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I Can't Be Your Sasuke. { Part I }
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 It was several years after Sasuke deserted Konoha that Ino gave up on fighting for his reason for leaving. She felt he was too far gone to save, much like the other villagers and shinobi / kunoichi. She spent her days in the florist shop her dad had run when he was alive, and Ino was surprisingly good at keeping inventory and stocks within the business she was running. She was fierce in the battlefield and even more fierce in financial business and other issues of money, stability, and other things to maintain her way of life. 

She would sometimes think if somehow she could convince Sasuke to return and convince the elders not to put him as a criminal she MIGHT have saved some shred of hope for him. She concluded on her own that it was imperitive that Sasuke would have to be killed if he continued on the path of the darkness that he was so desperately clinging to. Ino knew what it was like to feel alone.

She was popular, she has "friends" but she knows what they say when she turns to leave the room. She knows the chain that breaks when she thinks of Sasuke and Sakura on the same team together. She wondered why it could not be her instead.

Suddenly a stream of tears fell from her teal blue hues as she tried to keep strong for her family, for her friends, and for her teammates. She had people she cared about and who cared about and she chose to focus on that; making sure that they were happy, and that she didn't focus too much attention on herself when someone would pass away.

She didn't know what it was to be a famous person but she knew a few famous people and she didn't know if she could not handle that much pressure. She just felt like it would take up her whole life and suffocate her locking her arms into a chair in chains. Ino was sure that this was crazy; she smirked looking down at a certain lazy shinobi she had been hanging with lately.

Standing on top of the tree so high up in the sky, Ino's eyes looked around the pristine sky  and clouds that were a minimum and it didn't seem like it was going to rain anytime soon so that was a good sign. "PINNED YA!" she said as she jumped off the tree to the ground and landing on top of Shikamaru, who, by the way, was none too happy about it - he was reading homework for the advanced study room he signed up for so he could get ahead in the academy. 

"INO!" she chuckled, "Oh you know you loooove it." she said and somehow it dawned on her that he might actually like sneaking around like this. She was excited about hiding and fooling around with Shikamaru and he didn't seem too deny her advances, either. Sometimes she wondered if she would ever be able to stop. You know what happens next we'll keep this one clean.

09/24/2022 07:08 PM 

✿ Just Some Rules ~
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 ✿   Disclaimer: I am not nor will I ever be Ino Yamanaka. I am just writing behind the character for roleplaying purposes only. Copyright claims and restriction states and rules goes to Masashi Kishimoto and the rest of the Naruto fandom and franchise. 

 ✿  Do not steal from me. Everything you see here on my page has been changed, manipulated, or edited in some form or another. I do requests so if you want an edit of a picture or if you would like a layout at a discounted rate of $5 just ask me in messages and we can discuss what you're looking for.

✿ Do not rush me about responses being late. Sometimes life pulls me away from my computer although I am almost always with my laptop I attempt to be there but sometimes circumstances require my time away from my time here. Please be patient and wait until I get back and I will return as soon as possible to get to your replies. 

✿ Put some effort into your replies. I don't want to be the only one making an effort in our roleplay and while I am happy to see that others are willing to work with me about working out storylines, and settings. Sometimes we have to make compromise so don't hesitate to lean over and lend a hand in the roleplay so we can make something memorable for the both of us. 

✿ While I don't mind talking out of character and making friends outside of roleplay ; I will not give out personal information (Phone numbers, emails, instant message - skype, discord, etc.) for obvious reasons. However, if we become close friends through writing and talking on statuses I would of course lend my discord out if you ask for it.  

✿ No harassment, bullying, or stalking on my profile and please don't do that to my friends or family on here either and I do have a family member over on I won't reveal her though because that's her privacy. Anyway, I'm making this a zero tolerance zone so people can feel safe speaking in this space.

✿ I do not care how you communicate with me. If you prefer messages then that is okay with me. If you prefer comments that is fine with me too.. HOWEVER. I will NOT go out of my way to suit your standards of how you want me to answer your replies unless we've talked about it before-hand.

✿ Roleplaying relationships will be handled as such: One-Ship per person. I will not have Ino in more than one relationship with someone. This is just my personal preference and I just don't like the idea of multi-ship partners but that's just me and if you don't agree with that it's fine too I don't judge.

✿ Remember to have fun with this. It's not a project, school, or chore that you have to do to finish before the other person gets it done. It's a fun thing to do to get your mind off of the outside world. On the other hand; don't confuse the world you're in and fantasy worlds on the computer. If you start to feel that way I do suggest spending some time away from the computer and spending time with family and friends to get more balanced and harmonized.

✿ Do not start he-said-she-said drama on this page; I will stop it before it starts. I have been roleplaying since 2004 when the internet was fairly new and not a lot of people could afford it much less get new ones on the regular.

I've had hundreds of replacement computers and trust me when I say that no one will scare me away with idle threats on the internet. If it comes to it - please don't let it get this far as I am really a peace loving Pagan - enfroce the law to be involved and you don't want that side of me to come out. Not even me. )

09/24/2022 04:51 PM 

Trivia Notes ~
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✿  After Sasuke's departure from the village, Ino moved on from him once he was denounced a traitor to Konohagakure and the 5 great shinobi nations. She cried the day she heard about the announcement that he was officially deemed a criminal. She put her persue for him to a stop and started focusing on her training instead.

✿ The past few weeks she has been studying under Tsunade such as Sakura had a few years earlier only she did not have the super - human strength that she had. However, she did posess the powers of healing and the use of poison. It did no use , however, to save her sensei Asuma Sarutobi after their fight with Hidan and she was struck with a sorrow that she could not deny and if people knew In well she was not capable of caring about others.

✿ She had been entrusted to fight Sakura about falling in love, and never giving up on finding the light in any given situation. She took Asuma's words to heard and did her best to help those in need, her friends, family, strangers, and even fell in love with a few other people. (OOC: I do not pair this Ino with Sai. I feel it was too rushed and did not like that there was NOT chemistry between them),

✿  Although Sakura and Ino's friendship turned into a rivalry for the affection of a young boy in Konohagakure's academy for ninja, Ino never stopped looking after Sakura and stood up for her when she said she would never let her stand her up when she was in battle or in love. She would do whatever she could do to fight for her chance at pushing for the goal to find her one and only love.

✿  She found herself not caring as much about love and focusing more on training and becoming stronger on a physical level and mental level she became smarter and worked with Shikamaru Nara and secretly fell in love with him. At first, however, it seemed like she had just a simple crush, but it seemed she was really in love with him.

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