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About me:
{Part One: The Indescribable Untouchable}

The beginning of an uncommon tale starts in a world that was devoid of the impossible. A world in which magic was cultivated and presented to the world as a common necessity to which everyone could access, however, the inclusion of such a precious gift was eluded by one. Sion, a young boy of five years, was denied the gift that other humans was given, casting him into a league of his own in the eyes of the world as that of an "Untouchable". It was unknown to him or anyone else as to why he was unable to receive the blessing of using the elements at the time of inheritance for the young. Was he unworthy? Was he tainted?? The stories of what caused such a sweet boy to be denied such an ability would spread - the good and the bad of those stories gossiped did nothing to make the boy any happier when told.

One day, during his years of elementary learning, Sion was captivated by a poster. It spoke of the martial arts, an old style of fighting during the times of when magic wasn't prevalent for human beings, which immediately intrigued the young child and garnered all of his attention the moment he signed up for the class. The lessons were taught in two types of class: Elemental and Non-Elemental Combat. Obviously the young man had no choice but to learn ladder but, since he had nothing left to follow on in terms of an elemental lifestyle, he pursued the art as if his life depended on it.

Through trial and error and struggles of unimaginable strife, Sion would grow and become efficient in the ways of the martial arts. Every year that passed he grew stronger in his training, gaining the happiness that was stolen by the ones that though he was different, so much that he even decided to participate in the elemental tournaments for martial arts. His first time entering was met with three wins before losing on his fourth round. In his next year he was five wins, then the next year was seven and the year after that was ten. After five years of training and participating in tournaments Sion was finally able to make it to the Finals and with it....He successfully won his first elemental martial arts tournament.

{Part Two: The Worth of a Soul}

Now at thirteen years of age, Sions future seemed brighter than it had ever been before. Outside of his extracurricular activities with the martial arts he was a dedicated student. Even though the world prospered on the strength of those with the elemental gains and affinity for magic, it doesnt mean that he had to lose any gains in knowledge or strategy when living on it. From his classes during the day to his martial art sessions in the night, Sions life seemed all but normal since gaining the strength to defend himself. Nothing could go wrong for him at this moment. No.nothing could possibly stop him from being normal.that is.until one night where everything changed.

Late that night, Sion sneaked into the neighborhood center, practicing his moves within the silence of the gym as he prepared himself for an upcoming tournament. While practicing against a sandbag dummy, giving every ounce of strength to each of his kicks and punches, suddenly the dummy would begin to move and with its movement came its drastic assault on the boy. He fought against the dummy for quite some time unaware to what made it sentient while keeping his head in the game of defeating it; dummy or not. Through trial and error he was finally able to tear the dummy asunder with a finite blow to the center bag of its mass, driving a hole on the other side of its leather pouch. Once the dummy fell.the entire building collapsed around him in a loud and destructive scene. His eyes couldnt believe what he had seen as he looked up from the dummy, seeing the tumbling bricks and materials falling at their side, until the eclipse of a large shadow had overtook where the roof had once been and revealed that of a larger force than the building itself.

The figure stood with a long and slender build, etched with wings that had been spread to eclipse the entire area of where the gymnasium once stood. Its eyes were bright as rubies and the head was crowned with a couple of horns. On top of the horns he saw was something else, another figure that was coated in darkness, yet appeared closer to that of a human the figure that appeared. It slowly levitated down to where the young man stood and once it spoke, the sound of a womans voice perpetrated his ear drums; a voice that was motherly, but weaved with strong convictions. The woman, as he soon saw from the dark attire she wore, spoke of how he was special to have lasted as long as he has within this world due to the gift that was given to him. The gift she referred towards was the being sleeping in his soul the very same being that she was and that he saw covering the gym. It was a dragon, a spiritual dragon, born from the sea of the unconscious souls and bathed within the realms of etherious power. She elaborated by stating that her son, a mere egg at the time of his birth, slumbered within his tiny soul the moment after his birth and that for the last 13 years of his life has been feeding, nurturing on the experience and power that lies dormant within the soul of the young boy. This phenomenon, shocking as it is, was the reason why Sion was an Untouchable and the reason for why he couldnt use the elements at all.

His mind was blank, conceived by nothing at time of hearing it, that is until he launched himself towards the woman and proceeded to launch his fist towards her face. The bulk of his fist stopped short of pushing her nose inward as it slowly uncurled out into an open palm, gently cupping the left side of the womans cheek and with his own voice he said Momma.ohMomma.I.Ive been waiting for you to arrive He couldnt believe it, no, he wouldnt believe it! He lost control of his will to attack this woman and even more he was calling her mother?! He protested in his mind, however, the protest went silent as his mind went blank and his sight went dark.

{Part Three: WKS: Welcome Kill Survive}

Sion awoke the next morning in his bed, dressed in his pajamas, almost as if the incident never occurred from the night before. He thought it mightve been a dream with the woman, the talk of dragons and even with the talk of one of them being within his soul. The thought was ridiculous and unbelievable, thus he concentrated on nothing but training and for the upcoming martial arts tournament that was in two days. He went to school, focused in class and did everything in his power to keep himself from thinking about what he had saw; or what he thought to be true. His days would end and he went to bed. Nothing out of the ordinary came to him as he was on his way into the realm of dreams, however, the moment he fell into between the realm of life and the realm of dreams.the woman from before would appear to speak with him again.

Her presence this time was not as mysterious to the boy as it was back then, acting familiar with him as if the two were indeed family, even to the point of when she spoke of a serious matter concerning both him and her son who sleeps inside his soul. She spoke of the wellbeing of her son and how the two of their lives were now joined as one. Not only did this mean that the boy was far stronger because of the dragon but it also meant he was responsible for one more thing, and the thing that she spoke was something that he couldnt ignore; it was something that he just couldnt turn away from. If any harm of the fatal array comes to my beloved son, I shall have no trouble in killing everything, everyone and every aspect of life on this planet. The threat towards his life, his friends and even his family shook his resolve to do anything. What could he do? WWhat would he be able to do??

On the day of the martial arts tournament Sions nerves were still shaken, reminded of the fate that would befall him if he pushed himself too hard, thus his interactions with those he cared for was minimal. His parents, his friends and his instructor all tried their best to lift his spirits, but every effort made by them was simply annoyed as he felt alone; a feeling of which he hoped to never feel again. Despite his mood setting the scene for his defeat at the tournament, a voice from his mind spoke out to him during his first match and with it came a startling resolution. This resolution snapped him out of it, countering his opponents strategy to sweet him in the first round and allowing for the crimson haired artist to fight with conviction and without bounds until he finally arrived at the finals.

His final opponent was at his school of martial arts, a lightning and thunder elemental user whose fists were like the force of a thunderclap and with the torque of a lightning bolt. The match began and Sion was already on the ropes! Every hit against his body was like a charge from a defibrillator going higher in voltage with each blow against him. After enough strikes Sions body had been paralyzed before landing on the ground. Was he done for? As the referee rushed to his position time moved at snails pace. The woman, or the mother of the dragon within him, appeared from behind him and looked down with a content smile on her face as she repeated the promise she made to him. Hoping to instill fear within his heart and to make him lose the match she continued to speak even as he proceeded to stand. Every vile word that came from her lips was meant to keep him down but, the words he spoke were the ones that he only heard and the ones to which she would listen towards.

You wont be able to kill me.because I wont allow someone like you to stop us. He intends to see this through with me to the end since hes been with me at every loss, every lesson and at every chance I have to make myself better than what others told me. So shut up and watch me win.with or without him!

The match would continue with a resolving blast of determination coming from Sion as he took the hits again, equally delivering a knockback of power from his own fists until, at the last and final moment of his opponents final attack surged with enough electricity to surely end him Sions hand grabbed his glowing hand and delivered a solid left to the pit of the others stomach and shot him with an opposite charge of the electrical discharge that he now held within his right hand; looping into his left. The woman, unseen by others, would only grin as she watched the young man open his hands, holding the active spark of electricity within his hand, before commenting on how the boy proved her wrong with his own strength and the unveiling of Chi to everyone.

{Ending: ContinuedTo Be Continued?}

After his second martial arts tournament and his surprising victory, Sions life changed all the more with this accomplishment. The opponents hes had at his school had finally reveled in his strength and admired him for the person that he was and not for the lack of power he didnt have. His relationship with the dragon within him continued to grow alongside the involvement of his mother, gifting him with abilities akin to that of the dragons and growing stronger as the years passed. Five years passed since that time and Sion, a young adult of eighteen years, was now proficient in the ways of martial arts as a black belt and a practitioner of katanas, which he used to the adaption of his own mixed martial arts: Cinnabar Style. With his sights set on college and his life brighter than it had ever been there was nothing that could stop him from the dreams he wished to accomplish.

As his bags were packed and he was on his way to the train station, ready to board the train, two individuals with dark shades approached him wearing brass knuckles that glowed with a bright golden glow. They halted his progress and proceeded to restrain him, but Sion quickly pushed their attempts at restraining him back, going on the attack and subduing the two men. Right after their bodies fell came the appearance of two special individuals, wielding weapons of unknown origin and threatening to end his existence if he did not surrender. Sion refused, thus a battle commenced. Sion was the victor of the battle, however, the damage done by the individuals had derailed the train from taking off and also injured those wishing to escape from the blitz.

In the coming days after was a rampant attack on the city from an unknown group of assailants, each one closer in ending the life of Sion, however, as the attacks became more hostile in nature.the loss of life increased and with it.came the news of his friends and family involvement. Soon the government of his world had come to him, divulging information as to who was after him, giving him and his allies the means to combat against the threat known as Ludger or The Still-Standing. Ludger was a notorious member of the underground and was an SSS Class criminal not only for his crimes but because of his level of danger to the public. In the field of battle hes been shot, stabbed and evaporated by the best of magical and elemental weaponry, however, the man wouldnt stay down and thus his nickname was born. Unbeknownst to them, Sion was his next target and this time.he was willing to go to war to get rid of him.

Weeks had passed after the briefing and that day the day that he would never forget was the day that the man known as Ludger appeared and single-handedly fought against the entire world. All of his aids and members were gone killed or restrained but even so, his ferocity to fight was unaverred by the loss of those closest to him. Sion witness as he sliced carriers in half, bisected soldiers and ruthlessly kill others with this strange power that almost seemed like it was granted to him from time itself. So when Sion finally confronted him in the destroyed city he grew up in, Ludger spoke of how he (Sion) couldnt be the only one with a connection to the spirits in this world and how he (Ludger) was to be the only Apex Predator in this world. Sion didnt have much time to think on it since Ludger was immediately on him right after.

Sions battle against the man was the most intense battle hes ever done! His life on many instances couldve ended from a whiffed move, however, even at his best he wasnt able to fully fight against the force that was this man. His friends and family would soon join the battle to overpower Ludger as he hits harder and unleashed the full power of the dragon that slept within his soul. But even through all that, Ludger was still standing, however, it seemed that this time he wasnt able to move. As Sion moved in to unleash the final attack with his katana, attempting to bisect the man in half, a cloaked figure appeared and took the blow for the male. Blood splashed his entire form and in the same instance came a dark orb in place of the split robes of the being he sliced. The orb would spiral as a strong suction of wind would begin to absorb everything. People, objects, color, and the very essence of reality itself was consumed by the void.

{Epilogue: New Game-Plus}

Older, wiser and more adept with the power he was given at the end of his reality, Sion travels from world to world in hopes of finding a place he belongs. Hopefully one world will help him get to the past he wished to live or perhaps, a world in which can help reverse the effects of what Ludger and his spirit of time did to his reality.

Either way: The name is Sion, Traveling Problem-Solver, at your service.
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spυnĸy ĸ a l l e n

Dec 1st 2017 - 1:29 PM

hey hun im so sorry for my delayed reply how are you? i hope we can still discuss
spυnĸy ĸ a l l e n

Sep 7th 2017 - 6:15 PM

wow lets do that for our rp ♥
spυnĸy ĸ a l l e n

Aug 19th 2017 - 2:21 PM

My apologies for the delayed reply hun if you wanted to rp I'm all ears
Money Hungry

Jul 22nd 2017 - 1:06 AM

I only wish work was a problem. Haven't had much luck in the work department again.
No worries. I'll definitely respond before then. Working on things now.

I can understand that.
Glad writing and such can take up some fun time though. Hobbies that cost the least tend to be more fun anyway. That's one reason I started roleplaying.

Jul 21st 2017 - 7:31 PM

The woman would blink at this man's proposal and listened to his words closely. She would then fix herself, and fold her arms underneath her bust. Her amber hues gazing over at the other. "Okay, I'm listening. What did you have in mind, mister...? What was your name again? Sion?"
Money Hungry

Jul 14th 2017 - 2:19 AM

Got it! Will try and make time for my rp responses before the week is out.

Finding things to do for the summer is hard. I usually just spend the time watching anime or working. Oh and videos games or some kind of artsy activities.
That's good to hear though!

Jul 12th 2017 - 9:34 PM

// sorry for the wait,
I'll be with you soon!

Jul 11th 2017 - 12:17 PM

"Unique? You really think so? I feel that it is too common and bland." She couldn't help but to chuckle. "But whatever makes it easier for one to know." With a firm nod, she crossed her arms underneath her bust and swayed a bit. Tilting her head a bit, she blinks curiously. "Ara! A traveling problem solver?! Not only are you a nice gentlemen you are a noble one as well. Quite the pleasure in meeting you, Sion. Sion? Hm. I like. " Smiles warmly. "To which are you in the mood for? I wouldn't want to shove things upon your lap when you aren't ready. Would you prefer poking at each other's brains to learn more? Or do you want to write an adventurous song together?" She gently shrugs. "Either one works. Just want to see what you are interested in.~"

Jul 10th 2017 - 11:40 AM

A red haired gentlemen? A dragon as well?! Ara! Could you possibly be a Hiasobi, by any chance?! Or perhaps an element?! -Pauses.- Wait, what?! Ah! Hmm. I suppose that makes a ton of sense considering that I hear faint growling noises in the Kingdom. -Waves a hand.- My apologies for just throwing that out there. I know I probably confused you. I guess I was too eager to finally get rid of this sleeping beast over. -Leans a bit close and whispers.- But I would never since he might come after you.

-Chuckles and moves away.- All of that aside, thank you for approving my invitation! You can call me Rain since that's what everyone in my village has been calling me. Thank you for having me among your circle of friends. I'm quite eager to give your brain a gentle poke sometime soon. I do won't be a vegetable. I'll be gentle.

(-She won't.-)
Hey! Erm, un...until we meet again, my friend! Stay safe!
Money Hungry

Jul 4th 2017 - 4:21 AM

Please do. If anything comes up it can always be discussed through the comments.

I've been a bit busy. Hopefully you've been well though.
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