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Characters: Katara
Verses: Avatar: The Last Airbender, ATLA, The Legend of Korra
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
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About me:


  • Katara is a waterbending master, born in the Southern Water Tribe to Chief Hakoda and his wife Kya. During her childhood, she was the only waterbender living in the South Pole and lived a peaceful life with her family. This happiness was shattered, however, when Katara lost her mother in a Fire Nation raid, Kya sacrificing herself to keep her daughter safe from harm. After her father left to battle against the Fire Nation in the Hundred Year War, she was raised by her paternal grandmother Kanna alongside her older brother Sokka. As a teenager, Katara and her brother discovered the young Air Nomad Avatar, Aang, who had been frozen in an iceberg with his bison, Appa, for one hundred years. In need of a waterbending master, the siblings and Aang left the South Pole on a journey toward the Northern Water Tribe. She and Sokka eventually became close friends with Aang, and after their journey to the North Pole, continued to travel with him across the world as he mastered the remaining elements, earth and fire. She became Aang's waterbending instructor after their departure from the Northern Water Tribe, replacing Master Pakku, who had instructed them during their time there. Her mastery of water made her a formidable asset to the group. The siblings' assistance helped Aang halt the Fire Nation's ambitions of world domination, ending the century-long war, and finally restoring balance to the world. The murder of her mother and the later departure of her warrior father left Katara feeling traumatized and alone. Though she was cared for by Kanna, she invariably found herself filling the mother role left behind by Kya, even to her own older brother. Katara soon took on many of the responsibilities expected of an adult and quickly became independent and strong willed. Morally and emotionally driven, she developed a great sense of justice and compassion for others, becoming fiercely protective of those in need..

  • Personality: Katara had a warm, compassionate, and caring personality and often acted as a motherly figure to the group, something that often irritated the rebellious Toph. She displayed deep affection for those she traveled with and was fiercely protective whenever danger threatened their safety. Her inner strength kept Aang and their friends together through their most difficult experiences, even in the absence of parental figures. While the team traveled through the Si Wong Desert, she was able to hold the group together in its most desperate moments. She had a soft spot for children, giving a portion of her food to a little boy in Jang Hui and went as far to defend Tom-Tom, despite the fact that he was from the Fire Nation and that everyone else, with the exception of Aang, was distrustful of him for it. This was because when Katara was a young girl, her mother was killed in a Fire Nation raid, an event which had a tremendous impact on her life and arguably shaped her into the person she became. According to Sokka, she largely prevented their family from falling apart and took on many responsibilities to the point where she filled the void left by their mother, so much that he pictured her in place of their mother.

I will never


turn my back on people who need me..

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May 18th 2020 - 12:00 PM

Hello Katara, I am quite alright! 
I would love to discuss with you I am so happy to see this fandom alive again. Oh how I have missed avatar verse it was very fun back then. So, did you have any ideas you would to try or discuss??
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