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In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

25 years old
United States

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September 15 2021

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Ignis, Jude, Ros, Salem,
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Any, Drama, Fantasy, Open, Slice of Life,
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About me:

< Fairy>

Before I start talking about Ignis I want to say I do have other characters that I do enjoy playing Ignis is just my main character.

Small Synopsis of Ignis:

Ignis is young fairy who hasn't had the easiest life. She was raised as a human until she was 10 when she discovered her wings and her fire powers due to getting attacked. Her mother had her powers and wings bound when she had to give her up for adoption for her own safety. She spent the next few years running from her father and those who wanted her, for her powers as well as the skills she had acquired over the years.

There's two versions of Ignis, normal and dark. Dark Ignis is the one who allowed the darkness in and let her past as well as her father control her. She's cold, calculating, and training to take over her fathers job as lucifer's right hand man well in her case woman.

Her full Story:

While her story is her own, it does not begin there, it begins with the meeting of her two parents, the two met while in a war between their two sides. Her mother the princess and her father the top general met to discusses negotiations between the two. While they were accompanied by others, they were one's to do all the talking. This is when they started to fall for each other.

The two would later start meeting up in neutral areas, falling in love and making plans for the future. Very few knew of the relationship for they would not approve. When she became pregnant the two decided to run away together. While they were making plans, Ignis' father was approached for a job with Lucifer for his skills. He was enticed with the idea of power and went along with it.

Once Fraya, Ignis mother, found out she went to live with her best friend in a safe zone. When gave birth she knew to keep her child safe she would need to bind her powers and wings to put her in with humans, to be raised human. She knew her daughter would be the only hope to stop a war and knew that if her father had his way he would turn her into a weapon, a killing machine.

Fast forward 10 years Ignis is living a normal human life, everyone always just assumed that she was a short child. This was when her father found her, rather then approaching her and telling her the truth he thought of better way to get powers out. He talked to her adopted father attack her, for her safety her fire powers were released.

After that moment her father took her and told her a twisted tale of the truth and stated training her as an assassin. When she realized the truth she had escaped, only to get kidnaped by a different group. For the next 3 years her life would follow this pattern getting kidnaped by her father or another group who wanted to use her.

But the final time she was able to escape an old friend of her mother found her and took her in. For that year she would learn how to control her fire and water powers, how to teleport, and how to keep the darkness away. She learned that she was so balanced in both good and evil as well as power that she needed to stay in control or she may sway one way or the other. One day when she was training with who at this time she called her uncle, they were attacked he was able to get her out.

That's where her life began, she found a nice enchanted forrest made it her own. She travels the world, and continues to avoid her father. She got paid for what she use to do and ended up saving all her money so she is what most would consider rich. She loves her weapons and going bear foot.


A short synopsis of my other well developed characters that are not Ignis.


Jude is one of my newer characters, there's still some tweaking to be done but her back story is for the most part complete. She is a time mage, well training to be. Her official unofficial title is time intern, she is training under the guardians to be the next time mage of her verse. She believes it's her duty, she knows she's the chosen one, and although others can do it, the job is meant for her and no one will do it the right way. She was raised by her uncle since she was 7, her parents were soldiers in a war that long since past, along with their lives. To honor their memories, she trains harder than anyone around her.

In order for Jude to complete her program and become the time mage, she must go to different timelines, and verses. She must fix the issues happening, and in some cases train under the time mages of that period. She must complete her training within a given period or all her magics will be taken from her.


Ros is a character from Ignis story, so same verse, he is half Fae half Elf, so he is a lot taller than Ignis but is still below average. He is 3 years older than Ignis and remembers when er mom was pregnant. He knew that she was meant to get be best friends. When Freya left he had set a goal to find Ignis one day.

Ros has spent the last few years in search of Ignis not only for his own personal goal but for his world. There is a new war coming and she is the only hope for them so it's Ros's duty as the highest command besides King to fin her and bring her home. He knows the stories and that she is not only the next rightful ruler but the key to winning the world. She is meant to bring peace between the two Fae factions.


Salem is a unique character as she started in a friends game. Salem is the niece of one of the dictators in the world. She use to look up to her Aunt, wanting to be exactly like her, one day hoping to take over the country. When she wanted to learn magics at 13 she wanted her Aunt to teach her, her father wanting to keep her safe agreed but wanted to talk to his sister before they started. You see Salem was the last thing he had of his late wife who died in child birth.

Salem's father talked to his sister asking her to make sure to keep his daughter hope and innocence intact. She did not take well to this and saw it as disrespect so she killed him in front of Salem. From that moment on Salem hated her, she did everything in her power to be the complete opposite as her Aunt. While her Aunt had control over nature Salem took a magic based on technology, she moved in with the rest of the family. She also became a rebel artist, she goes around to each country and makes paintings of each of the leaders to make a political statement.

Salem is introduced in RP's as 16 year old, political activist. Who travels the countries on her motor cycle.


These are more guidelines rather than rules really.

Rule 1: I prefer messages rather then comments, if you start in the comments I will message you after I see the comment

Rule 2: Starters: I hate starting I really do, I'm not good at them, so I would prefer to start. Although there are times when I will request to start, mainly when we are in my verse.

Rule 3: Verses: I do have original character's so in turn I do have my own personal verse, but I enjoy going to other people's. So that means I can interact with non-original characters.

Rule 4: Length in replies: I prefer anywhere from semi to para. This leaves a little more freedom on replies and gives both parties something to build off of. If you like longer like multi, I would like to talk about it, but I can usually work with it.

Rule 5: Genre: I do enjoy most types, and mix many or them. Most of my characters do have Magic and/or are mythical creatures, so I do tend to stay in the Fantasy genre. This does not mean I can't make them from a parallel verse so that they are human if that's what you'd prefer.

Rule 6: For OOC talk I've done it different ways, so long as I know it's OOC I'm fine, the ones I've used in the past is ((talking with double parenthesis)) or (OOC: Talking with one parenthesis and ooc said).

Rule 7: Fighting: many of my characters fight so if in rp we want to I'd like an ooc discussion about it. I do enjoy it and sometimes it furthers the plot so that's why this is a rule for me.

Dark Ignis
Writing in Progress.

Name Ignis
Full Title Princess, Keeper of the forest

Class Fairy.

Age Unknown, looks 17
Eye Color Forest green.
Height Four foot eleven.
Body Shape Muscular.
Birthplace The world Statera

Residence The forest Incantatus
Motto "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present"
Nickname Ig

House Name.

Shepard (Human)

Sidus (Mother)

Divum (Father)

Physiognomy Youthful,
Armour Profiency None.

Style of Combat Range, Hand to hand, Weapon
Orintation Straight.
Relationship Single.
Who I'd like to meet:

    More Roleplayers


๐•‹๐•–๐•ฃ๐•ž๐•š๐•Ÿ๐•’๐•ฅ๐• ๐•ฃ



Alley Cat Blues




โ˜ผ ๐–๐€๐‘ ๐‚๐‡๐ˆ๐„๐…

โ‚ฉล‚โ‚ฎโ‚ตโฑง ร˜โ‚ฃ โ‚ฑโฑงโ‚ณโ‚ฆโ‚ฎร˜โ‚ฅโ‚ด



Open Female Only.

Black Death

ั•ฮฑฮทษขแดœษชฮทั” สœแดœฮทษขั”ั



๐‹๐Ž๐’ ๐Œ๐”๐„๐‘๐“๐Ž๐’.

Bounty Hunter

โ€ขแŽงf ฦŠivinityโ„ข

Undying Hope







dιvιne ιnnocence


แด‹แด€ษชsแด‡ส€ ส€สแดแดœ




Lฮนฦšฦšส…าฝ Sาฝษพฯาฝษณฦš

โ› แดบแดผแต‚ ๐๐„๐‘๐ˆ๐’๐‡ .

โšกโ” LOVER BOY.




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Jul 5th 2021 - 1:18 AM

Hello, Iโ€™m glad you decided to accept/add me to your friends list. It truly is a pleasure to meet you. Iโ€™m Desidia Nyx, however most call me Desi but if that isnโ€™t to your liking feel free to give me a nickname of your choosing. I really look forward to starting up a roleplay with you or merely just indulging in a conversation. I just want to get the ball rolling and get us to talk. It would be a shame to miss out on meeting a possibly new companion by having myself be mute. Let me know if you have a set of rules on your profile and Iโ€™ll read over them as soon as possible so we donโ€™t step on each other's toes. I look forward to getting a reply from you. Have a wonderful day.
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