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Rolento's Backstory (Part One)

It was a busy spring break in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. On April 23, 1992 there was a man, Samuel Crimson and a female, Mary Ann Zephyr.Both Samuek and Mary-Ann was in the hospital delivery room due to Mary Ann about to give birth to their baby boy. Samuel was holding her hand while praising her each time she took deep breaths and pushed. A few minutes passed and the baby boy was born in the world. They looked at the baby boy with tears and smiles on their face as the doctor asked them what would be their son's name. They decided to go with Rolento Crimson as their son's name. The couple was happy then they kissed each other on the lips softly.

A few months passed since Rolento was born and he was crawling around the house. Samuel and Mary Ann was arguing about Rolento's skin tone because he thought that Mary-Ann cheeated on him the entire time. The next day, Samuel, Mary Ann and Rolento went to get a paternity test done. After some time, the results came back. The doctor that given the test read the results. The results said that Samuel was the father of Rolento. Mary Ann cried cause she couldn't believe that she was accused of cheating when she in fact loved him. Samuel hugged her and apologized to her before looking at Rolento once more. The family went home and started their lives over with their son.

Rolento's childhood was perfect, he had straight A's in school and was quickly advancing through grades in school. He graduated high school at the age of 15 and received his diploma. On the night of his graduation, his mother and father was arguing due to his mother found out his father was cheating. Days later in court, Rolento's father lied to the judge about Mary Ann being abusive. The two argued over everything and in the end, the judge awarded Rolento's father custody of him. Rolento was upset and the judge really didn't give him a chance to speak on his own be half. The judge hated women so much that he rewarded Rolento to his father.

When Rolento went home with his father, his father began to abuse him. His father used his fists on Rolento due to the fact that he looked mostly like his mother. The abuse happened every day up until Rolento had enough of the abuse. One night after Rolento's first week at his first job, both him and his father began fighting cause of Rolento working to save to go onto college in a few years. Samuel didn't want Rolento to have any kind of education. Truth be told, Samuel dropped out of high school in the 10th grade because he hated school and thought it was boring. After the two fought, Rolento packed his things and yelled at Samuel. The two fought once more, but this time, Rolento knocked Samuel out cold and left the house to find his mother. 

Years passed after finding his mother and Rolento was able to start college to go into the medical field. As he was in college one day, he got a call from the hospital saying that his mother was sick and he had to go to the hospital. Once he arrived, he went to his mother's hospital room and sat at her bedside. The two had a long talk and that's when Mary Ann revealed she have to receive surgery on her heart. Hearing the news made Rolento cry then he told his mother that she would survive. He stayed at the hospital with his mother every day until her surgery. It was the day of the surgery and he went to the Operating room with her and watched from outside of the room as they prepped Mary Ann for surgery. Hours later, the doctor came out and told Rolento that the surgery was successful. He smiled happily and waited for his mother to recover.

Mary Ann woke up hours later and saw Rolento at her bedside sleeping in the chair. Hearing his mother calling out to him, he woke up and looked at her smiling. They began talking for a long time as they smiled and laughed. A few days passed and Mary Ann was discharged from the hospital. Rolento got her things and helped his mother to the car outside and smiled happily at her. Arriving home moments later, he helped her inside her home then he start to get the feeling someone was nearby. TUrning around, he saw his father, Samuel, entering the house with a gun in his hand.

Both Rolento and his mother, Mary Ann looked at Samuel and the three of them started arguing. The argument got heated to the point that Samuel shot his gun and the bullet hit Rolento in the right shoulder. Mary Ann screamed and started crying seeing Rolento being hit, but oddly, Rolento didn't flinch or anything. His mother got mad and pulled out a gun hidden in the living room under the couch and pointed it at Samuel. Samuel and Mary Ann began arguing with each other once more. The argument escalated to the pooint that Mary Ann shot her gun at Samuel and the bullet his his heart. At the same time, Samuel shot his gun and the bullet Mary Ann in her head. Rolento looked at his mother and catches her body crying. He was trying to stop the bleeding by taking off his shirt then he checked her pulse. She died from the gunshot wound. 

Standing up, Rolento looked over at Samuel and made a fist with his left hand. Rolento started to feel a strange energy come from him so he looked down at his left hand and saw it glowing purple. Looking at his father, Rolento ran towards him to harm his father. Samuel shot the gun and hit Rolento in his left shoulder as Rolento didn't flinch once more. Looking at his father with a cold expression on his face, Rolento grabbed his father by the head using his left hand. As he started to yell, he squeezes Samuels head until the brain came out his body. Letting his father's head go, he saw his father was dead then he took a deep breath and fall to one knee.

After calling 911 for medical treatment and the police to bring out the coroners to come get the bodies, Rolento took a deep breath as he was receiving treatment while talking to the police. After everything was over, he planned the funeral for his mother but had his father's body cremated. Days later, it was the day of his mother's funeral andd he was dressed nicely. Leaving the house, he got in his car and drove to the funeral. As time passed after arriving to the funeral to hear the service, he was at her grave site. He looked at his mother's casket one last time then he wiped his tears. Seeing her casket being lowered into the ground, he tried to remember the good times he had with her then he starts to smile, knowing he would see her again.

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