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Colden Schnee

First name: Colden
Middle name: Oliver
Surname: Schnee
Age: 28
Date of birth: 01/17/1995
Race: Russian White Cat Neko
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Current residence: Simple apartment/One bedroom home per roleplay
Relationship status: Single

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 163lbs
Eye color: Light Blue
Skin color: Pallor
Shape of face: Heart shaped
Distinguishing features: White lashes
Build of body: Toned, slim
Hair color: White
Hair style: Short, longer hair in front of eyes
Complexion: Fair, clear
Posture: Straight, unless overtired then slouched
Tattoos: None, yet
Piercings: None, yet
Typical clothing: Comfy sweater, hoodies, baggy t-shirts, sweats, jeans, sneakers ranging from any color

Likes: Soft things, spicy foods, sweets, comfort
Dislikes: Discomfort, Sour foods, Overstimulation, random touches on tail or ears
Education: Highschool
Fears: Spiders
Personal goals: Having a job he enjoys
General attitude: Positive and supportive
General intelligence: Minorly below average book smarts, slightly above street smarts
General sociability: Introverted until he knows you then extroverted

Illnesses (if any): None known
Allergies (if any): None Known
Sleeping habits: Restless, wakes often, light sleeper
Energy level: High enough to wake and be active but loses fast when overworked or overheated
Eating habits: Poor. Forgets certain meals when occupied, prefers to snack
Memory: Good on unimportant things, terrible when unable to repeat actions or things
Any unhealthy habits: Bites nails when anxious.

Parents: Mother and Father(Divorced)
Siblings: 2 Siblings, Sisters both older
Any enemies (and why):None Currently
Children: None, currently
Best friend(s):
Important friends/relatives (explain):
Love interest (if there is one):

Occupation: Works customer service; hopes to bake as a job for fun and enjoyment
Current home: Apartment/Single bedroom Home per roleplay
Favorite types of food: Sweets, Some Spicy foods, primarily loves curry over white rice
Favorite types of drink: Loves flavored water and Iced Coffee
Hobbies/past times: Loved games, naps, spending time outside
Guilty pleasures: Loves Teasing, terrible going further though
Pet peeves: Lying
Pets: None but loves many animals but snakes
Talents: Baking and cooking, comes easy and he enjoys it
Favorite colors: Orange and Black

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