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February 6th, 2023

Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 28
Country: United States

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August 22, 2022


01/21/2023 09:23 PM 


"How well do you truly know the sins that you embody? Do you think that you are above any of us? I am here to show you that you simply bury your basic instincts. I am here to bring out the best parts of you that you keep hidden away in fear. Let me show you."

"Envy is defined as a painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage. This broad definition can be expanded to fit any individual's personal situation. Some of you may look down on the sin of Envy as being lesser than the other six. I am here to show you how mistaken you truly are."
Envy is  acquisitive, resentful, and selfish. He wants what others have simply because they have it and bears grudges against those who have what he doesn’t. He finds fault with them, attempts to bring them down to a lesser mindset, and lashes out in spiteful hatred when he is foiled. But most important of all...he makes you feel these intense emotions. He, like all of his brothers, revels in the ability to make humans and other beings feel what they feel. Do not mistake his behavior for anything other than an attempt to manipulate. You are not unique.

Hair/eye color: Black and Green.
Height/Weight: 6'0 and 175lbs.
Special Attributes: Multiple tattoos.
Color of choice: Green.
House: House Envy.
Title: Prince of Hell.
Likes: Anything he can indulge in and take that he does not already possess.
Dislikes: The mere idea that someone possesses something that he does not.
Scent: Sultry leather/smoky woods/vetiver root.

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