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Rules/ Warnings

Rules + Warnings
(( Please read through carefully. If you have any questions you're free to ask me. ))

Roleplay Rules:
  • NSFW is alright, but I prefer if our characters build a relationship before we get to that. Of course, Mature themes also are okay.
  • Any length is fine, it's the thought that counts
  • when out of character please use OOC marks. [ I'll get to those in a bit ]
  • I'm fine with random starters to an extent.
  • please do not narrate for my character, by making them do actions and such. 
  • I greatly encourage cross-overs. Since I have multiple fandoms
  • sometimes I ramble, if I get to far off topic you're free to let me know.
  • Under no Circumstance will I tolerate ANY Ships between two family members. (unless they are husband and wife in that case by all means go right on ahead)
  • if I get dark and you don't like that please let me know. if I don't like what you're doing I'll express that to you so I hope you feel safe expressing your concerns to me as well.
  • I don't care what POV you write in, but if I don't understand what you mean I might ask you.
  • I'm busy so please be patient with me.
  • My response lengths will Vary depending on the situation. I apologize if my responses are too short for you but I try my best...so I ask you for some kindness.
There will be days where I do not feel like responding, or I'm going through things and just want to talk. These days will hopefully not come very often. But if They do happen please be patient with me. I should also mention some other things. During our Roleplay there might be mentions of the following... [Trigger Warning]
  • Self harm
  • mental issues
  • blood/gore
  • insomnia
  • fears/ phobias
  • depression
  • and other things.
If you are uncomfortable with any of these things I will refrain from using them. If you ever feel uncomfortable at any point in time tell me and I will stop. 

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