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I wanna be an Airborne Ranger! I wanna live a life of danger!

30 years old
Morning Sun, Iowa
United States

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June 09 2023

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GeneralCrossovers are welcome, but will be selective. Compatible verses only. No furry or anthropomorphic allowed. Romance (for characters only) also selective, but possible with an interesting enough plot.
MusicCountry, Classic Rock, Alternative, Southern Gospel.
MoviesG.I. Joe Resolute; G.I. Joe: Initiate FanFilm.
TelevisionG.I. Joe Real American Hero; G.I. Joe Renegades.
BooksG.I. Joe Real American Hero; G.I. Joe IDW; G.I. Joe Devil's Due; G.I. Joe America's Elite.
Heroes Beachhead, Cover Girl, Snake-Eyes and Timber, Scarlett, Storm Shadow, Stalker, Jinx, Kamakura, Firefly, Roadblock, Heavy Duty, General Hawk, Gung-Ho, Doc, Lifeline, Lady Jaye, Dusty, Tunnel Rat, Law and Order, Mutt and Junkyard, Spirit and Freedom, Cross Country, Lift Ticket, Ace, Wild Bill, Flint, General Joe Colton, Leatherneck, Ripcord, Wet Suit, Airtight, Barbeque, Steeler, Zap, Grunt, Tiger Claw, Ninja Force, Low-Light, Recondo, Mercer, Sergeant Slaughter, Trip Wire, Alpine, Bazooka, Iceberg, Snow Job, Breaker, Mainframe, Dial Tone, Clutch, Frostbite, Rock 'n' Roll, Shipwreck, Torpedo, Deep Six, Cutter, Slip-Stream, Grand Slam, Short Fuse, Flash, Wade Collins, Billy Kessler, Destro, Baroness, Zartan, Zarana, Zandar, Rita, Arashikage Clan, Major Bludd, Crimson Twins, Cobra Commander, Mindbender, Copperhead, Slice and Dice.

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Here for:Friends, Connect with Artists,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Winfield, Iowa
Body type:Some extra baggage
Religion:Christian - other
Education:Some college
Characters: Beachhead, Command Sergeant Major Wayne R. Sneeden II, Checkpoint
Verses: G.I. Joe, Marvel, Comics, Hasbro, Military, Selective Crossovers
Playbys: Frederic Doss, William Calloway
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Comic, Crossover, Drama, Romance, Spar/Fighting,
Status: Married
Member Since:July 01, 2013

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Winfield-Mt. Union Jr. and Sr. High
Winfield, Iowa
Grad Year: School
Student Status: Alumni

From 1999 to 2011
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa
Grad Year: University
Student Status: Currently Attending
Degree: Public Services and Administration in Agriculture
Major: Non-Medical

From 2011 to

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   Green Balaclava's Blurbs
About me:

Name: Wayne R. Sneeden II

Codename: Beachhead

Rank: Command Sergeant Major (E-9)

Serial Number: RA011-60-9231

Affiliation, Division: United States Army, Rangers

Primary Specialty: Infantry

Secondary Specialty: Small-Arms Armorer

(Personal theory based upon cannon information, though spaces filled with plausible situations and dates.)

-Born February 17th, 1983 at the family farm in Auburn, Alabama.

-Named after Grandfather.

-Parents: Roy and Kathy Sneeden

-Single Child

-Grew up in poverty, and was bullied constantly for lower status.

*Participated in sports and excelled in academics to prove that money meant nothing, and to get even with the bullies.

*Participated in county 4-H and FFA, using animals as an escape from the real world. Also rode in multiple disciplines for local rodeos and AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) shows.

-Graduated Valedictorian and MVP in 2001.

*Full ride scholarship to Alabama Crimson Tide, as well as enlisted in the ROTC program.

-Quickly recruited to the Rangers in Fort Benning, Georgia.

~Deployed to Afghanistan in response to September 11th terrorist attacks while still in his studies.

*Injured by a bullet to the chest while carrying a fellow Ranger back to the personnel carriers during a firefight.

*Healed well and resumed his studies as well as became a Lane Instructor at Fort Benning.

~Graduated Valedictorian with a Bachelor of Agriculture and Life Science degree in Animal Husbandry in 2005.

-Married Melissa Holster in 2009.

-A son was born to them in 2011, Wayne R. Sneeden III.

-Colonel Clayton Abernathy sought a Covert Ops Instructor for the Ops School in Central America, recruiting the then Master Sergeant in 2012.

-Returned to Fort Benning to continue Lane Instruction career, though became qualified for Physical Training Instruction and Survival Instruction, as well as Basic Training Instruction.

-Melissa files divorce in 2014 and sends son to Sneeden Farms in Alabama, having turned to drugs, alcohol and gambling to cope with raising a young child and being a serviceman's wife.

-Recruited to G.I. Joe in 2015.

-Ex-wife overdoses and dies in 2016.

Current Age; Status: 38; Active/Reserve


File Card: Beachhead was a lane instructor at the Ranger School in Fort Benning and an Observer/Advisor at the Covert Ops School in Central America. He's meticulous, patient, and strong-willed. He likes getting up at 0500 hours to take a ten-mile run and run a PT (Physical Training) session before breakfast. He enjoys squatting motionless beside a jungle trail for three days straight waiting to ambush bad guys that might never show up. What he hates are people who aren't interested in doing their best. Qualified expert all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms.

"Most folk will get mad on occasion or at least get irritable - not Beachhead. He thinks anger is a waste of time and energy. Rage clouds the vision and pollutes logic. Fury impairs judgement and makes you careless. The results of anger are totally unacceptable to Beachhead. He doesn't get angry...he gets even."

Who I'd like to meet:
G.I. Joe literate, military interests. No experience necessary, but there must be some knowledge of regulations, procedures and practices. There also must be knowledge of the verse to some degree in order to prevent pausing way to often to explain terms or references.

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𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕳𝖔𝖗𝖘𝖊𝖒𝖊𝖓






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