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06/21/2023 08:14 PM 

Starter Generator... Thing.

Starter Generator.


Out of a desire to write and to bring a bit of potential randomness to the process, I’m introducing an idea I had to see if it helps get things going.


You send me something from these three basic categories, and I’ll send you a starter based on them as best I can.


It could be fun or could be a failure.  But that’s the fun of it.


1:  Genre/Theme

Choose a base genre or theme for the setting.  These can be simple, such as “Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi,” or more specific, like “Modern Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Post-Apocalyptic.”  They can even be complete themes, such as “A derelict spacecraft, a village under siege by pirates, A late-night subway, A Capital city during the coronation of the new Queen.” This can also be a known property but know that this could be limited to my knowledge of the said property.


2: Tone/Scene

Choose the overall tone of the starter, like “Light-hearted, Dark, Positive,” or a rough description of the scene in question, like “There is a chill rain, the sun is shining, the smell of blood is thick in the air.”  Though I am not one to write overly dark content, I’m not against having things start bad and get better.  Tension is necessary for good stories, after all.


3: MacGuffin

The item or concept that causes the whole affair to start.  As simple as “A stolen ring, a sack of coin, a dagger” to concepts like “A murder most foul, a thief making their escape, a failed assassination attempt.”


Finally, you can add a few details you wish to have in the starter.  Existing relationships (between our characters or otherwise), if you want to be doing something specific, or if you had a specific setting where you’d like it to start.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll add them depending on what I can make, but I’ll do my best.


A few basic rules:


I don’t mind adult content (sex, violence, alcohol), but I’m also free to deny an idea if I am not comfortable with it as the setting.


You are free to set your character as you wish, but please limit any ideas involving my character beyond a few suggestions on how you’d like things to go potentially.


I will not be writing super dark content akin to something like “Berserk” or worse: no ra*e, no torture, and no impossible-to-escape scenarios.  I am not comfortable with this kind of content.


Any questions?  Just feel free to ask!

06/16/2023 08:15 PM 

Cyberpunk Prompts (Cyberpunk 2077 based)


Cyberpunk Prompts: Roughly based on Cyberpunk 2077




The nightlife was where the city came to life.  Pumping music, flashing lights, beautiful bodies, and the ever-present risk of being flatlined at a moment’s notice.  But those expensive clubs were not where you would find Stray, a band gaining some notoriety for their aggressive sound and unique band members.  No, for that?  You’d have to go to the dives with fierce loyalists and the best bartenders.


The Merchant


She had a talent for getting the deal done and often at a cool profit for the investor.  You name it, she could move it.  Drugs, guns, implants, stolen merch…  She was a damn good fence with all the right contacts.  Didn’t matter what gang, clan, force, squad, or fellowship came into contact with her.  You needed it moved quickly and quietly and weren’t afraid to shell out the big eddies to get it done.  You got into contact with her…  All 4 feet of her.


Small Dog, Big Bite


It was always fun to see how they would laugh when she came on the scene.  4 feet of green fury with a nasty habit of breaking kneecaps (it was easier when they were so close).  Sure, she wasn’t the most renowned merc in the business, but she had a rolling reputation she was proud of.  Her crew was quiet and professional and loved what they did.  Worth the Eddies, in all honesty.  Even if they were a bit…  Strange.  Even in Night City.


Mean, Green, Techie Machine.


Tech was always her passion, even as a little ankle-biter.  She loved to tinker with computers, both inside and out.  She saved up for her first implant when she was just a teen, going on her first real dive into the Net shortly after.  A natural at the art of Netrunning, it is a wonder some Corp or another did not absorb her.  But living a quiet, self-serving existence with few risks on mind and body certainly did help.


A Nip, a Tuck, and a Software Upgrade.


Perhaps the smallest Ripper in Night City, Leah had made a name for herself by keeping contacts with reputable (though not wholly legal) sources of premium implants.  This, along with her small, skilled hands, gave her a knack for the craft that kept happy patrons coming day in and day out.  Of course, the fact that she also had a kind heart and helped those in need for little to no Eddies did help…  And her discerning eye for swindling kept her safe and monetarily secure from those wishing to screw her out of money.


The G-03 Series: Your low-cost, low-maintenance bio-organic workforce.


Do you need a cost-efficient, low-maintenance option for your corporate offices? Are the high prices for maintenance drones draining your accounts?  Then you need only look at our latest line of G-03 maintenance units!  These bio-organic units are small, cost-effective, and pre-programmed with updated neural patterns that grant them advanced mechanical application including repair and sanitary duties!  Also look for our new Rosenthal Model, with advanced Technical and Sys-Ops compatibility for your corporation!

06/16/2023 08:14 PM 

Autumnhelm Prompts (Default Setting)


Autumnhelm/Modern Fantasy Prompts:


The Coven House


Your first day in Autumnhelm.  Not the largest city in the world, but still a new place.  Your new apartment is in the wold Weatherwax Coven House located just a few blocks from Autumnhelm University.  Go on in and meet the others!  Including the short, green specimen that lives in the attic room.


First day of class


Your first day at Autumnhelm University!  Your first step to your new education!  Time to get in there to hit the books and do your best to make things work!  Though it is a large campus…  But it’s a good thing you have someone to guide you around on your first day!  Though she is a bit shorter than you would have imagined…


Diamond Dust


Nothing like a good game of college baseball!  Be it Shorties or Tallies, you always enjoyed the game (at least a tiny bit).  And you heard the Lychwargs have a solid team this year!  There is practice going on right now, and students tend to linger around the field just to watch and enjoy the (always Autumnal) weather.  Perhaps you should check it out?


The first date. (Selective)


You’re an adult now, but why do you still feel so nervous about this sort of thing?  It’s just a quick visit to some shops, getting a bite to eat, maybe a movie?  Honestly, you were shocked that she even agreed to it!  You always heard that the Goblin was rude and rarely seemed to smile, but you worked up to it and finally did the deed!  Now you’re just waiting for her to arrive…  She didn’t stand you up, right?


Little Green GF (Selective)


Sure, you get stared at when out and about, especially when you try to hold hands.  And, sure, her teeth do get in the way of simple things like kissing.  But it’s weirdly worked out so far.  You give each other space when needed, text multiple times a day just to check up, and hang out with each other’s friends well enough.  Is it love?  Maybe…  But no matter what it is, it’s unique.


Battle of the Bands


Once more, at “The Dry Hag” Tavern, nestled comfortably in Autumnhelm’s lively Downtown, it was time again for the annual Battle of the Bands!  With plenty of drinks, good music (allegedly), and a grand prize of 5000 Coin, young folk with at least a decent talent on various instruments were preparing to try and win it all!  And ‘Stray’ was no different!  An Orc on Drums, a Dwarf on bass, a Halfling vocalist, and a Goblin on Guitar and backup vocals!  It would be a night to remember!  Hopefully.


My Green Sis (Selective)


It has been some time since your parents announced they were opening their home to a troubled youth.  That, soon, you were going to have a new, adopted sister.  You would not be blood-related, but you would be family.  She would have her own bedroom, do chores as you did, and you would have to be on your best behavior.  She was coming from a rough life, and this was a huge first step…  And then she arrived.  And…  “Little” sister isn’t quite the right word.


The Reverse Isekai!?


The flow of Aether is convoluted, and it flows not so much around us as through us.  It flows even through time and space in ways that, sometimes, cause ripples in the very fabric of reality.  Sometimes, these ripples are a tad too strong and can cause temporary tears…  Tears that, perhaps, are big enough for a single Goblin to find herself falling through…  Only to wake up in a world that is far beyond anything she could imagine.  Now she is alone and scared…  And a Goblin that is scared is a dangerous thing if not handled properly.



06/16/2023 08:14 PM 

Fantasy Prompts (More traditional)


Fantasy Prompts:


Little green menace


Is it fair to call her a menace when no one allows you to be anything else?  Sure, she steals food, but that’s because no one will accept her coin.  She sequesters away in cozy, warm places at night without permission, but that’s because no inn will rent her a bed. But it might be time to find a new place to live…  The people are getting antsy, and someone might be after her.


Thief for Hire


Is it strange to be a professional thief?  Perhaps.  But when there is an entire Guild dedicated to the craft of quietly absconding with other people’s possessions, it has to be considered some kind of work.  Just…  Not the most legal of professions.  Yet a good Thief can make all the difference in an adventuring party.  And a Goblin does a good Thief make.


Little Green…  Knight?!


Loyalty to the Crown takes all shapes and forms.  Some are loyal by working the fields and selling healthy crops in the market.  Some are loyal by practicing trade within the city's walls, melding iron or jewelry.  Some prove loyalty by the armor they wear or the blade they brandish.  But loyalty takes all shapes and forms.  Even one that’s small.  And green.  With pointy teeth.  Yet the armor bears the same crest as the rest.


Fire on the horizon


They were just a fishing village.  Mend nets, ride on little boats, haul in fish, and do the same tomorrow.  The fish would be eaten, sold to passing caravans, or traded for other goods when necessary.  But the warriors who came that night cared little for their simplistic way of life.  They burned huts, cut down resistance, and took what they wanted, including live cargo, for future profit.  But Goblins are resourceful…  And very much prone to cruel acts of vengeance.


The Twilight Market


The marketplace is where you can find all of your traveling necessities.  But there was one unique marketplace.  It sold rare, magical artifacts.  Potions of incredible potency.  Materials of dubious origin…  And it was never in the same place the next night.  For the Twilight Market was always on the move, almost materializing when the sun began to fall as if from the mists.


The Unexpected Huntress


Everyone knew of the Hunter’s Guild.  Skilled warriors, one and all, each gifted with a talent for facing off against some nasty opposition.  Be it a bear that had wandered too close to a farming village, a witch in the forest threatening the populace, a giant with a taste for caravan oxen, or even whatever beast hunted in the night for free meat, you could always get with someone from the Hunter’s Guild to do the job that needed to be done.


The Witch’s Assistant

(This Prompt can be altered to another line of work to fit your character if need be)


Every Witch knew when it was time to take in a protege.  Sometimes it is simply because they are growing older and more feeble.  Sometimes it is out of happenstance, a twist of Fate.  Other times, it is out of kindness or, at the very least, curiosity.  That is how this little Goblin now found herself hauling heavy tomes, gathering unusual ingredients, and tending to the home of this Witch.  Hey, beats living on the streets.


Hero of the Crown!


When you received the missive from the Royal Family, you did not hesitate.  You took the fastest horse that could carry you to the Royal Capital and heard what they needed without question.  Their youngest daughter, Princess Leah, has gone missing!  Foul play is suspected!  And your talents are well known!  You set out in search of the missing Royal…  Though, oddly, you never recall hearing of a Princess Leah until now.


You’re the Wizard we were waiting for?!”


“They’ll show up,” they said.  “They’re supposed to be incredibly powerful!” they promised.  Yet here you are, ready to set out and clear out the bandits that have been attacking caravans recently.  And standing before you, in the big hat and flowing robes of a skilled Wizard…  Is a Goblin, and a female one at that!  Carrying a staff that is practically twice her height!  This is some kind of joke, right?  She claims she is from the Circle, yet you can’t imagine this is real…  Oh well, it’s what you got.  Maybe she can distract the bandits, at least.


Isekai?!  I barely know her! (Sorry…)


The modern classic of the anime world comes to your doorstep as a Goblin from the modern age experiences firsthand what is commonly known as a “Resonance Cascade”.  The Aether is infinite, and it flows beyond known dimensions and space.  Rarely, such an event known as the “Resonance Cascade” can occur, causing a temporal influx of Time and Space in a localized area.  And today, one Goblin is happening to have a very bad time of it…


More than just your Fool (For royalty)

She has been training for this very role for all of her life!  And, finally, the day has come!  You’ve just been assigned your very own Fool, though she is a bit smaller and greener than you anticipated.  She will entertain with her amazing feats!  She sings, dances, does magic, and even juggles!  She can even throw knives!  …she’s really good at throwing knives.  In fact, you wonder if her long years of training had less to do with jokes, dances, and the lute and more with her strange agility and desire to keep you happy and healthy…

05/23/2023 07:39 PM 

Lore - Common Terms and Definitions


Terms and Definitions


Tallies - A slang term used to describe species that are of the taller persuasion, typically over 5 feet tall as a minimum on average.  This includes Humans, Elves, Orc, Trolls, Ogre, Giants (obviously), Mer-folk, Tiefling, and many, many more.


Shorties - A slang term used to describe species that are of a shorter disposition, typically under 4 feet tall as a maximum.  This includes Goblins, Knolls, Gnomes, Hobbits, and many, many more.  Special accommodations are typically made for Shorties (and are often labeled as such), including special tables at restaurants, stalls in bathrooms, and even sports teams that are separated into Tallie and Shortie Leagues.


Short Stack - A possibly offensive slang term used to describe female Shorties.  Though it can be used between individuals who know each other quite well, it is considered impolite to refer to a stranger as a “Short Stack”.  Some Shorties consider the word as a sign of bodily pride, as more shapely Shorties like to use it to describe themselves.  The movement to reclaim the phrase has been gaining favor in recent years.


Aether - The name given to the natural magical field that surrounds the world since the dawn of existence.  It is an ever-present field that can be felt and somehow utilized by many individuals, with skilled users going on to be labeled as Mages, Sorcerers, Witches, and so on.  Only “Earthen” species, such as Dwarves, are incapable of manifesting Aether in their own natural bodies.


Refractors - An invention of the ever-crafty Gnomes, Refractors are specially manufactured crystals that can absorb the Aether, charging them.  They were used to build simplistic machines after their invention centuries ago, but are now an integral part of the world.  All power, be it vehicles, lights, and even household devices, operate through Refractor power.


Leylines - Hundreds and Billions of naturally occurring pathways that Aether can travel across.  Though it took generations of wizards countless years' worth of hours to eventually map the entire Leyline system, it was considered a massive advancement in magical achievement and led to the development of major technological advances.


Aethernet - A magically driven source of communication and information that spans near infinite fathoms of time and space, using the hundreds of billions of Leylines to carry information at instantaneous speeds.  At first, it was simply used for communication, though the advent of further technological advances has led to it mostly being used for funny pictures and videos.


Slates - The final evolution of the Aethernet technology.  Small, often rectangular devices are now held by nearly the entire population.  With simple interfaces, 4K screens, and reactive touch capability, Slates grants access to the Aethernet from your pocket at all times.  It allows for videos, photos, messages, and calls to be made over the Aethernet instantaneously, as well as the download of many games that prioritize ad revenue over actual engaging gameplay.  But you can turn those off for just $5.99.


Coven House - A term used for a specific type of lodging house typically reserved for members of a witch’s coven.  Usually owned and maintained by the Coven Matron or higher ranked member of the coven.  Noted for being rather quaint, older buildings that often smell very strongly of incense.  Leah currently resides in one, despite not being a Witch herself

05/23/2023 07:13 PM 

Lore - Season Locked

Season Locked:


The technical term for four segments of the world that are, as the name suggests, locked to a specific season.  Each location is a perfectly shaped dome registering 200 miles across and 100 miles upward.  The reasons for these domes have been lost to time, though attempts were made to remove these enchanted spaces before it was discovered that the magic was creating new opportunities for increased wealth through year-round farming of seasonal crops, as well as a rise in tourists.


Season Locked Major Cities:


EverBloom - The Village of Eternal Spring

The largest town in the Spring Lock, EverBloom is a major metropolitan area surrounded on all sides by rural towns that all farm seasonal crops.  Though the temperatures remain comfortable year-round, the lock has more rain than the others.  Because of this, the amount of tourism in the area is shockingly low minus those who really want to find a lot of farmer's markets. But due to the rains and temperatures, the exports of seasonal crops more than makeup for the lack of tourism dollars.


Sunbright Shores - The Sun-Drenched Paradise

The most profitable resort town in the Summer Lock, situated on a large stretch of coastline.  Very much a commercial hot spot for families looking to experience fun in the sun at all times of the year, it is seen as a more clean and saccharin destination for those with children, with a large theme park located just a few miles from the beautiful beaches.  For those seeking an actual getaway from the hustle and bustle of the world?  Find a smaller resort elsewhere.  Or go literally anywhere else.


Autumnhelm - The Golden Crown

Though not the largest city in the Autumn Lock, Autumnhelm is considered the capital city for the area.  Home to Autumnhelm University (a prestigious school roughly described as “Three-out-of-Four Stars”), it is a popular destination for youths seeking to further their education in a comfortable environment.  From the clean and upscale Uptown Heights district to the more down-to-earth folk around Downtown, it was a place to find yourself if you sought city life without the incredible debt of renting out a garbage apartment.


Kalt - The Winter Wonderland


The largest city in the Winter Lock, Kalt manages to sustain itself through the constant risk of snow and ice through the intelligent use of magically powered heating systems through the city streets.  This makes it one of the more technically advanced cities in the world, as well as a popular vacation destination for those who want to bundle up and enjoy the warmth.

05/19/2023 10:22 PM 

General RP Details

Discussion is highly preferred, but Random Starters are not totally off the table.  If you have an idea you wish to send my way, you can send it.  If it does not totally work for me, I’ll happily work with you to make sure it works for us both.


Stories will typically be slice-of-life in a modern/urban fantasy setting.  A world where beings such as Elves, Dwarves, Orc, Goblins (of course), and other fantasy creatures exist and go about their daily lives in urban environments, not unlike our own.  These worlds can have basic magic as a part of them if desired (powered devices are magic, not electricity based for example).


Stories can also be set in a more tech-heavy Cyberpunk setting and even directly into Cyberpunk 2077 if desired.  Typically this setting forgoes magic for a purely technological world with the same species residing within.

Stories can also be set in more traditional Fantasy if desired. Though Leah was designed as a Modern Fantasy character, I'm not against changing things up for an RP.


Romance angles require a story behind them.  Leah has a strong female lean, but some exceptions can be made. Setup can have them either meeting for the first time or being long-time friends or colleagues.


Should romance lead to more sexual content, Leah is a Switch with leanings to being the top.  Either partner can be “packing” on request (can easily be explained away with magic or tech, depending on the setting).

05/19/2023 09:48 PM 

General Info

Name: Leah

Species: Goblin

Age: RP Dependent (22 Default)


Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual (Strong female/feminine lean)


Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Black


Height: 4 feet even

Weight: 95 lbs



Going for jogs, playing guitar, playing games (board and video), playing baseball, motorcycle rides, good beer.



Perverted men, bigots, piss beer, broken guitar strings, people who touch her ears without permission, how a lot of things are not built for the smaller folk like her.


Leah is a typical tomboy living, studying, and working in the city.  She lives in a small apartment complex with other non-humans and gets by with her job as a waitress, as well as some help from the kindly landlady who owns the apartments.


She enjoys gaming, both board and video variety, and is part of the Lichworgs “shorties” baseball team (regulation baseball typically separates smaller players into different teams to prevent unfair advantages of size often referred to as “Shorties” and “Talls”).


She can be a bit abrasive when first met, but life as a Goblin can be rough given that people often treat them with disdain due to long-standing Species based stereotyping.  This is more a defensive measure and she can warm up to people who give her a chance.  In truth, she is a rather loyal friend to have.


She owns a motorcycle (Displacer Beast S) and enjoys taking rides, especially out of the city.  Though she will happily bring others with her, the S-Series Displacer Beast is specifically crafted for the shorter-statured rider, making it a potentially uncomfortable ride.

Though she does work out regularly and keeps herself healthy, she does have a nasty smoking and drinking habit.  She has cut back considerably since moving out on her own (mostly due to financial issues) but will still indulge when the mood takes her.

05/19/2023 09:39 PM 

Rules - Please Read!

1 - Request means greet.  I'll do the same.

2 - Discussion is highly preferred.  I just like to know what I'm diving into.

3 - Romance is only for females and only with stories.

4 - All stories are individual moments.  No romance will carry over.

5 - I typically try to keep things at least para length but am not a stickler for length.  Please just keep it interesting.

6 - I get busy with RL nonsense, so patience is appreciated.

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