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August 09 2020

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Orientation: Lesbian
Body type:Athletic
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Black Lotus{Mutant Mercenary}
Verses: Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Comic, Video Games
Playbys: Revy(Black Lagoon), Meryl(Dmitry's) etc
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Member Since:October 26, 2015

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About me:
Name: Xiang Baharroth

Alias: Black Lotus, Mutant Mercenary, Blue, Warchild.

Callsign: Darkstar One

Age: 25

Race: Human

Species: Mutant

Gender: D*ck-Girl

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Amethyst

Skin: Medium Cyan Blue

Height: 6'1" {186cm}

Weight: 206lbs {93kg}

Build: Athletic/Muscular

Bust: Large Firm 36 JJ

Laterality: Ambidexterous {Dominantly right handed}

Occupation: Mercenary

Unique Traits: Blue Skin, Blue Hair, X-Gene, Healing Factor, heavily muscularly toned(for a female, comparable to physically fit/athletic muscular built male).

Magic Satchel: Xiang possesses what is called a Magic Satchel. An invisible bag that allows her to pull out a numerous variety of objects from out of thin air. This is how she manages to carry around and use the numerous arsenal weapons and gadgets she possesses.

Equipment: Handguns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Rifles, RPGs, Grenade Launchers, Flamethrowers, Grenades, Explosives, Combat Knives, Stun Batons, Stun Guns, Tranquilizers, Tear Gas, Knockout Gas, Stun Grenades, Breaching Charges.

Prototype/Experimental Equipment: Therm-optical Camouflage, Rail-gun Assault Rifle, Nano-suit(Nanotechnology Enhanced Tactical Combat Armor Body Suit), Adaptive Camouflage(I.E Smart Camouflage that could replicate both pattern and texture of surfaces it comes in contact with)

Ammunition: Standard, Full Metal Jacket, Hollow Point, Buck Shot, Slug Shot, Incendiary, Armor Piercing, Sub-Sonic, Explosive, Tranquilizer,

Mode of Transit: Foot, various military, civilian, custom vehicles/aircraft.

Occupation: Freelance Mercenary, Leader/Founder of Raven's Nest PMC

Affiliations: Raven's Nest PMC{Private Military Corporation)

Former Affiliations: X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants

Family: Tanzra Baharroth{Father}, Aurora Baharroth{Mother}

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Durability: Xiang is physically more durable than the average/peak human and mutant, being able to endure large amounts of physical punishment before being affected by it.

Enhanced Endurance: Xiang is capable of physically exerting herself for a greater amount of time than the average/peak human and mutant, before becoming fatigued.

Enhanced Strength: Xiang is always in peak physical condition due to her healing factor keeping her body at peak health, combined with working out, she is physically far stronger than most humans in peak physical condition, as well as most other mutants who's X-Gene didn't grant them enhanced or super human strength. Xaing's maximum weight lifting capability is 65t (Or 130,000lbs)

Energy Manipulation: Xiang's mutant X-Gene gives her the ability to manipulate the energy within her own body.

Electromagnetic Field Amplification: Xiang's X-Gene gives her brain the ability to amplify her body's own Electromagnetic Field.


Electromagnetic Shield/Barrier: Xiang's X-Gene allows for her mind to amplify her body's own Electromagnetic Field to create a Electromagnetic Shield/Barrier subconsciously whenever 'instincts' perceive an immediate threat to her.

When her Electromagnetic Field is amplified to create this Shield/Barrier it renders the electrical or mechanical component's of the threat, be it explosive devices, computer automated security devices, or firearms, temporarily inert when in close proximity to her. or jam in the case of firearms, when aimed at her, bullets also veer around her from the Shield/Barrier affecting their trajectory. Once she is clear of the immediate danger her mind restores her body's Electromagnetic Field to normal, disabling the Shield/Barrier, thus allowing whatever was rendered inert by it to function again.

However the Shield/Barrier created from her amplified Electromagnetic Field is not capable of effecting bladed weapons or the elements natural or man-made, chemical and biological are also unaffected. Her Shield/Barrier can also be temporarily disrupted/short circuited by other more powerful Electromagnetic Fields, but man-made Electromagnetic devices will be rendered inoperable afterwards when her Shield/Barrier is restored. Her Shield/Barrier also can be briefly bypassed if she is unaware of the threat(I.E A bullet from a suppressed weapon), but once she is aware her brain automatically amplifies her Electromagnetic Field. Her Shield/Barrier also does not interfere with her own weapons or explosive devices, as well as not interfere with other devices that are not a threat to her(I.E Cellphones, Tablets, Computers etc)

Energy Infusion: Xiang can infuse projectile weapons with energy, encasing the ammunition in the magazine in an field of unstable energy, this dramatically increases the destructive force of the weapon. This is caused by the field of energy 'exploding' upon contact with any surface, this explosion sends energy shrapnel into whatever it came into contact with as well as increasing the impact force of the bullet. The larger the caliber the bullet is the more destructive it is. In other words smaller caliber weapons hit liker bigger caliber weapons, and bigger caliber weapons hit like even bigger caliber weapons.

Energy Ammunition: Like her Energy Infusion ability, Xiang is able to infuse projectile weapons with energy creating ammunition of pure unstable energy thus bypassing the need for physical ammunition. This pure unstable energy ammunition is far more destructive than standard physical ammunition as well physical ammunition encased in the unstable energy. Another benefit to creating ammunition of pure unstable energy is it gives Xiang a near finite amount of ammunition, however the biggest drawback to this is that the larger the caliber bullet the more energy she has to exert in order to create it and thus the fewer she can create continuously. Thus Xiang prefers to use physical ammunition before resorting to Energy Ammo.

Energy Telekinesis: A unique aspect of Xiang's Energy Manipulation ability is that it grants her limited Telekinesis, this Telekinetic ability allows for Xiang to manipulate the ammunition she has either encased with her energy or had created purely from her energy, thus allowing her to preform adjustments to her projectiles trajectory mid-flight, thus perform near impossible feats of marksmanship as well as increase her overall accuracy. This combined with her photographic memory also allows her to direct her shots when blind firing as long as she has had a look at the area where she is blind-firing.

Energy Overload: Xiang's most destructive Energy Manipulation ability, Energy Overload allows her to infuse the projectile weapons firing mechanism and chamber/barrel in energy by doing so she can overload the rate of fire of any automatic projectile weapon, causing the weapon to fire at a significantly faster rate than normal depleting an average 30 round magazine in less than 5 seconds. By also infusing the chamber/barrel in energy increases velocity of the fired projectiles significantly, combining Energy Overload with either Energy Infusion or Energy Ammunition allows Xiang to cause devastating destruction at whatever is fired upon.

However a significant drawback to Energy Overload is that by increasing the rate of fire it increases the wear and tear of the parts significantly. This often results in outright failure of the firing mechanism either by the parts shattering or outright melting(fusing) together, this is also true of the barrel/chamber as the energy being used as a catalyst to increase the projectiles velocity combined with the friction created by the faster rate of projectiles passing through the barrel increase the wear on the barrel often resulting in the barrel rupturing/exploding from the heat generated by the friction, the heat from the friction of the slide/feeding/ejecting mechanism also induces friction and often either warps from the heat causing misalignment and jamming or melting(fusing) together with the base.

Healing Factor: Xiang's X-Gene provides her with an accelerated cellular regeneration rate, allowing her to heal from wounds at an accelerated rate than normal. However her Healing Factor isn't as powerful compared to the Healing Factor of Wolverine or Deadpool, so while it heals her wounds faster then normal it still takes a sometime to kick in which leaves her vulnerable until it does.

Her Healing Factor also circumvents the negative effects of alcohol, tobacco and other cellular deteriorating toxins. Making her immune to toxins and poisons, as well as intoxication, all types of cancers. This is due to her Healing Factor adapting her newly regenerated cells to resist/reject the diseases disallowing the harmful cells from reinfecting her cell, and adapting her immune system to be able to rid her body of the dead/damaged/infected cells.

Her Healing Factor also provides her with the ability to regenerate/regrow lost limbs. Though it is a slow process for her Healing Factor to do so with time varying pending on the severity of the damage(I.E a missing hand regenerates faster then an entire arm). Her organs can also regenerate from partial/total destruction provided the damage didn't outright kill her as it is currently unknown, even by her, whether or not her heart/brain would regenerate from total destruction or even partial destruction.
Who I'd like to meet:
The Mutant known as Black Lotus was born Xiang Baharroth to Tanzra & Aurora Baharroth. Her birth was not like your typical birth, it was unique in a sense, in that she was born with her X-Gene already partially awakened, giving her the blue skin and blue hair she is identifiable by.

Her childhood was as one would expect for a Mutant filled with constant abuse, both physical and verbal, by the other children including their parents and other humans even though she had not done anything to deserve it, other than being born a Mutant or un-pure in the eyes of the more extreme Anti-Mutant parties of humanity.

As one would expect from any child growing up abused, demeaned, belittled etc. Xiang developed a strong hatred towards Humans however she did not outright hate Humans as a whole, unlike some of the more extreme Mutants, she also developed a hatred towards her own kind, as Mutants also had abusive members of their own.

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