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Character Information

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Alias:  Naruto Namikaze/Fox

Species: Human, Jinchūriki

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Men, primarily.{OOC personal preference as well}

Age: 17-28

Birthdate: October 10th

Birthplace: Konohagakure

Affiliation: Akatsuki 

Figure: Toned frame, not overly muscular 

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 112 lbs

Skin tone: Tanned

Hair: Yellow-Blond

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing Features: Three whiskers on each cheek


When it comes to one’s childhood that is the prime area that will determine how a child sees the world, how they choose to shape their life. For some their childhood is easy and leads them to greatness while others aren’t so fortunate. Naruto Uzumaki was one of the few who got the shorter end of the stick in regards to childhood. Though the villagers paid him little mind and treated him poorly the young boy always held hope and the desire to prove them wrong, however fate was not always kind to the softer at heart. The hatred of the villages and sheer heartache he endured made failing the academy for the first time tougher than intended. Trickery from the adult he trusted and then watching someone he knew was one of a few who had his best interest in mind get injured Naruto felt strained. The village had far too many adults intending his downfall, and the ones aiming to aid him were unlucky enough to be taking the fall. That night he decided he may be better off leaving, it was a tricky progress and though he had just passed the academy that night from Izuka’s blessing he knew it was better for the few who cared and he wouldn’t need to deal with the many who didn’t. 

Upon leaving Naruto was promptly captured by the Akatsuki but potential was great within him and many saw this, Naruto was a tool for them who they planned to raise in strength to help aid in retrieving other jinchuriki. This is where Naruto learned everything he needed from a vast number of different skill points, the things he could learn from some of the most powerful of their villages was more than he could within the village. 

With this plot Naruto will begin within the Shippuden area mainly for all plots before the Great War arc. He is not evil, doesn’t kill unless he has to and taking the other jinchuriki was not something he believed was evil. He had no insight on why they needed to die, he retains most if not all abilities from the anime learning from many others now instead and adds on his more refined ability with Kurama early but without being at peace more of just retraining his anger. Cloak outbursts will still happen within this plot.


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