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Rumi Dreemurr

Character’s Basic Information

Full Name: Rumi Rowan Dreemurr

Nickname(s): Ru Ru

Age: Infant (0 years 1 day old)

Gender: Female

Birth Date: 22 September 2022

Race: Human Monster Hybrid

Species: Goat Boss Monster 

Soul and Trait: Combination of Cyan, Light Red, and Green (Tolerance)

Current Status: Alive

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Previous Residence:

Current Residence: Dreemurr Castle

Character’s Appearance

General Appearance: Is a baby, thin strawberry blonde hair with Lavander eyes

Handedness: Ambidextrous

About The Character

Personality: She is a rather calm child and enjoys resting with her older brother Dustiel

Likes: She enjoys her brother as well as soft music

The Character's Relationships with Others

Reputation: She is a baby, and as such her reputation is neutral

Friend(s): None as of right now

Neutral(s): A few family members of her godparent

Enemy(ies): her godparent's partner

Family: Dustiera Dreemurr (Father, technically birther as well), Asriel Dreemurr (Father), Dustiel Dreemurr (Brother), Azzy Jr. (Brother), Skyi Dreemurr (Brother), Melodoria Dreemurr (Sister) Velveta Dreemurr (Sister), Fallinia Dreemurr (Sister) Felix Dreemurr (Brother in Law), Unknown Entity (Godparent), 

The Character’s Abilities

  • Aura Manipulation
  • Assumed Blaster Projection
  • Electrokinesis
  • Cryokinesis (Very weak)

Strengths: Enhanced Magic Energy Storage, Empathic senses

Weaknesses: Can be overwhelmed by too many emotions

Restrictions: Being an infant, she does not have any control over her powers


  • LV: 1
  • HP: 50
  • DF: 100
  • AT: 2

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Dustiera's Backstory Part 2

After having been brought to the monster healers by the queen and her guard it was discovered that the damage was not physical at least by human or monster standards. The monster healer explained the situation to Dustiera like this, The damage isn't physically there, it is sketched into his soul and his mind. The damage is a part of his past that he has to face, be it on his own or with others. This information did not faze Dustiera given he figured he was broken, and Emerald did not like broken experiments as he sighed softly nodding, "O-Okay, well um thank you, sir." He gave the monster healer a small smile only to have a sad smile returned to him as Toriel took a seat next to Dustiera as she spoke softly "My dear, I have an idea given your caretaker is gone. Perhaps you would like to play with the other children while I arrange a small guard to take you back to the kingdom?" He smiled at her nodding, he hadn't played with other children very often, never really having time between his training and his rests.

He was led by the same elderly fish from earlier to a small group of monster children, where the fish explained to the children the situation and not to be scared if he shifted into a human, suggesting that he was a shifter monster. Dustiera did not like the special treatment feeling he was not worth that but smiled when the other children came over to him and ask for him to play some of their games, he enjoyed it immensely especially a game the kids called pyro ball, where one fire elemental would send a small safe fireball out and the others would attempt to either catch the fireball or to get it back to the elemental for bonus points.

After a few hours, Toriel walked over and the other children scattered off to their respective parents. She knelt to his level smiling "My dear, the guard is ready, they will take you to the castle gates, and from there the gatesmen should take you back to the castle." Dustiera nodded sadly, he was having fun but knew his father was most likely planning to burn the world to find his prize possession and weapon. Toriel led Dustiera to the group of monsters as one of them smiled at him, it was the elderly fish, as he spoke "We'll get you to the gate, and even if things get hairy, We'll suplex the guards!" Dustiera giggled at the fish's ludicrous statement "Okay, I will hold you to that sir." He said as the group led him from the monster village back towards the human castle area.

Slowly but surely they made it near the castle gates before the fish glanced around hearing a battle horn. He sighed in annoyance "Alright, listen to me carefully little guppy, I want you to hide and hide well alright? This fight is going to get messy and I don't want you to see it." Dustiera frowned and shook his head, he was stubborn "No, maybe if they see that I am with you and I explain they'll-" He was cut off by the launching of orange and blue magic towards the group as the fish spun around blocking the attacks with a long spear as he shook his head "Kid, I don't think they are going to listen to reason." Dustiera's eyes flashed bright green as he spotted a human mage attempting to sneak attack from the shadows near the fish as he pushed his feet off the ground summoning a green shield and blocking a pair of purple blades as he flinched from the hit a bit as he frowned "What are you doing, stand down!" The mage ignored him and began slashing rapidly at him.

The fish had taken notice of the situation as he slammed the dull end of his spear into the mage causing them to stumble a bit taken off guard "Hey! Leave the guppy out of this! Take on a fish your own size." Which the mage was all too willing to oblige to the statement as he began attacking the fish hard and fast. Dustiera's magic flared more and more as he began to panic. He scanned the area noticing the group of Orange and Cyan Mages on the castle wall launching large orbs of magic at the guards he focused on turning the group blue before flinging them off the wall he stood up brushing the dirt off his hands as he frowned noticing the mages standing up from the fall "If only they were on the southern wall..." He mumbled before squeaking and ducking under a green and red blade, this was a blade he knew all too well.

He quickly backed away to a safe distance to stand as he was now faced to face with his father, Emerald Lightningvael. Emerald glared at him "What are you doing." He stated coldly and demanding of an answer, Dustiera took a breath as he spoke "These monsters were only bringing me home, my caretaker attempted to kill me, and they brought me to the monster healer I was sent to visit." He remained calm remembering that Emerald wouldn't risk killing his toy. Emerald scoffed "And I am supposed to believe you why? For all I know they brainwashed you and are using you to distract me." He turned to the fish, who had taken a beating from the purple mage and had just managed to knock them unconscious as he pointed his sword at the fish before pulling it back to slash.

Dustiera's eyes flashed rapidly as he formed multiple swords and one large blaster as he used the blaster to knock Emerald off balance before sending the swords to hold him in place as he teetered a bit before summoning a sword to maintain his balance as he glared at his father "I told you, they were helping. My word is my honor, and you ignored it." He summoned multiple hands and two large blasters, he could feel it putting a massive strain on him as he glared darkly as the hands all flashed yellow launching multiple yellow blasts into Emerald as he did it long enough to bring his father down to 1 HP as he finally overdid it and passed out from the amount of magic he expended on the attack.

The fish frowned before whistling to his other still-alive guardsmen of which there were three from the 12 that went. He frowned "I think after this one, the kid likely ain't welcome in the human kingdom. I say we take him back and have the healers tend to him, and get Dr. Gaster on his way to the encampment to run some tests on him to make sure he is okay." The other guards nodded, the fish carried Dustiera carefully on his shoulders as he walked them back to the encampment he noticed Lady Toriel who looked mortified as he carried Dustiera to the healers who were more than concerned at the state of him "We need someone with Kindness magic and someone with Resilence magic to do a magic transfusion. he is extremely low and on the verge of falling down." The fish nodded as he sat down "I have resilience, he just needs a kindness donor. I would recommend someone with large magic reservoirs in their soul, he has more kindness than resilience in his soul."

The healer nodded as she waved over the eldest healer a turtle monster who smiled crookedly "Ah, what do we have here a hybrid in need of magic transfusion? Well of course I'll help." He sat down on the other side of Dustiera as he and the fish each placed one hand on his chest right where his soul was as their arms were engulfed in their respective trait colors as the healer kept a close eye on the reading and after 3 minutes she stopped the fish and a moment later stopped the turtle. She sighed "He is stable, however, I need to know what happened in case he needs to have scans done." The fish nodded "Of course, my group was attacked at the castle gate, and he blocked me with his shield, made of kindness magic. then he took a beating from a perseverance mage's blades. On top of sending a group of Bravery and Patience Mages flying off the castle wall." He took a breath, the transfusion had worn him out but he wanted to ensure the kid was okay. "And then the kid's father, at least I think? They had the same soul traits, appeared and attempted to kill me, and the kid summoned a Gaster Blaster and swords made of resilience magic to pin the guy down and then summoned a giant array of Gaster Blasters and Gaster Hands and pelted the guy with justice magic."

Toriel walked over her expression grim "He did what? I thought I told you to protect him if there was an attack?" The fish nodded "Tried to, he was being stubborn when the humans started attacking." Toriel sighed looking at Dustiera as she placed a hand on his forehead "Send word to Dr. Gaster and my husband immediately. this child is in danger and we do not have the resources to protect the encampment alone."

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Dustiera's Backstory Part 1

//Hey, admin here, so I originally was going to post his past all on one blog post but, realized that I have several errors in the later parts I will need to iron out later, so for now I have his past before The barrier's creation and before he jumped down into the Underground. There are trigger warnings for this, TW: Child Maltreatment, and human/monster experiments.//

Dustiera Jace Lightningvael, Born April 22nd 20XX, to Emerald Lightningvael Mage of Resilience and Agathe Felohorn, Monster Leader of The Lightning Battalion was the first publicly known Monster Human Hybrid after countless failures of his father’s experiments. This successful birth thus inspired his father to continue attempting to have more monster human hybrid children once more with Agathe which resulted in Dustiera’s first brother Chance Lightningvael when he was only the age of 6 having just discovered his spilt soul traits, a mixture of kindness and resilience, which caused his father to believe that Agathe had cheated on him during Dustiera’s conception, and thus in a murderous rage dusted Agathe in one hit in front of Dustiera who was holding his baby brother in his arms.

Dustiera continued his magic studies with the kindness mage and Dr. W.D. Gaster, the reasoning came from the King of Monsters Asgore Dreemurr after discovering the fact that Dustiera was a split trait soul, as well as his late mother’s identity being of monster decent. During this time, he suffered from nightmares of that night his mother was killed, this was to the point it was affecting his magic negatively and thus was taken by his caretaker to the Head of the Kindness Mages, a lady by the name of Sirona, whom examined Dustiera as best she could with her knowledge of human healing but could not figure it out stating that it possible that it is either mental or a monster illness and recommended that the caretaker take the child to meet with a monster healer. His caretaker was hesitant at first but decided, that if he was to die, Emerald would have her head on a platter, she knew more about his father’s plan and now fearing that he may die soon, felt compelled to inform him of what his father’s plan was, the plan was simple on paper, but it included using Dustiera’s hybridization to force the monsters to submit to him and weaponize his magic. This was Emerald’s original plan before Chance was born and now he planned to use Dustiera as a scapegoat if his brother and sister ever found out that he had been experimenting with hybrids again.

This broke Dustiera mentally as he ran away from his caretaker, running until he physically couldn’t anymore, he sat beneath a tree and cried, he cried for his mother, he screamed and cursed his father’s name, he cursed his very existence because to him, if he was never born, his mother would still be alive. This was overheard by Queen Toriel and her small guard who were out collecting materials for food and shelter for the night. The queen walked over cautiously unsure if it was a trap set up by the human mages, she noticed the young boy and grew increasingly concerned that someone abandoned him here. She instructed her guard to form a perimeter around her and the child as she sat beside him “My child are you alright?” Dustiera shook his head his entire body shaking badly from the immense information dropped on him not even 30 minutes prior as his soul appeared floating in front of him, this was due to Toriel summoning it to check to ensure he was not injured. His eyes shot open as they took to the color of his soul from their original blue, as he panicked the soul flipped into its monster state as his form shifted to his Goat Monster form. His true HP was now visible as 4/234 as Toriel gasped slightly frowning “Dear child, who hurt you?” She was allowing her motherly instinct to kick in for him as she held him close.

Dustiera cried hard into the queen’s arms as he finally spoke “I-I watched him kill my mother in front of me!” His eyes flared with magical energy as multiple fireballs and light red swords formed floating in the air from his emotional overload. Toriel frowned as she spoke calmly “I- I am so sorry you witnessed such a horrid thing dear child, but fear not. He cannot hurt you while I am here.” The guards had noticed the magic influx and were going to attack him but stopped upon seeing Toriel’s stern gaze. His expression softened as he began breathing properly as he finally lifted his face to look at Toriel who gave him a warm smile “My child, please if you do not mind, I would like to know your name.” Dustiera seemed a bit scared to speak for a moment, as he was instructed by Emerald to never disclose his name to anyone but felt that this kind monster did not have any ill intentions or she would have killed him already as his magic dispelled “Du-Dustiera, Dustiera Lightningvael, ma’am. Son of the Resilience Mage and the la-late Captain of the Lightning Battalion… Agathe Felohorn”.

Toriel nodded now knowing who he was from some of the notes she had seen Asgore reading from Dr. Gaster as she spoke “I see, well you may call me Toriel, Toriel Dreemurr.” Dustiera blinked a few times before realizing who she was as he teared up again “I-I am so sorry Lady Toriel, I did not mean to trouble you with my problems!” He stood up bowing to her concerned that his caretaker would be looking for him he spoke rather quickly “I-I must go, my caretaker is most likely looking for me, as we were to head to a nearby monster village to see a healer.” Toriel nodded as she stood looking at one of her scouts who spoke calmly “Dustiera, your caretaker is nearby, it would be safer if we help you both to the nearby village as the path there is filled with monsters and humans who have betrayed both sides.”

Dustiera began shaking again as his eyes glowed softly as he nodded “A-Alright, I suppose that could work.” Toriel smiled softly but was also stern “And I will have a discussion with your caretaker about your Hope Points being so low.” As Toriel and her guards led Dustiera to the caretaker who was frantically searching for him. Toriel led the party keeping Dustiera close to her as the caretaker saw her and drew a sword “Give me back my charge you despicable monsters, I won’t hesita-“ she was cut off by Dustiera, who was still fueled by his emotional outburst from earlier summoned a light red sword stepping in front of Toriel “I-I won’t let you hurt them!” Toriel hid the small smile that appeared on her face, glad that her words helped the young child. However, the caretaker was having none of this as she used her sword to knock Dustiera’s from his hands before slapping him hard. He winced his eyes going wide as his HP dropped to 1 before shaking badly as Toriel stepped in front of him ensuring her guards kept him from seeing what she did as the eldest of the guards, an older fish knelt down covering Dustiera’s ears as Toriel took care of the lady, Toriel did this not for the war but to protect the child, who was now severely injured and close to death. The guards and Toriel took Dustiera away from the area as Toriel tended to his wounds as best she could manage to heal the 3 HP damage the caretaker had done but could not heal him to full.

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Rules (Updated 08/21/2022)
Current mood:  disappointed

1: No god-modding, please. I'm fine if your character(s) are perfect here and there, but if it begins to happen on occasion, then I will stop the roleplay.

2: No Mary/Gary Sues. Should be self-explanatory. If they're perfect in some parts, whatever... do not make them perfect the entire roleplay, please. That's no fun.
3: If you're going to drop a roleplay, please do tell me. I'd hate to be left hanging.
4: You can take all the time you need to respond
5: I'm fine with mature themes. Don't be afraid to put them into a roleplay.
6: Any type of erotic nature RPs will need to be discussed thoroughly and as such will need a severely tight leash on the limits for both sides.
7: I'm cool with almost any ship, homo or not. Even if it doesn't happen in the actual universe or anything like that. Go wild. Just no bestiality. That's just creepy. Oh, and don't do incest. Please and thank you. Should be clear.
8: You add, your message, and vice versa.
9: If you request a roleplay, you're the one starting, and vice versa.
10: Decent grammar, please.
11: I will mainly do Original over Canon in crossovers/verse roleplays, but I can do Canon if you'd like.
12: Do you want to do a mature theme? Alright. Just warn me beforehand, please. Or imply it in the roleplay so I know what'll happen. Thank you. This ties into Rule 5.
13: I have horrid social skills. So, if I f*** up a conversation, I'm so sorry.
14: Sometimes I take a long time to reply to something. So please, be patient with me and don't spam. However, after a week, you can give me a bump. I will do the same for you.
15: If I suddenly stop replying, it's because I'm either busy or lost interest. I'm sorry, but I have a hard time telling people I'm not interested if it's the second option.
16: Please don't block/unfriend me if I decline your OC or something like that.
17: I'm always here to talk. If there's something you'd like to talk about, feel free to send a message!
18: This applies STRICTLY to crossovers. Don't force me to do a specific verse, please. You're free to do any you'd like, even if I don't know your fandom. Just don't make me do a specific verse. I hate having to do that.
19: Do not force me to do a ship, if we're doing that sort of roleplay, that I don't like. I will send you a list of ships I do/don't like from the verse.
20: Tying into rule 19, if you want me to do a ship, then I MUST know who the characters are.
21. If you don't like or feel that I am not descriptive enough in my responses tell me, and I will more than happy to rewrite.
22. I mainly don't care what point of view we Roleplay in tell me your preferred method of Role-playing and I will work with it
23. Attempting to force me to roleplay forced gender reassignment, normalized bigotry, or slave/master complexes (This being either the nsfw one or the one the Americans have already faced) will be met with an immediate block and no chances of being added again.
Separate added rules
1. My characters (OCs) are all either in a relationship, married, or aseggual (Censored the word due to RPs anger towards the three letter s word.)
2. I'm okay with playing canon characters your characters have relationships with, ensure there is actual build up and they aren't a crack ship.
3. I'm taken IRL, so any ships are strictly canon characters and your character.
Triggers- Yes I am in fact a survivor of major trauma both of childhood and adult based trauma. This list of triggers is a list meant to show you what you should not do in roleplays or even out of character in order to avoid losing me as a friend on here indefinitely.
1- Forced NSFW, if you attempt to force me out of character or one of my characters to perform these acts I will publicly shame you and then block you for good measure.
2- Forced Gender Reassignment - This one is a very sore subject for me, I have had friends in the past try to either tell me out of character that I have to have gender reassignment due to liking men, as well as they have tried forcing one of my own character, Skyi who's a transmasc character, to undergo gender reassignment back to female because it isn't normal.
3- Using slavery as a key point in the roleplay, this one is so f***ed up to the point, I personally had a mental breakdown because someone forced the roleplay idea into an ongoing story where our characters had developed a really good friendship. And it messed me up bad.
These are the main three, I have other minor ones but they don't need mention as I can manage the stress that comes from them.

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Sonic The Hedgehog OC

Name: Zorea

Nickname: Zor, Little Z, and Rookie

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Trademarks (outfit): White Gloves with golden ring-like accessories, green and white shoes, and a small kerchief on his neck hiding a scar they received from the fight with Infinite. In their quills they have tied one of Sonic's quills onto theirs, it is a reminder of his friendship with Sonic as well as something more power wise

Occupation: Former Resistance fighter (During Sonic Forces Era), Currently providing intel to the new resistance.,

Alignment: Hero

Abilities: A far weaker version of Chaos control, which he needs Shadow or Sonic to perform, Spin Dash, wispon control especially in weapons, enhanced agility and speed, and a mild control on the chaos emeralds (Still needs Shadow or Knuckles to ensure he doesn't explode)

Strengths: Determined, Understanding of one's faults, Kind hearted

Weaknesses: Often too kind that it can lead to trouble (Gullible), too stubborn to listen to orders when they directly go against him.

Weapons: Mostly Wispon-based weapons, however, he has been known to tinker with swords.

Likes: Reading, tinkering with metals and small tech, being around friends, and protecting those who need him

Dislikes: Evil Doers, Infinite (He is his own separated evil), Cold environments, and being lied to.

Hobbies: Painting even though he is not good at it, building devices to help people protect against bad guys

Allies: Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Alexander, Abaddon, Tails, Espio, Blaze.

Enemies: Eggman of course, Infinite, Chaos, and really just about any evil people

Family: Currently really only sees Sonic and his friends as family

Relationship: He has stated no comment at this time

BIO: He started off as a simple boy in a nearby town, he had heard of Sonic and the others, and while he enjoyed the idea of joining them, he really just did not have the time to go out and save the world from Eggman every day. Until Infinite attacked, on that day his friends and family ensured he got out of the town safe and to the Resistance HQ. Which he joined as soon as he got there. (this is still a WIP biography feel free to ask questions as needed)


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Meet the Admin

Hey there, haven't done one of these before but my partner suggested it so that way people will know a little bit more about me, so here we are. The name I prefer to go by is Dustiera or Dust if the normal one is hard to write, I have been roleplaying since 2016 and have been in many fandoms throughout the years and been many characters, I actually started on this website back then when a friend introduced it to me as an outlet for my creative writing back in seventh grade. Let's see here, some of my oldest fandoms have been Undertale and Steven Universe, and the OCs for those two fandoms have been through so many changes, that it is not even surprising anymore when they need an update as my Steven Universe OC actually started off as an 8 gem fusion which included a diamond (Kinda OP tbh) and my Undertale OC started off as a self insert character for the normal Undertale universe. Now they both have evolved with the Steven Universe character now being a child of a human and a 2 gem fusion, his name is Samuel Sandoval if you wanted to know, and my Undertale OC now has his own universe UnderSoul and a storyline of his own and is now a monster human hybrid. where my online persona Dustiera comes from actually, as he is the character actually is the only one who hasn't gone through a complete rewrite.

But enough about them, you came here to learn more about me, my birthday is actually the accurate date I set it on my profile, April 10, 2002, and I am happily in a relationship with the Tails Doll admin, whose screen name is Lukitas, a play on a character me and him created for Samuel's love interest. we have been dating for going on 3 years, little fun fact, when I am roleplaying a ship of two characters, (cough cough "Slender X Zalgo" cough cough) He actually assists me by writing out the other person an example being in a roleplay I have going on, using my Undertale AU's Chara and Frisk, he tends to roleplay Chara while I roleplay Frisk.

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Current mood:  annoyed

//little PSA, Idk if I need it here, but it threw some people off on another site here recently, but if my picture changes to someone different, that does not mean that I have changed fandoms and no longer wish to roleplay that fandom, it merely means I am just showing my current mental main, or one of the many characters I decided looked good on my profile for the time.

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Alistair Bakula (Percy Jackson OC)

Basic Information:

Full Name: Alistair Bakula

Name meaning: Alistair means Defender of People; Bakula means nickname for a habitual liar, from bakulić 'to lie in one's throat'.

Nicknames: A stair (Typically by Clarisse), Little Ball of Energy (Dylan Flecter)

Aliases: He tends to say his name is Austin especially if he senses danger

Usernames: Ball_of_Energy

Age: 11

Birthday: April 12th, 1994

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Demigod for starters 50%, Caucasian 15%, Northeastern European 35%

Nationally: America

Birthplace: Palm Beach, Florida

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Previous Places: New York, New York; Los Angeles, California

Languages Spoken / Read: English and Greek

Height: 6 foot 1 and a half inches

Weight: 167 lbs.

Blood Type: AB-

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Greek Zodiac: Aries

Ruling Planet(s): Mars

Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Compatibility: Best Matches: Rabbit; Bad Matches: Dragon, Sheep, Rooster

Element: Fire

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Blue

Physical Description: He tends to try to keep his hands smooth but they are normally rough with scars from his first few training matches

Tattoos / Piercings / Scars: Only one major scar under his right knee he has a scar from when he was attacked by a woman cloaked in a white silken dress


Everyday Clothing: He will typically wear a dark red tee shirt with dark green shorts during the summer; during winter he will wear a silvery jacket with dark grey sweatpants

Camp Clothing: He wears the camp tee shirt with his bead necklace out in the open and a pair of cargo shorts, which have bottles of nectar and bags of ambrosia on the belt.


Good Traits: He is a hardworking and kind individual

Flaws: His Kindness tends to be his downfall

Good Habits: Always alert to danger

Bad Habits: He tends to be very jumpy, something Percy learned when he tapped his shoulder on his first day

Strange Habits: He tends to purposely look away when Aphrodite's children try to get him especially the females

Fears: He is terrified of snakes, this is because when he was younger a snake managed to wrap itself around his arm and wouldn't let him go.

Favorite Food: Dorayaki (Essentially sugar pancakes)

Favorite Places to Eat: Really anything, though he prefers subway when on missions since it is cheap and healthy.

Least Favorite Food: Any type of pepper that is spicy

Favorite Drink: Water or Sprite depends on his mood typically

Least Favorite Drink: Wine and Coca Cola are tied

Favorite Color: Dark Green

Least Favorite Color: Light Pink

Favorite Scent: Wild Berries

Favorite Sound: A Harp String being plucked

Favorite Sight: The sunrise and sunset

Favorite Time of Year: Spring

Favorite Time of Day: Early Morning

Favorite Animal: He enjoys watching the Swans on the lake at Camp Half-Blood

Favorite Song: He has been asked this question before and tends to take about three weeks to decide on just one. But it has always been either The first Delphic Hymn or anything that is currently popular

Favorite Movie / Film Franchise: Depends on his mood, typically it is Lion King or Aristocats

Activities / Subjects:

Best Activity in Camp: Archery or Sword Fighting

Worst Activity in Camp: Canoeing

Best School Subject(s): Choir and Math were his best subjects in school

Worst School Subject(s): English and Science, English was due to being unable to read what the teacher assigned but he aced all his writing assignments even though occasionally his teacher would have to translate Greek.

Family / Friends:

Mother: Eliza Bakula

Occupation: His mother works as a writer and a retired singer when she was younger

Relationship: Alistair and his mother get along quite well and tend to write stories and songs together. She actually chose not to marry again and to teach her son Greek and Greek stories.

Father: Apollo God of the sun, light, healing, disease, plague, music, art, poetry, archery, reason, knowledge, truth, and prophecy.

Relationship: He understands after he gets to Camp that his father has an important job and every morning at sunrise he gets up and waves at the sun (Not without a few weird stares)

Pets: He has a few pet songbirds and an outside pet that was a gift/curse from Athena which was a barn owl

Name of Pet(s): The songbirds are named after three of the muses (Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato) and the owl is nicknamed Wise Bird (He was like 5 when he named it)

Age: Songbirds are triplets and they are all about a year old and the owl is about 3 years old

How did they acquired their pet(s): The songbirds were pets his mother got from her brother breeds them, the owl is a gift/curse from Athena (It is her way of watching Alistair)

Siblings at Camp: Cabin #7

Who do they get along with most?: He tends to get along with Will and Kayla

Who do they get along with least?: He doesn't really get along with Austin, whom he has a slight rivalry with

How do they feel about their cabin mates in general?: He enjoys the simplicity of the cabin and tends to feel more calm inside rather than anywhere on camp

Demigod Friends: He is close with several people, including Nico Di Angelo (Mainly because he is dating his half brother) and will help him out if possible when he is looking for Will

Boyfriend / Girlfriend: Dylan Flecter

Enemies: Niobe, Marsyas, Orion; This is partially due to him being a son of Apollo


Weapon: He tends to use his bow that his built himself, but does carry a sword just in case.

Mist Version: The bow looks like a bow considering mortals can comprehend a person using a bow; the sword however looks like a stick to mortals

Armor: He tends to wear light armor, but during capture the flag he wears full armor for a warrior

Range: Long range to short range

Style: He tends to avoid face to face combat but when he is forced to he can and more often than not, attack in a blinding light (Quoted from Dylan)

Strengths: He tends to push himself even if he is injured to help others

Weaknesses: He will panic if he sees a snake and more often than not freeze up

Fatal Flaw: His Kindness

Abilities: Audiokinesis, Photokinesis (Mainly in his sword and only to blind his opponent)

Quotes: (what are some of your character's quotes? can add more if needed)

- "Oh? You want me on your quest, I mean I will give it my best if so!"

- "Loving summertime, An enormous fire sings, at the perfect ice."

- "I may be bright and sunny, but come on I don't blind people!"

- "Hmm? Oh! I suppose that is true, I think Will is in the shower Nico."

Trivia: (anything else about the character you want to add such as a theme song etc., add more if needed)

- He tends to (Like his father) spout haikus when he gets bored

Background Story: is a wip

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Fair warning most of these I do have an OC for, so please make it clear if you do not want me to use an OC

-Five Nights at Freddy's
-Maximum Ride
-Harry Potter (Kinda rusty but willing to try)
-Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)
-Life is Strange 2
-Bendy and the Ink Machine
-God of War
-Charmed (Both Original and Reboot)
-Star Wars (Old Republic and Clone Wars eras)
-Slice of Life
-Steven Universe
-Percy Jackson
-Sonic The Hedgehog

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Obsidian (Steven Universe OC 1/2)


Name/Gem: Obsidian

Nickname(s): Walking Forge

Weapon: Broadsword

Gender Pronouns: She/Her

Romantic Orientation: Bi-romantic

Gem Placement: The Solar Plexus (Area between the chest and stomach)

History/Backstory: Obsidian was created for Pink Diamond just shortly after getting the Earth as her colony. Pink loved it when she first met Obsidian because of how when Obsidian would get startled she would gain an orange tint to her hair. Pink upon receiving a Moonstone to give to her best working Gem, she gave it to Obsidian and remark "That is for making me happy all these years." Obsidian and Moonstone would occasionally attend Pink's balls and when they did Pink loved to show Yellow and Blue what Obsidian would do when startled. Despite Obsidian's original purpose of working in the forges with other Obsidians and Bismuths she did enjoy watching Pink laugh when her hair would flair up. Just shortly before the shattering as it was known on Homeworld, Obsidian heard what the Diamonds were planning to do from the grapevine and told Moonstone to pack as many weapons into her gem as she could as they were leaving for Earth in two days time. Obsidian cared deeply for Pink but at the same time cared more for Moonstone as she was the closest thing to a friend she had. Upon arriving on Earth and setting up a base camp in what would eventually be known as Jayhawk.

Personality: Obsidian is a cheerful individual and loves to joke around but she does have her more melancholy moments when she gets upset.

Physical Description: Her most recent form had her sporting a black tunic with dark purple stripes with a shattered image of a pink diamond.

Height: 5'11"

Special skill/power (?): Lava manipulation (Linked to her hair and limbs)


Ranking (ex. Pearl is servant class, Amethyst is high ranking): On Homeworld was classified as a Middle Class Gem

Origin (Homeworld or Kindergarten): Homeworld

Alliance (Crystal gems, Yellow Diamond etc): Pink Diamond (formally)

War status (Were they alive, did they fight, or were they made after the war): She was alive and did not fight in the war.

Thoughts on Steven (Disgusted, interested etc): Never met him

Current Residence (Earth, Homeworld etc): Earth in Jayhawk


Who do they get along with the best: Moonstone and Tourmaline

Who do they get along with badly: Chrysoberyl

Likes: Eating certain human foods and hanging out with Moonstone and Tourmaline

Dislikes: Anyone bringing up Pink Diamond or Rose Quartz

Romantic Interests(?): Moonstone

Did they know Rose Quartz?: Yes and they deeply hate her.

Opinions on Eating: They love to eat anything spicy


Fusion Standing (Open to it, opposed to it, disgusted etc): Open to it

Fusions and Partners (ex. If this were Garnet, Sardonyx with Pearl): Opalite- Moonstone, Aventurine- Tourmaline

Fusion Dance Style: Their style resembles that of break-dancing since she loves to just move to how she is feeling in the moment.

Favorite Gem to fuse with: Moonstone

Permafusion(?): Yes she is a Permafusion with Moonstone up until Opalite becomes pregnant and they give up their physical forms to make their son Samuel or Sam for short.

Why do they Fuse? (love, battle, fun etc): Love

Regular Fuser? Or not that often?: Regular Fuser


Obsidian is a gem that was part of the fusion Opalite. This fusion did fall in love with a human male thus creating the fusion's son and ending the chapter of Obsidian and Moonstone.

Obsidian's gemstone was actually polished twice a week by Obsidian when fused into Opalite due to their love to clean things.


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