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OC: Ryota Yamiyo

Basic Information:

 Full Name: Ryota Yamiyo


 Nickname:  Ryo


 Age: 23 (Note: Age is adaptable to suit the roleplay context)


 Race: Human


 Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Physical Attributes:


 Height: 6 feet 2 inches


 Weight: 185 lbs




Ryota possesses striking black hair with a slight spike, framing his handsome face. His most captivating feature is his deep blue eyes, which exude confidence and mischief, captivating those who meet him. Ryota's complexion is fair and healthy, setting the stage for his magnetic presence. His lean, toned, and muscular physique matches his fiery personality.


Personality Traits:


 Outgoing and Sociable: Ryota's outgoing nature draws people towards him. He thrives in social situations, making him the life of the party.


 Playful and Mischievous: Ryota has a playful and mischievous streak, adding vibrancy to his character. He enjoys teasing and engaging in lighthearted banter.


 Caring and Thoughtful: Despite his playful exterior, Ryota is genuinely caring and considerate. He extends kindness and support to his friends and loved ones.


 Confident and Cocky: His selfassured demeanor often borders on cockiness, especially in competitive situations. Ryota embraces challenges with a confident outlook.


 Flirtatious and Flustered: Ryota has a flirtatious side, often engaging in playful flirtation and physical contact. However, he easily becomes flustered when the tables are turned by someone he finds attractive.


 Cold and Cruel When Necessary: When it comes to protecting loved ones or confronting evil, Ryota can display a cold and ruthless side, revealing the depth of his character.


 Disdain for Cowardice: He strongly disapproves of cowardice and individuals who refuse to reach their full potential, expressing his frustration with those who shy away from growth.




Ryota Yamiyo was born into a loving family, where the bonds of affection and unity seemed unbreakable. His father, Kaito Yamiyo, was a respected figure known for his mastery of fire manipulation. Ryota had two older siblings, Takeshi and Emi, both of whom inherited their father's fiery abilities.


However, there was one notable exception in the Yamiyo household. Despite the immense expectations placed upon him, Ryota showed no signs of inheriting the family's unique powers. While Takeshi and Emi manifested their abilities at the tender age of five, Ryota remained powerless.


His inability to awaken his powers created a growing divide within the Yamiyo family. Ryota's isolation intensified as he endured ridicule and bullying due to his lack of abilities. His mother, Akane, was his sole source of solace, always there to reassure him.


The breaking point came when Ryota was thirteen. His frustration, anger, and feelings of inadequacy boiled over, unleashing a torrent of uncontrollable blue flames that engulfed everything around him. His mother, despite her injuries, stepped in to protect them, but it cost her life.


At the age of fifteen, Ryota could bear it no longer. He left his shattered family behind, determined to escape the pain that had plagued him for years. Alone in the wilderness, he struggled to survive until a mysterious mentor named Kazuki intervened.


Over the years, they forged a bond akin to father and son. Their relationship was a rollercoaster of arguments, fights, laughter, and teasing, but it provided Ryota with the love and guidance he had longed for. Under Kazuki's tutelage, Ryota not only gained mastery over his blue flame abilities but also learned valuable life lessons, propelling him toward an uncertain destiny filled with adventure, growth, and a newfound sense of purpose.


Abilities and Powers:


 Azure Inferno: Ryota can summon and manipulate brilliant blue flames, known as "Azure Inferno." These flames burn intensely, capable of melting through metal and incinerating objects. Ryota can control their temperature, from scorching heat to gentle warmth.


 Offensive Techniques: In combat, he can enhance physical strikes with his blue flames, release waves of concentrated fire, and envelop his entire body, enhancing his physical attributes.


 Defensive Applications: Ryota can create protective barriers of blue flames and manipulate their intensity, providing versatility in offense and defense.



 Energy Drain: The use of his Azure Inferno consumes a considerable amount of Ryota's energy, leading to physical and mental exhaustion with prolonged use.


 Limited Range: His abilities have a limited effective range, requiring close proximity to the target.


 Emotional Triggers: Ryota's powers can be influenced by his emotions, particularly anger or frustration, potentially leading to uncontrollable outbursts.


 Vulnerability to Water: Direct contact with water can extinguish his flames or reduce their intensity significantly.


 Continuous Use Weakness: Prolonged use of his abilities can strain his physical and mental stamina, affecting his decisionmaking and combat effectiveness.




 Kazuki (Mysterious Mentor): The enigmatic figure who saved Ryota and became his mentor. Despite their bickering, they share a deep bond akin to a father and son relationship.


 Kaito Yamiyo (Father): Ryota's father, known for his strict and disciplined nature. Their relationship deteriorated due to Ryota's lack of powers, leading to a painful separation.


 Akane Yamiyo (Mother): Ryota's compassionate and nurturing mother. She was the one source of unconditional love in his life, ultimately sacrificing herself to protect him.


 Takeshi Yamiyo (Older Brother): Ryota's older brother, who once shared a close bond but grew distant under their father's influence.


 Emi Yamiyo (Older Sister): Ryota's older sister, who also distanced herself from him, prioritising power and status over family bonds.

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