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Mundus Magicus, Hellas Empire
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November 20 2023

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GeneralWeapon Specialist:

Rakan appears to be heavily skilled in usage of a variety of bladed weapons. However, the weapon he favors most is the sword.

Keen Intellect:

Despite his ridiculous personality, Rakan is actually a considerably intelligent fighter, analyzing enemy abilities and finding weaknesses in them. This does not only apply to defeating enemy techniques, but also copying them as just by having seen his teammate�Eishun Konoe�perform�Shinmei-ryutechniques he was able to duplicate a powerful Ni no Tachi technique. He is able to copy techniques through observation and claims to have no weaknesses in skill or ability. He is also a considerably skilled artist.

Guts and Willpower:

He is known for possessing an unbelievably high degree of willpower and determination which he used to will himself back into existence after being erased by the Code of the Lifemaker. He possesses a strength of will to shrug off extensive damage to his body and survive life-threatening injuries.


Hellfire Conflagration Zan Kan Ken Warship Sword Cutter

Rakan uses his artifact to create a massive sword which crashes down on his enemies with great force.

Hidden Blade Surfing Rakan

Rakan rides on a blade that he sends flying at great speed and attacks them upon the moment of impact.

Tyrannic Blazing Roaring Dragon Exploding Flash Demon God Air Cleaving Rakan Fist�

Eternal Negi Fever

�Rakan emits a powerful and destructive laser-like attack released from his body.
Rakan Hurricane Palm�Rakan Impact

Rakan charges magical power and ki in a spiral-like motion into his fist and releases it, firing off a highly powerful and destructive blast.

Rakan for the Hell of it Right Hand Punch

A powerful and explosive punch, so much so that the entire area Rakan was battling in shook with its force.

Rakan Gentle Breeze Tempest Fist

Rakan creates tempest whirlwinds at speeds of a 100km per hour around the target while the target feels nothing by a gentle breeze.

Rakan Ten Thousand Fists

MusicCheck out more on my Wiki page.

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Occupation:Gladiator and Fighter for hire.
Characters: Jack Rakan
Verses: Negima, UQ Holder!, Fairy tail, Naruto, Magical Verse, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, One Piece, D
Playbys: Jack Rakan
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Manga, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:September 02, 2016

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About me:
Race: Hellas


The Thousand Blades

The Man Who Cannot Die

The Ultimate Hard Worker
The Immortal Fool

The Human Atomic Bomb

That Damn Guy Who You Can Stab With Swords All You Like And It Won't Do A Thing, Dammit.

Pactio: Armiger Milliplex

Jack Rakan known as "Rakan of the Thousand Blades", is the large, dark-skinned member of Nagi's group. He has been referred to several times as the 'Ultimate Broken Character', a reference to RPG characters whose stats and abilities are so powerful that they are almost unbeatable.


Rakan appears as a tall, highly muscular Hellas male with a fiercely intimidating physique. He has notably golden eyes, darkly-tanned skin, and long spiky light-colored hair with exceptionally long bangs. He wears a red bandana around his head along with an open red shirt, tan pants, and brown shoes. He also possesses multiple battle scars from his past battles scattered across his body. Two prominent scars are the magical stitching marks on his biceps that he gained after his past battle with the Life-Maker destroyed his arms.


Rakan appears as an incredibly powerful fighter through demonstration of his immensely destructive attacks with relative ease, such as emitting a high-powered laser from his body at a whim. He also tends to be greedy and lackadaisical, refuses to do any free favors, and tends to not really care much about most things. He seems to follow the "idiocy" theme that Kotarou mentioned, as he tends to do silly things in battle, including using more strength than is required and using moves with ridiculous names like ("Eternal Negi Fever"), which was thought to be a rough draft of a move he wished to teach�Negi. He is firmly confident in his own strength and proudly exclaims that he has no weaknesses, but he relishes the chance to fight an opponent that he feels may be worthy of his power.
Who I'd like to meet:
Abilities and Techniques

Hand To Hand Combat: Jack Rakan is an extremely powerful and high level warrior of close-quarters combat. He is said to be so unrivaled in a close range fight that facing him in hand-to-hand combat is equivalent to suicide.

Immense Physical Strength: One of the reasons he is so dangerous is because of his overwhelming strength that very few can handle. The sheer force of his blows is enough to create craters in the ground upon contact.

Immense Physical Speed: He can move at speeds that make it appear as if he is teleporting. He was able to surprise and catch Negi Springfield off guard while he was using Raiten Taiso.�

Ki and Magic Abilities: He has a massive amount of both ki and magical power. The natural raw power of either are both quite destructive, so much so that he can cause massive destruction by releasing his power. He has been shown to break through other dimensions through willpower by simply releasing his magical and Ki power. It was noted by Kaede that his body is surrounded by a wall of Ki at all times. As such, he's virtually indestructible. Most attacks used have no effect him, the only things that have actually hurt him are the Code of the Lifemaker, and Negi's Raijinsou Titano-Ktonon, which even then could only damage him because Negi used Negica Magia Erebea: Energy Absorption Circle to absorb the energy from Jack's Rakan impact.

Pactio: Armiger Milliplex:�His artifact is called Ho Heroes Meta Chilion Prosopon (The Hero Of a Thousand Faces). His artifact can transform into any type of weapon at his will. In his words his artifact can transform into "any shape imaginable", from multiple weapons of any kind to armor (which can act as replacement prosthetic limbs if need be).

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