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06/07/2022 11:45 PM 

Chance Lightningvael

Name: Chance Lightingvael

Nickname(s): Chan

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Species/What Are They: Human

Soul (Color): Dark purple (Truth)

Sexuality: Unknown


Attack: 1

Defense: 10

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Aura Projection (He can force his own aura onto another this giving him temporary access to the person's magic.)

Weapons: a purple spear

Fighting Style: calm


Friends With: Frisk, Asriel, Chara, Asgore and Toriel

Neutral With: Sans and Papyrus

Enemies With: Emerald Lightningvael

Family: Dustiera (Brother), Emerald Lightingvael (Father)

Crush (es): None

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with whom): Single


Personality towards Humans: He is polite but you only get what what he receives.

Personality towards Strangers: He tends to stand at a permanent on edge state.

Personality Towards Friends: He is

Strengths: intelligence

Weaknesses: hot headed

Flaws: Not a quick thinker

Likes: books and puns

Dislikes: Pacifist

Fears: Death


Eye Color: Dark purple

Clothes: blue sweater with a green stripe and red shorts

Hair: Extremely dark purple

Skin: peach

Other: purple heart locket given to him by an old friend


Alignment: Neutral

Goals/Purpose: Error you do not have the proper authorization to read this

Job: N/A

Items: a small green pendant his mother gave him

06/07/2022 11:45 PM 

Chase Lightningvael


Name: Chase Lightingvael

Nickname(s): Chase the Light

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Species/What Are They: Human

Soul (Color): Sea Green (Honesty)

Sexuality: Straight


Atc: 1

Def: 35

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Truth Inducement (He calls it Honesty Override)

Weapons: Sea Green swords

Fighting Style: Merciful but he does leave marks


Friends With: Toriel, Asgore, Sans, Papyrus

Neutral With: His brothers

Enemies With: Emerald Lightingvael

Family: Emerald Lightingvael (Father), Chance Lightingvael (Half-Brother), Dustiera Dreemurr (Half-brother)

Crush (es): NONE

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with whom): Single


Personality towards Humans: He has a innate fear to humans due to his magic forcing people to tell him the truth.

Personality towards Strangers: He approaches strangers with a high level of caution

Personality towards Friends: He treats his friends like his family

Strengths: He has a high Hope point amount which shows how hopeful he is.

Weaknesses: Violence to him is a last resort

Flaws: Doesn't know when to fight and when to spare

Likes: Family, Friends, and Chocolate

Dislikes: Genocide, Snakes

Fears: Humans


Eye Color: Sea Green

Clothes: Sea green and blue sweater with brown sweatpants

Hair: Light Brown with sea green tints

Skin: light peach


Alignment: Lawful Good

Goals/Purpose: to protect his family

Job: N/A

Items: Sea Green sword

06/07/2022 11:34 PM 

Yuta (Pokemon OC)


-First Name: Yūta (Japanese) Reynard (English)

-Last Name: Unknown

-Nickname: Yū

-Gender: Male

-Sexuality: Gay

-Age: 20

-Birth Date: 03/29/2002

-Height: 5'2"

-Weight: 100lbs

-Race: Human/ Lucario Hybrid

-Home Town/Region: Sinnoh

-Very First Pokémon: Riolu (His brother)

-Dream/Goal: To be able to be a great trainer to his Pokémon


-Hair Color: Brown-Gold

-Hair Length: Medium

-Eye Color: Red

-Skin Color: Peach with a very slight blue tint

-Scars: One from when a wild Scizor attacked him (Lower left leg)

-Casual Wear: He tends to wear a loose fitting pastel green tee shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans.

Traits, Habits, and Interests

-Good Traits: Yúta is a calm and trustworthy person.

-Bad Traits: He tends to be rather straightforward and blunt when people try to sugarcoat anything.

-Good Habits: Cleaning any and all Pokémon he comes into contact with

-Bad Habits: He will not be able to face a Scizor without freezing up

-Hobbies: He enjoys doodling different Pokémon and helping injured Pokémon

-Likes: He enjoys learning more about different types of Pokémon and discovering Legendary or Mythical Pokémon to see their reactions.

-Dislikes: He instinctively dislikes Scizor due to the injury he received from one when he was younger.

-Fears: That he won't be able to be a good Pokémon trainer

-Favorite Pokémon: He truthfully enjoys most Pokémon, though if asked he will state his favorite one is his younger brother Riolu.


-Parents: Mother-Elizabeth, Father: Lucario

-Friends: Undetermined (Discuss in RP)

-Rivals: Undetermined (Discuss in RP)

-Enemies: Undetermined (Discuss in RP)

Back Story- Born to his mother Elizabeth, Yūta was raised in Solaceon Town in the Sinnoh Region. His mother left him with a Riolu egg and her Lucario saying that the Pokémon that hatches from the egg would be his first Pokémon, upon the egg hatching his mother's Lucario was still in the house as he walked over and sat next to the two young males as to make sure they were safe until Yūta's mother returned later that night. Upon reaching the age of 12 he was informed by Cynthia about his father's possible identity and the loss of his mother to Team Galactic.

Pokémon Team

Pokémon 1

-Species: Riolu

-Nickname: Lu

-Gender: Male

-Level: 17

-Age: 12

-Shiny? - Yes

-Nature: Adamant

-Ability: Inner Focus

-Accessories: A Mega Necklace

-Scars: None

-Held Item: Lucarionite

-How Trainer Met This Pokémon: They were raised together form birth

-Type of Poke-Ball Used to Capture This Pokémon: Cherish Ball (never uses)

-Move Set: Endure, Counter, Force Palm, Focus Punch


-HP: 40

-Attack: 70

-Defense: 40

-Sp. Attack: 35

-Sp. Defense: 40

-Speed: 60

-Species: Lucario

-Nickname: None

-Gender: Male

-Level: 36

-Age: unknown

-Shiny? - No

-Nature: Hasty

-Ability: Steadfast


-Scars: None

-Held Item: Focus Sash

-How Trainer Met This Pokémon: It was his mother's Pokemon, having taken on a parental role when his mother disappeared

-Type of Poke-Ball Used to Capture This Pokémon: Ultra Ball

-Move Set: Endure, Counter, Force Palm, Focus Punch


-HP: 130

-Attack: 115

-Defense: 75

-Sp. Attack: 120

-Sp. Defense: 75

-Speed: 95

06/07/2022 10:31 AM 

Dustiera Dreemurr (Current Main Cover OC)


Name: Dustiera Dreemurr

Birthday: 4/22/2006

Nickname(s): Toriel (silly child)

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Species/What Are They: Human/Monster hybrid

Soul (Color): Green Red mix

Sexuality: Gay


Attack: 19

Def: 99


LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Blaster/Hand summoning (Can summon Blasters along with hands that resemble Gaster's hands), and Electrokinesis, (New Ability discovered- Universal Magic combination: Dustiera becomes infused with the magical energy from all of his AU versions creating a magical energy that surpasses Asriel Dreemurr God of Hyperdeath twice fold)

Weapons: Faded green knife with the ability to inflict poison

Fighting Style: fast and non-thinking


Friends With: Asgore, Alphys, Undyne, Papyrus

Neutral With: Flowey

Enemies With: N/A

Family: Toriel (Mom adopted), Asgore(Dad Adopted), Emerald Lightningvael (Birth Father), Chance Lightningvael (Brother), Chase Lightningvael (Step-Brother)

Crush (es): Asriel

Single, Taken Or Talking (If the last two, with whom): Taken, Asriel Dreemurr


Personality towards Humans: He like his adopted father is very kind to humans but is willing if necessary to attack them.

Personality towards Strangers: He tries his best to be polite until they start to bother him, then he will simply activate his magic to scare them off.

Personality towards Friends: He enjoys being around friends, so when is around them he is cheerful and hyper.

Strengths: Due to him being a human monster hybrid he can access the save file but cannot reset it.

Weaknesses: He tends to get easily disturbed and may lash out.

Flaws: He is very concerned about others to the point he doesn't care about himself.

Likes: Puns

Dislikes: mean people

Fears: Being useless in a fight.


Eye Color: They are typically red with a green center around the pupil.

Clothes: bright green shirt and shorts

Hair: Dark brown with green and red accents that grow or shrink depending on the amount of magic left.

Skin: peach

Other: glasses that he needs for reading


Alignment: neutral

Goals/Purpose: to protect everything

Job: King of the Underground, Teacher of Chroma Magic after Gaster's retirement


Back-story: Dustiera was always suspicious of the mountain Mount Ebbot when they climbed the Mountain they slipped in the mud and fell into the underground when Asriel and Chara found them lying face-first on the ground Chara and Asriel helped him up Chara was a little worried that Dustiera falling would ruin their plan but if Asriel wanted something Chara would not fight back when the group got to the Ruins Toriel and Asgore ran outside seeing Dustiera they asked: "who is this Asriel and Chara?" He slowly looked up and told them "My name is Dustiera" they were very weak so Toriel helped them inside where she healed them and let them rest Asriel stayed with Dusteria while they rested when they woke up Asriel was reading a book until he noticed that Dusteria had woken up Asriel called for Toriel who came and said "My Child you are awake that is great I was worried and so was Asriel he stayed with you the whole time.'"

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