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Name: Arc

species: Lynx

known as: the Lynx archer

Arc is from a secret tribe known as the Lynx tribe, they hide in the forest and only leave the village for hunting. But one young lynx named Arc wished for me he wanted to travel outside the perimeter of the village and explore the world which was forbidden. One day when hunting for food, humans wearing military uniforms found him and took him hostage locking him in a steel cage. they wanted to find the location of the village, they believe the Lynx villagers hold a hidden power that they wanted for themselves. Arc had no clue what they were talking about he had never heard of any hidden power inside his village so he was told he be locked in there until he reveals his secrets.

Weeks passed locked in the cage in a cold wet room with big metal walls, he knew he had to find to escape this hell hole somehow and lucky enough his chance came sooner than expected. One night he heard a loud noise coming from the room beside him followed by the sound of an alarm going off blazing down the hallway. Next thing he knew a young man with brown hair and a beard wearing a blue and white hood broke through the door and shot an arrow into the guard.

His name was lance a human that had also been captured by the same humans that had taken him. He helped him escape and once outside he realized he was on a ship docked on the edge of the island he was from. After escaping the ship they hid in the forest where lance explained he had traveled to his village a long time ago and had made friends with the lynx tribe, he also said he learned a few tricks from his tribe the same that these men were after and that he had come to warn them but ended up getting captured before he could reach them.

Lance trained him teaching him what he had learned from the lynx tribe all those years ago, as strong as the lynx tribe is these guys seem like they were ``military-trained, ageist the weapons they had they could cause havoc in the village. not only that they had a tracking device on the back of their necks and the device that can remove it is on the ship, it wouldn't be safe to go home right now. months had passed and Arc and lance had been rather successful in warning off the threat of the leader of the military unit that had docked on the edge of the island a man named Kuro. Kuro and arc have fought many times in the past month, he is a lot stronger than an advanced human thanks to a drug that Kuro and his men have taken that enhances a person's body making it faster, stronger, and even more durable. but regardless of their setbacks, they have managed to barely survive their encounters with Kuro.

on the final day, lance found a way to get onto the ship so they could blow up the ship. problem is they needed to get onto the ship to plant the detonators. lance decided to be the bait and arc plant the detonators but things didn't go to plan and lance got captured and put locked into the ship once more and told if he did detonate the explosives he would also kill his friend. arc was able to break him out but Kuro confronted them and beat them both to the ground, there was no way they could escape so with the last of his breath lance stood up and pushed as hard as he could into a nearby cage and locks him and Kuro inside it. as lance tells Arc to escape he gives him his hood telling him to keep it and not to forget him, Kuro told Arc that it didn't matter if he dies there be more coming, he pointed to the table where there was a document from the western city government approving this operation. as he does Kuro grabbed the button for the detonator and pushed the button setting it off the explosives.

Arc barely escaped the explosion but managed to jump off the ship just in time, was it really over? could he really return home at last? as he headed back he was happy that he could finally return home and tell everyone what happened but before he reached the gates he remembered what Kuro had said to him, there be more coming eventually and he still couldn't return home until he had taken care of the people who sent these soldiers.

He headed to the western city, in order to take care of the corruption of the government that rule over it in the shadows.

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May 12th 2020 - 5:32 PM

Hello Hao, my name is Harper. It's nice to meet you ^-^
Thanks for adding, I hope your day is going well.
Lazy Savior

Apr 15th 2020 - 1:30 PM

Oh thank goodness! That works for me way better. I hate comments. lol 

Apr 15th 2020 - 12:40 PM

Yes absolutely! I am Tatsuo and I'd love to discuss with you.
Lazy Savior

Apr 13th 2020 - 8:30 PM

Ready whenever you are my dude. :3
Lazy Savior

Mar 28th 2020 - 4:41 PM

Sorry for my lateness man, I was busy with work and wasn't feeling my muse at all. 
I would love to get something going with ya. 

Dec 6th 2018 - 4:41 PM

of course we can. 

Dec 6th 2018 - 4:32 PM

I am always ready to get something going. That is why I am here! ;) Would you care to discuss a roleplay? 

Dec 6th 2018 - 2:54 PM

Greetings, Tomo and thank you for taking the time out to send me a comment. I do hope that we can eventually get to know one another and indeed chat or roleplay. 
Aiko Yunamari 🌸

Apr 13th 2017 - 3:50 AM

I am a lot better at winging it. :)
Aiko Yunamari 🌸

Apr 12th 2017 - 8:27 AM

I've never discussed a roleplay before. I really wouldn't know where to start. I usually just send a starter or vice versa.
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