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June 18th, 2024

Gender: Female
Age: 40
Sign: Leo
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January 28, 2023


01/29/2023 12:51 PM 

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Discussion Of Storylines:  If we haven't writen before then I prefer the new person to have a suggestive idea in mind upon sending me a greeting. I have a copy of The English Dub Edited FF7 Advent Children, Japanese Audio with English Subtitles, and I have a copy of The Uncut verison aka Advent Children Complete.  I've seen the online anime Last Order, and I've completed more then once FF7 Remake Part 1. And slowly working on FF7 Crisis Core Reunion. If we haven't writen before and i ask if you have a suggestive idea and you reply with that you do everything and anything you're ass is gone off my friends list. No Questions asked.

Verses and Crossovers: I have every right to be selective of what crossovers to involve Tifa into, I'm not complete open verse for there are some verses that i don't see Tifa being involved in. If you can't handle me not being 100% open verse exit yourself off the friends list. 

RP LI: My Tifa is Rp Shipped with Cloudy Memories | Cloud Strife. Cloud's writer and I are very close ooc chat wise and we do voice chat together along with text eachother, and we have a handful of characters shipped together on both here on Ani and Rp.me. My Tifa won't be rp dating any other Cloud Not Sorry, She's loyal to Cloudy Memories only, Other Single Cloud's Go Find Another Tifa. 

Starters: I will send a few while feeling nice enough, Though i will not be sending one every single damn time, if you call me something along the lines of lazy then f*** you and f*** off. I have more then one page, I'm abit of a Playstation Gamer, I do have a twitch account which sometimes i live stream on. I have two furbabies, Unless we have voice chatted and I open up to them F*** Off. I've got my fair share of haters so if they don't like me or how i respond to things then that's on them and they can f*** off, move on and leave me alone and not make hate pages and be f***ing trolls. I'm not going to be chased off the site because someone doesn't like me.

Replies: Please Don't Hound Me for quick Half - Ass effort replies, When I ask if you have a suggestive idea and you respond with you do everything and anything you're ass is gone off my friends list.  I'm aware that not everyone on Ani has seen any Final Fantasy 7 Content either be FF7 Playstation 1 verison or Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 on PS4 or PS5, or the movie Advent Children. If just requesting and you think and assume that Tifa is just a pretty face to make into a sex slave and breed girl f*** off!, do you're own research if you're curious about the content and backstories of the characters or content if you're that curious of the verse to see if you like the verse or not. I also respond when i damn feel like it, if I'm slow and you assume that i don't want to do a story with you then that's clearly on you and shows me that you have little to no patience which i have no tolerance for.

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