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11/23/2022 01:39 PM 


Rather than rules, I went for guidelines, but the effect is the same.

1 - Please don't God Mod. I know Sesshomaru is a popular character, and a lot of people have a strong idea of how he 'should' be written. Allow me to do this my way.

2 - I write multi ship. I enjoy writing romance but it needs to be within a story.

3 - I do like random starters, so long as they are a para+, nothing bores me more than a one line story.

4 - I am busy in real life. Please, please, please do not send me multiple messages to see what I am doing. I work hard and I am here as often as this allows. Sometimes, I just get tired and want to sleep, not be pestered. That said, if I have not logged in for a few days, please feel free to check in - just not every hour!

5 - RP =/= RL. Please do not confuse the two.


11/23/2022 01:24 PM 

Plot Ideas!

To make things easy to reference, here are some ideas that I would like to write:

1 - Modern Day AU. This could involve: time travel. Sesshomaru waking up in the modern era. Gang related wars. Demons announcing themselves to the world and taking over. Demons announcing themselves to the world and being treated like 3rd class citizens - anything in the modern world.

2 - Arranged Marriage AU - for some reason, we have to get married. It might not be a willing partnership at first, but it would be fun to write them working through that.

3 - Stick together - Our characters are unable to move more then ten foot away from one another. Whoops!

4 - Pirate Setting - because that would be hilarious.

5 - Naraku won - Oh No. The world is a wasteland and now we have to survive and maybe, just maybe, fight him off. 

6 - Historical AU - THe story is set in a certain time period of history - this one clearly would need work!!

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