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Full name: Luna Moon
Nickname(s) or Alias: Lulu, moon, (Give me some)
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn Demon
Age: 30,456
Birthday: 11/17/xxxx
Sexuality: Bi
Religion: Dose not have one
Currently lives: With her family/Friends
Languages spoken: Dragon, Unicorn, Demon, Common
Native language: Mix of Unicorn & Demon
Relationship Status: Single Not Looking
Height: 5'0
Weight: 99 ponds
Figure/build: Small & fit with an hourglass shape
Hair color: Blue, with purple that fades to pink bangs
Hairstyle: long & sometimes short
Eye color: Purple & blue
Skin color: A smooth pink
Tattoos: None right now
Piercings: None right now
Scars/distinguishing marks: None right now
Preferred style of clothing: Shorts & tank tops
Frequently worn jeweler/accessories: Has none at the moment
Smoker? No
Drinker? Not yet
Addictions: Sweets so fare
Allergies: Cat's (but still loves them)

Dislikes: yelling, rudeness, being bossed around, hitting
Fears/phobias: heights (even though she can fly), dragon's, small spaces
Personality: kind, outgoing, silly/funny, hyper, moody, but over all nice
Likes: macarons, candy, animals, beach, reading, long walks, dancing, spending time with other's
Favorite color: Blue
Hobbies: Baking & dancing
Taste in music: Plays Violin

Talents/skills: Beautiful singer, Good cook, wonderful Baker
Ability to drive a car? yes.

Operate any other vehicles? yes
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Unicorns will eat anything
Favorite food(s): macarons, cake, Ice-cream
Favorite drink(s): likes sweet drinks
Disliked food(s): Liver and onions
Disliked drink(s): un-sweet drinks

Parents names: none as of yet
Are parents alive or dead? n/a
Is the character still in contact with their parents? n/a
Siblings: none as of yet
Relationship with siblings? n/a
Other Important Relatives: none as of yet
Partner/Spouse: none
Children: none as of yet
Best Friend: none as of yet
Other Important Friends: none as of yet
Acquaintances: none as of yet
Pets: none as of yet
Enemies: none as of yet
Why are they enemies? n/a

I will do back story over time from role-play
Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10):
Describe their teenage years (11 - 19):
Describe their adult years (20+):

1. I Do Not cross Role-play & Real Life!
1a. My RL always comes first, So understand I will not put up with any Bullsh*t. I have a family, Boyfriend, Fun things I like doing other then Rp, Work, Sh*t that it's none of your f***ing business. So do not think that RP & RL are the same.

2. I Do NOT owe You Anything!
2a. So I have to put this do to past experiences, I Don't give a F*** if I said I would Do a f***ing edit for you. You pull sh*t like this "But you side you would, you owe me." I don't F***ing care If I said I would. I don't have to do sh*t for your ass. If we're not talking a lot, and rping then I will mostly not edit for you. Even if I side I would. Because "If" we're not close anymore then why do it. I'm not going to waste my F***ing time on "You" if you're not talking to me. If you stop talking to me yet I see you doing all kinds of sh*t with others, then yeah I'm not going to edit for you.

 3a On other note If I edit with you and you Do not use it, I will not edit for you again. If I edit for us and you stop talking to me, I'm not going to do it again. Over all if you waste my time and hard work, and don't show you care then, I will not do it again. Just so you know a list of what I view as you didn't care or wasted my time or being unappreciated for editing.

If You don't upload it within 3 days without saying "Hey I can't upload it right now due to ________"

You don't put a caption of some kind, like "This was done by my friend" so something nice or giving me Credit, or like an Rp Caption. People that care do that sh*t, they show there apparition for someone working their ass off.

 Use it, Default it! Like I didn't edit this sh*t for you to just add it to you list of pictures you have with people. I do not just edit to edit, I edit for people I like the most and they like me. An edit is a gift I give you out of the kindness of my heart. So If you do not use it then I'm not doing more! I get you have other friends. I do but If I see you, put their edit up for a month or every time they make you something new it's up. Yet you turn around an can't even have mine up for a day, then I will not do as much for you as the person using my sh*t. An it's not a matter of being jealous, it a matter of I worked just as hard as they did. It called being grateful and treating people like there all special. So no bullsh*t Don't say I'm Special to you so you can get a edit, just for you to show me I'm not.

 If you can edit, Don't always ask me to do the full picture, Co-Edit with me or hey why not "You" Edit us one. Don't sit there and Be like "I really want a edit with you." When you can f***ing edit. When I want to edit with someone I just ask then do it. I'm like "Hey can I edit you're Character into this with me." When I get a yes I do the edit, I don't even ask for Co, If they offer I take it though sometimes. So if you can edit Don't pull that sh*t okay, I'll tell you like it is and say "Then edit us a picture." Due to I don't like that Bullsh*t. If you want one and we talk just ask, don't try and make me do it with that f***ed up line.

3. Respect!
Respect is a given until you Disrespect me, Look I don't play this hold respect is eared game. I will respect you, but trust is earned. Respect is given Trust is eared over time, if you Disrespect right from the start then you might as well deleted me now. I don't have time for it, I have no time for that sh*t.

4. Drama Free Zone
Let me make this clear, if you come to me with "So in so said you're doing this." I will block you and then go right to them and say what the f*** and then block them next or I'll report you both. F*** this Drama Bullsh*t some of you like to play. I will not put up with it anymore like I have in the past. Take that sh*t and shove it up your ass, You Don't f***ing know me. Making up bullsh*t rumors are for f***ing kids and I don't have time for it. I'm a grown women and a wonderful person, just because I stand up for myself Does not make me whatever you make up in your f***ing head. So don't get mad because I'm right.

5. I have a boyfriend in RL and here's some sh*t I don't want to hear.
"You have a boyfriend you don't need an Rp life." So I hear this from women all the time. They try this Bullsh*t with me, that because I have a man in IRL I have no right to be here. I'ma shut that sh*t down right now. This is not a f***ing Dating sight, Taken people can Rp, Rp is for fun, It's not f***ing real. Unlike some of you Bitch's that DON'T have a IRL man. You should not fill that void with Rp, Some of you take Rp too seriously. Rp is not meant for you to find your soul mate and have babies and spend the rest of your life with someone on the net. No you do that sh*t in real life, So chill the f*** out with sh*t like "You have an Real man stop talking to our Rp men." Yeah I have my IRL solo mate, but I like to Rp to. Oh and don't even try the hole "But it's cheating." My man knows where I sleep and who's c*ck I suck, He will tell you himself that he loves seeing me do what I enjoy. So go f*** yourself, I'm not going to cheat on my man with someone. It's Rp it's not real, and not only single people Rp. There's no rule book to Rp and no rule that say taken people can't rp so go f*** yourself end of story.

So that's about it, I don't have rule's that tell you how to Rp with me due to I'm not picky. If I don't like something I know how to say No. All I ask of anyone that adds me is just be Respectful of my rules, and treat me how you would if we met in person when you ooc chatting with me. Drama does not come from Rp take it comes from chatting IRL but with a little Rp on it, or even none at all. I don't want it, So I told you from the get go. This is how I feel, and you can say my rules are rude. Yet there is a reason I have them. I have them Due to I have been though all this Bullsh*t of Drama, and I am f***ing sick of it. I'm here to get away from IRL and life Drama, I don't want more of it. So understand If you have made it down here due to, you read this. I'd like to say thank you but If you still don't follow it then you wasted your own time. Because it's here so if you didn't read it, or even if you did but you don't follow it. Then well don't get your f***ing felling hurt when I tell you to "f*** off" Due to you did something I have covered. (So If you have read my rules when you message me say Banana)

So with all that being said It's nice to meet you, I really do want to be your friend. I really do want to write with you too, because your story is one I do not know. I even would not mind chatting, but please leave you bullsh*t at home. Don't bring drama my way and I know we will get along, Because I'm a good person and I will welcome you with open arms.

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