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08/06/2022 12:23 PM 


1. Multipara is a must, anywhere from 2 or more paragraphs is key for proper levels of rp.
2. Dont force relationships, i rather it be a steady and healthy level of intereaction between characters but im not oppose to the idea of romance. Just keep in mind that she thinks Bardock is dead.
3. If you wish to play any of her family members, make sure to ask before hand. Id rather get a good idea of who im working with.
4. I play her in an Alternate Storyline, And have progressed her character to levels on par with her youngest son, if you dont like it dont start drama just leave.
5. I am here to have fun, explore and try out new things, dont be a party pooper.
6. If you add me, then you start, if i add you ill start.

08/05/2022 08:20 PM 

I'll Show you Low level!!

Gine mastered the arts of the teachings as did her son Kakarot/Goku She learned all that could be learned from Son Gohan as did Kakarot. She eventually traveled around the world and met somany new people, even rivals and enemies, The story unfolded as it would have if not slightly different.

Fighting villians such as Piccolo, The fight with Frieza was intense forcing both Goku and Gine into the Legendary Super Saiyan, She dies during the Cell saga protecting her grandson Gohan but is resurrected after they find all the dragonballs,  right down to standing her ground besides goku against Majin Buu. She was pushed to her limits and eventually broke bounderies learning how to transform using Kaioken and Super Saiyan, She grows with each fight and aspires to become the next best Hero of Earth.

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