Kuro [MCRP]

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September 23rd, 2020

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Age: 28
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March 29, 2014


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[Fighting Game] Kuro

Full name: Kenith "Kuro" Jackson
Birthdate: May 15th
Birthplace: North America
Height: 188 cm (6'1")
Weight: 99.8 kg (221 lbs)
Blood type: A
Family relatives: Unknown mother & father
Likes: Boxing, traveling, boobs.
Dislikes: Hardasses, puzzles, guns
Hobbies: Parkour
Favorite food: Pancakes
Forte in sports: American football
Favorite music: Eurobeat
Fighting style: Boxing
Kuro is often a serious, loner type who at times can be very stubborn as well as difficult to deal with due to this. He takes most things he does seriously, and is often quiet and to himself when not around people he likes, though is more talkative towards those he dislikes talking with remarks of disdain. He can often cause altercations of violence if people push him too far, though this is only when people "rub him the wrong way". He is a responsible person, most of the time, and takes his responsibilities seriously. He also respects those who are strong in their own ways. He can be rude towards those who use positions of power to wish for respect and has no problem telling such people how he feels.

The more lighter tones of Kuro's personality are his love for women's breasts and his love for boxing. He wishes to be the strongest fighter in the world, and used to idealistically think that it was strongest without using other styles, until he found out about grappling, locking and submission martial arts to which he now roots himself in training in those styles to counter them, showcasing that he learns from his own mistakes. He cares about those he is close to, and is shown to be much more talkative to them, though he can also be very stern still. He isn't one to sugar coat things and knows his strengths and weaknesses. There are also times when he'll act arrogantly, though only towards those who he thinks are "full of themselves".

Power Punch - Kuro has incredible punching power, so much that he can hurt larger characters than himself with ease.
Fast Punch - Kuro can unleash multi-attack punches with high-speed that are seemingly faster than the eye.
Translocation - Kuro can move at high speed around the battlefield.

Fighting Style:
Kuro is a pressure-based boxer who relies on agile footwork to move in and out of his opponents range while applying fast and powerful punches to his enemies. His fighting style is highly orthodox, thus many of his moves apply basic, suped-up, combinations from boxing such as his powerful one-two straight, jabs, and such. He is all about throwing combinations, and striking with powerful punches.

Power of Sound - Ace

04/08/2020 12:04 PM 

Ted [Gash Bell]

Name: Ted
Age: 10
Race: Mamodo
Height: 4 Feet
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Weight: 60-something lbs.

Personality: Ted can be a brash and reckless young man who has a strong will and strong ties to friendship. Ted has a great opinion of himself, and thus showcases a strong and confident manner of speaking, to the point that he can be rude to others that think he's "just a kid" thinking himself manly above all things. Ted knows what it means to struggle, and isn't afraid to live in a way that brings such a thing due to living in what amounts to a garbage heap within the Mamodo World. Ted has strong feelings for a female Mamodo named Cherish of which during the last Mamodo fight, he was searching for her within the human world along with his partner Jeed. 

He has great respect for Jeed, yet it doesn't show much due to them butting heads. Jeed being a wanderer and Ted being a kid, looked up to Jeed who considered himself nomadic to the world, thus following the wind. Ted, since then, as taken to heart the things he has learned from Jeed and thinks about him from time to time. 

Ted also looks after the kids of the garbage heap and thinks of them as his family and often did scavenging for them when he was old enough, along with Cherish. Watching Cherish's influence on the kids as well as her leadership qualities, made him wish to act "cooler" and become stronger just to impress her and it became a more natural thing. Despite living in a garbage heap, Ted earns as much money as he can to dress his hair just the way he likes it and dislikes those who mess it up, usually attacking them or showing defiance towards such things in a comedic way.

Ted's strength comes from his convictions to fight for his friends, as well as showcase that he's a "strong man", he often calls himself "Ted-sama". Ted LOVES a good brawl, and will enter the fray no matter the enemy!

Mamodo Physiology - In spite of his size, Ted is extremely strong, fast, and durable for his size and beyond that of normal humans several times over.

Mamodo Abilities - Ted has special powers that usually come from a magical book that is to be used with a partner (human), however, this was decreed by the King of the Mamodo World in order to create bonds with humans and learn to understand one another. Ted, while in the Mamodo World (and in special cases such as this tournament) is capable of using these powers naturally.

In Ted's case, these abilities are called his "Gears" which allow him to increase his physical strength and speed exceptionally every Gear, in return, however, the Gears need to "charged" for a time, and can't be "skipped". Basically, after every Gear, he needs to wait to use the next by charging his energy internally, and that takes time, though he can still fight and move during this. 
  • First Gear - The first spell that he uses to basically "start his engines". This spell doubles his strength and speed. [Can be used at the start of the battle.]
  • Second Gear - The second spell that comes after First Gear. He further doubles his strength and speed from First Gear. [Can be used two posts after First Gear.]
  • Third Gear - The third spell. He further doubles his strength and speed from Second Gear. [Can be used three posts after Second Gear.]
  • Fourth Gear - The fourth spell (the power noticeably spikes his hair). He further doubles his strength and speed from Third Gear. [Can be used four posts after Third Gear.]
  • Fifth Gear - The fifth spell. He further doubles his strength and speed from Fourth Gear. This spell yields muscle pain to his body while in use on top of whatever injuries he might incur. [Can be used five posts after Fourth Gear.]
  • Last Gear - The supposed "final" spell. The pain from using this ability is so great that it exhausts the user considerably, thus he doesn't like using it unless he has to win, all or nothing otherwise he will go into a coma shortly after. This spell doubles his strength and speed from Fifth Gear. [Can be used six posts after Fifth Gear.]
Skills - Ted's abilities are that he's a great brawler, and has a strong will-power to boot. His endurance is some of the best around taking high powered attacks and standing on pure willpower, though of course, even this has a limit, whether it be from blood loss, vital area striking, etc. 
  • Boxing Battler - Ted uses what amounts to a boxer's style in fighting, despite his size. Due to his light footedness and lack of size, he is very fast with his mobility and can hit very hard in spite of his height as well as punch with exceptional speed, even without his Gears. Ted is so fast that he can disappear from sight, as well as create afterimages of himself using his speed and "intention to strike" and the effectiveness increases with each Gear. The force of his punches can also repel blasts of energy, especially when "enhanced" by his Gears.


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Ban [DBverse]

Name: Ban
Age: 21
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 132 lb.
Race: Human
Occupation: Time Patrol Officer
Personality: Hot-headed, Arrogant, Enduring, Forceful, Protective, Energetic
Fighting Style: Sheer Force - Ban's strongest traits are his tremendous power and speed for a human, he uses an excess of ki to magnify his abilities further.
Mostly a close range fighter who has heavy hands but a strong, yet smaller body and a lack of reach for the most part.

Basic Techniques

Sensing - Ban can sense ki.

  • God Ki Sensing - He can sense godly ki.

Flight - Ban can fly with ki.
Control - Ban can control his own ki and increase or decrease his own power.
"Normal" Punches - Ban's punches have immense power even without harnessing ki primarily through his fist.
Endurance - Ban can easily take attacks and still going, if he's not hit in his vital areas such as his heart, lungs,etc. He tries to push through and land his attacks on his foe making him exceptionally dangerous upclose.
Instinctiveness - Ban has strong instincts, and thus uses them in battle moreso than his brain. This is both a blessing and a curse.
Advanced Techniques
Rapid Movement - Ban can move so quickly he disappears from sight.
Burst Striker - When striking, Ban applies his ki at the moment of impact to reinforce the destructive force of his punches.
Ban Puncher - Ban's usual ki enhanced punch, the punch is thrown with so much power that it causes air pressure around his fist to increase the effective range surrounding it. The distance that it has right now is 4 feet circular yet flat against his fist and the pressure grinds against the air meaning it causes a ripple effect around his striking fist and the same force as if they were punched by his actual fist.

  • Ban Dasher - A technique that can only be done while grounded or on a surface. Ban exerts all of his power into his legs to launch him forward at extreme speed and use another attack.
  • Ban Upper - An upper "Ban Puncher".
  • Ban Rusher - Ban unleashes his Ban Puncher as a punch rush to inflict massive damage on his foe with blinding speed.
  • Ban Crasher - Ban unleashes a overhand punch with output exceeding Ban Puncher with the ripple effect expanding to 8 feet instead due to throwing all the weight into this punch.
  • Ban Hammer - Ban throws his Ban Crasher downward to give a crushing impact towards the opponent with the flattening force of the air pressure.
  • Ban Overloader - Ban exerts his physical potential as a kiai and aura to greatly magnify the force that his aura unleashes through his scream expanding his kiai-laced aura 5 meters tall and 3 meters around him from himself to push opponents backwards and send opponents flying, it can also be used to protect him from ranged ki attacks.
  • Ban Buster - Ban grasps all the energy in his body while readying this punch and then throws it similarly to Ban Crasher, except the body is twisted to its limits while a frighteningly dangerous aura appears around him. The punch is thrown exceeding every other move Ban has and has so much force that it is exerted at 24 feet circularly around Ban's fist causing an extremely large ripple.

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Kuro [Multiverse]

Name: Kuro
Age: 23
Height: 6 ft 1 in.
Armspan: 74.8 in.
Weight: 165 lb.
Personality: Brash, Strong-Willed, Reckless, Confident, Straightforward, Honest, Assertive, Perverse.

Fighting Style: Street Boxing
Abilities: Supernatural Physical Traits. Mastered Boxing Skill. Expert Martial Skill.
Boxing - Boxing affords Kuro an immensely fast, skilled and powerful punch. He has also mastered the footwork, evasive and blocking maneuvers from boxing.
Kickboxing/Kicking Skills - Kuro is an expert at this style of martial arts to the degree that he has an immensely powerful and fast kick. He however, focuses more on raw understanding of martial arts rather than kicking technique unlike boxing.
Dashing/Air Kicking - Due to his strong legs, Kuro can kick off the air to increase his speed. He also has an immensely strong dashing speed on the ground when not using boxing footwork, so much so that he tears through even metal surfaces from the force.
MMA Style Knowledge - Kuro has mastered evasive maneuvers when it comes to martial skills that come from various skills of grappling, throwing, and such to avoid being placed into such situations. He prefers not to focus on countering and escaping skills as he feels he won't need them if he can keep evading them.
Steel Fists - Kuro's fists and forearms are extremely durable, even moreso than other parts of his body, allowing him to block and strike through thick weapons, sharp weapons and extreme force/energy.

Human - Kuro is still human. Just enhanced due to his training, thus he is capable of taking more than average humans.
Straightforward - Kuro has a straightforward approach in battle and prefers fighting opponents up close above all things.

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