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March 29th, 2023

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Age: 25
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March 14, 2023


03/14/2023 09:20 PM 

Some rules

I'm not super strict but I do want to prevent as many awkward moments from happening as possible.

I'm open to anyone, but only other traps and females will ever have the chance of romance in an rp.

I do not do first person. Sorry but it bugs me when someone refers to any of my characters as "you" rather than "him" for example.

I don't have super strict reply regulations but I do need something to work with. I can't work with one liners too well so I'd avoid doing them.

If I accept you, I'm accepting you for who you are rping as currently or as your account shows. So please don't feel any need to try and switch up for the sole purpose of attempting to get close to me.

If you give me super short vague replies every message when discussing, I'll eventually back off assuming you just can't be bothered enough. I don't want to be deciding every detail of what we are going to do.

This isn't a rule, but more of a preference. Let's just cut to the chase otherwise I'll be answering "Hey" and "How are you?" every five minutes. While I don't mind chatting on a slow day, if you wish to rp let's get right to discussing if possible.

If I deny you, there is a good reason behind it. Further requests will likely result in a block. Sometimes I may misclick which in those cases I'll send the request.

I can't read any minds out there. If something is bothering you or you desire something let me know. I can't help you if you don't try to help yourself. All I have is your account info and rules (if any to go on.) I cannot account for any hidden details you may have or may have added on the spot.

My character is who he is, no changing it. As for me, I want to experience stories from many perspectives! I am story 95% and romance and that other stuff 5%. You'll have to really wow me to convince me to do a romance rp.

These rules don't require any signing or hearting. Hope to meet all those who'd be interested

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