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Characters: Dark Ryosuke
Verses: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, .Hack//Sign, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, Gundam, Sailor Moon, Medabot and
Playbys: Many faces.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Horror, Romance, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:August 25, 2015

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About me:
About Me
Like To Meet
Into The Break I am Dark Ryosuke, the Chaos Dragon

“To understand who I am, you must understand that everything I have done, everything I sought, was for a self-righteous and foolish ambition. And it was not I who paid the cost.”

It started with a desire to know what was so important about adventure and Pokemon that his parents left a young child to live alone. He was the product of passion in travel, taken care of merely for the sake of responsibility. But he was not given the love his parents had for each other. Hell, Pokemon were loved more than he. The fact became clear when he was abandoned, left behind in their home into Kanto, just east of the woods of Pallet Town.

Days turned to weeks and Dark Ryosuke learned that he was truly unwanted, and he didn’t understand why. Didn’t understand the mysteries glow in his parent’s eyes - so he sought it out just as they had. Through adventure.

But like his parents did to him, he was denied.

The only person who could have helped him, provided him the means to survive a world where the smallest and innocent of creatures could destroy a person, told him that he lacked a certain “quality” to attain his own Pokemon. Instead, he chose another child. Some seemingly random boy that made his blood boil.

That rejection, jealousy, and loss made him do something drastic - an act that left the newly appointed pokemon trainer lying face first on cold, blood-stained ground, a gaping hole at the back of his head and a bloody rock to the side, and their only Pokemon missing.

What Dark learned was whatever quality he lacked he made up for with raw brutality, a savagery that’s reflected off the flames of his new Charmander, flames that were aimed not only at Pokemon but humans who refused to help him understand the world.

Through violence, carnage, and thievery he caught the eye of a man named Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket, and Dark’s new mentor.

For once, his life had a sense of accomplishment, purpose, a world of ruthlessness and sin that evolved a lost boy to a tyrannical young adult, and a violent Charmander to a disastrous Charizard. They were given many names, each symbolizing death or destruction, creatures with a lack of mercy and for years it remained that until one fateful night against the Legendary Pokemon of Thunder, Raikou.

Together, Dark and Charizard were unstoppable, but one single flash of light, one thundering spear of judgement, and Dark’s world has changed. His fate had changed.

Following his defeat, something in him changed and grew. A spring of untapped power, and a scar across his left eye, courtesy of Raikou.

For days he and Charizard recovered, and each day he felt something amiss, and when Giovanni wanted him to interrogate a Pokémon known as Lucario his life became a puzzle. A puzzle the Pokémon said was “impossible to explain”.

He abandoned his debt to Giovanni, betrayed Team Rocket, and escaped with Lucario. An act his Charizard did not take well. While Charizard seethed in the unadulterated rage he grew with, Lucario radiated an inexplicable calm - and Dark was in the middle.

While Dark learned to harness the power in him and master the Path of Aura under Lucario, he fought to quell the unbound rage of his Charizard, a rage he could not control. A rage that was unleashed on Johto and Team Rocket whenever the Pokemon escaped its trainer, and snuffed out when it was afflicted by an experiment virus made by Team Rocket.

It was the first time Dark experienced true loss, and the perfect time for Lucario to teach him a new way to use Aura. By sacrificing itself, soul and all, Lucario became a tether, a bridge linking Charizard’s dying essence, and his own into Dark’s - crafting a spiritual flame of aura that Dark learned to manipulate. To manipulate and fight against Team Rocket.

His battle against Team Rocket went for years, and through it he learned his power had many uses. More importantly, it could burn the souls of his victims, and merge them into his own. This crafted new strengths, strengths he used to call himself the “Chaos Sage”, strengths to battle legendaries, the power he took from them giving his flame to dig into the fabric of reality, and tear it wide open.

“I promise. I was meant to keep the world safe.”

These tears, in which called Breaks, allowed him to travel to other worlds. Some similar, some not. He’s faced and met with angels, demons, devils, creatures and deities of unimaginable sizes and power - and it was then he realized that what he had to do. He had to protect his world, because he gave everything a way to cross into his.

What he failed to realize was that his Breaks, once closed, left “Scars” - distorted pockets in reality that served as a corridor connecting worlds, and eventually would mash two or more worlds together into a Spatial Collapse. He has seen worlds survived worlds where the Collapse has been so catastrophic that he believed the world exploded, ventured through where three worlds were now one.

But that was but one problem. One of the many that consumed the world. Many that would undoubtedly reach his if it hasn’t already..

“My name is Dark Ryosuke. And I am..Was know as the Chaos Sage.”

I was known as the Pokemon Sage, but now....
Abilities The Strange and Fun

Chaos Flame
A spiritual flame conjured and manipulated by will, crafted out of his own Aura. It burns like a real flame and shreds away a creatures mystical or spiritual power. Once weak enough his flame burns flesh, bone and soul - upon command- and have the creatures essence assimilated onto his own. The stronger the creature the harder to burn, and not all creatures can be absorbed.

A versatile force of will and power and the driving force of his Chaos Flame. Aura gives me the ability to feel out a creatures innate power (Aura, Magic, Element affinities, etcetera). Certain powers he may not be able to sense. He hates Ghosts and Psyhics.

Aura is a manipulative force that can be expelled a variety of ways and forms. Using his own Aura he may be able to enthrall, instill, fear, or manipulate another’s thoughts to an extent. He is able to track, overwhelm and perhaps comatose weaker creatures.

While complex, he can create objects out of sheer will. This takes a full memorization of what he wants to create aside from food and water. Conjuring an item or object demands him to know every aspect of it - smell, taste, structure. The more complex the object or item the more demanding the task is. An imperfected art would be a clone of himself or another.

Siphoning of Aura (Power)
Through his Chaos Flame, he may burn away at another’s power, trapping it within the embers of his flames for a period of time. An individuals power can be used to strengthen his own, or be snuffed out as he dismisses the flames. After a period of time, if the power is left inside the embers both powers will cancel each other out. Normally, Dark’s flame is as strong as his physical and mental state, but the weaker an individual is the hotter his flames feel. If a creature dies within his flame their soul is trapped, giving Dark an option to absorb it.

Soul Assimilation
Death by Chaos Flame gives Dark the chance to absorb a soul. This is effective in learning a victim’s memories, languages, and limited abilities and techniques. Habits can be known to be picked up subconsciously without his knowing. His power is the product of Soul Assimilation, and for the more victims he burns the stronger he becomes.

However, not all souls should be absorbed. Stronger, godly or more wicked souls can fight back, either for control or shatter him. The memories of his victims can plague him with nightmares, sometimes draw in fears not his own like his habits. More importantly, assimilating too many souls at once could destroy his body from the inside out from the sheer mass of spiritual power trying to be absorbed.

Chaos Soul
Due to the mass of souls, Dark’s power is always expanding within himself, threatening to burst. Through meditation and concentration he rechannels that threatening mass unto itself, always fighting for control. During certain occasions, he may relent his hold and let the power flow. This excess creates a physical and spiritual change in him, granting him a Mega Evolution (in his worlds terms). During this period, he may be unpredictable, insane, and beyond dangerous but for a limited time before the power expends itself. More often than not, if and after he represses his power he’s left weakened. The longer he stays in his Chaos Form the more damage his body may sustain.

The Chaos Soul is also the reason for his longevity and obvious superior might. Because of his ventures through inter-dimensional energy and other worlds and seasons he has it been able to track his own age.

While Chaos Flame and Aura are his powes, his strength can be channeled through techniques learned by his victims, granting him a large reservoir of abilities.

Burning Gundam - After a Collapse, this giant mecha-tech was found nearly destroyed. The metal and equipment was something far beyond anything he had ever encountered, and the system alone was out of his league. But months after months he was finally able to repair it and learn of its configurations. However, the energy source used for this monstrosity of enginnering wasn't something that he could find in his world. Much like the cockpit he had to change it, reconstruct so he could use it when he needed it.

Dragonball: a seemingly ordinary, orange glass ball with tiny stars decorated on the surface. While Dark felt nothing unnatural about it, he kept it and secured it.

Millenium Ring: A strange accessory with hanging prongs around the gold ring. At it's center was a triangle with the molding of what looked to be an eye at the center. One of Dark's stranger founded artifacts, and one of the many that made him feel uneasy just by being around it. The dark aura seeping out of it alone was frightening.

Star Rod: Some wand with a star at the tip of it. While Dark was able to sense a faint source of magic in it there was nothing left. It was just another piece of junk that he ended up collecting.

Majora's Mask: A heart-shaped mask of purple and red, large sun-like eyes with a piercing stare with spikes sticking out of sides, and a horn above the what would be the temples. There was a deep darkness in this mask - enough that Dark used his Aura to seal it away to the best of his ability.

The Dagger of Time: An unusual, but exquisite steel dagger with an empty glass casing for a hilt. Both ends of the scabbard were opposite and at one side was a rune of some kind that seemed connected to the hilt. Aside from the blade being extremely sharp and durable, Dark couldn't find much use for it. (More to come..)

Underwater Palace


Infinite Library

To the human eye, this library would seem like another. Rows and rows of bookshelves, high to low and of course alphabetized. But, one wish upon a Jiraichi and his library became one of Dark’s most valuable places, which was why it was constructed within his palace underground.

”Jiraichi, grant upon my library the power to attain any literary item I may request within and outside this dimension.”

And so it was granted.

Be it alien, human, demon, god, beast, or even a simple coloring book - any book or reference he needed could be attained as long as it existed anywhere in the multiverse. Unfortunately, he came short on his wish and too many books or notes were in languages he could not understand. Dark could be known to spend his time here, learning as much as he could and deciphering languages.

Ditto Facade

I am ancient. I am all and everything. I have no limits and exist as your neighbor, pet, friend or family within you knowing. I know your thoughts and secrets with a touch. My powers have no bounds. What am I?

I am you.

This is just a decorative line divider table.
Gengar Malice


Mr. Mime Paradox

Loved and abandoned, Mr. Mime seeks revenge upon the man who loved him, the man who meant everything to him. Back in a time where their dark personalities matched, Mr. Mime was complete, but when tossed inside something broke. And that man whom he loved will pay.


Nature is cruel, and so is man. Together they created me, and together they left me. Beyond an abomination, I exist and do not. Stick in between, everywhere and nowhere - if you come across me everything you knew shall be erased.

VERSES OpenWRITING STYLE Multiple Paragraphs to Novella Extra

Sage Notes.


1) Before I get ankle to neck deep on guidelines I just want to you know - Have fun. These stories that you (reader/writer) and I create are meant to be fun, no matter how dark or grim they can get. Remember, these are stories in which we want to diverse into fantasy. Now, if dark themes scare you or make you uncomfortable, please tell me! I can do casual and slice of life to. Don't be afraid to tell me that you don't agree with something!

2) Regarding stories, Dark is a multi-universal character that can literally fit in any verse. Now, in some of these he may be normal, in some he may have his Aura - it all depends on the story. Just because he was initially from the Pokemon verse doesn't mean he's exclusive to it. I promise you, I can whip up a plot an idea as quick as a Psyduck gets a migraine, and just like his migraines they can be pretty intense.

3) Another on stories, there is no 'claim' on Dark. Whether romance falls in roleplay will always be at my partner's discretion. Will I hint at romance, yes. Because like anything else I like to have the as many elements (tragedy, happiness, love, pain, etcetera) into a roleplay. But Dark cannot be claimed because most if not all his stories fall in different time and events. If this bothers you, then we can always exclude any romance, and I assure you I can keep a roleplay alive and active without it. Above this you will see boxes, with 4 possible enemies that I MAY include in roleplay. These are for the more darker and twisted versions in which I have not entangled in, but just know that there may be a mention of them somewhere down the line. It doesnt mean that they have to appear.

4) I can't tell you how many greetings and ideas I send out. Dozen to literal dozens, and 90% of them are long - because I like to offer ideas when I add people. This is also after I read a person's bio and I promise you I read every detail and I try to come up with the best possible idea we could use. Now, if you don't like it, or rather find that you don't want to roleplay with me at all or anymore, all I ask is that you tell me. I won't get mad. I always wish my patrons the best, and though I fail to make a good idea or story with you it doesn't mean I'm going to give you a hard time. I respect my writers as best as I can.

5) For the moment, that's all! ;D Let's have fun!

Aura has taught me many things
Legal Name:Dark Ryosuke
Sexuality:Attraction is attraction
Eye Color:Cerulean
Hair Color:Black
Occupation:Pokemon Sage/Dimension Drifter/World Conquer
Fighting Styles:A variable mix from close-quarters to long-range tactics
Pokemon Sage, Sage Ryosuke
Who I'd like to meet:

    More Roleplayers


Wen Kexing

Spark(Night Crawler Event)




Father Todd


𝕭𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝕽𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗿

[Sassy Heiress]™


✘Saiyan Deviant

Cαт Scrαтcн Cнιмerα!


Lau Mirabelle

Weaver Of Dreams

petite papillon.






Sailor V



ℜɑѵɑɠe Corruption

Godless World






M o m e n t o Møri.






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Oct 9th 2021 - 10:07 PM

I'm glad you are still around and am happy to hear from you. ^^ I'm sorry to hear that work has been so hard on you. That's never good.

Oct 7th 2021 - 11:23 AM

Hey, hey!
Sorry for the delay!

But, yuppers, I'm definitely interested in your idea!
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Oct 6th 2021 - 5:57 AM

sorry, I haven't been active lately. x-x
Captivating Stories

Oct 5th 2021 - 6:11 PM

Not sure if you seen my stream post or not but I am enjoying our story and would love to keep you and continue to write with you so you can go ahead and reply whenever you get the opportunity.  

Oct 3rd 2021 - 11:59 PM

|| I am also behind, so we can suffer together on that front. aha

And go for it! I actually also usually title stories I have going on with others. So that's kind of funny we have the same small hobby regarding roleplays. 
Captivating Stories

Oct 1st 2021 - 6:47 PM

A Halloween Edit for you. Sorry about the roughness of the line when it smaller it will not be noticed. Not sure why comment blows up the photo like it does. I hope you like it! Enjoy!
Captivating Stories

Sep 22nd 2021 - 7:53 PM

Hey, not sure if you have discord or how you feel about sharing it with others but if you are cool with it and do have discord. I would like to add you if ok with you?


Sep 18th 2021 - 6:48 PM

| Beautiful! Thank you for that. Take your time with the starter, there's no rush. 
⚔️Sword-a Human

Sep 17th 2021 - 9:52 PM

Ah fair enough, I hope that works out for you, Well I am sure it will stabilize, though going salary might mean less pay, if you are working overtime and getting that juicy time and a half. So make sure if you do go salary that your pay is upped enough to make up for that ._. 

Though I am sure you already have considered it.  ♥ 

Sep 12th 2021 - 11:39 AM

|| Aha~ good to know! 

I like the sounds of New York, actually, as cliche as it may be. It's close to Montreal, and also if later on we do decide people should hunt them down due to the artifact being studied...well, I do believe New York would have lowlifes with close ties with the black market. haha 

Same! I like coming up with plots that have potential to branch off into another set of plot points. That way, it gives more time for character growth and development. 
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