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Rules of Seventh Heaven
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                                        Rules of Sexy Seventh Heaven
                              Welcome to Seventh Heaven. What can I get for you?
                       These are the rules of Seventh Heaven. Personally, I don't think they're that bad, and they're pretty easy to follow. I'd hate to ask you to leave if you start a ruckus. So please, don't make me have to force you out!
Rule#1: This roleplay is for fun and hot fun with you know what I mean!
Rule#2: I know there is a lot of me on here so please don’t get me confused with the others
Rule#3: I would like to be to ship with a Cloud if there are any single Clouds out there who hasn’t had a Tifa , Along with this, I am of legal age when it comes to roleplaying smut within threads. You must also be over the legal age if you ever wish to write smut with me.
Rule#4: I will roleplay with anyone but Final Fantasy characters are highly allowed but I prefer a Cloud Strife for my character.
 Rule#5: Please don’t feel intimidated! I hear that some of you are too shy or intimidated to talk to me/roleplay with me. I’m honestly a huge derp, and would love to interact with you no matter if you’re an OC or from a totally different fandom. That’s what makes it so fun!
Rule#6: If I like your character I would like to be in a relationship with you and I know you the same
Rule#7: Looking for a lover / boyfriend to be with is that too much to ask
More to come !

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