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09/15/2023 09:27 PM 

Calandryll - A Short Origin Story

“Do you think flattery will keep you alive?” He asked, his voice grave, echoing off the cave walls.

“N-No, Dragith,” The lone soldier replied. He was struck with a fear that paralyzed him into staring, the realization the dragon saw right through his evasions to escape by the aforementioned means rendered mute, and it was horrifying having death staring him in the face.

“No indeed,” Dragith slithered his way in front of the soldier in the torchlit darkness of the cave, loose rocks and gold falling to the floor as he approached, their noise echoing with his footsteps, the ground giving shake. His hide as black as the shadowed interior, the light of the soldier’s torch making Dragith look like part of the midnight sky on a moonless night was put inside this very cave. Yellow eyes, the eyes of a dragon, stared him down.
“You seem familiar with my name, but I don’t remember smelling you before,” Dragith hissed, “Who are you and what kingdom do you hail from? Speak now lest you die by my fire, human. 
“Oh yes, I know the colors of human fear, and it is quite a delicious color indeed. Your cape is Blood-Red like those colors adorning your fear, the cape of an enemy of my King!” He roared furiously. “Are you Spy? Assassin?”

“I…” The soldier started, choking on the lump of fear in his throat before swallowing it with pride placed in his honesty, “I spoke true of being lost.” He took a triumphant step forward. “I know not this world; I hail from Kingdoms where dragons are but fairy tales. My name is Calandryll, I read about you in a book when I was just a boy, I swear it, my life is but in your hands, as it were. My armor I stole after a ba- tavern brawl, to disguise myself in this world, lest I would have met my fated death sooner. Please, have mercy upon me, I wish not to die by Dragon Fire.”

Dragith turned heel after seeing the soldier urinated upon himself, speaking as he sunk back into the shadows of the cave, “Turn back, Calandryll, go south from this cave’s entrance. There you will receive hospitality, human outcast. Beware, you’ll be subject to my King’s questions, get rid of that cape before you are found by someone else wearing it, and hope my King sees truth in you as I have.”

“Is he a dragon like you?” Calandryll called into the deep black, but no reply came, only to hear the fire of his torch in the silence that followed.

09/14/2023 07:46 PM 

Goddess Keep to Your Royal Highness

To his Highness King Atreyu, Lord of all of Arkon and it’s waters, loyal greetings; and to his daughter Princess Eira, the same.

May it please Your Highness to know that the survey and census ordered Ten years ago at Your Highness’ accession has now been completed. Detailed statistics are appended for Your Grace’s further study, but presented on these pages is a brief analysis prepared in secret by my own hand and after long discussion with Lord Calandryll, of Your Highness’ Army.

The dragons are in danger! Normal attrition due to disease, old age, accident, and mating battle kept the population fairly constant, even considering the decimations of the Hatchling Hunts the other kingdoms pride themselves with, may the Goddess rot them. The killing of mating sires was more seriously detrimental, but the dragons managed to survive.

But then Four years ago the Plague came, and the results to the dragons’ population have been catastrophic.
In the year 2877, the year of Your Grace’s accession, 732 dragons were counted in flight from their northern caves to various wintering grounds, as reported by persons assigned to count them throughout the regions. There were 18 mating sires, 56 mature females, and 486 immature dragons, plus the first-flight hatchlings of that year. The summer before the Plague, 358 dragons were in flight over the Desert. But this Spring the most reliable reports place the number of dragons at 29: 6 mating sires, and 23 mature females. There were no immature dragons to be accounted for to our dismay.

The potential for disaster is obvious. Your Grace can readily deduce that neither the hunt for mating sires nor the vexatious Hatchling Hunt must take place this year. The 2 or 3 mating sires who survive mating battles must be allowed to mate with their females, and every dragon emerging from the caves must be allowed first-flight. Otherwise, Your Grace’s children and grandchildren, may they be born strong and wise by Goddess’ blessings, will never know what a dragon is.

A regional analysis of the dragon population is appended. It is the only copy, the original compilation of information having been burned, with Lord Calandryll as witness. His Lordship and I are the only ones who share knowledge of the impending disaster.

I would add one thing further, a thought that has occurred to me but for which I have no real proof. It is only a feeling, but it is a strong one. I believe that after the Plague losses at Drath Canyon Four years ago, the dragons will shun that place this year and seek others without the terrible memories. Dragons avoid mountaintops where one of their number fell to his unfortunate death; there are tales in the high country of such things. If they are as intelligent as we believe them to be, and as sensitive, they will also avoid Drath Canyon where so many of them died of Plague. Again, it is only a feeling, but I think that very soon we shall see the truth of it.

Therefore, as they will not mate in Drath Canyon this year, they will find some other place - perhaps far from Your Grace’s careful guardianship. May I humbly suggest that Your Grace issue an edict banning the slaying of dragons for this year - and for all years to come. The alternative is to see dragons no more in all the world.

Lord Calandryll and I respectfully submit our conclusions to Your Highness’ notice, with every faith that your wisdom will find a solution and that dragons will once again fill the Arkon skies.
All homage and wishes for the continued health and happiness of Your Royal Highness,
Lord Zeliziel of Goddess Keep.

09/13/2023 11:28 AM 

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1) I do not roleplay erotic as a whole roleplay. The aspect must be met with long-term writing, should the characters form a romantic relationship arise.

2) I do prefer discussing things beforehand, although I don’t mind receiving random starts if that suits your fancy.

3) Keep mind that I am flexible with Eras of time and worlds; I am open to placing Atreyu in more modern, even sci-fi, settings so long as dragons remain a part of the world, or worlds, should there be many visited in space-travels. I welcome crossovers as well.

4) Keep mind that my starts and replies are paragraph heavy, sometimes exceeding the length of 10 paragraphs (I will do my best not to overwhelm). You do not have to give replies that are as long as my own. I only ask that any reply remain a paragraph at minimum.

5) A patiently awaited reply from me is pleasing, and I will give the same patience to you as well. I give lengthy thought to replies and may well take more than a single day to have it sent, to forewarn. Please do not give asking to when you will receive it, just know that it will inevitably come to you within a few days.

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