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basic information
❝Just at the mirk and midnight hour The fairy folk will ride,❞
Contact Information & Edit List:
■ Full Name:
Eldan Aubrey
■ Nicknames:
Puck, El
■ Age:
Appears around early 30's
■ Height:
■ Sex:
■ Sexual Orientation:
Holosexual🌈 Polyglamouros💖
■ Hair Color:
Red, auburn with golden strands
■ Eye Color:
A glowing emerald hue
■ Occupation:
Supermodel, Musician, Business Tycoon
■ Family:
Titania & Oberon (parents)
■ Romances:
The Azure Dragon 青龍 Qinglong, also known as Fuxi 伏羲,a soldier from his time in the royal guard (Somewhat of a childhood friend.)

Eldan solo
Bliss and Lydia
Eldan and Duke
Eldan and Vice

the story thus far
❝At the end of every seven years, We pay a tithe to Hell, I am so fair and firm of flesh, I'm feared it be myself."❞

🥭; Seelie Court
Puck, The Trickster ;🥭

Puck’s life came to be through the union of the Faerie Queen Titania and an Elf noble of the Spring Court. Being the only surviving child and heir to the Seelie throne, Puck's young life was full of court policies, politics, and lessons. Born out of wedlock, his legitimacy was permitted through a bargain between Titania and her husband, King Oberon. Though the terms of this deal were only known to the two parties involved, there were often whispers of conspiracies. Tensions were often high at court and even in the palace, constantly putting Puck in the middle of his warring parents. From an early age, he learned the truth of his pedigree and was reminded all throughout his childhood by his doting mother. Having no knowledge of his biological father, Puck did his best to appease King Oberon in order to win his approval.

Growing up in the Royal palace, he was raised by a stern and watchful hand. As a child, his mother took to calling him Puck, meaning 'mischievous fairy', for he was always playing tricks on the maids, cooks, and kingsguard. This mischievous behavior often led to punishment, his mother was a force to be reckoned with. Titania’s punishments would be cruel but fundamental to the foundation of her rule. He would often be banned to the mortal realm, stripped of royal magic, and forced to live as a Brownie, (brùnaidh) in the rural highlands of Scotland. For one human year at a time, approximately one hundred Faerie years, he endured these punishments. Being tied to one human home at a time, he performed various home improvements and household tasks. His pay was in the form of offerings of food and sweets by the hearth.


Developing out of the habit of playing tricks on other Fae, Puck looked to the future and turned his focus on his destiny. Being Heir Apparent to the throne, he was the pinnacle of the Elites, taught only by the realm’s most renowned tutors. Every single one of his magical abilities came as second nature, leaving his teachers and parents alike in awe. As for fighting, he was sub-par with technique but sprightly on his feet. This would become Puck’s big break and eventually lead him to become closer to his proxy father. Oberon was a fierce warrior and leader of the Seelie Royal Guards, held in high esteem by all the Fae across Seelie lands far and wide. Being a prideful man, he took it upon himself to single-handedly teach Puck the ways of the warrior, eventually learning to love him. Along with training with Puck, Oberon also introduced him to political matters of the Summer and Spring Courts, encouraging him to partake in meetings and discussions with the other Noble Fae.

During the time Puck became close to Oberon, Titania became jealous, closed off, and spiteful. Resenting Puck and Oberon for favoring each other over her, she began a plan that would secure the future of the throne. Around this time, Puck became bored with his mundane royal life and would take to sneaking out of the palace to party and mingle with Fae from both Summer and Spring courts. His reputation among the Seelie Fae was revered wherever he went, often having songs and ballads made for his beauty and overall enchanting ways. Eventually, talk about Puck’s Rites of Succession began as the two Courts started having meetings on the matter. In due course, after much deliberation, the decision was made. Eldan was to travel to the human realm where he would spend the next two hundred earth years living among the mortals.

To begin his Rites of Succession, Puck was sent to live in the human realm for two hundred human years. One of the terms of his Rites included bringing a human tithe to Titania every seven human years. Tithes were long thought to be sacrifices for hell in exchange for faerie magic. The tithe would be brought to a fairy circle on any four of the Gaelic seasonal festivals; Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain. No one but Titania knew what these tithes were used for. Eldan would enchant unsuspecting humans and lure them to one of the many faery stones around the highlands of Scotland. There, he would be met with a messenger Fae who would transport the human through the stones and into Seelie lands. At first, he was at a loss as to why his mother would reject his pleas for communication. Thinking back to his life as a child, he remembered hearing whispers of his mother’s cruelty and callousness that allowed her to be a supreme ruler. Had he done something to fall on his mother’s bad graces? The thought plagued his dreams nightly.

🥭; The Human Realm
Eldan Aubrey ;🥭
Scotland 1820-1880

In the very beginning, he had nothing but his wits and previous little knowledge to help his survival. He started his life as a hermit, living off the land in a forest in the highlands. He would often head into town to sell pelts and extra meat he gathered, all the while making a plan for his foreseeable future. After a few years, he made enough savings that he could afford to move into a small house. Opting out of the life of a hermit, Puck took what little belongings he possessed and began traveling the land of Scotland.

The world in the human realm, while slow, managed to evolve at a decent pace. He lived through a period that would later be known as Scotland’s Industrial Revolution. While in the human realm he aged in appearance exponentially slower, appearing around twenty-nine years old when he was, in fact, thousands of years old. Glamour magic was used to change his face and appearance every few years, making him seamlessly blend into the general population, constantly moving from place to place. Being pushed to survive in a world he had only experienced from the outskirts, he was thrown all types of challenges and obstacles. Obligated to adapt to this new world, Puck began to make his mark and began investing in small schemes and making a profit.

Making his way down the highlands, he winded his way around to Inverness, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and all the way to Galloway. This trek lasted the span of almost 60 years, and Puck was absolutely enthralled. For a few years, he roamed the crowded streets of Glasgow as a street performer, playing the fiddle and singing songs he had heard in his travels. While the wages were meager, he mostly stayed for the humans. He gravitated to the scholars, poets, and musicians, taking after his mother and favoring the more beautiful and talented humans. While his current lifestyle made it impossible to live as an aristocrat once more, he took his riches in knowledge and culture. With things in the bustling ever-growing city thriving, there were many equally challenging living conditions. Never having seen things like poverty and overpopulation, his mind was left with a sensation he could only think to call ‘guilt’. As his travels in Scotland grew to a close, he understood that many humans opted to emigrate to different locations in the world. And with that thought in his mind, he left part of his heart in Scotland and continued down to England, but not before depositing his riches in the Royal Bank of Scotland.

England 1880-1945
Accustomed to the simplicity of his new life, Puck continued the life of a musician. After a brief tour of the country, he decided to settle in the largest city in the world, London. Here, he came to see the 20th century pass right before his eyes. The rise of steel buildings gave way to the rapid expansion of architectural development, transportation, and the economy as a whole. He had gotten a taste of it in Glasgow, but he was not prepared for the sights of London. But with growth and expansion, there came the wars. WWI, the bombing raids in the streets of London by German zeppelins, living in fear for four years before England regained control in ’18. Following the first great war, there came a rebuilding period before the world was once again set into chaos with WWII.

Another of the terms for his Rites was that he not meddle in human affairs. With the passing of time, Eldan came to sympathize with the mortality of human beings. Always a charmer, he had unexpectedly grown attached to certain people. Seeing his friends be dragged off to war sprung up even more emotions in his ever-growing heart. Unable to wield a weapon and join them, he was helpless. Rather than letting himself be disheartened, he made sure to think of a way around the inconvenience. He would often volunteer with various nurse camps and hospitals within the city, taking care of the wounded soldiers and civilians alike. His schooling in medicine was rudimentary, but he had the help of his magic to aid with the patient’s pain. Oftentimes by holding a hand or the temple, he would administer a morphine-like sensation across the human’s body. The act of this often wore him out, limiting his ability to perform this 10 times a day. In order to minimize the agony of a prolonged death, he would sometimes take it upon himself to end a life. The multiple wars had left him once again with an odd feeling, guilt? No, it wasn’t that anymore. He had changed once more in the last 65 years since he arrived in London.

America 1945-present
After the war, he left a piece of his heart once again before moving on. This time, he would go in the pursuit of his own happiness to the land of the free, America. Opting to take the identity of a younger man, Puck decided to live out a full human life for once. Living as a man in his 20s, the 1950s brought out his long-lost passion for music and performing. Acts such as Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Elvis, and The Platters inspired his renewed passion for music. Teaching himself how to play various instruments, he became a part of a few bands far and wide.

The Post-war era was followed by the Civil Rights Era, the Reagan Era, the Cold War, the Vietnam War with the Feminist movement of the 60’s all the way to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Puck was there through it all, favoring the counterculture. Having already lived through numerous eras of change, he had begun to notice a pattern when it came to the outcome of events. Using this tactic, he began making investments on a grander scale. Opting to put money into various buildings, businesses, cars, designer clothing, and even stocks, he made a small fortune. The ever-changing structure of civilization often left him in disbelief, the resiliency of humans was something to look out for. Their achievements and constant advances in science, technology, medicine, and globalization made them a powerful entity.


For 60 years Puck had lived in the same human face, using glamour accordingly, now appearing as an eighty-five-year-old man. Gathering the necessary paperwork and legal documents made it possible for him to pass his inheritance to his ‘grandson’ Eldan Aubrey. In 2005, Puck said goodbye to the face he had worn for the past decades. Having to make the morbid arrangements of a funeral for himself, he settled with a closed casket ceremony, inviting the friends he had left in his previous lifetime. The tears that day were endless, both from him, the reborn Eldan, and from all of his friends and loved ones. Quickly adapting to the life of a human teenager, he made a name for himself as a precocious musician, composer, and model. Using glamour to hide his enchanting fae appearance, he passed off as a mortal male, a rather handsome and rich one at that. Throughout this point in his life, he began to experience what he’d called karmic bouts. These would become present when he would run into various magical creatures, the threat of exposure ever looming above his head.

powers and abilities
❝Idle hands are the devil's plaything❞
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The azure dragon's love unbound
"The follies of romance dwelling in the recesses of memories long forgotten."
relationship info: Multiship ■ Status:Open ■ To Whom: Duke Vice
What is love without the ever-looming presence of angst?

How the Prince adored when they ran from him, made him yearn for them all the more. Eldan had a trait many were not privy to, for he tended to fixate on his closer friends and lovers a little more than others. Was fixate the right word for it? When Eldan met a person who tickled his fancy, he felt entitled to them, for he was royalty. A childlike trait he never grew out of, the Princeling used to terrorize his peers all his life.

A long, long time ago. The Princeling had befriended a pixie and got attached fast, locked them up in an iron birdcage, keeping them in his quarters for a month. He had forgotten the pixie for a week and nearly killed them, the iron poisoning was so severe, that disciplinary action needed to be taken. Eldan was banished to the human realm for two hundred years, and forced into servitude as a common fae servant. The pixie was handsomely compensated for its troubles, to prevent any scandal.

The Fae were not the kind gentle sparkling creatures in stories and media, they were cruel, scoundrels malevolent in nature, catering to their selfish capricious whims. Eldan was a spoiled brat, constantly getting banned to the mortal realm from terrorizing the lesser fae. He knew no discipline or structure in his life before the Academy. His mother, Queen of the Seelie Court, Titania, ultimately made the life-changing decision to send him away.

The Military Academy was where he began the slow change into who he was meant to be, the stoic cunning soldier exponentially rising the ranks. Eventually, through hard work and perseverance, he attained the title of captain of the royal guard, all because he was pushed by a certain someone, whose bright eyes he could never forget.

They hated each other in their initial encounter, constantly at one another's throats in competition, pushing themselves to their limits. It was here where he'd met his first friend, someone… ‘Who was it again?’ Various flashes of memories scattered around his brain, a whirl of kaleidoscopic fragments merging to a single point, only to immediately disperse before anything concrete stuck, particles dissipating into the dark recesses of his mind.

This was the biggest hindrance to his life, the so-called memory block he experienced every single time he would think of him. Yes, that man, the one who gave him the moniker of Puck the trickster. The one who haunted his dreams. Long onyx hair taught at his temple, and those pale blue almond-shaped eyes permeated through, deep down to his heart, wrapping a clawed fist around his beating heart. Liu Qinglong, Fuxi.

How could he have forgotten? In this rare moment of clarity, Eldan could remember it all. Their sordid love affair which spanned the course of a decade, was frivolous yet vehement in nature. It had been their secret, forced to meet in the shadows away from prying eyes. Eldan was Heir Apparent, it was his duty to carry on tradition and spawn an heir of his own. If the two were to get caught, it would surely mean another war or their demise.

During their service in The Second Fairy War, they were forced to become close. Both youths recently graduated from the Academy, rankless novices attempting to make a name for themselves. Much to their dismay, they were paired together in the same squadron, this was one of the few things they could agree on, reluctance to work in the company of one another.

Because of their combative and competitive nature, to their surprise, they found out their combined attacks formed a cohesive fighting style. Having spent years learning and gauging each other's weaknesses, their military training quickly adapted to become one strong fighting unit capable of breaking any obstacle before them. Once the pair got past the initial shock of their compatibility, they found solace knowing they could wholeheartedly rely on each other.

Their integrated efforts paid off in the end, allowing for a major victory in the war. Their squadron had infiltrated a key trading port and was able to monopolize the distribution of goods. Halting the majority of arms and artillery sent over to defend the Unseelie resistance. Their tumultuous journey there hadn't been easy, it was by happenstance that they were able to achieve this victory.

Along the way, they had nearly failed. Eldan and Fuxi had been tasked with detonating a bomb near the municipal building where an enemy post was stationed. The intelligence gathered had alluded to it being a regular post, when in fact, it was the very barracks that housed the Unseelie General Tactician, the key strategist in the war. It had all been a fluke and this fluke almost cost them their lives.

The fight they had to face was brutal, Eldan had broken an arm, and Fuxi took an arrow through his back, bloody and limping, forced to face the general two to one. The only way they managed to survive was by fighting back to back, covering each other's blind spots. The tactician had delivered a blow of magical energy that turned out to be a feint, Eldan fully committing to parrying the attack. Only to be met with a sparkling glow of Faerie glamor, distracted just long enough for the Unseelie to deliver the true blow.

Leaving Eldan's flank exposed, Qinglong pivoted his body towards the incoming blow, violently pushing Eldan to the ground, removing him from harm's way. Simultaneously, he reached a long clawed hand imbued with his magical aura aiming it for the finishing blow. At the last second, his body acted on impulse, twisting away from the impending danger. Sharp scaled claws dug into the tactician, blood spilling in a pile on the floor as Fuxi viciously ripped out his still-beating heart. Deprived of his power source, the tactician heaved, gasping his final breaths before crumbling powerless on the battlefield before them.

The sinewy pulsing heart, ripe with sanguine gore was Qinglong's well-deserved spoil of battle. Without pause, Fuxi kneeled on the floor before his Prince. Bowing his head, he offered Eldan the heart of their enemy. Flabbergasted at first, for this had all occurred in the span of a few seconds, it took the Seelie Prince a moment before he realized what was happening. Scrambling to his knees, Eldan reached out for the offering, fingertips lightly grazing against the other’s outstretched hand. A queer knowing glance bounced from nephrite orbs to azure hues, both men breaking out into matching grins. And from that initial spark, the flames of passion were ignited and would burn for years to come.

At the end of the war, both men were decorated war heroes. Eldan with the support of Qinglong rose in ranks to become the new Captain of the Seelie Guard, Qinglong his loyal lieutenant. The power dynamic in their relationship kept their secret romance riveting, to say the least. Fighting for dominance, one physically beating the other into submission, before comforting with honeyed words, promises of forever. Their burgeoning romance was the powerhouse behind their militaristic success.

But akin to Icarus and Achilles, their love would end in a tragedy. Hubris would take a blow in what turned out to be the catalyst in Eldan's banishment. For all was not as it seemed in the Seelie Court. A plan rife with intrigue was about to take place with Eldan at the forefront. It turned out the dastardly villain was the monarch himself, Oberon, beguiling Queen Titania to do his bidding by threatening the life of her only begotten son. For Oberon had no intention to vacate the throne, much less to a halfbreed who wasn't even his blood.

Because of the sudden coup, Titania was forced to play the role of the villain, in her plan to keep her son safe. Recruiting Qinglong's help, she blackmailed him into following her plan, threatening to expose the affair if he didn't comply. Naturally, he was hesitant at first, but once he called the Queen's bluff and found out it was a ruse to keep his Prince alive, only then did he swear fealty to her. Together Titania and Fuxi wove an intricate plan to keep Eldan as far away as possible from the throne. But for this to come to fruition, the consequences would be dire.

Oberon only agreed to spare Eldan's life when Titania came and proposed a truce. Eldan was to be permanently banished to the human realm, never to set foot on Seelie land, and forced to present a tithe in the form of a human sacrifice every seven years, merely a formality to appease Oberon. Titania knew Oberon had no use for humans, he would just pass them on to other Seelie Royals as pets or slaves. He was much more concerned with the throne and court politics.

This was the part where Qinglong would come in. Fuxi would collect the discarded human sacrifices, in his new position as Captain of the Royal Guard. Now Titania's vassel, he was required to renounce all ties with his Prince before the banishment. What a fortunate coincidence since the whole realm knew of Qinglong and Eldan’s years-long feud, it was the perfect believable excuse. Eldan and Fuxi's last night together was something Eldan thought he would never forget. Qinglong swore he would stay by Eldan's side forever, and would do everything in his power to keep him safe. He confided in Eldan of their plan to one day usurp the king with an army of humans he would personally train.

Eldan was furious at first, his autonomy in his future was never considered. Betrayal soon followed, how could the man he had admired since childhood, his father, think that way about him? Blows were traded amongst the two lovers, resentment proliferating from the Seelie Prince. It felt like the ultimate betrayal to him, especially since Fuxi was his only confidant. He was the only person Eldan had ever loved, and he would be losing him. It was a few hours before Qinglong could calm him down, by then they had done a lot more fighting than talking, both left bloody and bruised. Eldan was a rational man, he eventually relented to the plan.

The fact Eldan wasn’t privy to was for the plant to work, he had to be deceived. The Prince was known to be a terrible liar, always showing his emotions on his face. Because of this well-known fact, Titania and Qinglong both agreed that a seal must be put on his memories and emotions, especially the ones of Fuxi and their time together. Qinglong’s mind was filled with inner turmoil at the deception, he was already mourning the loss of his Prince. No longer would the pair’s romance continue to blossom, instead it was sentenced to wither away, the only record of it in Fuxi’s memory.

The star-crossed lovers spent their last night together before Fuxi snuck away at the first rays of dawn. But not before he performed a spell over the Prince’s sleeping body. The magic was ancient, only possible by calling on the spirits of his ancestors and with the assistance of the Wufang Shangdi to guide him through it. Once the spell was finished, two blue-scaled clawed fingers reached toward the fae's temple, sealing the magic with two small scars through the left eyebrow. This spell could only be broken or interrupted under certain conditions. With one final kiss over the bloody wound on his Prince's face, Qinglong left, not daring to pause for a glance back. For if he were to look, there would surely be tears streaming down his face.

The memories had all come at once, Eldan realized he had been crying the whole time, hands balled up into fists. Nails had been digging into the soft flesh of his palm, leaving bloody crescent-like marks. His lover, his future, the one he… His current thought process was halted in his mind, the scar on his brow pulsed with heat as the familiar sensation overcame his whole body. Silence, only darkness in his mind. Blinking away the pain in his throbbing head, he uncurled his fists as he looked down at them flexing his aching fingers. Why was his face wet?
Ties that Bind
❝friends share secrets. that's what keeps us close.❞

Bound Wolf
ViceFuture Boyfriend

“Vice my baby boy, what can I say about the lad? Our first meeting was brief, passionate. Hell, we got in a bit of some fisticuffs with some rowdy club goers. I remember fondly taking a punch in the face for him. Ha! But after that ill-fated encounter I got scared. Afraid for his safety I pushed him away. Afraid he would be persecuted and used as a pawn in the game that Titania, my mother was playing. That fear turned out to be some sort of honed instinct as a few years later, Titania, Queen of the Seelie Court waged war on myself and the human realm. We fought hard, for I had accumulated various allies throughout the realms. With the fortune I amassed, I funded the reconnaissance effort, thwarting off the impending invasion. It was during One of these scrimmages that I managed to get hurt, stabbed by an iron weapon. It was by fate that we came upon each other in gas station of all things. I was beaten, bloody and on the verge of collapse, he was my beautiful savior. He took me in his arms and healed me. I came clean to him about everything. Maybe this time, I can tell him how I really feel about him."

LydiaLovely lass

Eldan's distant cousin ??
The Devourer
DukeLover, Boyfriend, Future Husband

'Handsome, most sexy, powerful, amazing, badass, big dick, bestest, perfect' All his words but I completely agree. It's not a secret, I was attracted to him from the very beginning. He exuded power from every fragment of his being, that was the part that roped me in, completely entranced me. I wanted to get closer to him, to see how far I could tempt the beast so to speak. Turns out the tempting worked both ways and now well, I can safely say I managed to capture the affection of a verra powerful man.


Faeries, come and take me out of this dull world,
"For I would ride with you upon the wind, Run on the top of the dishevelled tide, And dance upon the mountains like a flame."


▲Verse:Outlander, Urban fantasy

Headcannon and OOC:

Tldr; Gorgeous, ethereal rockstar turned super model turned conglomerate business ceo is actually an immortal fae prince living in the mortal realm. There's more to it than that, just ask me and i will be more than happy to elaborate. But please if you can, read my stories! I mostly do slice of life and romance genres but will be open to do comedies, tragedies, horror/supernatural/thrillers. Headcannon; Eldan is not monogamous, I will never exclusively ship him with one person . I'm always open for more ships as long as we discuss things. He has a hard time processing his newfound human emotions and is therefore oblivious when it comes to certain things. A lot of the times he comes off as aloof but it's mostly because he is afraid of his true identity being discovered. Humans fascinated him for some strange reason. He feels more comfortable around supernatural/magical beings. He rides around a motorcycle and wears flashy designer clothes underneath a leather jacket. He smells of cigarettes, whiskey and sandalwood. He's constantly wearing sunglasses indoors to hide his face. He loves the smell of old books. Alcohol can't get him drunk unless it's a copious amount.

The Seelie Prince

𝓐 𝖗𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖑𝖊 𝖎𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖜𝖎𝖓𝖉 𝖙𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖘 𝖚𝖘 𝖆 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖞 𝖎𝖘 𝖓𝖊𝖆𝖗.

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