided over the land, and it kept it that way.” Its second hand joined the display, the slightly dimmer light formed millimeters above it taking on a silvery hue. “Eventually, the Moon got jealous of the Sun. It wanted the land for itself. It plotted to wrest control from the Sun’s hands by any means, and the Moon succeeded, sending the Sun far, far away…” 

With a flick of its wrist, the ‘Sun’ was sent to hover high above the crowd.

“For thousands upon thousands of years, the Moon ruled over the land that it called ‘Termina.’ It forgot all about the Sun, and so did the land’s people. They began to suffer, become mean! Order began to fail, peace was broken, time went forward!” There was another pause; the momentary silence was broken first by a chuckle.

“But the Sun found its way back to some of Termina’s people.” It pointed to the orb that represented said heavenly body; it had been drifting back to its conjurer slowly as it had gone on with its tale. Majora held its once pointing hand out to accept the orb back into its possession. “And those people, with the Sun to accompany them, started this cult. We have joined together to bring peace and order back to this land.” 

It was truly a miracle that it could say that line with a straight face.

After a Ghirahim spirited it away to Sky Loft.

When the peculiar land came into proper viewing Majora was, at first, rather–stunned? That was a good word for it. It hadn’t seen a land in the sky before. Truth be told, it had half-assumed that Ghirahim was just a loony when he had mentioned the existence of such a place, but… Stranger things had happened, it supposed, and different lands were likely–well, evidently–not as mundane as that which it hailed from. Perhaps it had something to do with that goddess he’d mentioned prior? The giants weren’t very creative. Nor was the ogre.

But such thoughts could be had at a later time when one’s attention wasn’t required in the present. Had its chum just knocked some poor sap outta the sky? How wonderfully cruel! Its cackles mingled with the Demon Lord’s laughter up until the winds were dispelled; a moment was taken for it to orientate itself before it came spiraling downward. Within mere feet of the ground it stopped its descent, drifting and settling in a loose semi-circle ‘round Ghirahim. 

“How scenic!” It sounded like a kid dropped smack dab in the middle of a candy shop, really. Majora looked this way and that, seemingly looking for something. Eventually it appeared to have found what it was looking for as it declared, “But it’ll definitely be better when we’re done with it.” A shame it currently lacked the power to move mountains… But it was quite confident that, between the two of them, they could get a little ‘landscaping’ done.

Vote for Majora!!! It was part of a Tumblr April Fool's day thing. Not writing, but a doodle, lol.

Majora, hitching a ride in Zant's body; Zant, via thought, showing it images of a shrine dedicated to its bad self in the Twilight Realm before switching gears to attacking the gibdos they've encountered.

Not that it was about to, or would ever admit it, but Twili could build. Just add some colorful paint - blood would hardly show up well on such dark stone - and the temple that Zant was showing it? It would have been perfect! It’s only downfall would’ve been the location, but it wasn’t like it couldn’t just move the damn thing! It had moved the very Moon in its prime, after all; it would need only regain that strength and wrench that shrine right outta that place.

Though Majora said nothing, its manic, giddy energy could likely be felt as clear as the Sun through a magnifying glass–more so when the Twili’s thoughts turned to fire and flames and incinerating the shambling not-so-dearly departed. There was a build-up, the area about them growing hazy; warm; hotter than the desert had been moments before - a small taste of what it had in store for all of Termina this time round, really - the heat and the dryness and Zant’s intentions culminating in several fiery gibdos.

But not all of them had been plagued by fire. What fun would that be? ‘I left some for you! I wanna see what you can do, Twili.’

(the aftermath...)

If the mad giggles were anything to go by? Majora was clearly finding Zant’s current situation hilarious. On one side… Gross smelling, burning dead things. Somewhere yet to be located exactly but definitely there with them, an armored, vengeful–protective?–monstrosity. ‘I did tell you about the deadbeats! The guys who don’t like the light, remember?

Admittedly, gibdos also didn’t like the light, but it hadn’t been talking about them! 

Use your head,’ it went on to say, in the loosest sense of that word–not that it had much business telling anyone else to use their heads– ‘They left their commoners out to defend their stuff! Who else do you think they’d leave, O’ King of Twili?’ Oh, yes, it was making it into a guessing game. Why not? It even provided a hint!

Wherein Skull Kid and potatoes.

“Cranky? Me? Hardly!” It cackled. Then it gave one of those overly exaggerated tilts of its head. “Now! Hide and seek or tag, you’re a potato?… No, wait. Never mind. I’m choosing, and when I catch you, I’m gonna plant you in the middle of Clock Town! Start running!“ All right. It might’ve been a teensy-weensy bit cranky. All things considered, though, was that really surprising? 

Wherein Zant, with Majora hitching a ride in his body, encounters the undead King Ikana... Of course, his passenger does not take this seriously at all.

Who did it find funnier? Zant with his shouting, or Ikana with his shouting? If it had known kings were such fun to mess with it would’ve started long ago. While those cackles filled its vessel’s head right on up again, Majora made Zant give himself one more little pat on the head before it rescinded its control over the limb. 

‘Hee, hee! You probably shouldn’t shout at yourself while you’re in front of other people, Twili… Now he thinks you’re crazy!’ It sounded just a wee bit patronizing. ‘You should introduce yourself, instead. Or are you scared of ghosts?’ There. It tried to be helpful. Just… Pay no mind to how it caused some of the things it was advising against. 

Wherein Majora, possessing some guy named Caleb, has flounced into the Stock Pot inn to do some questioning except Anju's being useless so it turns her to stone and goes to find someone else.

She’s a fighter, it’d give her that much. It seriously considers the notion of ending its stony hex prematurely so it could spend some time breaking down that iron will of hers, but even it knew that that wouldn’t be the best decision to make. As fun as it’d probably be, not going through with the curse now–just letting her go, if temporarily–would allow her to rally aid. Petty Terminians that were really no match for it, but it wasn’t looking to brawl with the mortal sorts that day. Her warble of a scream already had it listening for any footsteps belonging to any persons rushing to her aid, and that there weren’t any…? Either the building was empty, sans this woman and itself, or–

“Hee, hee! See that? Hear that? No one’s coming to help you,” it murmured, reaching over the counter to touch her hair. Even the strands felt hardened. Or was her hair usually like that? “I guess no one cares! Oh, well. Lady, you should’ve just answered my questions. Now, don’t go anywhere!” It snickered. “I’m not done with you yet. We’re going to have lots of fun, but I want to go take a look-see around first.” 

It withdrew its hand rather quick, pushed off from the counter, straightened its posture, and took a cursory look about the lobby. Nothing of interest, though when it moved further into the building it was met with a choice: stairs, or to stay on the first floor. And people called it the first floor for a reason, didn’t they? Majora forewent the flight up and went down the hall, instead; slowly, deliberately, seeing even more choices… Doors as well as door-less archways, the latter of which it could probably skip, the former of which? It stopped before one.

Then it knocked. Three times. Politely. Even demons had manners (ha)! “Is anyone in there? I need help with something, and the missus at the front counter was useless! It was like talking to a rock!” Of course, whether it received an answer or not, it was listening out for any noise (any loud enough to be perceived through the wood, at least) that would betray the presence of anyone within the room. 

Modern Hyrule/Termina drunk calling Zant the apothecary and this time I include their responses 'cuz it gave me a giggle m8.

from Anonymous
"Do you know what time it is?!" Zant picked up his phone and huffed into the receiver.



“Yeah?” Majora’s tone was very, very. Very. Belligerent. “Of course I do, but that isn’t the issue here. The issue is that your very soul is in danger! You’ve been chosen!” Was that a snicker? Yeah. Yeah, it snickered.

“It’s three a.m. you drunkard!” Zant was about to rage and throw the cell phone, really. Which wouldn’t have made the situation any better. His ‘roommate’ was already starting to complain about a lack of beauty sleep. If it could be called that. “Your body is about to be in the grave if I get a hold of you!”

Guess who was laying upside-down on a couch, trying to figure out how the hell it was s’posed to sip wine from its glass in such a position? That’s right! Majora! Who obviously also held a phone of its own in the other hand. It was a very awkward position and, oops, its barely restrained cackling got some wine on the carpet… Oh, well– “Oh, c’monnnn!…. Like you even could. But if you’re gonna be such a grump, I’ll cut to the chase. I need three! Three! Three whole… Things. Those potions? That make people see weird sh*t.” A pause. “You are the right guy, right?” It had. So many people on speed-dial.





This guy, was it a guy? Maybe it sounded almost in between or Zant was still half drunk himself. Another glance to the clock.
definitely three am. “I do own that shop down the Old Towne Road. Is that the one you are referring to? I do have various different kinds of items for sale. Including what I think you are looking for. Some mind control stuff?” Well, Zant never promised to be an upstanding citizen of Castle Town. Ghirahim slapped him with a pillow a few extra times, and at this point, the Twili took the pillow from the equation. Important business conversation. “Stop by tomorrow and I’ll let you in on it.”

Gravity did not like wine. As it listened to the guy on the other end of the line, Majora had attempted to angle its glass just right… And managed to angle it as wrong as it could manage. There was a rather loud curse on its end, some fumbling about–it managed to fall off the couch and land in a heap on the floor. In the wine-wet carpet puddle, no less. “That– hee, hee, yeah! That’s the place,” was its eventual confirmation, made as it rolled away from the wine-spot onto its stomach. And then it started licking its legs like a teenage school-girl that might as well be gossiping on the phone with their friends, or something. “Though I was hoping for something more… Oh, hmm. Tomorrow, yes. We can talk it over tomorrow! I’ll be seeing yooou!

Meeting Ravio... And seeing its mask on the wall.

It couldn’t help but chuckle--Mister Terminian Man… Well. That was certainly a new one. Better than some, could be worse, but it
also confirmed that Mister Hero’s name likely wasn’t Mister Hero. Not that that did much for it. And then the cupcake mentioned its. Mask.

Excuse the demon as it slowly turns its head to stare at that long lost thing. Oh. Hello, old prison. How are you?

“Hee… Hee. Tell me, is that a replica, or the real deal?” At least the cupcake bunny-boy had diverted its attention away from himself. His visitor straightened and wandered away, closer to that. Silly. Old thing. “I’ve been looking for my mask.” 

That one time I found an ogre that jived with the Dragon manga, feat. their post as well.



                     ` you? playing? hah. that’s a load of crock. `


                     ` why don’t we be a good little dragon and get back in your prison. `

a light snort came from his mouth,
his hand reaching for the hilt of the
sword strapped to his back. the
demon before him was his only
victim, the only one to face the same
fate he faced. the same fate of
a mask. it was only befitting of him
that the goddesses turned the god
into what he had done to majora.
didn’t mean he had to like it…

Whatever retort it might’ve had in mind to say died in the wake of a rather loud, rather perturbed growl. Much like a peeved off cat looking to make itself look bigger its hair had risen about it, several whippish tendrils twisting to life out of the shifting mass. Those were fighting words–though. When he reached for his blade, it actually backed away a teensy bit.


“Hee, hee… You’d need my mask for that, you dumb ogre. So why don’t you run along? Go! Try to find it!” For added emphasis, a crude hand formed from its locks and motioned for the Deity to shoo. “I’m already tired of looking at your face!” ‘Cause why not insult the guy, too? 

After encountering a different Fierce and summarily being threatened.

Hello to you, too, ogre!” It sounded happy to see him… Which was, needless to say, the direct opposite of the demon’s actual opinion on this matter before it. “You’re fiercely dull as ever, aren’t you?” It laughed at its own lame quip and, as it moved to circle around him, made certain to keep its distance.


“Hee, hee… I came back ‘cause I missed this land and its people.” With the Moon, of course. It hadn’t hit, so. “Can you believe it? And since I’ve been back I’ve been making so many new friends! So, you see, that would’ve been bad. You would’ve made so many people sad.” A pause. “Then again, you are the bad guy!” 

Pissing off yet another Deity 'cuz of course.


Said anger was almost palpable, even at its current proximity–such a savory emotion! Mid-stride, the demon gave a sharp tilt of its head. “Maybe if you tuck me in this time I’ll stay asleep!” It offered up another chortle, too, while it was at it. Evidently its own words served to tickle its funny bone. “Why don’t you try singing me a lullaby, ogre? Hmm… Hee. Never mind, that’d be a bad idea. Better stick to bed time stories, I’d hate to hear you sing.”


09/20/2023 10:01 PM 

A peek at an alternative incarnation 'cuz why not

If I didn't get attached to the manga dragon backstory,
well, I'm equally attached to this haphazard mess that
I've had in reserve for--according to the profile in a site
I cannot name here--one year, six months, one week,
one day:

( And I've been too lazy to draw my own things. Please don't kick my shins for using AI :(
I'll doodle them myself at some point, swearsies!!)

(And let's pretend I didn't mispell singular in the edgy one.)


09/18/2023 12:57 PM 

rawr ecks dee

Reminder to slander your local deities (especially if they have dumb eyes and a dull face and a stupid sword)!
Blasphemy is good for the heart♥!

And if you wanna join a cult, mine's got plenty of space! You'll just have to relocate to Termina, but we've got, uhh, hmm, trees... And grass? Yeah! That's right! We've got all the grass you'll ever wanna touch. And our inverted festivals are to die for (if you're the chosen sacrifice, but don't worry, cult members are exempt from being choices unless they're stupid)!

Food for thought!!~🍖

06/21/2023 06:12 PM 

muse playlist

Ma Jo Ra

I'm gonna dance, and I'm gonna keep dancing 'til I die.
I'm gonna set free all of my love and hate. 

Dance For Me
Do you still feel the rush?Do you still feel the pain?Do you still have the guts to keep playing the game?

Dark History Maker
"If time passes, it will all turn into good memories,"
that really doesn't seem likely.
Taking this entire world along with me;
right now, I want to cleanly vanish away.

Mad Head Love
We’ve been cursed to endure the same fate, both weighted with shackles,
though they’re, Invisible, unforgettable, it’s the understanding that this is "love,"
so! As long as I am stuck in this state of foolish inertia -
yes I’m, in this all together with you, in the throes of our undoing.
In a frenzy of hit and miss.

Darling, I Want To Destroy You
Oh, I must confess I am overdressed.
Are you not impressed?
Darling, I want to...
I'll confess this too, must you know the truth:

This is all for you.
Darling, I want to...
Darling, I want to destroy you.

Big & Clever
Well, you're so righteous and vengeful and good, 
you're like Jesus Christ meets Hamlet meets Robin Hood -
you want to save the world, and see me suffer for my crimes.
Well your failure will follow you, as you follow me.
Yeah, we're a cozy little threesome, you, your failure, and me,
and I find it all rather amusing every time.

Misfit Lunatic
Legends defend 'til we've taken control ('Trol, 'trol)Emperor's demise written down on the scroll (Scroll, scroll)Titles deserved and the dead will not rise (Rise, rise)Oh, it's kind'a my fault if the empire dies ~ ;)

Animal Rites
You're with a warm body, carbon contents, atoms and proteins.I'm on a rudderless illusion of meaning.I am a vessel here in vain with no in tow.And if you wanna see a dead body, take off your clothes.

Could it be that you need me to keep you out,
to run you faster?
Promise me you'll let me be the one:
the worst of all your enemies,
pretending you're a friend to me...
Say that we'll be nemeses.

Terrible Things
Sometimes I think of doing terrible things.
I know I shouldn't think it but I do anyway, oh oh.
Maybe I'm just crazy like I got a disease,
feels like I got things that go deep in my sleep.
I'm doing terrible things.

Come, let that horribly feeble and horrid body of yours
be the vessel for my containment.
(Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop it.
I am not there.)

Once everything ends, and this is all over,
I know you shall be saved, for sure.

In my heart, you are an infection.In my eyes you are divine.Strange machinations involving my ultimate demise.On the block, inch by inch, all over you;skinned up soul, foul religion imprisoned in your womb.
It only hurts, if you let it in.

I'm Only Joking
I'm only joking,I don't believe a thing I've said.What are you smoking?I'm just f***in' with your head,only a crazy little thing I read.

There's a voice in the dark and it's clear and loud.
Sure you can run, but you won't get out alive.
Stay superstitious, abandon faith,
nothing is sacred and none feel safe tonight.

Hatred (A Duet)
I'm the mirror to your mood:you hate me and I hate you.So at least we understand each other!

Professional Griefers
Give me the sound to see,another world outside that's full ofall the broken things that I made.Just give me a life to bleed,another world outside that's full ofall the awful things that I made.

Intoxication!Now are you feeling
enough to vilify what I love?To sanctify all I hate?Endowed with the need
to carry over the life I lead,now you tell me you like it,you tell me you want it.

We're All Mad
Oh, we're all crazy, we're all mad!
A thimbleful of sanity is all we ever had!
Arsenic or everclear -
pick your poison, fast my dear!
The apocalypse is drawing near
and we're all gonna die.

It can cut you like a knife, if the gift becomes the fire,
on a wire between will and what will be.
She's a maniac, maniac on the floor,
and she's dancing like she's never danced before!

Bocca della Verità
To my core:
I-I-I hate you!
W-w-what a twisted view,
that while my virtues linger
you spread my restraint thinner.
How have I kept on going in dystopia?
Without you I’d be a goddess living in utopia!

End of the World
The end of the world is coming, end of the world!Ancient wrath has risen to its throne!The end of the world is coming, end of the world!Searing flames and killers made of stone!

Nothin’ holding me back.
Close the gate, we alone now.
No one’s holding your hand.
Don’t be shy now, we meet here again,
let’s end this tonight.

I'll Kill My Friends (in an Honest Way)
So you made it out, gather round friends and hounds!(Nobody tells the story of vanity to glory.)Everybody has a story from the serpent's ground.(These contradictions bore me, tell me another story.)You told me everything was fine, it's okay, don't worry.Nobody loves you anyways, there's no use for hurry.If I convince you that you're crazy will you believe me?

Fight Fire with Gasoline
Let it out!
Paint the town with all my negativity.
Burn ’em all before I’m gonе,
who said you can’t fight fire with gasoline?
I don’t care much anymorе,
so f*** the easily offended!
Burn ’em all before I’m gone,
who said you can’t fight fire,
you can’t fight fire with gasoline?

You Must Be out of Your Mind
If you think you can leave the past behind,you must be out of your mind.If you think you can simply press rewind,you must be out of your mind, son.You must be out of your mind.

Time Bomb, Baby
Bridges burn and cities explode.
Shadows haunt at the end of the road.
There's a place that's called Catastrophe -
it's the perfect spot for you and me!

The crack in the system!
They paint me a villain!
I'm back with a vengeance,
like I’m a god,
I can't be defeated.

You move like you’re nothing,
some rhythm on the wind,
through the chatter of everyone.
They say you got it coming’ cause…

The Woods
The nights are lovely, dark and deep;but I'll appear when you're asleep.You'll wake up with a sudden hurt.With mouth and lungs all full of dirt.
We went the two of us intothe woods behind the little school.Yet I'm still buried in the mud.
Skin and bones and brains and blood.


06/18/2023 08:44 PM 

Head Cultist of the Cult of the Moon

(not his real name)

  Leads the various rituals and recruitment efforts. Perceives himself to be very close with and in the highest favor of his so-called God, although Majora finds him to be the biggest fool of them all. He tries to emulate his "God's" personality while trussed up as "Jango-Jango," putting on the cruel and malicious playfulness more often than not expressed by the entity like the mask he wears while in this guise.

  When he isn't masquerading as "Jango-Jango," no one but Majora knows who he really is. (He's the post man.) 

  Dropping this here as I may write him in some instances instead of Majora itself - or I might write them both. It depends on what the scenario calls for ♪

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