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About me:
NAME Rain A. Dragomir OCCUPATION Current Monarch of Vampires, Head of the Dragomirs, CEO of global shipping and communications
NICKNAME(S) Jiji, Rain Cloud, Rain Darkasakage PARENTS Sabrina and Cortex Dragomir
SPECIES Varcolaci (Ancient Vampire) SIBLINGS Nevaro Dragomir, Selena Dragomir
DOB 08/16/1990 RELATIVES Corack Darkasakage
AGE Mid Thirties (Age will change based on storyline) MARITAL STATUS Engaged
RESIDENCE Pennsylvania, Court, City to be named. SPOUSE Dalmatian Sarutobi

HEIGHT 6'5/10" HAIR Greyish Blue. Finger length.
BUILD Tall, Muscular EYES Left Ice blue. Right Scarlet.

PERSONALITY Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes:

Educational Background:

Private primary schooling up through High school, then stopped education during the time spent traveling around. Once back home, did Rain continue education to a higher degree, graduating the top of his classes.

Intelligence Level:

Although it might not seem to be the case, Rain's far more intelligent than most Vampires of his ranking.

Any Mental Illnesses?

Rain hasn't shown any symptoms indicating of an illness.

Learning Experiences:

Probably most of his younger years, spanning from his time in high school onward. That the world itself and the people residing in it aren't as innocent as one might believe in.

Character's short-term goals in life:

Rain doesn't consider short term goals, that the only goal worth working towards is the long term at the end.

Character's long-term goals in life:

Two major Long term goals are: Getting married to his love. Secondly to finally put an end to the rogue alchemists that have been hunting his kind for centuries.

How does Character see himself/herself?

Depends on the day, at times he see's himself as nothing but a weapon, other's he's simply a living being.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others?

Rain has long since stopped giving a care to what other's think of him. They don't matter unless they're important to him.

How self-confident is the character?

Rain is fairly confident, Not shy or anything.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?

A strong combination of the two. While He does possess a keen logical side, at the core of everything he's still a living person and also dictated by emotion. Especially when it comes down to someone he truly cares a lot about.

What would most embarrass this character?

Not much would embarrass Rain, considering he really doesn't care what other's think of him.

Emotional Characteristics


He's insanely loyal to friends and family, and trusts far too easily, which is also his downfall.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Probably an Extrovert, not really shy, outgoing, loud.

How does the character deal with anger?

Emotion isn't something that Rain allows people to see, let alone an entire array. Most of the time he'll bottle it up until he's alone then release. In the instance of anger he'll often vent in the form of some kind of exercise or physical combat.

With sadness?

Again with emotion, it isn't something he let's anyone get a glimpse of. Sadness in general isn't something he feels too often and sometimes goes unfelt.

With conflict?

Conflict is something that he does against quite often and is easily hidden beneath a facade, an occasional bout of passive aggression may be tossed about.

With change?

Change isn't something he's particularly fond with. Especially if it goes against what he perceives as the "Norm" and is likely to either rebel against the charge, or see it as an attack. After all, Seeing too many changes upon the battlefield resulted in mass casualties, even you wouldn't be so fond of them.

With loss?

Loss is something he grew accustomed to at a fairly young age. The notion that everything living has to eventually die when the time is up. Even Rain himself would eventually be returned back into the earth. There isn't anything to stop death, so what's to gain from fretting about it?

What does the character want out of life?

Rain wants to eventually live without having to constantly be looking over his shoulder, worrying about whether there will be an attack on him, or his loved ones. A peaceful life where he wouldn't have to worry anymore.

What would the character like to change in his/her life?

There probably wouldn't be anything Rain would change in his life, if given the opportunity. Everything, the good, bad, ugly, and the beautiful all worked together to shape him into the person he is today.

What motivates this character?

The looming dream of finally having a family of his own.

What frightens this character?

Knowing that his loved one might be the target for the Alchemists in order to get back at him.

What makes this character happy?

Kisses from his Fiance, New books, the Scent of old books.

Is the character judgmental of others?

Generally yes.

Is the character generous or stingy?

Pretty generous, often shares his wealth among friends, including those who might not have anything to begin with. Also what he makes at the company is split evenly among local charity organizations since he doesn't need a paycheck himself.

Is the character generally polite or rude?

Rain is normally a well mannered gentleman, but if someone starts something or generally becomes an ass, then He'll begin verbally bitch-slapping that person.

ABILITIES & SKILLS Powers and Abilities:


Being a Pure blooded Vampire, the usual array of Powers and Abilities are common to Rain; Add the Varcolaci bloodline; they become stronger than the run of the mill Vampires. These abilities being:


Enhanced feats of Strength: Physical and Mental Prowess.

Superior Speed and Dexterity.

Enhanced Sense of smell and Hearing.

Superior Eyesight in Daylight and Low light scenarios. (Due to the sensitivity of his eyes, During the day he wears heavily tinted Sunglasses.) *NOTE* He will not burst into flames**

Keen Intuition.

Natural Talent for the Arcane.

Ability to wield Elemental control. (Affinity towards Water and Electricity)

Super Compulsion.

Enhanced Regenerative capabilities.




Vampire’s all have what is considered a ‘base’ talent for the Arcane, that being above a Human magic user. That said, each Vampire’s proficiency Varies from person to person. Rain being from an older bloodline is thought to have allowed him greater than normal talent for Magic. Due to him having countless studies of magic to pick and choose from, he hasn’t devoted himself into a singular school/classification of magic; something which normal people would do. Instead he’s more discerning of the kind of magic he collects into his repertoire. Some most used forms of magic are Utilitarian.


A small Sample of magic he’s known to use are:


Scrying Spells, Capable of finding People, Locations, Objects.

Removing locations from Maps.

Barriers, and Wards.

Large Area of Attack spells.

Accuracy based offensive Magic.



Abatement. (Healing of what would otherwise be Mortal wounds. Limit three times every twenty-four hour period. Four times during a full moon)


Compulsion: Something which all Vampire’s have the ability to work in varying degrees. (Along the lines of Mind Control or Gen-Jutsu for Naruto) The most Basic forms can only be performed through direct eye contact. The weakest form of Compulsion can Obscure the physical appearance of the user, muddy memories and confuse the victim, implant ideas. The most adept user is capable of using not only their eyesight to compel someone, but also use the sound of their own voice, and skin contact. The higher degree of Compulsion, when used can be highly dangerous towards the victim if the user has ill intent. At that stage it’s easy to pull forth a victims worst nightmares, tricking their brain into thinking it’s real. Often causing damage to their own self. *Ex: Make them believe they’re drowning, their brain believes it, thus tries to stop breathing to keep from downing, causing the body to collapse from asphyxiation.* It can also be used to unhinge a person’s mind, ultimately causing them to lose cognitive capacity.

Spatial Manipulation: This is not a Magic born ability, but a manmade ability during the time he was held captive in his younger years. During those times, many Vampire children were used as test subjects. At that time, the major experiments being conducted were:


Unnamed Project: This experiment was deemed their most important one, ensuring it didn’t have a code name helped keep its secrets from spilling out. Only those inside the facility really knew what the unnamed project meant. Creation of Non Natural Vampires. Originally started out as a breeding program in which they’d force pregnancy and childbirth, then work to tamper with the mental capacity of the child, brainwashing them. Those experiments failed. The experiment eventually began shifting into a new direction, working to synthesize Vampires, not from birth but from blood. Forcefully pulling blood from a fully Vampire, injecting it into a human host, then waiting. Not much else is known about this experiment, other than it often ended in failure. The desired aim was to create a Vampire that was completely under their command.


Project Ares: Another experiment which pushed against what was ethical and humane. Ares, known as the God of War, something which the Alchemists were looking to create. Using theoretical Science, and technology that was advanced for their time, looked into giving birth to Spatial Manipulation. The aim was to create a power so vast, destructive, and versatile that their test subjects provided they survive would become walking weapons for them. Due to the meltdown of Project Black Light, they weren’t able to learn whether they successfully able to produce the results they wanted.


*This Ability is frequently used and is often constantly active without conscious thought.*

Spatial Awareness


Pocket Dimension (Storage)

Spatial Severance (Bisecting an object of choice by removing a section of space within said object.)

Insertion (Embedding an object into a targeted object, often destroying the target)

Spatial Warping (The ability to warp a small section of space in a way that disallows projectiles to hit their mark)


Project Black Light: Experiment Black Light was a project devised from the conceptual theory of Twins having a sense of ESP between the two of them. The proposed idea was to create a kind of generator capable of boosting the psychic link between the two Twins, giving birth to small scale telekinetic prowess. Project Black Light ended in failure when one of the Twins suffered untreatable injuries after being abused, causing an unprecedented amount of feedback from their line of ESP; which in turn caused the generator to increase output in order to match the strength of the distressed Twins. A meltdown occurred between the Twins and the telekinetic generator, causing the facility to immediately evacuate.


*NOTE: Accounts Before, During, and After the meltdown were completely destroyed. Only thing known was only half of the original number of children escaped alive. The facility they were held captive in, had become nothing but a crater.*


*NOTE II: The crater that once was the facility was made unplottable after the events. Though, those that suffered through those experiments often revisit, leaving offerings to those who weren’t lucky enough to escape.*



HISTORY Twenty long years ago upon the night of the Scarlet Moon two children were born into the Dragomir bloodline, twins thought to hold extraordinary abilities. The Legend was on a night where the warm summer winds cease from the southern lands and chilly breezes creep from the north, the stars will fade into the endless back sky, the Heavenly Goddess will bleed. Twins shall be born into the world with power to create or end life. It was already discovered that the royal family of Dragomir would be marked with signature hues, optics of ice were the tell tale signs of one’s royalty. The gifts passed through the family had always been an affinity Towards water and Fire along with a few hidden talents.

The burden of being born into a royal family had meant perfection to the fullest extent. Punctuality, finesse, manners and grace, things needed to fit into royalty and much more, yet for Rain it never pleased him. Yet he was told over and over again the importance in which they held in the realm of their Nocturnal Brethren, they regarded the blood which flowed through their own veins both scarce and sacred. Varcolaci was what they were, pure blooded Vampires from the beginning of time, Graced by the Goddess of the night herself. Which once started as fallen Angels and Warriors began to take root into the earthly planes. Given extraordinary abilities by her highness began the first and oldest race.

But as time went on, Laws placed by the Goddess had been broken, war had began to germinate among the Vampires, those who shattered the divine oath were forever changed. The once singular race split, branched and weeded creating miserable demon like creatures, soulless beings who lost touch with the goddess given talents in exchange for their longevity.

At the young age of Five, his parents Queen Sabrina and King Cortex Dragomir had sent him off to a boarding school for Vampires. Throughout his Ten years of boarding school he had attended classes based on any other school, Math, Human history as well as Vampyric History, Ability studies, Physical Training, Manners and etiquette and a few other studies. Everything had ran on a Nocturnal cycle Curfew began at sun up, and the start of their morning began at sundown. Throughout the Ten years it was like he lived by himself, Sure Rain had friends, but it never felt like he had parents, during periods when family would come to the school and spend time with their children he would often feel hurt. His parents never showed up, locking himself away in his room till the event had passed. Each time he’d receive a letter from his parents in the same thin slanted writing that their assistant had written and his parents signed with their name. Every time it was the same, “We are terribly sorry son, we’ve become so busy, we promise next time to come.” But there was never a next time.

Even during summer holidays he often never saw his parents, they would go to one estate, his brother to another leaving him on his own in another direction, nothing but staff to talk to. Occasional letters from his parents promising to visit yet never following through. upon his last Term at the academy before entering High School, during that time everyone had a grasp of what their powers were and had some control over them, all but Rain, he had been labeled a roulette wheel of misfortune, never complete control nor did he have a concept of what his real powers were. Often times his powers would manifest themselves as the fiery inferno with power well beyond the average student let alone advanced teacher level. Other times he would just barely control the ebb and flow of a glass of water, attempting to keep the cubes of ice from melting. No one had an explanation for the inconsistencies of his powers or abilities let alone two or more elements being used at two different varying levels, it was something unheard of throughout the academy history as well as his family.

It was a late Friday night all the students had been gathered for their physical training class, warming up with sit-ups or jumping jacks. It was planned they were going to do the mile run that evening with much moaning and groaning from all of the students apparently displeased of having to put forth that much effort. Just as everyone finished tightening the laces on their shoes the doors to the gymnasium flung open, two older staff members visibly out of breath ran into the center of the gym attempting to suck in air and talk in the same time. Finally being able to pass a few words.

“They’re here, on the grounds.”

As quiet and mottled as they were, the five words had eerily carried throughout the room only to be drowned out by the angry roar of an alarm like siren. Immediately the sounds of iron enforced doors slammed shut along corridors, lights shut off giving way to complete darkness which wasn’t consuming their ability to see through it, red panic lights flickered on casting everything in an odd danger like atmosphere .

Through the deafening silence the sounds of muffled explosions leaked through the sealed doors only to be accompanied by heavy rumbles which shook the light fixtures above everyones heads. No one had a clue as to what was going on, everyone knew the grounds was protected by enchantments to repel humans, wards and barriers to keep the unwanted out of the grounds. Yet the sounds and rumbles told otherwise that people indeed managed to make it across the lines of protection sending the whole academy into a lockdown.

Everyone kept quiet as voices could be heard over the loud siren, yelling and screaming as bullets rang out against the shouts, the amplified hearing picked up on the wet splatter against walls and floors leaving people sick to their stomachs. Everyone knew the situation was. . . and who entered. . . .

A massacre by humans. . . their evil counterparts would never use a gun to capture their victim let alone pass through the countless wards surrounding the academy. Small scale explosion noises filled the room as the intruders used small amounts of bomb to remove the locked doors, it didn’t take long before the one they were hiding behind was flown off its hinges and thrown across the room. Men began trotting into the gym holding large guns all aimed in front of them ready for something to make a move, each one wearing a full combat uniform complete with masks and camouflage with a large patch over their heart. Those who were able to briefly make out what it said and would also be the last thought. . . Holy Battle Front. Before a man threw a flash bang into the air ultimately blinding everyone around them, disorientated by the sudden shock to their senses non of them had time to react when the same man drew out another cylinder twisting off the cap then tossing it out into the middle of the room.

Plumes of pale purple fog began drifting outwards, carrying the scent something coppery. Those who didn’t knew inhaled the strange fumes passing out within seconds, others that figured it out attempted to hold their breath and wait only to gasp for air breathing in the fumes then blacked out.

For some odd reason a few students seemed to have been unaffected by the strange toxins released into the air and were able to maintain some level of consciousness while they faked being out cold. More men with stretchers flooded into the gym lifting bodies and placing them onto the stretchers before marching out and through the halls. Rain had always thought it was a curse to be one of the few students to not be effected by the strange gasses, through peaking eyes he watched as the men carried him up corridors passing murals of blood splattered across walls and windows, bodies which laid still on the floor as if frozen by time, eyes wide and glossy mirroring the surprise of their killers. Faculty had met the same poor fate, protecting the students only to be gunned down first in front of everyone else.

As they carried Rain down the front steps along with the rest of his classmates, something caught his attention, something sickening. A body, what was left, pieces laying everywhere surrounding a large creator in the stone steps, staring wide eyed into the cloudy night was the head of their principal. Body had been sent in every which direction as he died protecting the school.

Parents had always told their children stories of monsters slithering from the shadows snatching kids and dragging them back to their lair never to see the light of day again. They weren’t far from the truth, in actuality these monsters were human beings who clung to the word of their holy deity of demons lurking in the dark, feasting on innocence. Finance and Curiosity turned them into something even more dangerous.

It was the strange and alluring abilities which often laid dormant within little children of the night, often on the verge of awakening. These gifts and abilities enticed the humans into thinking of a more powerful being, something in strength to their deity. Thus the gruesome fate of genetic facilities for Vampires were born, and sometimes the last thing children would see.

For one long year, his fellow classmates and students were subjected to multitudes of tests. Long, thin needles pierced their arms daily as scarlet blood began flowing into the syringes empty cavity. Daily their blood had been taken as strange men in human hospital uniforms were seen administering it to other human test subjects. Every day they awaited as tests failed and new dangerous ones arose, injecting unknown chemicals into the bodies of the children. Some died gruesome horrific deaths, turning to stone from the inside out, flesh melting away causing limbs and organs to fall out.

One deadly chemical given as a test had been specifically designed to suppress the strange powers each vampire possessed, keeping it bound in the young guinea pigs without any release. Their powers kept building and building up before they were either driven insane, or they self destructed in the most ugliest of ways. Every day it had been the same for Rain. Needles piercing his flesh, draining his blood for selfish desires only to be pumped up with unknown toxins. Sometimes his entire body would end up limp upon the floor, other times he'd break out in a horrible fever.

But as the year progressed, so too did the human's knowledge upon the genetic makeup of the Vampire's genes. Within a year's time they had successfully detailed the entire genome but weren't able to bind it to a human being without both subjects being killed in the process. It was the end of the year when the entire thing had taken its toll upon Rain's mental state, the final dose of some bizarre paralyzing drug had been administered into his bloodstream. His body had become numb to the pain he dealt with for months, ice colored hues watched as masked doctor's patrolled the halls when they landed upon a rolling cart. A body of a small child laid beneath a turquoise sheet as a pale hand limply swung from the surface. It was at that moment he finally broke.

~Written Records at this point were few and far between, only a few whom remained alive could only say a little of what had happened the day Rain for lack of better words, snapped. The facility in which he was held in had been destroyed from the inside, the cell in which he and others had been imprisoned was blown to bits. Thick steel doors were brown off their mounts as hallways told of raging fires that consumed those who worked there. ~

~Two years after any records of Rain vanished, he resurfaced once more. Taking up residence within a small village, its total population of fifteen people of different races. The village consisted of one bar, hotel, five homes, and a hot springs. It was called the leaf village. It was here where he would meet what would be considered his adoptive family and regain the sanity which had been lost in his childhood. Appearing roughly in his mid teens. Seventeen-ish or so.~

The Leaf Village had done him kind, it allowed himself to flourish and chased away demons that hid in his shadowy past. It had been a couple years since he broke free from the facility and not many made it out alive but since then he had not returned to his parents. Living on his own in the small village allowed him the freedom to discover who he was. Rita, Phae, Heolster, Zero had all become very dear friends in which allowed him to grow strong. A strange being, a man who sacrificed his body for the power of void had visited the village in which he lived, the man called himself Morva Delecruix. Instantly Rain had found himself in awe, it wasn't the mysterious runic golden eye which laid in the mans empty left socket. It was the power which exuded from the being.

Having trained for an entire year with the man, himself and Heolster traveled into hell, each meaning to sacrifice something of theirs in order to unlock their true power, Heolster gave his heart, Rain his painful memories of childhood up till his escape. From there on Rain traveled to neighboring Villages, Towns, Cities and Kingdoms in search of something. Eventually ending up with an adoptive daughter. This was something Rain was never well adept in being, a father. Having always been on the go, he never had time for her and eventually she had past away. Another memory in which he locked away.

Years later a young Rain Dragomir had stumbled upon a kingdom, a large kingdom with looming castles and endlessly tall towers. Jajiimento the first, it was here in which he found not only friends but family. The King of Jajiimento had married the Queen of Novus Orsa, in which the latter kingdom absorbed the earlier. Novus Orsa had been a kindom which held strong, and fallen on numerous occasions. Mostly which was due to inside forces, after the third incarnation failing miserably, Rain left in search on his own.

Corack Darksakage came into his life, giving him something in which he never had. A Father figure, not even in his erased childhood memories did his father ever spend any time with him. And to him, this was something that was missing from his life. Corack had fathered him, trained him to become stronger, physically and mentally. It wasn't long before he took on the bloodline of the Darksakages, His physical body possessing two bloodlines but never mixing, gave him the powers of darkness and death. It was this that gave him his crimson hues, eyes that could see beyond the gates of death. Having became a member of the clan he was given a task, to fight a dangerous elemental dragon and take its soul.

His fight was against Alren, the Elemental Dragon of Lightning. Its brilliant yellow and pearl colored scales reflected a large amount of spells, spewing lightning based attacks from its open maw. It had taken Rain hours to defeat it through sheer physical strength, his prize was the powers of the almighty lightning dragon and the ability to summon Alren at will. Once he accomplished that, he left once more to travel, no destination in mind. Months later he stumbled across, in the future would become his greatest friends and family, the Kobayashi's. A strange mix of Werewolf, Vampire, and Sorcerers but regardless they opened up their home to himself. It was this family in which he found his ultimate happiness. TO BE CONTINUED.

  • On a side note, Rain Dragomir isn't my only Character. I have a few that I'm willing to get involved in Storylines of various genres. 

    The Outsider. My Character for the world of Dishonored or any fantasy setting that needs a vague, mysterious, dark character.


    Adrian Blackwater

    Altair Lebedev. This is a human character set primarily into the Verse of Deus Ex Mankind Divided, yet versital enough to slip into Psycho pass, and Ghost in the shell. Heavily Augmented, Heavily Sarcastic. 


    *NOTE: These Characters are still getting worked out, but Roleplays with them will certainly help with fleshing out their backgrounds and persona's.*



Who I'd like to meet:

    More Roleplayers
Sailor Jupiter

ᄋparadiso CITY! ˎˊ˗

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Ω ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ ᴍᴏᴍᴍᴀ


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White Mage

𝓦𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓑𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓱


Viktor Requiem+[The Undying Flames]

「яανєη'ѕ ησт є۹υαℓ」


𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐧𝐨 𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐥.



🎵Flirtatious Prince❄Ryu🎸

★ Hυптяεss


❀ blooming flower



Capt. Shining Armor

Skαtıng to the Stαrs

K O N I G I N .

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