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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
Full Name: Shori Virus Dread
Pronunciation: SHORE-REE
Nickname: Sho-Sho
Age: 10,171,292,152,492,193,822,311 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Outer God
Height: 5'10
Weight: 176
Skin: Peach
Eyes: Red and Yellow
Hair: Red
Traits: Split Personality
Habits: Hugging people, Ignoring, brag about who and what she is, overconfident.
Likes: The ones she protects and loves.
Dislikes: Light Armegio, Ruki Virus, and unhealthy food that could also ruin her eating habits.
Shori has red and yellow eyes and long, thick, red hair that hangs in front of her face. She wears a ragged, dark red school uniform that exposes her midriff, as well as pink knee high socks and dark red shoes. She has and a band of white bandages wrapped around her neck, upper arms, lower arms, upper legs, and lower legs. She has a tattoo on her back of her guild mark. Ten years later, Shori has cut her hair short.
Shori Flare is a very kind person, finding it rare to hate anybody. She doesn't show her emotions to everybody sadly since this is an affect from losing so many attachments that she had with other people who she would eventually lose. She does her best to stay distant from gaining any sort of a powerful bond but when she does she'll put her life on the line. Having nothing to lose she desire death more than anything, looking for somebody to kill her and she will not stop until she has found one. But with having to gain new friends and family it makes it hard for her to succeed in her dreams of being killed because they are always there to save her. Seeing those that she love and care about try to save her makes her very emotional and she'll cave into a depression of not knowing what to do. Finding life to be a curse but also not wanting to lose her friends and family. She continued to give life another chance, to change her.

Mirror Eyes: Able to manipulate and perfect anything that is done in front of her.

Shichitenbattou: Shori drives the six short swords she keeps hidden under skirt into her arms, three to each arm. She then attacks with all fourteen blades at once.

Four Figure Leg Lock: Shori can pin an opponent down in a wrestling-like fashion.

Parasite Seeing: Shori had an enhanced vision that granted her the ability to see what others saw through their own eyes. This also allowed her to see how others view the world and understand how they think.

Hundred Gauntlets: A skill that reverses causality.

Lip Service: By kissing someone, Shori is capable of switching their current ability with another that she possesses.

Alibi Block: She can appear wherever and whenever she wants, including physical locations such as: in a locked room, in space, in heaven, or in hell, as well as metaphysical places such as: inside a dream, inside a heart, or even inside people.

Dead Lock: Shori has eternal life.

Life Zero: Shori can nullify any skill she desires

Mirror Juvenile: An ability which tampers with a person's sense of perception, allowing Shori to appear to them however she wishes.

Door To Door: An ability which allows Shori to "travel through time" by bringing herself and others into the dream world where they appear at different stages in their lives. While Shori seems capable of entering the dream world freely on her own, to send other people there, she must first kiss them.

Give Up-Down: An ability which allows Shori to cling to high ceilings, even upside down.

Count Up: The ability to count large numbers of items. Shori uses it to count all the skills she uses.

Sword Looks: Sword purification skill.

Sword Looks: Sword purification skill.

Shadow Out: The shadow cutting skill.

Born To Beat: Breaking the bone without cutting the flesh skill.

Get Target: Accuracy increase skill.

Twin Runner: Two cuts with one swing skill.

Dynamite Smile: An explosion after the cut skill.

Ad Hoc Attack: Extra attack skill.

Leg Walker: Swift draw skill.

Trick Sword: Sword curving skill.

Remote Light: Remote sword control skill.

Life Scars: Injuries worsen exponentially skill.

Dead Or I Love You: Becoming one with the sword skill.

Limited Foot: Beheading skill.

Head Edge: Changing the length of the blade skill.

Ghost Cutter: Changing any sword to a spiritual sword skill.

Sword Song: Cutting with sound skill.

Atomic Number: Atom cutting skill.

Faux Guard: Making the sword into a barrier skill.

Hard Break Shot: Weakening a cut opponent skill.

Ghost Blade: Residual sword image skill.

Hard Full Count: Sealing the opponent's skills after three hits skill.

Critical Kit: Transforming scrapes to fatal wounds skill.

Rapier Dystopia: Vanishing weapon skill.

Lost Blade: Making the blade invisible skill.

Not Selection: Changing any object into a sword skill.

Weight Restaurant: Changing the sword's weight skill.

Meta Junction: Break anything into pieces skill.

Red Ice Cream: Sword screaming skill.

Saint Up: Growing the sword skill.

Amateur Armor: Armor cutting skill.

Most Love: Transferring damage to one's loved ones skill.

A Lot Of Hand: Slashing simultaneous omni-directional skill.

No Motion: Cutting without cutting skill.

Hi-Fi Speed: Fast fighting skill.

Sore Deal: Turning a cut opponent into a sword skill.

Changing Weapon: Switching weapons skill.

Kiss And Cry: Taking what is to come skill.

Battle Check: Getting information after a cut skill.

Full Sword: Making the sword giant skill.

Master's Taboo: Cutting with the third hand skill.

Anti-Creator Soul: Sculpting skill.

Child Control: Remote control skill.

Heat Shock: Boiling the target's blood skill.

Prism Prison: Making a cage with a sword skill.

Shoulder Sword: Dual wield skill.

Must Cut: When cut you power up skill.

Strange Stone: Turning a cut opponent to stone skill.

Tutoria: Teaching how to use a sword skill.

Double Blade: Sword combination skill.

Black Bled: Bloody sword skill.

Craft Speech: Sword whisperer skill.

Platform: Cutting with a sheathed sword skill.

Sample Fumble: Cutting a pattern skill.

Frog Blog: Certain destruction with tremendous power skill.

Sample Fumble: Cutting a pattern skill.

Tricolor: Discoloring sword skill.

Hyper Dash Wit: Saying a cool phrase after cutting powers you up skill.

Ignorance Hilt: If you touch the blade you gain health skill.

High Blade Revolver: Changing six swords to bullets skill.

Exsense: Nerve cutting skill.

Death Throw: Sunder the target skill.

Pass Shield: Pass through barriers skill.

Go Bad Logic: Rotting sword cuts skill.

Natural Protection: Natural posture skill.

Bad Bye: Sword taking damage instead of the wielder skill.

Death Mes: Seppuku skill.

Claymore: Sword becomes jelly skill.

Rolling Desire: Stealing the cut opponent's wishes.

Ideally Justice: Final hit skill.

Recovery Chorus: Sword repair skill.

Lightening Blade: Sword of light skill.

Air Jigsaw: Air cutting skill.

Steel Wood: Wooden sword skill.

Water Jet Mes: Cutting only what you want to cut skill.

Kill Log: Record a cut target skill.

Blind Thruster: Weapon barrage skill.

Making Space Debris: Star cutting skill.

Receptor: Taking a real drawn sword skill.

Rental Ticket: Using a sword owner's technique skill.

Cut Test: Healing right after getting cut skill.

Sword Man: Personifying the sword skill.

Relation Break: Pincer attack skill.

Parallel Step: Cutting the sense of balance skill.

Dark Sizing: Based on how many times hit the sword's shape will change skill.

Reasonable Handy: Deal moderate damage skill.

Sentimental Motivation: Riding emotions on the sword skill.

One's Necro: Removing openings skill.

Two Weigh One Hand: Shuriken skill. It can be said to be a Ninja Skill.

Sharp Glide: Sword pressure throwing skill.

Value Lives: Destroying everything besides life forms skill.

Genocide Rule: Murder sword skill.

My Sword: Turning the body into a sword skill.

Sword Rain: Swords raining from high in the sky skill.

Chopping Viking: Finely chopping skill.

Meaning Network: Cutting a concept skill.

Bat Only Championship: Experience point renunciation skill. It is noted that this skill could also qualify as a Martial Arts Skill, but it is likely counted as a Sword Skill because of the losing equals death mentality of swordsmen.

Turn Over: Strike with the back of the sword skill. It is hinted that if one were to try to cut with the blade of a sword, they would be forcibly made to cut with the back.

Very Best Flash: The longer the sword is not swung, the stronger it gets skill.

Near Redeath: No matter how many times cut one does not die skill.

Prize Goal: Intoxication by sword skill. The necessity of such a skill is questionable.

Damocles Sword: On guard skill.

Beginner's Hard Luck: Make defense impossible skill.

Double Flower: Changing dominant hand skill.

Very Short Range: Understanding distance skill.

Like Love Law: Caress skill.

Reverse Cover: Damage canceling skill.

Weight Control: Distribute body weight skill.

Pinhole Shot: Vital strike skill.

Thousand Legs: Step technique skill.

Hue Match Point: Releasing the limiter skill.

Fake Hand: Feint skill.

Plot Fight: Predict the opponent's moves skill.

Hurdle Accel: Shifting power skill.

Running Back: Taking the backside skill.

I Fall Down: Kinetic vision improvement skill.

Just Meat: Expressing feelings with fists skill.

Non-Stop House: Turbulent strike skill.

180 Defense: Understanding through experience skill.

Wall Poster: Walk on walls skill.

Accountability: Counter skill.

Kill Me Blow: Penetrating fist skill.

Crash Pain: No pain skill.

Spin-Off Set: Rotation skill.

Eye Code: See all of the opponent skill.

Science Defense: Strengthening nerves skill.

Omit Heart: Second wind skill.

Three Force: Triple experience boost skill.

Hitting Song: Punching song skill.

Cheer Fighters: Flying skill.

Critical Five: Stealing the opponent's senses skill.

Damage Harness: Deliberately receive damage skill.

Monitor Checker Flag: Removing blind spot skill.

Lockdown: Downing ban skill.

Ad-Balloon Attack: Impossible to counterattack skill.

Noble: Impossible to miss skill.

Trust Battle: Forced duel skill.

Patch Test: Inflict pain without damage skill.

Deep Rope: Anaerobic exercise skill.

No Look Shoot: Fighting without sight skill.

Winder: Air battle skill.

Death Swimming: Water fighting skill.

Peek Out Fool: Exceeding limits skill.

Heart Control: Controlling the heart beat skill.

Running System: Once hit will not be hit again skill.

No Risk No Return High Touch High End: Doubling power by abandoning rewards skill.

Pyramid Knuckle: Gaining power from your opponent skill.

Sailor Same: Taking the same damage as the target skill.

Before Morning: Whole body attack skill.

Hit Maker: Combo skill.

Bashing Passion: Spirit punching skill.

Short Short: The battle won't drag on skill.

Interval: Power charge skill.

Illegal: Technique sealing skill.

Aim Core: Aiming skill.

Slice Knuckle: Cutting with the fists skill.

Hand Shake Truce: Draw avoidance skill.[110]

Miss Anger Stand: Impossible to predict hit skill.

See You Damage: Substitute skill.

Mad Sensor: Opponent appears to be moving slowly skill.

Alternate Regulation: Fair play skill.

Service Ace: First move skill.

Dressing Damage: Leaving after-effect skill.

Best Bout: Bring out enemy's full power skill.

My Inflation: The stronger the enemy is, the stronger the user is skill.

Dancing Escape: Emergency evacuation skill.

Disk Bury Code: Understanding strategy skill.

Route Selection: Instant movement skill.

Missile To Pause: Stopping movement skill.

Triple Necrotic: Take extra damage and return three times damage skill.

Stoic Pro: Increasing fighting will with each hit skill.

Condition Bon Bon: Set rules for the fight skill.

Satellite Camp: Commanding view skill.

I Can Cancel: Cancel an attack that has happened before skill.

Doctor Against: Ignore physics skill.

Rush Hour: Increase fighting spirit skill.

Silent Ninja: Make attack sounds vanish skill.

Perspective Revenger: Revenge skill.

Credit Damage: Make damage into debt skill.

Usable: Switch techniques skill.

Counter Snipe: Fight back skill.

Heel And Toe: Specialized footwork skill.

Future Practice: Training loan skill.

Suicide Action: Change defense power to offense power skill.

Pangaea Crusher: Continent crushing skill.

Iron Maiden Race: Toughness skill.

Mistaker: Precision strike skill.

Style Keep Out: Surprise attack skill.

Hu-Lip: Relax skill.

Traffic Serious: Too much trouble skill.

Invisible Lamp: Invisible hit skill.

Morphing Ghost: Show only your best moves skill.

Clever Headbutt: Headbutt skill.

Stand Distant Blow: Far hit skill.

Mosquito Gate: It won't hurt but it will itch when hit skill.

Exciting Memory: Use all previous opponent's techniques skill.

Auranizer: The ability to see aura skill.

Receive Dockings: Making a skill secret skill.

Miracle Reflection: Fluke reproduction skill.

Simple Decide: Conclusion skill.

Reject Loser: Will not receive a rematch skill.

Exhibition Match: Fire governing skill.

Water Body Slam: Water governing skill.

Bolt Leg: Lightning governing skill.

Window Shocking: Wind governing skill.

Heaven Is Not Heaven: Earth governing skill.

Flower Bad: Flower governing skill.

Dark Elbow: Darkness governing skill.

Sabotage Beam: Light governing skill.

Spring Grocery: Spring governing skill.

Noisy Summer Beetle: Summer governing skill.

Lonely Autumn: Autumn governing skill.

Winter Generalist: Winter governing skill.

Time Out: Night governing skill.

Hospital Genome: Illness governing skill.

Ground Sound: Sound governing skill.

Nitrogen Breath: Nitrogen governing skill.

Sensational Hair: Weather governing skill.

Hard Luck Store: Poison governing skill.

Dry Sauna: Humidity governing skill.

Gravito: Gravity governing skill.

Grip Chaos: Wave governing skill.

Maniac Curtain: Cloth governing skill.

Emotional Turning: Reflection governing skill.

Shadow Step: Shadow governing skill.

Cinderella Syndrome: Ash governing skill.

Mist Sister: Fog governing skill.

Painter Contest: Picture governing skill.

Wallpaper: Barrier governing skill.

Alcohol Sand: Sand governing skill.

Free For Hole: Hole governing skill.

Monster Red: Blood governing skill.

Muscle Collection: Germ governing skill.

Magnet Streamer: Magnet governing skill.

Golden Cloud: Gold governing skill.

Silver Opinion: Silver governing skill.

Emergence Copper: Copper governing skill.

Death To Sky: Sky governing skill.

Sky True: Vacuum governing skill.

Sun Sloshing: Sun governing skill.

Polardigm Shift: Polaris governing skill.

Mother Mars Ship: Mars governing skill.

Nine Pluto: Pluto governing skill.

Meteor Neck: Meteor governing skill.

My Sea Chip: Sea governing skill.

Swamp Girl: Swamp governing skill.

Riverse: River governing skill.

Emperor Stone: Stone governing skill.

Hang Up Jewel: Gem governing skill.

Ouroboros Connect: Calamity governing skill.

Angle Of Opera: Angle governing skill.

Acht Acht Dessin: Explosion governing skill.

Skin Forest: Forest governing skill.

Average Crying Night: Constellation governing skill.

Treasure Tasting: Flavor governing skill.

Key World: Key governing skill.

Hyper String Theory: Thread governing skill.

North Breath: Voice governing skill.

Drink Range: Distance governing skill.

Overreaction: Chemical reaction governing skill.

Battle Smell: Scent governing skill.

Deep Sink: Depth governing skill.

Nutrino Compliance: Nutrition governing skill.

Stereogram: Roughness governing skill.

Deathtrian Deck: Path governing skill.

Reading Magic: Incantation governing skill.

Animal User: Animal governing skill.

Mirror Effect: Mirror governing skill.

Strong Story: Strength governing skill.

Delicate Delete: Weakness governing skill.

My Speed: Speed governing skill.

Active Talk: Activity governing skill.

Leopard Eye: Evil Eye governing skill.

Readability: Letter governing skill.

Most Impact: Size governing skill.

Tektite: Glass governing skill.

Nearby See-Through: Spirit governing skill.

Pendulum Heart: Vibration governing skill.

Easy Chorus: Song governing skill.

Rainbow Lamp: Color governing skill.

Play Smoke: Smoke governing skill.

Number Foot: Number governing skill.

Prime Foot: Prime governing skill.

Hand Ring Berserker: Rampage governing skill.

Death Voice Navigation: Direction governing skill.

Selfish Requester: Prayer governing skill.

Fantasy Illusion: Illusion governing skill.

Wise Man Collection: Knowledge governing skill.

Magma Stone: Pyroclastic flow governing skill.

Vinyl House Survival: House governing skill.

Big Name Dreamer: Dream governing skill.

Choke Board: Wall governing skill.

Secret Research: Information governing skill.

Window Gaze: Window governing skill.

Blood Bus Stop: Entrance/Exit governing skill.

Turning Point: Point governing skill.

Slow Line: Line governing skill.

Neck Ring Hold: Ring governing skill.

Gemini Impression: Stamp governing skill.

Unfixed Future: Future governing skill.

Magical Life: Magic governing skill.

Boneless Farm: Remove bones skill.

I'm Crime: Make your opponent think they committed crimes skill.

Ocean De'Javu: De'javu skill.

Different Talent: Pretend you're someone else skill.

Super Whisper: Make them begin to hear insults skill.

Pray Have Hope: Despair skill.

Lovely Hate: Love skill.

Tracking: Create false trauma skill.

Limit Over: Inertia skill.

Dream Ghost: Ghost seeing skill.

Candle Service: Extort apologies skill.

Paper Driver: Leave your body behind skill.

Body Blast: Unhappiness skill.

Cyclotrombe l'oeil: Swindle skill.

Friendly Neighbor Green: Jealousy skill.

Cross Freulein: Charm skill.

Seven Doubt: Doubt skill.

Name Kate The Machinegun: Hypnosis skill.

Triple Terrible: Fear skill.

Past Promise: Fabricate a memory skill.

Leading Right: Leading guide skill.

Because Problem: Push worries upon others skill.

General Propaganda: Persuasion skill.

Very Hungry: Feeling of hunger skill.

Crystal Edge: Become hated by everyone skill.

Death Smile: Really fake smile skill.

Excuse Love: Flattery skill.

Barter Butterfly: Indulgence skill.

Own Goal: Instigate suicide skill.

Old Cold Whip: Deprive of knowledge skill.

Qualia Quality: Make consciousness nonexistent skill.

Humachine Error: Unable to think skill.

Placebo Process: Disagreement skill.

Double Mind: Can't escape from being lost skill.

Arrow Blow: Acquittal skill.

Trust Best: Believe you had a golden age skill.

Life Game Pressure: Great pressure skill.

Cold Chain: Addiction skill.

Gate Out: Spread others' secrets skill.

About Dark: Pessimism skill.

Impossible Repeater: Give up stealing skill.

Homesick House: Crush fighting spirit skill.

Heart Disk Crush: Crazy admirer skill.

Hostibility Zombie: Spoil others skill.

Death Tear Friend: Tear up skill.

Resistance Age: Make others want to betray people skill.

Killer Be Quiet: Make words nonexistent skill.

Dislike: Hate what you like skill.

Nearly Insomnia: Become unable to sleep skill.

Propagation: Provocation skill.

Hit Man's Identity: Killing intent skill.

Niche Leading: Suspicion skill.

Feeling Mixer: Feelings reversal skill.

Lonely Wedding Party: Loneliness skill.

Antique: Crawling sensation skill.

Custom Nine: Grant a bad habit skill.

Out Of Simulation: Grant bad taste skill.

Sense Of Wonderful: Disturb every sense skill.

Principle Capriccio: Competition skill.

Monkey Walk: Regression skill.

Lunatic Manner: Force good manners skill.

Nothing Sisters: Debauchery skill.

Witches Animal Forces: Abnormal field of vision skill.

Six To One: Low intelligence skill.

Mind Broken: Profanity skill.

Pygmalion: Turn into doll skill.

Midnight Neurosis: Curse skill.

Suspect Neuron: Superstition skill.

Modern Phobia: Bad cultural practice skill.

Nonsense Dictionary: Nonsense skill.

In No Chest: Regret skill.

Building Consensus Block: Corruption skill.

Stakeholder: Interest skill.

Ultimate Narcissism: Narcissism skill.

One Of Them: Get c*cky skill.

Heart Lung: Anxiety skill.

Shining Shining: Everything is embarrassing skill.

Dry Child: Dry up skill.

Anti Success: Success avoidance skill.

Sinking Time: Disgust skill.

Paranoiza: Forced fetish skill.

Runaway Three Six: Fleeing skill.

Angry Umbrella: Unable to get angry skill.

Self Protector: "I am cute" skill.

Focus Anxiety: Impatience skill.

Peek-A-Boo: Misinterpretation skill.

Wonderful Frog Make: Look down on skill.

Spell Checker: Dyslexia skill.

Sorry Destroy: Sugar coating skill.

Painting Blood: Sense of defeat skill.

Rabid Fox: Forced empathy skill.

Closed Clean Room: Fastidiousness skill.

Morphing Blame: Joint liability skill.

This Cool Beauty: Disturbance skill.

Don't You Trust Me: Religious faith skill.

Hard Symbol: Intolerance skill.

Low Pride Speech: Pride skill.

Set Years Freestyle: Disappearance skill.

Hystericord: Complex skill.

You May Be: Mere consolation skill.

Strike Beast: Turn into a giant monster skill.

Grotesque Clawset: Lengthen claws skill.

Monster Benefit: Increase hunting instinct skill.

Can't Be Cat Ear: Grow cat ears skill.

Giraffe Neck: Lengthen neck skill.

Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye: Increase number of eyes skill.

Tongue Crawly: Increase number of tongues skill.

Dry And Sheller: Create a shell skill.

Fighting Fang: Lengthen fangs skill.

Infunity Heart: Increase number of hearts skill.

Eat Sweet: Eat anything skill.

Ladies And Gentlemen: Change gender skill.

Poison Flame: Breathe deadly poison skill.

Sinking Manupilator: Increase number of arms skill.

Hand Leg Walk: Increase number of legs skill.

Cryptobiosister: Cryptobiosis skill.

Plan Naria: Increase number of brains skill.

Boy Meats: Muscle enlargement skill.

Feather Complex: Grow wings skill.

Insect Feather: Grow bug wings skill.

Body Face: Increase number of faces skill.

Crab Scissors: Turn both arms into scissors skill.

Inter Horn: Grow a horn skill.

Meat Tail: Grow a tail skill.

Torino Scale Eyeball: Turn skin into fish scales skill.

Hazard Lamp: Aposematic coloration skill.

Bubbly Bitty Life: Breathe bubbles skill.

Newcomer: Change age skill.

Chameleon Of Folklore: Camouflage skill.

Watchdog Food Timer: Biological clock skill.

Luck Dislike Me: Fruit skill.

Powder Peace: Pollen skill.

Forever Fragrance: Olfactory development skill.

Caterpillar Waist: Turn into a snake skill.

Wild Diet: Wild intuition skill.

Quin Sentence: Talk to animal skill.

Diamond Eyes: Compound eye skill.

Ivy Love: Make ivy grow skill.

Highly Screw Trouble: Turn body into drill skill.

Do Ti La Sol Family: Form a herd skill.

Sticky Line: Produce sticky string skill.

Funeral Synchronicity: Assimilation skill.

Fishing Meatball: The lower part of your body is like a fish skill.

Hungry Dress: Shedding skill.

Hell's Careless: Become a virus skill.[

Separate Parade: Body decomposition skill.

Acid Panic: Melt with stomach acid skill.

Brocken Phenomenon: Make an angel's halo skill.

Medical Blood: Make serum skill.

Lost Omfalos: Increase number of navels skill.

Meat Liquid: Liquefaction skill.[135]

Me Zebra Bull Eye: Become striped skill.[

Double Standard: Divide skill.[135]

Must Juice: Spit mucous skill.

Exciting One-Side Game: Lengthen bones skill.

Oboe: Intimidation skill.

Star Blood: Suck blood skill.[135]

Rehabililate: Create an antibiotic skill.

Problematica Stream: Turn into a fossil skill.

Looking Shot: Glare skill.

Separate Efficiency: Autotomy skill.

Mantis Core: Make fingers sickle-shaped skill.

Fat Marker: Increase and decrease fat skill.

Chicken Crown: Grow a crest skill.

Inside Hormone: Manipulate intestines skill.

Jelly Bone: Soft body skill.

Doping Mole: Go underground skill.

Spiral Needle: Grow needles skill.

Skin Needle: Grow spines skill.

Octopus Dinner: Tentacle skill.

Big Mouth: Turn body into mouth skill.

Joint Puzzle: Make a proboscis skill.

Handy Territory: Demarcation skill.

Rear Breath: Make suckers skill.

Small Smart Scrap: Breathe the nine different breaths skill.

Immovable Attacker: Bloat skill.

Under Root: Take root skill.

Aqua Breath: Breathe through gills skill.

Fur Coat Health: Pelt skill.

Metamor Stair: Two stage metamorphosis skill.

Knocking Old Bridge: Grow a beak skill.[

Slash Nihilism: Grow fins skill.

Calorie Off Base: Alimentation is unnecessary skill.

Romance Great: Hair hardening skill.

Designer's Drug: Intracerebral drug skill.

Butterfly Pass: Butterfly scale skill.

Turtle Drill: Carapace skill.

Swim Ink: Create webbing skill.

Battle Lunger: Lung capacity skill.

Swallow Drunker: Swallow whole skill.

Smash Teacher: Mastication skill.

Caterpillar Root: Caterpillar skill.

Family Sample: Exoskeleton skill.

Fourth Parasite: Parasite skill.

Guide Sensor: Synesthesia skill.

Talk Fire: Breathe fire skill.

Roomer Cocoon: Cocoon skill.

Lunch Mate: Erode living creatures skill.

Mechanical Life: Turn body mechanical skill.

Normalize: Turn into a human skill.

Brain Break: Brainwashing skill.

Memory Note: Memory skill.

Spec Over: Become God skill.

Tired Play: Become the Devil skill.

Manual Memory: Know every answer skill.

Humor Contrast: Be stronger than the enemy skill.

Worst Dream Is: Declare it's only a dream skill.

Infunity Quest: Control the infinite skill.

Start Play: Confusion of cause and effect skill.

Friendly World: Make your enemies your allies skill.

Welcome Hell: Summon Hell skill.

Auto Fumble: Make no mistakes skill.

Time Bunny: Manipulate time skill.

My Alternative: Make a backup skill.

Circus And Circus: Charisma skill.

Full Name Notorious: Steal names skill.

Full Name Mysterious: Naming rights skill.

Cool From Zero Cool: Subdue nothingness skill.

Burst Bust: Become big-breasted skill.

Husky Voice Dimension: Cross dimensions skill.

Archery Picking: Steal others' experience points skill.

Fafrotskies: Give life skill.

Know How Vacuum: Absorb others skill.

Another Announce!: Go to the underworld skill.

Lost Password: Turn enemy back to level one skill.

Boiled Eye: Lay eggs skill.

Eternal Eternal Life: Permanent world skill.

Potential Hit: Draw out potential skill.

Next Honest: Words become reality skill.

Area Free: Clairvoyance skill.

Listen By Chance: Enhanced hearing skill.

Chirality Test: Double skill.

Zero Sum Real: Power over life and death skill.

Beautiful Last Scene: Self-destruct skill.

Promotion Wars: Start a war skill.

Left Legs: Vanish from memories skill.

Sequenced Catastrophy: Invalidate fate skill.

Last Murder: Both sides kill each other skill.

Most Large Holder: Mass propagation skill.

Dark Hole: Control black hole skill.

Stage Advantage: Choose the stage skill.

Second Life In Jail: Be reborn skill.

Isolate Average Space: Manipulate probability skill.

Free Climbing: Manipulate parameters skill.

Intelligent Start: World creation skill.

Initialize History: Change history skill.

Illegal Alchemy: Synthesize life skill.

Weak Pointless: Weak point erasure skill.

Present For You: Bestow weak points skill.

Feel Retaker: Do a retake skill.

Deathst Moment: If you are seen they die skill.

Every Time Slip Everyday Dream: Time travel skill.

Metastasis From Head To Tail: Take over bodies skill.

Eight Hundred True: Prophecy skill.

Rob Curtain: Skill robbery skill.

King Mapping: Manipulate coordinates skill.

Success Succeed: Fertilization skill.

Undead Genius: Immortality skill.

Tuning Character: Create a personality skill.[

Marching Bad: Control the dead skill.

Murder Mathematic: Win against stronger people skill.

Baby Planet: Create a universe skill.

Step By Step: Manipulate macroevolution skill.

I Banish: Annihilation skill.

Have A Break Breath: End the war skill.

Innocent Remodel: Remodel humans skill.

Death Meeting: Continue fighting even if you die skill.

Past Intervention: Summon a person of great importance skill.

Exception Please: Create an exception skill.

Dime Penalty: Pass divine punishment skill.

Cold Game: Finish the game skill.

Escape Goat: Scapegoat skill.

Dying Message: Leave a will skill.

Ero-Guro Mirage: Turn into a ghost skill.

Grap Empty: Distort space skill.

Occupercent: Fortune telling skill.

Deep Pocket: Capacity skill.

Stronghold In Mystery: Build a base skill.

God Eye: Interfere with the narrative skill.

Surprise Army: Directing troops skill.

Shadow Influence: Thought infection skill.

Defense Layer: Form a barrier skill.

Transport Plan: Control fate skill.

Complete Jungle: All of creation skill.

Dark Meister: Control dark matter skill.

Sleeping Shell: Sealing skill.

Rule Make: Create laws skill.

Income Support: Stop aging skill.

Drawing Off Course: Conjure materials skill.

Sitting Winner: Fight while sitting skill.

Portable Soul: Absorb souls skill.

Hesitate Palace: Create a maze skill.

Repeater Kitsch: Revival skill.

Cross Utopia: Summon shrine skill.

Shining Backlight Enemy: Shining halo skill.

Reset Question: Restart from the beginning skill.

Last Final Operation: Burn life skill.

Manpower: Simply strong skill.

Marionette Exercise: Control human bodies skill.

Everything Lost: Control heart skill.

Skillful: Master skills skill.

Unskilled: Don't use skills skill.

Gunsmith's Take: Firearms refining skill.

First Class Gunman: Quick draw skill.

Moving Shot: Quickshot skill.

Duto Dodge: Bullet evading skill.

Guilty Stream: Stray bullet skill.

Selfish Umpire: Manipulate collision detection skill.

Clinical Pass: Bulletproof nullifier skill.

Professional Hibit: Bullet nullifier skill.

World Globe Tour: Unlimited range skill.

Trigger Peace: To make the opponent pull the trigger skill.

Final Six Sense: Check remaining bullets skill.

Body Shell: A bullet that won't penetrate skill.

Living Through: Objective gun skill.

Dying Through: Ignoring the shelter skill.

Water Palette: Water gun skill.

Robbing Bird: Gun stealing skill.

Freshing Aerial: Gas gun skill.

Iron Strawberry Jam: Jam inducement skill.

Oneside Horizon: Horizontal shooting skill.

Palette Slave: Turning those who are shot into slaves skill.

Weather Gun: Rain bullets from the sky skill.

Lady Guitarist: Bullet replenishing skill.

Honeycomb Magnum: Shotgun skill.

Freeze Your Neck: Making opponent freeze when a gun is pointed towards them skill.

Gun Hitter: Shooting the opponent's gun skill.

Star Fire: Making stars into bullet skill.

Left Head Right: Two handguns skill.

Take Over Size: Change caliber freely skill.

Just Meet Point: Ultra precise shooting skill.

Rifling Life: Rifling manipulation skill.

No Look Shot: Shoot blindfolded skill.

Trampoline Bound: Reflective shot skill.

Matching Crash: Airgun skill.

Shooting Sky: Blank shot skill.

Scar Hole: Bullet hole skill.

Spirit Series: Rapid fire skill.

Crash Palette: Mushrooming skill.[155]

Soft Creature: Rubber bullet skill.

Electric Hit: Stun gun skill.

Eccentric Talk: Unlimited bullets skill.

Sequence Sensor: Auto sniping skill.

Untouchable Machine Gun: Machine gun skill.

Curving Bowler: Bullet trajectory manipulation skill.

Colorful Metal: Paint bullet skill.

Flying Fall: Hitting bullets with bullets skill.

Gun Chase: Tracking bullet skill.

End Paper: Shots graze vital spots skill.

Heavy Baby Song: Tranquilizing gun skill.

Regulation Control: n-way bullet skill.

Upper Shooting Game: Anti-aircraft gun skill.

Fancy Gorgeous: Muzzle flash skill.

Growing Animal: Morph one's body into a gun skill.

Sound Artist: Silencer skill.

Pretty Smoke: Smoke bomb skill.

Tragic Report: Gun sight skill.

Holding My Daughter: Shooting with one hand skill.

Rescue Hand: No recoil skill.

Gun Visible Color: Invisible gun skill.

Ill Match Barrel: Lengthen gun barrel skill.

Front Fire: Flamethrower skill.

Safety Tube: Human cannon skill.

Extreme Corner: Corner shot skill.

Pistol Treatment: Healing gunshot wounds skill.

Parallel Angle: Zero distance shooting skill.

Speed Map: Bullet speed adjustment skill.

Fiction Powder: Paper gun skill.

One Two Bird: Saving on bullets skill.

Attack Line: Barrage skill.

Risky Security: Safety device skill.

Triple Rifle: Shooting three times at once skill.

Stylish Glory: Tracer bullet skill.

Lighting Beam: Flash grenade skill.

Rolling Idol: Revolver skill.

Automatic Angel: Automatic pistol.

Slowly Gun Action: Raise firing hammer skill.

Service Counter: Counter snipe skill.

Cold Thrilling: Gun barrel cooling skill.

Reserve Management: Spare bullet skill.

Mathematic Situation: Ignore air resistance skill.

Hawk Icefall: Shooting out your eye skill.

Gunfight: Stand back-to-back, take ten steps, turn around and shoot skill.

High Risk Unicorn: Warning shot skill.

Zero Mark: Closeup skill.

Monthly Attack: Three point burst skill.

Gunman's Cut: Sawed-off skill.

Try And Try: Trial shooting skill.

Innocent Pistol: Underwater gun skill.

Rifling Lighter: Lighter skill.

Sniper's Footprint: Shooting with your leg skill.

Mouth: Shooting with your mouth skill.

Two Line Chaos: Random shooting skill.

Love Call Trigger: Overhaul skill.

Slapstick Battle: Acrobatic shooting skill.

Peaceful Happy: Bayonet drill skill.

Hot Line Over: Laser gun skill.

Pistol Closet: Hidden gun skill.

Nice Ball: Catch the bullet skill.

Amateur Amazing: No matter how much you shoot you will never hit skill.

Thank You Very Burst: Accidental gun discharge skill.

Cannon I Can: Reckless skill.

Needs Paper: Clone skill.

Collateral Slot: Scroll skill.

Bitter Miserable: Kunai skill.

Glamorous Odds: Female ninja skill.

Marron Flame: Fire element skill.

Dessert Vichyssoise: Water element skill.

Defending Chance: Wood element skill.

Hammer Sherbet: Earth element skill.

Coin Laundry: Metal element skill.

Sewing Delicacy: Shadow sewing skill.

Surprise Pocket: Hidden door skill.

Goal-In File: Grappling hook skill.

Bad Ball: Smoke ball skill.

Headache Girl: Hood skill.

Dummy Annex Frog Bath: Frog skill.

Sandwich Thin Dream: Ninja sword skill.

About Snooker: Gun grip skill.

Hard Question: Torture skill.

Heart Question: Torture resistance skill.

Empty Cicada: Cicada skill.

Chiffon Needle: Hidden needle skill.

Torino Scale: Assassination skill.

Hurricane Arrow: Blowgun skill.

Water Spider: Water spider skill.

Frontier Offside: Move through treetops skill.

Eat Ball Ration: Ration pill skill.

Masked Sample: Disguise skill.

Last Rod: Sword cane skill.

Shocking Corduroy: Trap skill.

Strange Wood: Body replacement skill.

Recycle Paper: Cloak of invisibility skill.

Spikey Spicy: Caltrop skill.

Omit Aspite: Iron fan skill.

Roaring Aventure: Secret door skill.

Inner Link: Chain mail skill.

Cyclone Chain Tie-Up: Chain-sickle skill.

Dog Song: Ninja dog skill.

Surface Poison: Hidden poison skill.

Autumn Whistle: Hiding in leaves skill.

Butterfly Spy: Espionage skill.

Scat Incident: Claw skill.

Miscast Polaris: Five color light skill.

Floor Stroop: Hidden sword skill.

Pattern Warmer: Waiting in the ceiling skill.

Silent Steering: Stealthy step skill.

Jigsaw Memory: Unforgotten skill.

Knapsack Kite: Large kite skill.

Near Shield: Tatami flip skill.

Perfect House: Ninja mansion skill.

Hometown Steal: Fugitive ninja skill.

Friendship Margin: Friendship skill.

Speedy Pain: Effort skill.

Appetizer Party: Victory skill.

Hopeful Letter Case: Trust skill.

Revenge Appeal: Vengeance skill.

Get Two License: Nakama skill.

Chairman Junior: Lineage skill.

Warning Anthology: Romance skill.

Not Guilty: Dream skill.

Belly Buddy Body: Partner skill.

Hide Regular: Uncooperative skill.

Pursus Lovely: Love skill.

Careless Scythe: Pure skill.

Zero Base Condenser: Luck skill.

Gloomy Garter Toss: Bonds skill.

Enemy Seed: Rival skill.

Heart Break Sea Sense: Intuition skill

Fuzzy Justice Parade: Justice skill.

Egotistic Key Life: Non-lethal skill.

Humor Step: Funny skill.

Disappear Desire: Unselfish skill.

Best Nine: Close call skill.

Revelator: Growth skill.

Your Ecstasy: Gentleness skill.

Counter Crime: Rebellious spirit skill.

Veryguda: Mission skill.

Fresh Nostalgia: Sad past skill.

Antiknock Route: Will power skill.

Angry Stability: Rage skill.

Missile Pheromone: Popularity skill.

Visual War: Weakness skill.

Give Down: Don't give up skill.

Recovery Mince: Astounding resilience skill.

Pretty Coacher's Rule: Charm skill.

Family Report: Family skill.

Duty Sign: Sympathy skill.

Dessin Full House: Heart throb skill.

Skeleton Three Card: Comedian skill.

Animal Whisper: Understanding the hearts of animals skill.

Next Inflation: Excess skill.

Ultra Fair Ball: Fair and square skill.

Charismile: Unifying force skill.

Nice Guy Pavilion: Good will skill.

Liquor Fashion: Stylish skill.

Rhetoric Parasol: Catch phrase skill.

Killer Attack: Special move skill.

No Side Throw: Forgiveness skill.

Freeks: Freedom skill.

Happy End: Conclusion skill.

Angel Style: Protagonist revision skill.

|| More Added Soon ||
This will be added when I have the muse..

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Daughter of Coldharbor

Gang-Star ⭐

The Veil Between Realms


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