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Lucifer--  (17  photos)
Queen of Hell and all of Damnation. The ultimate darkness that is Cole, she who upon her coronation became the embodiment of all the seven deadly sins and Lucifer himself. She is Lucifer.
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Home World Looking Glass Silent Screams Public Execution My Word is Law

NAME: Cole Satan
ALIAS(S): Anguished Mother, Apocalyptic Mother, Chaotic Mother, Cosmic Mother, Satanic Mother, Dark Angel, Lucifer, Satan, Morning Star
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Akuma no Tenshi; Maikaioshin (Portrays a Kaioshin)
BIRTH DATE: April 17
HEIGHT: 162.56 cm (5'4")
WEIGHT: 54 kg (120 lbs)
HAIR COLOR: Silvery White
APPEARANCE: Base look of white hair, topaz eyes. Generally shifts her image to suit her needs. AFFILIATION: Hell
OCCUPATION: Creator of Life; ex. Planets & Beings
CHILDREN: 20/20 Deceased
GODCHILD: Son Eijihiro Duken Asya
GENRE: DBZ Involved; Biblical Involved; Open Cross-Overs


PLANETARY REGENERATION/RECREATION: It is with this ultimate ability that makes Cole so valuable in the DBZ genre; the power to create, re-create or restore a Planet to its original form along with any inhabitant that had been killed during the destruction of said Planet to normality. However with such great power, there must always be a catch. Cole can only create, re-create or restore any one Planet once and only once.

However that alone is not enough, for Cole does not take on petitions so easily. Unlike the great wish-giving Immortal Dragon that lays sleeping in seven different spheres, Cole only answers to those whom she finds truly worthy of such a gift; however if there is a Will then there is a Way. Persuasion and bribery are two good means of gaining the favor and interest of the one dubbed "Cosmic Mother".

Always, always no matter the price paid the seeker must pledge allegiance to the provider. No one thing is for free, and if her neutral nature takes a turn for enlightenment, then and only then will the asking price be avoided. In most cases, if the price is right and the gifts that are given satisfactory, Cole will more than likely take on the petition requested of her.

When enlightened, Cole's price will not be the normal pledge of allegiance; however those who do must take one thing into great consideration: When creating, re-creating or restoring a planet Cole always leaves behind a small tendril of her power deep in the nucleus of each and every planet petitioned of her. Cole takes everything she does seriously, and should one break their pledge to her, then she will active the dormant tendril of power like a small virus, that would eventually seek to rot and destroy the planet from the inside out. The only means of stopping this is by killing Cole.

Whenever a Planet is created, there in turn takes a great deal of energy from Cole that leaves her vulnerable yet not defenseless; however if there is a need to re-create a Planet already destroyed along with its residence then she is left with only her Life Energy and power depleted to a low percentile. When restoring a damaged Planet to its original state, then there is only a dented amount of strength sapped from Cole, however unnoticeable it may seem.

Should there be any real petitions during RolePlay asked of Cole, a List of Petitions will be posted here, saying either "Granted" or "Rejected" of the person�s Name and request along with their payment.


King Kaddish - Petition for re-creating Planet Vegeta ||GRANTED||

MARITAL STATUS: Divorced - Unattached and Uninterested
IDEAL MATE: Currently No One
COMMENT: Try all you want, you'll never tame me.

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Characters: Cole Satan, Lucifer
Verses: DBZ, Dragon Ball Z, YYH, Yu Yu Hakusho, InuYasha, Devil May Cry, Biblical, Open Genre, Crossovers
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Member Since:April 08, 2013

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"Why embrace the light, when the darkness can show you true freedom?"

No peace was to be had as the Shin-jin Cole found she could no longer dance the endless waltz between The High and The Fallen. The Universe once her playground as a child, now coordinated in dates that would detonate and further purge the planet Earth and its mortal inhabitants into Darkness and Sin; the never-ending spiral of death continuing on.

The Strongholds that lie beyond the Ophanim knew of her tittering resolve, for she had been a child of Light as was her mother, where they had both in their time danced through the Cosmos. Her Mother, dead, as she neither refused nor accepted her sire, The Fallen, or their creator- The High.

Cole however had a greater power than her Lady, and had traveled further beyond the Cosmos and walked firsthand into a Universes where Gods and Myths were few and Man and his Science took lead. However chaos was never far off, for each world suffered through its crisis one way or another.

In an alternate Universe where Heroes were other worldly creatures and the unnatural would not be blanched at but looked upon with awe and inspiration. Beast and Man both hand in hand, forces joined in unison where epic battles unfold through the galaxy to later be told. Here there was no one to write a sonnet of victory or a ballad of tribute.

On her own home planet, she observes and takes note the on goings of the cosmos as any other Shin-jin would. Her abrupt appearance is alarming, although with a small planet only inhabited by its creator, it leaves one wondering her intentions and purpose.

The Garden of Eden was a legend among the mortal kind that it had been there were the first two human beings had been created from the Alpha and Omega; where beauty was forever present and the temptation of an Apple lead to their banishment--not a bit reprehensible but so defensible in the mind of the Cosmic Mother. It was foolish now to even think about searching for said Garden, where even she had once thought lay hidden under an ancient ruin of some sort. Nay, it was after finally seeing to follow her own path did she enter the First Sphere of the Heavens whilst tailing the feet of the Seraphim did she witness firsthand the Garden just before reaching the throne of God. Its beauty was far more majestic and the gentle warmth of life it radiated left the crippling bitterness that shrouded her heart and soul to fight back the chilling numb she bore for so many a millennium.

It was the Garden, she realized, that had brought her the sense of serenity she had been looking for unknowingly. A sort of peace, tranquility that soothed the raging storm in her heart and mind; so much that even the disease of her mind, the twisted snickering voice in her head quieted down enough to be brushed off as an ignorable whisper. Resolve strengthening as for the first time, since the founding of her mental disorder did Cole come to realize what she truly wanted for herself. No longer would she go out of her way to appease the memory of her dearly deceased mother Isuzumi, or her desperately weakened Grandfather Lucifer. She would no longer play Trump Card, but be the Master of her immortal life.

Too long had she played pawn subconsciously knowing that she was fighting in a war not of her own, until it had become personal when her adoptive daughter had been captured whilst she herself had been walking through the realms of beyond. Heather, her first child, had been categorized as an Angel of Mercy that had fallen off the edge of the Celestial World only to later find shelter in the womb of a barren matrimony. It was Cole who had taken in the orphaned child that wept on the graves of her deceased parents, having assumed her human with nothing extraordinary to add that cold night. It had taken years of revelation and slaying envoys did she come to understand. Penetrating the gate had left her weakened, and so she had never once been able to go further beyond the first battalion until her Coronation in becoming the new Lucifer millenniums later.

The genius of her grandfather had been passed down to her, but like him did she ascend from genius to brilliant madness. She knew of more things than even the great Fallen would ever come to realize, and this the Holy High knew as well. She could have brought an end to the endless war and throw the 3rd Dimension into a spiraling hole of darkness before it reached its 4th. She had all the Spheres of Heaven trembling and sweating bullets of worry and concern, but she had raised the white flag instead when she had come to think of her spawn. Each and every one had suffered like her; betrayal and deception was nothing new to her family line. Cole's clan so large in number left shrinking to those having been birthed from her womb into a small handful. She would not throw in the towel without ending the game her way.

For fear of her sons and daughters being thrown into Oblivion, she had been given the choice of devouring their souls so that they may forever reside within her womb until they had taken the time necessary to be cleansed and later be re-birthed again should they so choose. They had struck a deal, where she would leave the fate of this Universe in the "capable" hands of the Alpha and Omega, whilst she would transverse into its parallel where she had made prior visits on occasion. A world of Science and Man, so advanced and only seeking to further surge through and break limits whilst true heroes dominated the starry void of the never-ending cosmos. Where true love had once been possible, and peace was achievable.

Having sworn to never return to the Celestial realm, she had taken a final glance at the Garden of Eden, and had figured out where she would ultimately take permanent residence as she turned her back on the one person who she had regrettably pledged her loyalty to: No longer the pawn, but the master. She could still hear the anguished howl of denial and rage through the cosmos as she turned her back on the one male she had foolishly come to follow, but no more. For once she breathed the first breaths of true freedom without having truly realized her imprisonment. A hand fell unto her womb as she felt the warmth of her children, Cole realizing that things would be different and different they would be.

Star dust from a passing Nebula coated the female as she floated weightlessly, topaz hues shut as she radiated with warmth in the biting cold of Space. Her mind's eye visualizing the beauty that had captivated her so profoundly, contemplating her decisions and actions that had leaded her up to this point. Her dark reign over Hell had come to an end, however if she had truly wanted, she could have overthrown her grandfather and become the ultimate Over Lord. However, it just seemed too droll wasting her time on mortals or bickering old fools. With her power, she had created a world of her own, a planet she dubbed Eden in memory of the warmth and freedom she had felt. Why should such a garden be exclusive? Without trying she spited the Holy High in creating an exact replica of said Garden; however, she morphed it into an entire world.

No known residents except for herself and the life of nature and animals. It was pure, untouched and sacred; finally, something that she could call her own creation with no one to share credit with, even if it were a replica of the original garden. Purity was simply not her; however, this planet represented the repressed side of Cole that she took great care in hiding and nurturing in the shadows. For millenniums she was anti-life and continued to remain so, but only to those who annoyed her to the point of wanting to blast them into Oblivion.

On her planet, she tends to it like an infant that needs the constant attention of its mother to fend for him. Cole is a naturally chaotic and dark woman; however, when she would ever experience the silence of peace and calm of nature there was no one capable enough to remove her from said peace. It is why she adores her planet so deeply taking the place of her children.


Calm, collected and responsive. Gentle-spoken when not tested, thoughtful when not vexed. Spiteful if treated poorly. Enjoys the solitude and quiet of nature, dislikes humans and their ignorance. Detests being mistaken for the "Good Guy". Partakes in Carnal Activities for pleasure and rejuvenation purposes; however only the strongest are of interest and the weak are normally devoured.

Practices cannibalism for sustenance purposes. Portrays a charming personality at first, afterwards turns into a manipulative façade of feigned innocence and affection. Does not do anything unless there is something of personal benefit or use. Shows open affection only to close kin, and possessiveness to objects or persons claimed as her own. Mercy is not an option or in her vocabulary.

Enjoys baring offspring or creating a new species altogether. Exacts revenge if crossed or wronged, spares no one or nothing if her kin is harmed or in dangers way. With her sadomasochistic nature, she finds battle the ultimate thrill where pain becomes her pleasure.

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