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03/18/2023 07:18 PM 

Axel- The Untamed Wolf

Name: Axel Wolf
Nickname: Wolf
Relationship status: single
Sex: male
Orientation: gay

Race/species: German/Werewolf
Height: 5’11 (human), 7’5”(transformed)
Weight: 160 (human), 240 (transformed)
Age appearance: early to mid 20’s
Actual age: 250

Hair color: ashy black with purple and red highlights
Hair Length: short
Hair style: short, spikey, choppy
Eye color: magenta/red (human), Red (transformed)

Skin/fur color: peachy white (human), Black fur (transformed)
Scars: none yet
Birthmark: none
Piercings: 3 on his right ear
Occupation: Wolf Tamer in carnival

Personality: unpredictable, mood tends to be all over the place, animalistic, sometimes mean depending on mood, always high energy, loyal to a fault to those he deems worth it or has submitted to (if he can be tamed), Dangerous, vicious.
Profile Song:

Backstory: Not much is known about Axels past, even to him. His uncontrollable transformations as a werewolf has caused many black outs over the decades thus leaving him with fragmented memories. What he does know is he was born in Germany but left soon as a small child with his family. The next memory is the slaughter of his parents, Wolf like beasts tearing them to shreds. One got him but he was spared. The next memory is waking up 5 years later in a pool of blood, clothes shredded and gone and a pile of bodies surrounding him. Over the years he learned to control the beast inside him to an extent, the exception being on full moon nights when the beast gets the better of him.
250 years later and he still searches for the ones that cursed him and slaughtered his family, all the while growing more and more angry and animal like.
Now, the search continues. Only now he does not travel alone anymore, he has taken up refuge as an animal tamer in a traveling carnival. Here he trains and performs with his three Wolf pets Fang, Scar, and Shadow.
Chained and restrained when needed, the ringmaster of the carnival keeps close watch over the Wolf and his transformations. After all, murder is bad for business...

03/18/2023 07:01 PM 

Zexes- The False "God"

The False “God”
Full Name | Zexes
Pronunciation | Zexes (Ze-K-es)
Nicknames | “My lord”, God
Age | Unknown due to experimentation
Gender | Male
Species | Human (Experiment)
Current Residence | Unknown

Height | 6’4”
Weight | 190
Skin | Sun-kissed, Semi-tan
Eyes | Golden
Hair | Bright Teal with blue highlights
Piercings | None
Body Art | Tribal design tattoos along his torso, arms, and back. Symbolizing his god like status in his mind
Extras | N/A
Attire | He dresses differently than most people. Being in a lab and all. He tends to wear more roble like attire, flowy, comfortable, soft. Desert royalty like attire

Personality |
Traits | Sadistic, egotistical, “God-Complex,” Power hungry. Can be calm when he has what he wants. Cocky
Habits | Draining power from everything to increase his own, being lazy and letting others do everything for him. Has a bit a of a temper and a destructive streak with it
Likes | People serving him, power, energy, control

Dislikes | Not being in control, People talking back to him, being drained, isolation (no energy when isolated)
Orientation | Gay (Seme)
Marital Status | Single

Position | Top
Turn-Ons | Anything and everything bondage and slave related. He likes for those around him to serve him in any way, shape or form.
Turn Offs | Dominance in others, back talk in excess, Downright defiance (he may just kill you)
Fetishes | BDSM, pet play, slave & master, domination

Powers/Abilities | WARNING: Has almost God like tendencies due to what his powers are. Energy Manipulation, absorption, and storage. Zexes can manipulate the energy particles around him and within other people therefore making him capable of absorbing his enemy’s energy and turning it back against them. He is also able to store the energy and use it to increase his strength and speed, the more energy he absorbs the stronger and faster he is. Passively his body is naturally always slowly absorbing the energy around him, but he is able to focus it more intensely and at his own regulation. That energy can be focused back at his enemies in various ways such as a blast or ray or explosion or bigger.
Background Story |
Zexes is an experiment created in a private military corporation lab as one of the ultimate weapons. He has been conditioned from the start to believe he is unstoppable and so far, that has proven to be true. He is used by his creators, The Foundation, to hunt down failed experiments deemed too dangerous for normal agents to go and collect as well as targets deemed too dangerous for normal military intervention. Zexes is dispatched to destroy large targets as well as other super humans that may be employed by other military or competing corporations. So far, he has proven to be unstoppable, having never failed to bring in or down a target. Because of his treatment and duties, he has developed a “God-Complex” in which he thinks of himself as above and superior to all other beings. His personality reflects this complex in a massive way.
Now, as a living weapon deemed too dangerous to be allowed in normal society, the man is kept under lockdown at one of the secret Foundation facilities. Locked away in a cell for a decade now, sealed in a room that allows no levels of energy in and out, he has been kept docile. Through this time his anger and hatred for humanity has only grown and gotten stronger. He spends his days now locked away in his cell, biding his time for the day his opportunity presents itself for his escape…

03/18/2023 06:54 PM 

Rion- The Wild Rebel

The Wild Rebel
Full Name | Rion Strome
Pronunciation | RI-on
Nicknames | None yet but why don’t you give me one cutie?
Age | 26 years
Gender | Male
Species | Human
Current Residence | No where, a bit of a drifter


Height | 6'1"
Weight | 190 lbs
Skin | White
Eyes | Green
Hair | Pink, wild
Piercings | 2 on the lip, eyebrow (left), 3 on the ear, gauges.
Body Art | Tattoo on his neck and his arm
Extras | Update soon...
Attire | Jeans, tank tops, comfy, revealing sh*t

Powers/Abilities | Besides being trained how to box and fight on the streets Rion is human and has no other powers but is open to anything that comes his way
Traits | Rion is loud, in your face, fun loving and always down to have a good time. He also has a rather nasty and quick temper.
Habits | Smokes alot and curses alot
Likes | Smoking, Music, Having a damn good time, Chillin.
Dislikes | Drama, being around drama, Stupid people

Orientation | Gay
Men Only
Marital Status | Single and always looking

Position | Goes back and forth on position
Turn-Ons | F***ing while getting high, Bondage of all types, being restrained
Turn Offs | People who can’t take the pain, feet
Fetishes | Leather, leather and more leather. Chains, you wanna try it? I am down baby.

Background Story
Rion was born to an alcoholic abusive father and a mother who did her best for her and her son to survive. Growing up he had the crap kicked out of him and listened to his parents constantly fighting and arguing. At the age of 14 Rion’s abusive and alcoholic father, who he learned later had cheated on his mom and had another kid years back, left him and his mom. From there it was all down-hill, his mother fell into a deep depression and stopped taking care of herself and her child and Rion was left to fend for himself. In order for him to make sure he had the things he needed he turned to crime. Petty stuff at first like stealing and breaking and entering for little things. But that slowly faded into meeting people he shouldn’t have and falling into a deep drug addiction problem. He became the guitarist of a band and a full-blown drug addict. He will try anything and everything in the book. Flash forward a few years and the male is now one of the biggest drug dealers in the city and has started working as a gun for hire. The male has trained himself over the years to become proficient with both blade and bullet. As a side gig, and a way to have a constant supply of customers he works as a dancer at one of he biggest clubs in the city, where all of the cities crime and low-life’s come to mingle and handle business without fear of retaliation from law enforcement. Rion’s addiction has gotten worse, and he wonders the world alone, filling his blackened heart with sex and drugs in an attempt to fill the void inside of him. Underneath it all he yearns for a different life, one of purpose and meaning and one where he doesn’t have to be alone anymore. Problem is he has an issue letting anybody in close…

03/18/2023 06:47 PM 

Alaric- The Dream Demon

Full Name | Alaric
Pronunciation | Ah-la-ric
Nicknames | None yet, He’s more for giving them then getting them
Age | Unknown
Gender | Male
Species | Alp Demon
Current Residence | Anywhere he desires

Height | 6’6”
Weight | 200lbs (Muscular Build)
Skin | pale
Eyes | yellow with black slits (snake eye)
Hair | Purple fading to black, Long shoulder length
Piercings | 6 on chest: 2 in center, 2 under each collarbone, Septum, 6 on face: 3 along each cheek, 2 on either side of belly button
Body Art | N/A (yet)
Extras | Ram like horns on his head
Attire | Jeans, T-shirt, boots, leather jackets, anything leather or metal, chains

Traits | Sadistic, Malicious, Manipulative, Demanding, Destructive, Dominant, Alpha, Hot-headed and Stoic
Habits | Entering people’s dreams, manipulating one’s thoughts through dreams
Likes | Being in control, cigarettes, Being in people’s nightmares

Dislikes | sweet, happy dreams.
Powers/Abilities | Alaric is an Alp Demon, so he feeds off dreams. With being an Alpha comes feeding off nightmares as well. The more intense the dream the more satisfying the result is for the demon. Dream Walking: Ability to enter, manipulate, influence people’s dreams. Entice them to death, sex or any other deed he desires. Can Induce sleep through direct control or through enticing or power of suggestion that one may be tired. Speed, Abnormal strength, Energy Sapping (lethargy inducing from the sleep), Illusions in the form of daydreams.
Orientation | Gay
Marital Status | Single
Position | Seme
Turn-Ons | Using ones fears and nightmares against them, anything bondage related, the more sadistic the better for him
Turn Offs | Anything vanilla, softcore, ‘lovemaking’, someone trying to dominate him
Fetishes | Bondage, choking, chains, whips, toys, you name it he’s into it

Background Story: Alaric was born to a tribe of demons in the underworld. A species known as the Alp demons, which feed off of and manipulate people through their dreams. While most tribes kept to themselves and only fed when needed to, Alaric’s tribe was different. Unlike most of the Alp tribes, Alaric’s used their powers to feed off peoples dreams and, in the process, helped soothe their fears and worries. Alaric was different though. From a young age he was looked down on by the tribe, he harbored a darkness, a hunger for the nightmares. The young Alp took enjoyment off of the fear and worries of other, slipping away into the human world on a nightly basis to consume the nightmares all while making him stronger. His parents, the leaders of the tribe, attempted to curb this over the years and steer their son away from the darkness but the demons appetite for fear was too great and over the years he started to resent and hate his parents. They were soft, weak in his eyes. Finally, when Alaric was older it all came to a head. His parents banned him from entering the human world and in a rage he slaughtered his father, taking the tribe for himself… or so he thought. With his father gone his mother took over and when she realized her son was too far lost, she made the toughest decision a mother could make. She banished him, along with some of the tribe members that sided with Alaric, to the human world. Never to be seen or heard of again. So, Alaric left, fled to the human world to become stronger, take back his tribe from his mother… become the alpha.
Now in the human world the demon has found a place to call home. The demon and the group he took with him have taken up refuge in New York City, full of people, hustle and bustle, and an endless supply of nightmares, stress, anxiety, and fears. His group and him work at the states maximum security prison now, the place where only the worse of the worse go to ride out the rest of their sad lives. Alaric… well he works as the therapist at the prison, working with the prisoners on their fears and indiscretions, all the while feeding off of them, keeping them stuck in a perpetual loop of nightmares, Slowly he will regain all of his strength and power and return to take back what is his…

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