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Time line

Artemis as a tuatha de dennan 3000-2094

War of Sen mags and the formors

Born: BCE 2095

2095-2089 Asrael training 

BCE 2070-1530 ishtar training

-Babelonias fall-a new dynasty -takes it place 1530-1030

1st reincarnation 1030-700 BCE

2nd life span-700-500 BCE

-Shadow vampires first assault

3rd reincarnation 499-300 BCE

3rd life span 299-150 BCE 

4th reincarnation: 

149-29 BCE

5th reincarnation 28 BC-50 AD

5th life: 50-170 

6th reincarnation: 171-400

6th life: 400-600 AD

7th reincarnation 601-910 AD

7th life 911-1030

-Templer era 

-Escort of vector sigma

-First Bible escort

-location of arc given 

8th reincarnation 1031-1300

8th life 1300-1630

-Meets eclipse

-Kids birth

-muramasa training 

-First students 

-Battle of sekigahara 

-Black death

-100 year war 

-Mongol rule

-Ming dynasty rises

9th reincarnation- 1631-1700 Lycan era

9th life- 1701-1780 

 -endless night war

-First meets angels

-First beatrice defeat thus marks her rebirth beginning

10th reincarnation 

10 life: 1781-1864

civil war

11th reincarnation

11 life 1865-1920


12 reincarnation 1921-38

12th life ww2 1939 to 1945

13th reincarnation 1946-1994

13th life 1995-current

03/17/2023 12:55 PM 

skills: As a witness

As a witness he possesed fairly simply skulls besides invulnerability and invincibility. He has been shown to have weather manipulation. Turning daylight into night and vise versa. As well as barrier generation to deflect attacks. As well as advance healing skills and foresight

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