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April 2nd, 2023

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March 22, 2023


03/24/2023 06:46 PM 

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 1. Please respect the images and information on my page as everything here has been edited, changed, or other wise manipulated to my satisfaction. Otherwise, if you would like me to edit or make a layout for you just ask. Please don't feel the need to take something that isn't yours.

2. I will not be able to be online like I have been in the past and so I do not have time for the drama like I did before. If someone starts drama; I will simply block them. I have no patience and zero tolerance for childish pettiness, and games. 

3. Do not god-mode in my roleplays. If our characters do end up fighting do not display alpha tendencies if you are not up to par with Ino's skillset. Ino is a kunoichi - however, she does have weaknesses, and so should you. Please do not make your character god-like. It makes me cringe when I see other people make their character's seem "all-powerful."

4. Please put some kind of effort into replying to me with some kind of understandable written word - I am reasonable but there is only so far that I will extend my disbelief and then it's anyone's game. Sometimes I just can't help myself and get impatient at times.

5. No minors. This is a huge issue to me. I am 33 in real life and I want to make it ABUNDANTLY clear that there are not to be YOUNG CHILDREN under the age of 21 on my page. I will NOT add CHILDREN on my page.

6. Please be literate. I know I mentioned this before, but here me out. I will be writing in 3rd person format with complete sentences, proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation - please keep this in mind when you message me.

7. I will often write faster than most. I always keep my replies from 3-5 paragraphs each as not to overwhelm the person on the other side of the computer. If I feel overwhelmed I will simply take a break from the computer for a while and come back for it later.

8. Don't bully or discriminate on my page; I do not tolerate racism, homophobia, harassment, or otherwise cyber-bullying on my page. If it is more than one person everyone will be sent to my blocked page. I have a few piled in already , don't think for one moment that I won't put you there, too. 

9. I am a likable person. However, that does not mean that I do not have boundaries or would not like to be a push-over. I have  a life and I have family and a few close friends that are important to me. The rest falls into place, but I don't want to mess it up; so please refrain from causing me pain. Just give me a chance and you'll learn that I'm pretty much like everybody else; only a little crazier. 

10. Although I am not looking for erotica or smut on this account, I'm not saying it can't happen, either. Face it, in real life; especially in the feudal era and modern times; sex happens all the time and more often than you think. However, I do NOT want the roleplays to be based on JUST SEX. It has to have some kind of FORMAT OR STORYLINE OR WRITING.

11. Please read these rules carefully. If youve come this far, please sign at the bottom with a comment saying your favorite Naruto character (Does NOT have to be Ino) or favorite band or singer/actor or actress. This is to ensure that these rules are being read and I haven't put them up here for my mental health (which is EXACTLY why I have ;o )

12.   I prefer messages over comments so please refrain from commenting my page. I don't mind introductions or copy/paste introductions on there, but other than that I prefer messages for chatting and/or discord for instant messaging and faster responses. If you would like my discord, simply ask.

13. I will not give out personal addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, email addresses, or home addresses for my own protection and obviously yours as well. Please keep in mind we want everyone to feel safe and calm on the internet, not chaotic and distorted.

14. Give credit where credit is due. If I make something for you - keep the credits on. I only expect this because if I did that I would feel extremely bad for doing so. Please keep credits on anything such as edits, layouts, etc.

15. This is a HOBBY not a JOB. The moment it starts feeling like a job and overwhelming sense of dread, I will take a break with or without warning. Please be advised I do not have a good outlook on my mental health so I am very fragile and don't take criticism unless it's constructive very well. So please keep in mind that kindness goes a long way. 

Please sign this at the bottom. 

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