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"This is what we do, we fight to save lives, we fight because if we don't, lives will be lost. This means, our lives will be lost. But, we were all meant to die one day... right?" Said Jasmine, his younger sister as those would be the last words he and sh

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About me:
Where did it all start, where did it all begin, how about we go from there... On the day Vinson turned 13 the world he was diving into had take a turn for the worst, someone had come back to life that many thought to be dead. So a man name Afgul had by force summoned the six that were destined to carry on the genes that powered the force that was what protected this part of the world. Vinson was one of the six and most were like Vinson that agreed to do this task with displeasure. Vinson in the end quickly took the point as the leader of the team and while they all had gained skills to increase their speed and strength, Vinson had surpassed all of them in this factor. Just as well, his sister Jasmine was the most effective in ki or energy attacks between the two of them they were the best of one end verses the other. Which would show where Vinson would lack the most.

After they understood why they were there, they were to venture out to face the trials. The trials were set by those prior with the special skills that were given to by chosen descendants of Vinson past. The traps and beast waiting to challenge them. Only problem was, the threat that had awoken once more left threat that made it to each trial first and they all had taken the power that was rightfully the young kids. Each one of them would have to challenge an extra threat including the trials. Despite everything that happened, Vinson had to deal with the final trial and the person who had the threat was the Black Witch herself know as Angelica. She was known as the Water manipulation master over 500 years ago. Sure enough, he castle and her trial was surrounded by water. Her skill with it was far too great for Vinson to overcome, but with a little luck on his side, he was able to steal the very essence of the water manipulation from her. Indeed, she was still powerful and still had control over water. But the battle was far more even. Due to time age and stamina, Vinson was able to outlast her and kill her to save the day. With that the legends of the past were all put to rest and Vinson's team were able to move forward as the new chosen ones.

However, just as one mission was finshed another problem had surfaced, Vinson and Nick at the time were away handling the final task as everyone else was being attack back at the main castle where Afgul and explain everything to them. It seem The Black Witch Angelica, had a son and daughter that were were about to wadge war on their mother. This on paper seemed all well and good, but it was trading on evil for another.

Sal-Jun was the name of the son and he lead a small group of powerful warriors from a not so distant far off land. With their challenge now to the person that killed his mother Vinson, he had his partners including his sister fight those who had stayed behind. Even though Ryan, the ice element, Shawn, Earth Element, Mike, the Wind element Jasmine with the power of magic, and an add on from the first journey Princess Lindsey, They stood no chance of beating the four fighters, At this time there were far too powerful and way too experienced with their skills. The others were still just days or weeks off from gaining their real powers.

As one sided as that fight was, Vinson and Nick showing up didn't change anything. Vinson would have the least experience with his new Sill and Nick even if he was the most experience, his power like all the other was still far too low. Out of desperation. Afgul hand thrown open a portal but the daughter of the Black Which Naomi manipulated the portal in only a way a true which could and had split up the team in smaller sets. Still, there task was clear, to train, to get much strong. No matter what happened to the Kingdom they were summoned to on the other side Taznia, they could always rebuild.

Vinson had been paired off with Mike. Looking back on it, Mike and Nick were both his two best friends and really his only friends before all this started, so teaming up with him wasn't so bad. The were both able to test the limits and understanding of their powers, as well as battle some strong foes along the way. In the end Vinson could feel his body toughing up and able to do more and take more damage. However, in a fight against a ninja simply named Mask He had created a clone of himself and had taken on the boys one on one. It was clear that as strong as the boys were, Mask could kill them at anytime. Mask had tested all the kids on their potential in power. He had seen them all and deemed that Vinson and Mike were the only two worthy of joining the other side. So he made the offer. Vinson has said no however you couldn't say the same for Mike.

Vinson had been split up from Mike since that fight with the ninja and as the group had been coming back together Vinson had seen a body on the ground. To his shock, it was Ryan the teen who had gained the power of Ice laying on the ground. He didn't need to check as he could tell there was no way he wasn't breathing. Vinson could hear the sounds of battle up ahead and he wanted to help whoever he was suppose to, but he would be just too late. Nick would be cut down just as Ryan did by the same guy. Mike had done them both in. Shawn was laid out unconscious by Mike's actions and Vinson knew that Lindsey nor Jasmine could handle Mike in hand to hand combat. But to make matters worse, Since he killed Ryan and Nick both, he had taken their fire and Ice skills and added them to his wind abilities. It was clear though that he had no control over those skills and he wouldn't rely on them much in the fight against Vinson.

Vinson, having seen all that Mike could do as they were grouped together, had an idea of how he might try to kill him, keeping to the skies and out of range of his fists. But Vinson knew that plan would never work. Mike had the worst effective ki blasts of the group and his wind bases ranged attacks were useless against one of Vinson's skills the Super Fist. Going up close in a hand to hand fight would still be a losing fight so he would try to keep Vinson at range with using his blades against his Super Fist arms blocking and striking. Vinson however couldn't get in range and his ki reserves were wearing thin. When he ran out Mike went all out trying to cut up Vinson. He was too excited thinking Vinson would be worn out without his ki, but Vinson knew better then to play all his card. Mike carelessness cost him as Vinson was able to grab hold of Mikes hand and after a long time fighting was able to use a little ki for his Super Fist, only to surround the hands of Vinson rather than his entire arms to give Mike one shot to the chest. But this shot of strength was doubled by the sense of rage he felt to see one of his friends kill his best friend. It was in that moment Vinson could feel a new strength within him that could make him even stronger. But he knew not how to tap into it. Though he would try to make a mental note of it later.

(I'm just starting this so more to do... more to do... when I stop feeling lazy...)
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