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About me:
Two centuries ago, the Tohsaka House, in collaboration with the estates of Makiri and Einzbern, helped found the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars. The land of Fuyuki City, which possessed the second greatest spiritual power in all Japan, was owned by Rin's ancestor, Nagato Tohsaka; at the behest of the Einzberns, he provided his property as battleground for present and future wars. Nagato was a kirish*tan, as well as a pupil of Zelretch; these titles gave him considerable influence in both the Mage's Association and the Church, allowing the Tohsaka family to participate in the Holy Grail Wars, free from harassment by either organization. Rin was brought up as the successor to her family's magecraft, and was instructed by her father to prioritize magecraft over her own interests. Ten years ago, Tokiomi Tohsaka was selected as a Master in the 4th Holy Grail War, and Rin was entrusted to take care of the Tohsaka estate until his return. Her mother, Aoi Tohsaka, was left in a debilitated state from the war, so her care was left to her guardian, Kirei Kotomine. After her father was killed, Rin continued to improve her sorcery with some guidance from Kirei Kotomine. To divert attention from her private life, Rin has diligently strived to earn the admiration of her peers, even though she is secretly stingy, tomboyish, and a slacker. The rights to the Tohsaka lands were inherited by Aoi after Tokiomi's death, and subsequently inherited by Rin after Aoi's death. Kirei managed them as Rin's guardian, and because of his foolhardy and coarse management, the majority of profitable properties ended up in the hands of others. It is possible that he believed the wealth was bad for her upbringing due to following the principles of humility and poverty.[3] Although Rin resents the sacrifices she has endured for the sake of tradition, she is fiercely competitive and eager to prove herself as a skilled and capable magus. She was immensely disappointed at summoning Archer and ended up in a quarrel with him; however, the duo soon reconciled, set aside their differences and quickly got along. AppearanceEdit Rin has long and wavy black hair, which she styles into twintails tied with black ribbons. During school, she wears the standard Homurahara uniform, which she sometimes accompanies with a long red coat. Her casual clothing consists of a red turtleneck, a black skirt and long black socks. When she was young, her clothing consisted of a white shirt with a red necktie, a red skirt and long black socks, much like when she becomes older. Rin is a perceptive, serious, resourceful and very competitive person. Though she is widely-admired at school as an honor student, it is a front she puts up in order to prevent others from prying into her life. In private, she is notably stingy and bossy, but usually means well for those she cares about. She is known as a model student and idol of her school. Her manner of speech is often hostile and dismissive of other people, but deep down she has a caring, big-sisterly disposition. Her tendency of making trivial mistakes at the worst possible moment is a hereditary curse. Though she really is a lot nicer than she seems, she claims to always make her decisions based on cold, rational logic in the end. In her own words, it's "not a very cute personality". In fact, her choice in personal clothes is probably an overreaction to that.[4] During her childhood, she understood the Fourth Holy Grail War about as much as Shirou understands the Fifth, seemingly understanding while not actually comprehending it. She saw her father as a great magus who must be respected and loved, but failed to understand the negative aspect of his personality, the coldheartedness that accompanied such an ideal. If he had lived until Rin could actually understand his personality, it is likely that it would have greatly affected the development of her own personality. It is unknown if she would have opposed such inhumanity and left the path of a magus, or if she would have become a perfect and coldhearted magus like her father. Either fate for Rin would have been one far away from happiness.[5] Due to Tokiomi early death, she wasn't aware of the original goal of the Holy Grail War to open a hole beyond the World.[6] For the sake of her deceased father and her family's name, Rin seeks to obtain the Holy Grail, though she has little personal desire for it. Unbeknownst to her sister Sakura, Rin feels guilty and believes that she has abandoned Sakura after she is adopted into the Matou household. While Rin eventually admits that she has always watched Sakura from afar, she never realized how much Sakura suffered under the Matou and fooled herself into thinking Sakura was happy to alleviate her own guilt. She spent just as much time quarreling with Shirou as she did cooperating with him. She's a mischievous girl at heart, so she loves teasing serious people such as Shirou.[4] In the Unlimited Blade Works route, she falls in love with Shirou, and in the Heaven's Feel scenario, it is revealed that she had a growing interest in him. Her hobbies include admiring jewels.[4] Although wealthy from her family's magical patents, she feels somewhat ashamed of having to rely on the work of previous generations.[7]
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Jul 1st 2020 - 6:15 PM

/I havent forgotten I owe you. I'll be working on it and sending it soon. 

Jun 18th 2020 - 4:48 PM

Alright I'll send it soon. 

Jun 16th 2020 - 5:39 PM

// Sure, I can write up a starter for you then. Do you prefer comments or message?

Jun 11th 2020 - 12:33 AM

//Hm. I don't mind at least figuring out some ground work before we jump right into it. So, you wanna do a grail war storyline I'm assuming? 

I think we might be able to tweak it a little bit to change up the narrative some. I have an idea perhaps if we focus a little on the Heavens Feel type of route, where Shirou appears to be going down a dark path with Sakura. And naturally, Archer is okay with this because it means he won't end up existing from that timeline. But we could play the other side of that maybe, with Rin's concern for it. They would probably bump heads on their views about what's happening to Shirou, especially if we kept Archer around a bit longer instead of having him killed off so early on. I think it may be easier for her to figure out what his true name is. 

Jun 8th 2020 - 9:45 PM

// No problem. Thanks for accepting my add. I am sorry for the late response. I haven't been home the last couple days. 

But I would love to get a discussion going with you as well. ill break the ice even. Did you have any ideas you wanted to discuss? If not, that's fine we can brainstorm something out together. 

Also you'll have to excuse me if I respond slowly for a time. I'm still working on my layout and things. 
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