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The Valeyard

Name/Alias: The Valeyard

Age: Depends on incarnation; Several hundreds of years

Race: Timelord 

Plane of origin: Gallifrey 

(Time and Relative Dimension in Space) After the Last Great Time War, the Third Valeyard stole a Type 80, which was a prototype Tardis that was rumored to be able to travel through dimensions as well as Time and space.
Brief summary:

The Valeyard is an anomoly in the sense that he was never born, rather created by the Timelords in order to reprimand a Timelord called The Doctor. After they were done with him, they trapped him in a micro universe, where he was suspended in time. Later, he was stolen away by a man who called himself Epsilon, and took him to the other side of the planet to conduct experiments on his body. The harsh nature of the experiments caused him such trauma, that he was forced to regenerate, only after spending a single concious year in his first incarnation. By the time Epsilon was done with him, the early days of the Time War were upon them......

Weapon: The Arbitor 
Created by Epsilon using Timelord technology, as well as technology and resources taken from other worlds, cultivating in one master weapon. It has the ability to change according to the User's preferred fighting style, which is crucial to the Time Lord as their fighting style can change as a result of regeneration.

Child of Epsilon: The experiment that Epsilon forced upon The Valeyard made his body many times more durable than the average Timelord. He was faster, stronger, and could regenerate from trauma that would permanently disable the ability to regenerate. He is simply built different.


08/15/2022 02:23 PM 


1. You add you message first. I'll do the same if I add you first :)
Failure to do so will get you removed from my friends list within a day or two

2. Please try and actually rp with me. I understand being busy but do try to get a response at least twice a week.

3. If you don't like something in a rp please let me know instead of ghosting me. It breaks my heart when someone does that and I have no idea what I did wrong :(

4. I'm okay with NSFW stuff and I'm alright with various freaky kinks, but lets try to keep incest and defecation out of it, kay?

5. No one liners! I can not stress this enough! I like rps with detail and will usually try and write up to a paragraph in my response. If I get a short response back, I lose motivation. Also, try and do proper paragraph format. Use quotes and not stars for describing action: ie) *smiles at you* *Looks up at you*.

6. Do not bombard me with questions on when I will get back within the same day. Doesn't matter whether I'm online or not, I will get back to you when I can. After 48 hours, please send me a reminder if I haven't gotten back to you by then. If you keep spamming me I'll end up blocking you.

7. I only rp with girls 18+......sorry guys

8. After you add me, I'll probably send a message first unless you were the one who requested me. Either way, if you haven't gotten back to me in like 3ish days I'll probably give you another message and wait another 2 days before deleting you.

9. I will only play as my character in a crossover or original setting if needed. This is supposed to be my own take on a semi-made up character so bear with me lolz

10. I usually try to write one or two paragraphs in each of my responses and try to add a lot of detail. I understand if sometimes matching it may be in issue but I expect you to try to at least give me something to work with. NO ONE LINERS.

I'll say that this is a W.I.P but I'm to lazy to come back and edit this soooo ya.

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