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Nanba Kimori. the name belonging to one of the biggest jokes to ever poke their head into the world of scientific study. Absolutely mad theories and inventions. How he even got funding was a mystery. He was and still is a total laughing stock. Though isn’t it only right that humankind make light of what it’s unable to understand?

Nanba was born with a mind that seemed to soak up information at an alarming rate. His first words coming out at only 7 months old. Becoming fully articulate at speaking at 4 years of age. Reading high school textbooks at 5, acing a college entrance exam at 11. His mind just couldn’t stop. There lies the problem though. His mind just kept going and going, seeing beyond the veils of the contemporary and accepted. Researching well beyond what was commonly set in stone as possible or impossible. His mind advancing more and more.

So far advanced from the current state of the world he was simply labeled insane from the moment he was able to speak about his discoveries to the public. Talk about geniuses being unappreciated in their time. Though most would call ideas such as these insane.

“Within each particle of existence lies an abundant source of energy dating back to its very conception! It’s the reason matter can’t simply be destroyed, only changed”!

“The means of interstellar travel is well within our grasp! We don’t need engines with more power or stronger fuel, we simply need to fold space itself and physically shorten the distance we need to travel”!

Or the one that made this particular scientific mind infamous.

“The magical creatures we’ve seen documented in fairy tale and folk lore are most certainly real! Their origins lie in a case by case basis of integration of interdimensional species on earth, prehistoric uses of genetic modification and spontaneous introduction of cosmic radiation to known species”!

Needless to say he was laughed out of mainstream scientific groups. Essentially forced into isolation aside from the company he chose to keep. Working away in his research compound. Very slowly letting his inventions and discoveries loose into the world to see how they would effect society.

These days it’s very rare for him to even go by any titles despite his multiple doctorates. He feels he’s just a little known madman trying to make the world better a little bit at a time. Even if that very world has no idea he’s doing it.

The only hurdle his mind seemingly has yet to overcome…would be the very body it’s housed in. Nanba‘s physical attributes seemed to have been left to the wayside in order to make way for his intelligence. Frail and easily bruised. Barely enough stamina to run for more then a couple minutes and most elderly people can lift more weight the he can. He’s often embarrassed about having such limitations and often walks around his compound in an enhancing exo-suit in order to operate more efficiently, as well as to try and cut a more intimidating figure then his normal short skinny self ever could.

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