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A Few Rules

(Copy and pasted from my account on Roleplayer)

I've been needing to completely revamp my rules blog but have held it off for so long. Most of these rules are the same, with some additions. 

1). No godmodding, autoing or any of that sort. It's common sense and you should already know this. If not, why are you here?

2). Do your best to use correct grammar and spelling, I understand mistakes happen but keep in mind that spelling mistakes should be to a bare minimum. Chances are, your web browser has spell check, use it. If English isn't your first language, I will be more kind about it, since English is in no way an easy language to learn. Also, absolutely no text speaking to me whatsoever. This includes OOC chat as well. This is one of the things that bug the hell out of me. Messages/comments with text speak on them will be ignored.

3). Please keep messages for rps. I can keep up with an rp much better through messages. With OOC, either format is fine. Also, distinguish the difference between OOC chat and rp.

4). Rp lengths: I am mostly a para rper, semi-para if I'm not feeling 100%, and I expect the same from you as well. Sometimes I can pump out larger replies but that's not always a given. No novella rp with me please. I honestly don't have the time for that. Also, no one liners, especially one liner starters. That's not going to go anywhere. Another thing, I at least like setting up a basic storyline discussion before rping. At least then, we both know what we are getting into.

5). Keep in mind that Scar doesn't really care about others, if that bothers you then don't bother with me. Also, if you don't like the way I rp as him, don't bother with me either. I have a distinct way I rp him based on everything that has happened to him during his life, even before the movie. That ties into on how I rp him.

6). No stupid bullshit when rping with me. By that I mean, no hugging or any of the cutsie crap. Scar is a full grown wild lion, just keep that in mind. If such cutsie things are sent, expect them to be ignored.

7). ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA. I will not tolerate it. The moment you try to start something with me, I will delete and block you. This is the number one thing that will, most likely, be the only reason why I'd have to delete anyone. 

8). If you are here thinking I am going to rp some bestiality fantasy of yours, don't even bother adding me. In fact, if that is your plan and you've added me, delete me from your list. I do not do such rps. This is another thing that will get you deleted and blocked right away.

9). No, I do not have a human form/playby for Scar. I know this has become popular, for some reason. I personally hate the idea, but I'm not going to judge those who have such forms. Just keep in mind I don't have one and I never will.

10). Speaking of humans, I can rp with human characters as Scar. We'd have to discuss a storyline for that since I don't have Scar leave Africa, meaning the human character has to come there. Also, things go by smoother if the human character can understand Scar.

11). Do not act like a damn child and spam my inbox/comments with messages "demanding" me to do something. This happened and you know what happened to the one who did it to me? They got blocked. The same will happen to you if you do the same. Actually, don't spam my inbox/comments in general. If you sent something once, chances are I read it. 

12). I understand the not everyone on here is compatible with rping with Scar but they may be a fan of the character and/or the movie. I'm alright with you requesting me and as long as you don't give me no problems, we'll be fine. If this applies to you, don't be afraid to speak to me in OOC. Most the times I'm up for talking and if not at the moment, I'll kindly inform you. If it turns out your character is compatible to rp with one of my other characters, I'll let you know of that as well.

13). I understand many of the Disney based characters are part of some sort of RPG, usually one that has all the Disney characters. Please understand that I don't want to join such groups. That doesn't mean I won't rp or talk with you if you are part of one of these groups. Many I talk to/rp with are part of one of these groups. If you ask me if I want to join, I'll kindly tell you I don't want to. Don't push me into joining. That'll irritate me and cause me to delete and block you.

14). I am not going to keep reminding you that you owe me a reply. If you haven't gotten anything back from me, then chances are you owe me a reply. If you are unsure, or believe I do owe you, don't be afraid to let me know or ask me. If you don't bother to let me know, I'll just assumed you ignored the reply and that the rp is dead and over with.

15). Alright, this is a BIG one if you are Scar's mate. If you happen to go inactive for a MONTH (30 days), without any warning, I will consider Scar to be single. I once waited for over 4 months for a previous mate to return and she never did so a month is now the limit. If you happen to come back after that month limit and Scar isn't with anyone, then they could still possibly be mates, but if he is with someone new, oh well, not my problem.

16.) Make sure you've read these rules. Once done doing so, sign on the comments section here, that you have read them. Oh, and actually read them too because if you signed them and end up breaking them, I probably won't be so kind then. I won't get that upset if you break a simple rule, I'll let you know you did, but the more important ones, the ones that can get you blocked, I'll be upset about.

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