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There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run, the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.


Berserk character.
Novella and Multi only.
Mature themes. 21+
Crossovers and AUs encouraged.
Dark Fantasy. Medieval. Horror. Romance.
Skype: willys_girl.
Discord: Sacrifice#1305
Whether it's good or bad it's so unfortunate to wake up during a dream.

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Characters: Casca, Caska
Verses: Berserk, Open, Crossovers, Medieval, Dark Fantasy, AUs
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Supernatural,
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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

I didn't choose to be born a woman!

Casca was born in an obscure village residing within the kingdom of Midland. Due to hardships, her father sold her to a traveling noble in hopes of providing her with a better life. The noble's intentions were anything but honorable, and Griffith first appeared that day, saving her from being raped. This was also the first time she took up a sword and ended a life. From then on, she joined The Band of the Hawk as she was so enraptured by Griffith's mere presence. Working her way up through the ranks, she became the second in command of the mercenary band.

Legal Information
NAME: Casca
ALIASES: Lady Commander, Lady Hawk

Physical Details
ETHNICITY: Unknown; dark features; possible Kushan origins
HEIGHT: 5'5"
SCARS: Numerous; Sacrificial Brand (Post-Eclipse)

Family Ties
MOTHER: Unknown; presumed alive
FATHER: Unknown; presumed alive
SISTER(S): Unknown; presumed alive
Other Family: The Band of the Hawk


Traits: Closed off, commanding, serious
Disorders: NA
Addictions: Griffith, victory
Likes: Griffith, horses, plans going accordingly, victory
Dislikes: Being a woman, disorder, Guts' inability to follow orders
Quirks: Easily flustered

JOB DESCRIPTION: Second-in-command
EMPLOYER: The Band of the Hawk
STRENGTHS: Intelligence, swordplay, spears, agility, horseback riding, crossbow, leadership
WEAKNESSES: Easily angered, can't admit to her own weaknesses

If he's going to sacrifice everything for his dream, if his dream is to fight and cut away his own path, then I want to be his sword.

Through the years, The Band of the Hawk quickly made a name for themselves, and were often seen as 'death on the battlefield'. Casca had become known as the Hawk's lady commander. However, everything changed the day Guts joined the mercenary band. Threatened by his mere presence, the two were constantly butting heads, although this was mostly one-sided as Casca was often the instigator. It continued this way for years, until Casca and Guts had finally reached a certain understanding. Only lovers for a short while, their relative peace ended when Griffith was arrested for treason, and later sacrificed them all to become a God-like figure. As the only survivors, Guts and Casca were marked with the Sacrificial Brands and forced into a life of pure hell. (Note: I portray Casca as both before and after the Eclipse. For obvious reasons, my version of the Post-Eclipse Casca will not be canon.)

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` 𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐝.

Feb 11th 2021 - 2:00 AM


Of course. I'm ready to begin discussing a storyline with you. For starters, I can play GA or Black Swordsman Guts, whichever it is that you'd prefer.

𝐨𝐟 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭,

Feb 11th 2021 - 12:14 AM

( Aha, you're onto something with that. To be honest, I took a break from most anime/manga, but Berserk was sort of the exception where I couldn't put it down once I got started. So, luckily, it still draws in new fans all the time, like me. Thank you for being so welcoming, I just hope I don't disappoint with my characterisation of Griffith. :)

I totally understand that sentiment. It's fun to be able to write within the verse with other canon characters. So! I compiled a short list of some ideas, if anything stands out to you, feel free to build upon it or suggest another idea else entirely.

i) Golden Age. Perhaps before Guts has joined? We know there is one scene where Griffith confides in Casca about feeling 'disgusting', so it might be interesting to explore other instances in which either of them allow themselves to be more vulnerable or intimate. As well as Casca generally being dependable as they embark on missions together with the rest of the Hawks. Can also be after Guts has joined and during the three years in which they make quite a bit of progress.

ii) Pre-Eclipse/challenging Causality. This is more of an AU in which Griffith chooses not to sacrifice the other members, defying his fate. Maybe the length of his torture was less than a year, resulting in less dire injuries, or in which the torturer was saving the best for last (cutting out his tongue, tendons, etc.) until his rescue. He's still severely physically and mentally traumatised, but he steadily recovers with the help of the others instead of going down the canon path of becoming a God Hand.

iii) Post-Eclipse/Falconia. Somehow Griffith and Casca meet again. Whether she's still regressed or whether she's recovered her memories will probably depend on the plot itself. Perhaps she gets separated from Guts and the others in some capacity (kidnapped, lost, etc.) and Griffith find her or his apostles find her and bring her to him. Admittedly, I'm still trying to nail down neoGriffith's/Femto's character, so this would be the most challenging to write, but could make for an interesting story regardless.

This reply turned out very long, my apologies for that! Let me know what you think, I'm sure we can come up with something cool. )
𝐨𝐟 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭,

Feb 10th 2021 - 4:07 PM

( I'm not surprised given how old the manga is. I only recently became invested in the story myself and I'm glad I did pick it up because it is fantastic.

Certainly! Perhaps, something shortly after Casca's introduction to the Hawks where she becomes one of their most skilled soldiers over time. Or later on in the story with their natural progression up the social ladder, but before the Eclipse. I just figured Golden Age would give us the most freedom with the story, but I am open to other ideas. )
𝐨𝐟 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭,

Feb 10th 2021 - 2:29 PM

( Ah! Thank you for accepting my request, Casca! I'm happy to see some Berserk writers active, even after so long.

I know Griffith isn't a particularly loved character within the community, and for very good reason, but if you would like to write some GA shenanigans sometime, do let me know. Of course, there is no rush or obligation to reply. I would also be more than happy to chat or banter casually, too. Take care! )
ʙᴇᴀsᴛ ᴏғ ᴀʟᴀʏᴀ

Oct 14th 2020 - 11:26 AM

Beast of alaya/450601I am the bone of my sword.

Steel is my body and fire is my blood.

I have created over a thousand blades.

Unknown to Death,

Nor known to Life.

Alaya certainly had an interesting way of placing the man in trivial situations. Yet what he was bound to face was anything but..

The moment that his body materialized the heavy scent of vulguar almost obnoxious prana had waved considerably into the air. An dimension in which the very orfices of hell had surfaced and taken root around them not even bothering to shatter that deeply unsettling immersion. Steel hues cut considerably around his person instantly hearing the sounds of the desecrated from every direction. This place was filled with complete and utter dread this had to be work of Angra Mainyu. 

This entire place was hell..

The sounds of a ravenous deformed beast snarled in his direction. It's body mishapen with a variety of appendages meant for rendering unopposing prey. Without warning the Guardian projected his most often used weapon. Kanshou & Bakuya, As soon as the beast came close the male settled on his target swiping that arm upwards and then backwards rounding the spine in a devastating strike in that instant the beast split apart in two select locations. 

Body falling towards the mound of wraith like faces that decorated the floor in such a grotesque manner. Promptly running forward that red shroud shimmering desperately behind him. A foul gust of the air he dredged up simply pushed the male onwards. As more abominations approached the male wasted no time. Those black & white scythe's of death carved up his competition easily cutting their bodies into seperate pieces until rounding the way. Though from the corner of his eye one could see a single duo. The two were human.. even with his structural grasping he could tell. A blond haired man who appeared to have been injured openly protecting a woman who was doing her damndest to keep him alive. 

Where in the hell had they been located?

As the creature which resembled a hulking black version of the Gingerbread man slammed it's extended appendages down on the blond male two holes had pierced his chest. 


Watching briefly as the man tossed a single throwing knife in the direction of the beast. It's blade sticking firm into the eye of such a creature. Archer had dematerialized his blades in favor of his bow drawing back on the string a series of arrows would rain down quickly on the creature body being pierced throughly before it's subsequent defeat. 

This was merely the beginning of such a nightmare. 

ᴠ ʜᴀs ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ!

Jul 26th 2020 - 1:41 PM

Mentions: Venom Snake, Mosquito, Doom Kangaroo, Ashen Stallion, Bronze Lion, Winged Antelope {Morpho} Multiple D.D soldiers
August 4th 1997

Time:  04:20:02

Personal Note: - x - x -

Mission: A disturbance within Zanzibar has been set off near the center of Tselinoyarsk, A liberated autonomous zone from that of the Soviet Union. Explosion that has been set off destroying multiple properties, It has been deduced as an 'accident' However, only Z.S.O.U {Zanzibar Special Operations Unit} have been sent in as Q.R.F {Quick Response Force}

Mission Equipment:

PRIMARY WEAPON: AM-MRS-4R, TacLaser, ACOG M150 Combat Optic, RiS vertical grip

LETHAL & TACTICAL EQUIPMENT: x4 M67 Fragmentation Grenades, x2 Flash Grenades, x2 M18 Smoke Grenade, x1 M3O Incendiary Grenade

It did not take them long for them to get the notice of an possible attack. To calm down the masses of Outerheaven, It was surmised that the explosion had been caused by an explosion of one of the reactors. However, people were more then wise considering their military nation. Land Tactical Armory had been on stand-by with Z.S.O.U sent along with their Interior Guard in order to effectively counter attack these new threats.

The calming winds of Outerheaven wrapped around the soldiers. Steadying the minds and focusing concentration on the task at hand. This was a responsive mission of great importance. That isn't to say that the mercenaries weren't privvy to accepting additional contracts in the mean time. There was always another assignment lined up and there always came an opportunity to test out their combat skills once more. As soldiers began shuffling towards their respective choppers a total of four the small fleet was set on accomplishing this mission by any means.

Z.S.O.U Squad Leader: "SUIT UP! We're leaving!"


Morpho: "This is Morpho, Acknowledged!"

Big Boss extended a mechanical hand over to tap Morpho's shoulder. Otherwise known as Winged Antelope.

Jackal: "Just another mission right Boss?"

Jackal called over from his seat, The Ukrainian checked the sights of his AM MRS 4 the rifle centered with purpose in his palms. At most eight soldiers were able to fit within that of the helicopter two pilots, Which included Morpho & Pequod and eleven additional soldiers.

Venom: "There's always another mission."

A smirk left Venom's lips, The CO of Outerheaven found himself handling his weapon with quiet determination, As their chopper ascended and lining up with the remainder of the chalk. The remaining three helicopters were captured from enemy forces within Afghanistan. Mi-24 Hind's and ferrying more of his men into this objective. As Morpho happened to be the first to push away from the F.O.B. Various O.H soldiers still on the platform saluted and at the same time a few watched wishing them well on yet another journey. Para-Medic, Ocelot even Miller calmly held their tongue. This wasn't their usual operations but if it required this many soldiers it had to be out of the ordinary.

The sounds of the helicopter blades blotted out anything even a single voice lost to their constant spinning.

Jackal: "Bronze Lion.. You've been training for awhile huh kiddo?"

Jackal seemed to try and make conversation with the youth. Due to the immense number of child soldiers rescued from war zones. Some were in the process of reintegration of the civilian world to live a life with careful consideration. A book over a gun, yet. There were a few that would refuse this all together. Lion was one of the many that did. The young man was now 17 years old all the training and tutelage from Big Boss was ingrained within mind, body and soul. Even his English had improved significantly to have even this conversation.

Lion: "Yes,  It was much better then being trained by the C.F.A."

His parents were deceased, the same followed his siblings and his village that burned to the ground. All that was left was revenge there was no way a normal life was possible unless it was from behind a gun and that was what drove him onwards. Big Boss was the man whom he'd lay down his life for a thousand times over just having a second chance in better conditions was enough.

While they continued their idle conversation, The helicopters continued to pierce further over the expanse of the forest's at this rate they were moving faster and faster. The chopper doors closed previously and yet a spike on the RDR seemed to draw the attention of Venom, That single eye focusing in the direction of both his pilots.

Morpho: "Boss.. something's off.."

Giving an scrutinizing face towards him and then shifting his attention over to Pequod both pilots continued to remain professional to their situation though before they could.


A heavy wind slammed against the chopper sending Venom down onto the metal floor of the chopper trying to steady the bird out once more their controls were becoming more unresponsive by the second.

Morpho: "Boss! Strap in!"

Pequod: "Everyone brace yourselves!"

This was had been unusual, These changes in the wind completely unnatural to the region of Tsenlinoyarsk what the hell was happening below them, Soldier's had been calmly staying seated, Various men and women peering over the side of the chopper to see what appeared to have been extensive bloodshed. Multiple civilian's that had been caught up in the explosion. This however was far from the truth.. all that could be seen is a downed body something completely inhuman and two individual's standing within the aftermath bruised and bloody. 

Venom: "Land there!" 

Pointing to the side of one of their buildings, It was going to be easier for them move from the commerce area and converge directly towards the two before they could move. If they were injured it would've been a simple encirclement. 


Escaping the eclipse.. once again, After all the trial's and tribulations everyone that had been killed as a result of their wrath. 


Everyone considered him the man to lead them through anything, Truth be told he had been always on top of that notion. Power consumed all that absorbed it. Griffith sold his friends for that power and this was the result. A quest that had stretched out extensively to pike that bastard's head for the world to see. Midland would've been a better place without his influence. Aiding Casca to this point was worth it fire's burned over the area around them with Guts who had dealt grievious blow's to Griffith before his demise Casca managed to deal that finishing blow. 

Judeau had weakly looked down at his arm, Two holes pierced at the back of his tricep, The demon that did it had completely disabled it making him completely useless it probably wouldn't ever heal from those damages. Using all his energy to stay upright a saddened expression came over his bloodied face both eyes looking over in the direction of Guts.. He hadn't been breathing 

Judeau: "Finally.. we managed to do it."

A brief turn of his head and the male could see Casca standing over a defeated Griffith, The demon he became and the cost of it all. Had it all been worth it? Were they really simply pawns in a bigger scheme of all that transpired? If it hadn't been Guts.. It would've definitely been Casca to claim his life.. It had to be someone from the Band of the Hawk to deal Griffith's life away and this.. was worth living for this moment.

Eyes weakly scanned around their area, Incapable of standing for the time being the sound's of footsteps from multiple areas were getting nearer and Judeau wasn't in any shape for combat. 

Judeau: "Casca.. maybe you should run.." 

The mercenary had been unsure honestly of where they were located. Thankfully, It was anything but the eclipse and for them this was almost a paradise compared to that vortex of hell. 


Jul 14th 2020 - 1:26 AM

Strugglers gonna struggle.

Jul 12th 2020 - 4:33 PM

I want you to know I am not dead.

Jun 19th 2020 - 8:44 PM

// I hope you are doing well, things have been crazy on my end but I'm surviving. I've got a 3 day weekend so I'm sitting down and working out a reply to you. I'm always available on discord if you wanna chat.
Cʀᴜsʜᴇʀ Cᴏʀᴘs

Mar 9th 2020 - 1:51 PM

Yet another day in Outerheaven, In war that never ended. 

MAC SOG an special group composed of not only YoRHa androids but human's who qualified for it's ranks. Unlike YoRHa who had an issue with the policies of taking human life. Those in MAC SOG saw very differently. Trained extensively by a private organization hidden amongst the shadows these were some of the most deadliest soldiers that walked the battlefield. Strength, Endurance, Durability, Tenacity and a high capacity for violence. 

{Military Assistance Command, Special Observations Group.}

Even C2 would not know that his time of death would be drawing near. Even for someone as capable as he was. Mistakes and disinformation would cause this downfall. 

The sharp sounds of bullets flew overhead, His very soldiers trying their best to defend their position. The damage was done and there was nothing they could honestly do about it. Leaning his back against the wall body peforated with bullet holes from his midsection, legs and arms. He was even unsure of why he still drew breath. The grimy sensation of slick crimson against his chin caused for the male to tilt his head upwards towards the ceiling. Imagining the sky was a brilliant feeling in these last moments and just for a second he could see it. 

Black: "It really is.. beautiful." 

Turning his attention towards his immedieate right there would be an single individual walking up to him. A sword in their hand pointing the blade directly at him in an attempt to goad him. 

???: "We didn't manage to catch the rest of your team.. but at least we got you.. That's alright.. you'll be joining them quite soon." 

Black simply chuckled at that knowledge, The pain of laughing was an intense one but one all the same that he wouldn't fuss over with a single stroke. Black felt a sharpness pierce his chest hitting that artificial heart with those veins just right near it. A that synthetic blood began leaving his mouth in deep rivulets the eyes would begin closing unaware that all of this was the work of a traitor. 

I knew for awhile.. that I wouldn't live for an very long time. Maybe it was fate.. Or maybe this was simply bound to happen because I willed it to. 

My life.. claimed by someone so easily. That is what rubs me the wrong way.. and yet I allowed that to happen. 

Well.. It was a nice experience.. being able to live amongst humans my debt I feel has been paid and now I can rest in peace. 

Or so he thought..

Light had faded from his hues and eventually it regained all together into a nicely bright room. Within it was the sounds of voices all around. They were hard to make out but they mostly sounded like all males. 

"Look another one.. I guess he died too.." 

A voice called, with another one chipping in. 

"I mean.. if we died is this heaven or even hell?" 

Black began ignoring all of this, Casting a glance down at his body getting out of the shaky stages of rigormortis. The commander looked to his body his uniform was mostly intact not a speck of blood, knife, gunshot or even sword wounds. Impossible.. 

All of his armaments were gone, None of his equipment would even matter in this situation. Looking around at the multiple faces in the room. Black simply continued to keep his peace he needed to gather as much information about this current ordeal. Alive or dead.. It did not matter it appeared maybe it was a new beginning filled with a much deeper dread.  

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