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11/23/2022 11:24 PM 

Please read my rules, if you'd be so kind.

1. Please do not reply with anything less than a paragraph? At least try and put some effort into our lovely story yes? Anything less than a paragraph will result in some words, nothing to harsh of course and well if that doesn't work I'll take my leave from your friend's list and wish you a nice day.

2. My character is mine to control, no one elses. No other character or creator will control him. Simple as that, any attempts will be met with a warning and further attempts will result in being removed.

3. I will not have mutes or collectors running about on my list, please understand it's nothing personal I just don't like having people on my list that never plan on talking let alone creating a story with me. Again this is nothing personal, just isn't really my thing.

4. Life is...odd lately so please understand I will not be on all day everyday, I work overnights from 10 pm to 7 am then I get home and don't head to sleep till around 12. My online presence here will be odd to say the least, I'm often on discord so if you'd like to add me there feel free however be warned I'm not sure I'll accept all requests. My discord is on my profile, even there I'm not on 24/7 365.

5. Let's discuss replies shall we? We all get to replies at different paces, I unfortunately get around to them when I can and if I feel I'm in the right mood to offer a good reply. If I'm in a mood where I believe I won't offer the best reply then I won't be replying, simple as that. I hope you can understand that and for that you have my apologies, therefore I will never rush for a reply nor do I expect to be rushed for one. There are a few other things that people must understand that I wish more would bring up. Everyone despite what they may say have favorite stories that they're creating with others, this is very understandable because if you're enjoying something so much of course you wish to carry on further and faster (for the most part).

Not everyone lives in the same timezone as well, life can come out of left field like a truck and things can get out of hand. There are more than a few reasons that replies aren't coming, one might just not feel like replying at all but maybe be active in stream/status' and that's understandable and acceptable. So please, don't rush as I will not rush you for replies.

6. I've been role playing for some time now, probably longer than I'd like to admit however it's only be recently in the last year or so I recently picked it back up so I'm still a tad rusty. Please bare with me and forgive me, I'm sure I'll be back to doing well in the near future with a fair amount of practice and relpies (when they do go out).

7. I'm fairly open to new things so please never be afraid to ask if you'd like me to try something out just please refrain from doing so further should I decline alright? I like most others do not like being placed in uncomfortable situations, if I should ever cause one of these please make me aware as I do suffer from Severe ADHD and my focuse most of the time is rather..not all there? To say the least.

Should I ever need to add more in the future whenever that may be I will do so, anyhow thank you for reading this far and have a lovely day, afternoon, evening or night!

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