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Characters: Franklin Richards.
Verses: Marvel, DC, Fantastic Four, Comic, and Open.
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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comic, Crossover, Open,
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About me:
[Franklin Richards]

[This is a canon based character from the Marvel Franchise, not an OC]

Son of Reed, and Susan of the Fantastic Four.

Age: N/A [Due to Franklin's abilities, it has been theorized that Franklin's powers make him abstract from concept of space, and time. Meaning Franklin is an ageless being/become ageless, or the idea of what time and age is can be distorted by him.]

Abilities: Franklin is a cosmic telepath, universeal shaper, reality warper, and universal editor. His imagination is his greatest weapon, and with psionic means. He can do anything he puts his mind into.

Power List: -Reality Manipulation -Particle Energy Manipulation -Chronokinesis -Psionics -Telekinesis -Bio-Blasts -Molecular Manipulation -Precognition -Fundamental Forces Manipulation -Energy Constructs -Superhuman Durability

Honorable feats: Franklin was able to destroy Mephisto, and temporarily erase him within his own realm.

Upon meeting a omiversal threat named, Abraxas. Franklin along with his sister revived the once killed Galactus to stop this entity.

Franklin has fired a toy gun at Norman Obsorn, but when fired. Norman could feel, and see his shoulder was hit by a bullet despite gun just being toy.

Franklin has saved the lives of all of Marvel's heroes who had fought against Onslaught, another Omega Mutant and died. Franklin creating a pocket universe to keep them alive through memory. He was soon brought to a Celestial that asked for him to destroy his pocket universe, in exchange to bring back all of the lives who were taken within primary universe.

Battling the Celestials, and restoring Galactus once more. Turning him into his herald. As a kid, Franklin was able to turn a powerful energy blast from one of the Celestials into a shower of flowers. He was able to force out the telepathy of one, pushing the Celestial out of his mind with his psionic powers. His adult counterpart would soon face them in battle as well, when his future self came to this point in time. All the three celestials felt threaten by him, and compared him to be their equal.

Reconstructing the multiverse, after the events of Secret Wars. Franklin along with Molecule Man and his father. Helped restore the Multiverse after incursion, and the assault from the Beyonders. Franklin soon revealing he had the power to created whole universes. Began making new ones to replace all universes that were destroyed.
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