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03/13/2023 08:03 PM 


Now, that i have gotten your attention, if you want to, you can listen to my plot idea.  A muse that is obsessed with witches captures my character wanting to study him.  Perhaps, they find out what he is, since they have been stalking him.  Once they see how powerful this child is, they will not let him leave him leave. Forcing him to use his powers for evil.  Like soul collecting. Since one of his powers allows him to cause an out of body experience. Or whatever this character might have in mind for evil deeds.   

Maybe a threat of some sort. Like going after his friend, makes him reconsider trying to leave.  (And yes the Daydream witch can be harmed. Just nothing! weird! )  If this plot ideas interests you, feel free to add me.  You can also add onto this. :D   This is just an idea i have thought about for a while.  

02/26/2023 12:01 PM 

Finally adding rules
Current mood:  accomplished

1. This is the one that i expect to be 100 percent followed or the roleplay will be stopped. Do not control my character.  I find this not fun at all.    

2. Please no ooc drama. In character drama is definitely accepted, but ooc let's not do that.  

3. No Lewd. This is a preteen.  Even, if I had adult characters on here though, i still find it uncomfortable.  

4. I will not change him into a human or something else so do not ask me.  Or change his gender. I prefer playing males. 

Side notes; I may look at somebody's profile but be too shy to add. I have my days where i am more bold than others. Or I am just not sure if they accept anthro characters. 

And, i don't mind if you send a starter right away. 

Well, i think that about covers it, so thank you for reading, and i hope we can get something awesome going. 

09/05/2022 08:05 PM 

Craving for angst
Current mood:  angsty

If there is somebody who can scratch my angst itch that would be great.  I want to get this Daydream involved in some actual dark plots. I mean there is the nightmares but he needs other villains or monsters to face.  I am thinking something along the lines of aspects of The Black Phone or a deranged person hunting him down. If there is somebody interested do let me know. ^^  

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