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This is Zer0 human forms
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Zer0's elemental creatures
Blue for Rwby/Fate verse  (12  photos)
This is my char Blue i created to rp in the ruby/fate verse. If you wish to play with him let me know i give details as they are asked.
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MoviesName: Kida,Sin of Greed Nicknames: Avarice[from wrath],Meat shield,Ultimate shield,Punching bag. Age: ageless, His appears depends on the host body he use at the time.Being Greed he keep multiple host body in his treasury that he switch between depending on his mood but all host bodies take on his main aspect such as eye and hair color. Species: Sin/dragon turn demon. Gender : Male Orientation: Straight Relationship status: Single Height: 6'0 Body type: The body type depends on the host body he pick for that time but Greed seem to choose more athletic or built body as to his liking he says it due to the amount of punishment they can handle. Hair color: White Eye color: Green Skin tone: slight tan Likes: Money, gold, items Dislikes: sharing and giving Addiction: collecting debts. Personality: Possessive with hidden kindness, holds two things above all others but for the most part Greed is greedy and a bit of an asshole to his younger brother Sloth as well as he but heads with Envy and at times with the with of his siblings but when it comes down to it, He does care for his brothers and sisters and will not let others harm them as he put his own body in the way of harm.Do to Greed most powerful attribute his regeneration ability he proclaims to be untouchable even to his sibling but what he keeps to himself is that he does die but he used his wealth to buy back is life from the underworld instead of being reborn like his other siblings this way he can keep everything instead of working to get it again.He even claims that he see his siblings as possession to him and that why he goes through so much to get hits for them but secretly he does it out of love for them. History: Kida has many storehouse holding his massive treasure he even has a pocket in void space that he uses as his personal Armor and treasure deposit for his more rare and treasure items.Greed Tends to spend more time in the mortal world then his siblings as he find the human interesting as well as an infinite power source as he never meet such greedy being other than himself.

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About me:

The biggest collection of MySpace 2.0 Layouts online

Name: Zer0 Sight Nick names: Ze0 or Blue eye demon Race: Lycan Eyes:Blue Hair:White Fur: Pitch black Height:5'7"[human form] 6'00"[lycan form] Notice marking:Artifact in bedded in his left arm/hand Brief history: Zer0 was born a Lycan in a old blood line, he was born with out the ability to make mana and could not use magic.So when he heard of the artifact he went out at a young age in search of it. When he found the artifact he had to give up something for the artifact, he gave up his sight making him blind at a early age through most of his life he could not see the physical world but on a level based on energy letting him see both life force and auras. As he merged with the artifact it granted him ability such as the use of magic, the ability to summon elemental creature he call his friends as well as the ability to absorb energy and covert them into mana for his spells. Depending on the size of the energy he in take it would take a different time for the artifact to covert it.As he went through Life he grow stronger with the artifact and his friends.[depending on the story line zer0 can either be blind or have his sight back if you have a preference on that please let me know.] [i will be putting abilities in more detail as well as what the artifact looks like in a blog]
Who I'd like to meet:
Kako the demigod of chaos Nick Name:Black apple Name: kakotychรญa Aka Kako Age: 16 Gender: Male Weight:162 Height: 5' 6 Hair: Blond with a small brownish spot in his hair Eyes: right violate left blue Godly Parent: Eris the goddess of discord and owner of the golden apple Years in camp:16 Powers: As not fully tap his power but he as the ablitiy to alter people luck for the worest around him but in way that tend to work out in his favor. History: Born to the Goddess of discord Eris she name him after what she thought of him bad luck She was not ready to be a mother so she left the child with the camp to deal with, Kako was born with a black apple birth mark on his right cheek just under his eye and a odd patch of brown hair that clash with his blonde hair, everything about the child seem to scream bad luck.Well for anyone but him he always came out on top with what ever happen as the camp worker watch over the boy and never scolded him feeling back for being left alone since birth. Eris his mother sent him random gift on his birthday but never once came to visit him.He was born on April fools day at the thirteen hour under a new moon.

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Dog of Thunder

Dec 4th 2013 - 10:24 PM

if you want to.
Dog of Thunder

Dec 4th 2013 - 12:13 AM

no i dont. sorry.
i deleted it a long while ago.๏ฟฝ
Dog of Thunder

Dec 2nd 2013 - 12:44 AM

I never got anything back after I sent the last one.
Dog of Thunder

Dec 1st 2013 - 11:08 PM

guess you got tired of our rp?

Nov 2nd 2013 - 3:00 PM

Greetings, I am Belladonna and as straightforward as I might come, we have never spoken before. The reason of my coming here? You requested me and I before making a cleansing of my list, want to try and approach you to see if a friendship is possible or not. As sad as it might seem, if you chose to delete me upon the sight of this comment, the difference won't be much - I'll just be aware of who truly sought the acquaintance and possible friendship with my person. So, I do hope to hear from you soon, if not๏ฟฝ well, I tried and more than that I cannot do. Until then~
The Former Spirit Detective

Jul 31st 2013 - 4:19 AM

thanks for the add!

i think i remember you from over on myspace. pretty sure you were good friends with Hinata

Jun 15th 2013 - 2:56 PM

Hello. I am Larona and it is nice to meet you. How are you doing? Care to discuss a storyline?
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