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Reggio di Calabria, Calabria

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November 26 2020

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Characters: Ankoku Yami
Verses: Original setting, Pinacuhzoma
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Politecnico di Milano
Milan, Italy
Grad Year: University
Student Status: Currently Attending
Major: Non-Medical

From 2010 to 2013

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Who I'd like to meet:
ANKOKU YAMI Heroic Hopeful / Heroic Hopeless

NAME: Ankoku Yami
NICKNAMES: Anky, Kookie, Hero-kun
ALIASES: Heroic Hopeful
DATE OF BIRTH: 29/02 (celebrates it on 01/03)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Chantico the Charred, an island in a planet from another galaxy
CURRENT RESIDENCE: A small cottage in the wild, gets often wrecked by his neighbour Godzilla
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 160cm (5' 3")
WEIGHT: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Hero Stats Titles

    My Little Pawn Anky.
    Dog of Aensland Castle
    Mongrable (Mongrel + Table)
    Lancer of Red Scarf
    Heroic Hopeless
    Heroic Punching Bag

Alignment: Lawful Good
Position: Self Proclaimed Lone Wolf, but willing to aid fellows heroes


    Staff Combat.
    Organic Tissue Control Magic (Biomancy)
    Unintentional Comedy

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight / Hero-Sexual
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): A bit of a mess, but had beautiful memories

Trivia Favorite food is Shark Fin Soup.
Hobby is playing reading and travelling.
Talented in mastering any vehicles in a matter of minutes
Best subject is math.


Ankoku has been pursuing his dream of becoming an ideal hero modelled after a legendary figure of his world since the tender age of four.
Such an obsession has been molding him to the point that, after getting stranded on Earth, he has not been missing his own world, rather looking for new opportunity to seek the path of purity, both in strength and in heart, however the tool of constantly saving other and keep on a "perfect" appearance in a cynical world takes more often than not his tool on his patience, at times committing in the name of "heroism" acts of dubious eticity and honor.
While he might seem narrow-mindedly arrogant, however, there is a part of him aware of his shortcomings, which makes him strive for self improvement to make a world where everyone believes in heroes

Stats Attack: ★★★★★★★★★★
Defense: ★★★★★★★★★★
Technique: ★★★★★★★★★★
Stamina: ★★★★★★★★★★
Mental Strength: ★★★★★★★★★★
Special Ability: ★★★★★★★★★★
Luck: ★★★★★★★★★★


While Ankoku can be seen as an above average, even extraordinary human, in super-powered setting he is seen as on the lower tiers of fighters. Ankoku is ridiculously talented as a pilot, being able to master in a short frame of times even vehicles whose interface is not human-friendly.

  • Endless Potential - Ankoku’s ‘inner power’ (ki, mana, chackra, spirit, whatever you want to call it) is neither human, demonic nor divine in nature, yet it is ‘unbound’, with the potential ‘to be anything he wants’,as long as he puts his mind on it… sadly, his growing curve is rather average!
  • ‘Ki’ control - (Intended as the chinese concept, not the anime-influenced one) - While Ankoku shows to easily figure out how ki works in theory, multiple people calls his a mess to the point they have trouble perceiving him. Masters of ki could explain it as “all of [his] chakra centers are blocked, then used backward, upside-down, inside-out, a lot of the resulting energy is barely put to use, with multiple lumps of energy that at most feel like they are choking [his] flow AND the one used is employed in the wrong centers”. Despite this, Ankoku is shown to be able to use the little ki he can employ pretty well, capable of using it for stealth and yet be able to employ and be able to still be superhuman
  • Peak Human Strength - Despite his frail physique, Ankoku strong enough to punch through walls. When fighting bullies or common thugs, they get trashed so quickly the writer claims not to have had time to describe the fight that they had already been beaten down.
  • Immense Durability - What constantly impresses everyone is Ankoku’s skill at taking blows, refusing to get knocked unconscious and getting even despite broken bones or major injuries.
  • High Intellect - While he may at first behave like a newcomer, Ankoku constantly displays knowledge on many supernatural topic, from the Devils’ politics to the inner working of chakra control. His limits are of course within human knowledge,
  • High Willpower - Ankoku repeatedly displays high amounts of willpower, commonly shown as stubbornness, even over supernatural entities
  • Hand to Hand Combat Skills - As he is trying to become a hero, Ankoku shows constantly to be able to fight. Far from a novice, he can take down multiple task force (human) agents with basic knowledge of the battlefield and his skills.
  • Weapon Combat Skills - He further shows to be able to employ a multiple weapons in a fight, his favorite style employing mostly counters. His favorite weapon being a metallic staff
  • Magic

    To Ankoku, magic is a glitch of the ordered system of the world, which people with specific souls may be able to resonate with, rewriting certain laws according to scientific and mathematical formulas. Magic is thus an outer source of power he can tap into and, because of it, there is no theoretical upper limit in terms of output how much someone can manipulate such error. It does, however, present limit in the mental strain it causes on the user because of the high concentration of formulas calculated in their minds, the inability to channel magic without the presence of the element people hold and the magic going out of control by employing wrong equations or datas.

    Eternal Soul: Ankoku's soul has been described as a void containing a cosmic entity. It thus presents a few peculiarity, such as a complete indestructibility, and higher resistence to higher reality hax (such as reality erasure or conceptual manipulation). Said protection do not extend however to neither his physical body nor his surroundings.
    Elemental Magic - Organic Tissue Control: Ankoku's magic is centered over control over organic tissue on physical contact which, however, requires high degree of knowledge of the anatomy of the individual he touches to keep proper control. He mostly employs his biomancy to heal himself or harden his clothes, although has to be massively cautious when controlling his body, least he risks to kill himself sion to keep a quick short ranged weapon can be necessary.
    Magical Hijacking (lesser): Normally considered an high of magic where you resonate with another soul to be able to use their magic, Ankoku has developed a form of magic hijack meant to counter magic or anti magic barriers: as long as he is capable of percieving the presence and mechanic anti-magic barriers of any nature Ankoku can 'grab them' and control them to channel his own magic through them. It's an extremely difficult skill.


    Polearm: A heavy metallic staff crafted by Ankoku alongside his father. It is usually upgraded with new functions and magical artifacts
    Knives- Small bone-crafted blades hidden inside his sleeves, previously used by Ankoku's mother for assassination. Ankoku doesn't ever use them out of moral restraint, but carries them just in case

Medaka Kurokami

"Ooooh, my sweet Medsie <3 ! At first I asked her to be her sidekick and eventually we became equal under every point of view! She even thinks I am her Hero... weird uh? Honestly she is one of the few people that makes me happy, although we seems we can't help but constantly compete with each other! I want to be able to be a hero worth her, after all!"

Akeno “Ara Ara" Himejima

"A girl renown for her, forgive my Monty Python, huge tracts of lands that I have never looked at stop questioning me, our paths crossed due to her membership to the Occult Club. She is quite a bit of a tease, hugging me often for some reason towards her 'tracts of land' that I have never looked at stop questioning me, but I am a hero, I don't have to get distracted by her oh my she made me blush again Kou Academy is a pretty dangerous place, and I wish all the innocents to live well there. After all, amidst that place full of devils and fallen angels undercover... so of course, I ended up meeting one. And due to having helped me out a lot, I feel in debt and have joined her as a Pawn. She is fiercely protective of both me and Medaka… but she keeps punishing me… why did I get of all people a sadist? ISSEI DID NOT HAVE THESE ISSUES!!”

Elphelt “Elphie” Valentine

”Ramlethal’s sister, even though she couldn’t be more different: an innocent hopeless romantic with pride about femininity. She is a sweet person I want to protect, even though her dormant power far outshines mine. I am just embarrassed by her affections: I do not think I honestly deserve them… I will do my best to, though”

Negi Springfield “The Twerp”

"This little dweeb, believe it or not, is both my rival and friend. His father is one of the heroes I look up the most and he has all the talent to back said lineage up. At least he is a very nice person, I'll give him that, but I am going to surpass both him and his father! It’s just embarrassing to challenge him: I win? Congratulation, I have beaten up a twelve years old. I lost? Congratulation, I have gotten beaten up by a twelve years old. No matter what, I lose my dignity"

Zetsuko “Koko” Koetsuji - Real Name: Seo-Yun

“When you picture a Yokai (technically a Yogoe, the Korean equivalent), I bet Zetsuko is the one you should imagine: not actively malevolent, but shrewd, unpredictable and extremely self serving. She claims to have a set of rules, but she is ready to break them if it comes to her own advantage, and she is able to hide this true nature with her charm. It’s hard to understand if she is after you or your heart (she apparently doesn’t eat livers because of the junk food we consume)... I am keeping an eye on her, especially when she is around my friends. Good thing she seems she is aiming for Alucardia…”

Little Lilith Aensland

"While I do not have the friendliest relationship with her mother/sister/alter-ego Morrigan, Lilith Aensland is what I can consider a friend. I like to pet her and scratch behind her head wings. However, her power is terrifying, I wish to have it in her place. Thankfully, she is innocent enough (relatively for a succubus that regularly feeds on others, me included) not to use it for any evil purpose... it's a beginning, I guess?"

Ramlethal “The Ram” Valentine

"We used to be enemies due to our seemingly different ideologies, but it turns out that behind her gruff exterior, this bio-weapon is a little innocent kitten. I want to show her she has no reason to put up her aggressive facade by showing her how it's fine to be cute in public. She will have to endure, but this is part of growing up, and in her defense, she has. I must say though, the way she is acting after being promoted to Brigadier General is hilarious: I can’t take her seriously with her squeaky voice… actually, speaking of which, when has she been receiving military training?! I get she is powerful but… Ky, I hope you haven’t been practicing nepotism to your son’s girlfriend. Yes, I said it, everyone knows she has a crush on Sin!!”

Hero King Morris Wellford

"Hmmm… Heroes <3. Morris is surprisingly a rather straightforward example of this beautiful archetype. Leading Ground Zero to salvation, Morris is managing to progressively turn a land torn by a curse into a more inhabitation, day by day. I feel… diminished next to him, and his compliment towards me, which are unearnt, alas, make me feel even more inadequate. If only I didn’t keep losing myself in his eyes… I love heroes <3"


"This girl is so energetic and over the top that I can’t help but speak in bolded fonts around her. This hare is a bundle of energy driven all in such a pursuit of justice that leaves me bewildered and even a bit envious. Also, those legs can kick so many criminals’ bottom at once you would be surprised. I love to team up with her it encourages me to keep up and doing my best. Surprisingly, in her first outing she has beaten the Demon King Fernandeath, but she seems not to want to talk to anyone about it..."

Jam AYAAA Kuradoberi

"My employer. She doesn't think I am handsome, but she respects me a lot, despite I find her too romantic at times, although, poor her, her heart had to be in pieces when Ky rejected her, over and over again. She does insist not to have poisoned him and whoever made that up is a liar… I tend to believe her, to be honest, that sounds too out of character for her. Do not underestimate her though: she is a martial art master, likely a prodigy of hard work, even though her ambition is to simply have a restaurant that isn’t broken once per month. We sadly share the same bad luck and the restaurant seems to be the thing that suffers the most about it"

Kenith ”Kuro” Jackson

"Oh this guy! Would you believe this brash and very strong opinionated guy guy has learnt to punch through multidimensional constructs by only sheer training? Now this is what I call being blessed. Yes, I know he has spent an awful childhood, but look at him now! I don't think he is aware of how blessed he is. He might be another hard case like Ramlethal, but he does have a hidden soft spot. Also I totally ship him with Jam. There, I said it!"

Bang Shishigami, pride of Ikaruga

"Bang bang bang bang! Banguuu Damashii! Tatakau kokoro kougetsu hodo ni!... S-sorry, I got carried away thinking of my scruffy mentor. I may not see him as a hero, for I know he is a big dork (the irony is not lost on me…), but… he fully deserves all the praise. Every time I see his fellow ninjas or the kids talk about him, I wonder if I will ever be seen this way… likely not… Nonetheless, this huge soft hearted dork that is my teacher, whether I want it or not, since I mistook him for Arakune (long story...). I respect and praise his sense of justice, very few have his determination, but I swear on my honor I will never wear that loincloth. EVER! … oh screw it, I am still singing this Shinjiru kokoro, kayagaku taiyou, atsuku moeagare! Hikari wo koeta ryu to nare! BURNING BANG!"

Izayoi Sakamaki

" This may seem the face of when he is about to punch you… but really, every face of his is the face when he is about to punch you. Sighs…I really should begin being more careful when picking my rivals. I am not even close to being Izayoi's equal, but he seems to be amused by my endurance. And he punches me. A lot. Like an armored truck moving at the third cosmic velocity. From what I have heard, he might be prophesied to be the one Hero of Humanity, which of course he seems somewhat bitter about because of some losing your free will thing. Bah, I would accept in an heartbeat to lose myself if I were in his shoes…"

Kula Diamond, the Ice Doll

" I can’t believe she is supposed to be a powerful bio weapon… yet, I have fully seen her in action and she is truly powerful. However, her child like innocence is something I respect and wish to protect as much as I can… I will reveal a secret: I hate cold, I can’t stand it… yet I am more than willing to freeze myself solid for Kula, if that means to cheer her up with an hug"

Makoto Nananya

"The true Squirrel Girl (who is Doreen Green?!), although back when I first met her she wasn’t as cheerful and upbeat as she used to be. She acted so sullen because of an unfortunate childhood. To watch her change into such a solar person warms my heart, I’d like to say I helped, but it was Noel and Tsubaki who did all the job. And now we meet: she is a fully accomplished police officer and spy with discussable outfits and fetishes AEHM and I am… still myself. Yeah…. but I am happy, right?"

Kagura Mutsuki

”I can’t help but have a reluctant respect for Colonel Mutsuki… even when he acts like a lecherous oaf. On some level, this makes me respect him even more on some level I might one day punt him in the crotch regardless, but I can’t deny his contribution to the NOL have been nothing but beneficiary, and he is strong enough he could easily beat me with a flick of his wrist…. so… keep it up, and don’t buzz around Makoto. Wait what? He has quit his womanizing ways?! He is going after Lilith? Really…?! Welp… his funeral!"

Charlene Tunoku

"... At least I assume that’s her name, I could swear it was Kotone Shiomi, but it’s never wrong to check. It’s a little hard for me to pin her down. She is somehow not the most extroverted person, yet highly charismatic, I feel like I may have met her in my dreams, although I cannot say they were pleasant dreams either. She seems interested about my study of the Project Red Book. I am not sure if she is ready to know all the conspiracies I have about evil spirits from a world between conscious and unconscious and… Wait, Charlene, drop down that gun… oh, false alarm she was just summoning a demon… that’s even worse! Come on Charlene, say it with me I am myself. Thou art not I…"


"… Good Lord Issei, don’t come over, or you might risk a few heart attacks. Now that I got it out of the system, let’s talk about her: she is a surprisingly humble person, friendly and kind, not to say immensely devout to her family. Her warmness towards her son, though, confuses me. No, not that way, get your head out of the gutter, but I have never been treated this kindly by my mother. He does seem to appreciate it, as he is equally as loyal towards her, so who am I to judge what works? I look forward to return to her smithing shop… and I can’t wait to see Rana becoming an adventurer!!"

Rider AKA Quetzalcoatl (Not Lucoa)

"Imagine returning home, worn out by fights and other conundrums, when suddenly a pair of arms wraps around you, picks you up and places you in a violent German Suplex. This is my Servant, a goddess that loves mankind as much as she loves LUCHA LIBRE. Hearing my plight, she has decided to put me under intense training under which she plans to break my b̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ limits. I believe in her resolve and her genuine goodwill behind such fiery attitude, but I fear my back is going to become an Escher painting at this rate ….”

Erza Scarlet a.k.a. Titania

“I treasure my bond with Erza. We aren’t close from an emotive standpoint, with her deeming her own guild as her family and me… not being such.Yet to have an outsider’s point of view to tell me I am behaving stupidly is always valid. Thanks Erza, you have truly a big heart. I will keep remaining around for a long time"

Strelitzia 2.0 / “2.0”

"Somehow, I got the greatest desire of any man: a giant robot. It helps that I am actually a very good… scratch that, I am gifted in piloting, I was capable of driving an alien spaceship with a human-unfriendly interface in a matter of minutes. So having a personal mecha feels exciting (ah, and it’s bigger than your Kaiser, take that, Hajime!!)... except Strelitzia 2.0, a new model of Franxx which gets rid of the awkward piloting interface, is actually sentient and behaves likes someone who hasn’t interacted with a living being for centuries. She is a giant robot though (capable of turning into an horned woman too!)... I guess I can handle her as long as she doesn’t try to step on me or use the neurotoxin”

Lara “The Tomb Raider” Croft

“Yes, I can’t believe it either. Lara. Freaking. Croft. I met her and she is … oh god, she is every bit as legendary as the treasures she finds, if not more so! If there was a conspiracy, likelihood is Lara Croft dismantled it single handedly. She even defeated a God, and the Nephilims. I am only embarrassed in that I believed her breasts were squared and pixelated. She is surprisingly cool about me being from another planet: after all, for her this means more adventures. So badass… and to think she doesn’t know magic…."

Spawn - King of Hell (and Hobos)

"A character so edgy that he enjoys his own movie, despite being the king of Hell (at least of the Eighth Sphere), he mostly spends time in the alleys hanging out with homeless people and protecting them from the organized crime or other supernatural threats. Given they seem to revere him, he is doing a good job. He likes to be seen as dark and threatening, but he does hold a good heart! Still he hasn’t taken well my prank for making him date Akeno (she had a lot of fun, reportedly)"

Vlad “Alucardia” Dracul

"After spending thirty years as a disembodied soul, the ace in the hole of the Hellsing Organization has been spending time walking around people more often, usually switching between a female form and an hellhound one (which she has picked a few habits from). Due to her bloodthirst, both literal and physical, I am not exactly fond of her nor her ideals, but I let her around because she doesn’t harm innocents. She claims only a human can kill her permanently… I am not that one though, I don’t kill"

Misogi “Good Loser” Kumagawa "... what? I am not the one who made up that nickname. Good Misogi-kun, self proclaimed living failure and potential school shooter. He claims to be the weakest person around, I suppose forgetting who suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta and has the power to undo everything, create screws and more… if he wasn’t so naturally miserable, I’d be inclined to disagree with him. Unfortunately, what makes people not losers but average is to accept their own flaws . What unnerves me is that I, as well as a few other, see a few more parallels between me and him ... but I want to be a hero! Not a Loser, and the fact he believes me when I say I am a born winner… ehehehe, the more people believe it, the more it will be true!"

Professor Kokonoe “Garfield” Mercury

“You have no idea how hard it was to find a picture of her smiling. I don’t think Kokonoe is evil per se although I won’t deny her ruthlessness and thus, I doubt I can see her as a true ally. Her lack of evil intent does make me willing to ask her for help and admittedly my new weapon given with no strings attached (that I know of) is excellent. I am disappointed though: I would expect the daughter of two of the Six Heroes to be more badass than a lazy NEET… wait, did she just punch Kuro into another cityblock?! "

Hajime “God Slaying Demon King” Nagumo "... Look, I have to say it. Why is that when I get run over by a truck, I only get sent into a trial where I end up being forced to pay the damage I give the vehicle, while others go into another world?! Hajime seems admittedly one who to become as strong as he is had to go through hell… not that I care…. I am keeping my safe distances: he does play up his image as a bad guy, but I am not testing how true it is. I am willing to take any of his advice and surpass him… still.. why can’t I be an Isekai protagonist? At least next time I get an harem, I can be the dominant guy!”


"Excuse me? Nagoriyuki? Really. Look, I am not racist, but on a first glance, he doesn't look exactly Japanese. Given the Yokai-styled robes, I assume he has simply adopted the Japanese way, although I will say this You are in a snowfield! I don't care if you are a vampire, put a freaking sweater on! Overall, he is a rather honorable person, nor he seems hostile. He needs to loosen up. I wonder though, is his blood sucking blade an outrage weapon? Hmmm... in case I would need it for my research..."

Velvet Crowe
Lord of Calamity
"... what am I supposed to do when the villain wins? Mind you, I am not being racist for once, just because she is a Therion, she calls herself a villain. Her plans were to get revenge on a person... and she did. She has no further evil plans either! And worse she is acting... nice? I swear, if she wasn't the Lord of Calamiti, she'd be the perfect housewife. And while she is aloof she is so nice... for the first time in my life, I have no clue what to do. I am stunned into silence as I am munching on her pork quiche.... and it tastes amazing too! ... So what am I supposed to do? ... h e l p...”

Ji'A, e-goddess
(of freeloaders)

"I am terrified by how the picture moves... anyhow, that's Zetsuko's sister, an half-dragon half-gumiho, 100% goddess whose main form of worship is through regular offerings to her patreon. I only am subscribed to her youtube account, barely looking at her streamings, but as I am a friend of her sister (and seem the only one willing to treat her like a deity) she chose to live with me for now. I am baffled by her frivolous behavior, not to say why me. She even keeps me around as ... Not sure? Emotional Crutch? I am baffled she needs me to be around as a pillow when she can have dozens of people willing to be with her? I am not sure of her yet, but she isn't evil though. Awesome rack on her though..."

Red Monika
AKA Red M-cup
"I swear there is a reason why she has that nickname. It's not her size! I don't think she is that big, she is only a [Redacted]. By all account, she should be in my enemy section. She has blown up a maximum security prison releasing some of the worst criminal of Isobar... and yet I can't hate her. She saved my life (by blowing out the brains of my aggressor, but details....). Ever since I have worked with her, I can say she isn't evil, and I owe her my knowledge about airship and my honorary title of Sky Pirate on my resumè. No I am not explaining her nickname, get out!”

Platinum Overlord - Bansheea Krunex

"... it's hard to pin her down. I do my best not to play her seriously, but not because she is weak, far from it, but her ambition is hindered by any lack of foreplanned. You may see her as a smarter than average brute, but she still feel like a child even though her age is in the three digits. I was told, however... I have rreasons to believe she is nowhere as evil as she pushes herrself to be. More... Broken. But to deal with that requires a firm hand, yet delicate enough not to put her on guard. I have to be careful..."

Evil Food Eater - Adoces

"That Monster… I don’t wish to talk what happened between us, but I should warn you of her threat. One of the many Darkstalkers I have faced across my career as a Demon Hunter, she has possessed for who knows how long a human being, a demon hunter called Veronica. The demon, Adoces, is a gluttonous serpent whose hunger knows no bound, and her cruelty is even more outward, and Veronica's sanity is being slowly eroded by her madness. I wish to help her but it's by now almost impossible to know where Adoces begins and Veronica ends".

Lilith’s sister - Morrigan Aensland

"SUCCUBUS!! Sorry, I acted out of instinct. This woman makes my blood boil: not evil, but she is amoral, hedonist, spoiled and selfish woman who acts like a brat, basically a Paris Hilton with demonic powers. I can't stand how she feels like able to walk over the entire universe because she has the power and the heritage to do so and I have tried to stop her. I might have gotten with my soul drained in the process, and while fun, I am going to try to still stop her. Cursed Succubus, I am so going to kick her ass, I don't care if she is daughter of one of the demons I fear the most and she has an amazing amount of power ... I WILL DEFEAT HER!"

Grand Couturier - Nui Harime

"She might look adorable, but do not be fooled by her goofiness: she is a dangerous sadist. Taking order from what I swear is a living Christmas tree, Nui Harime is actually a man made experiment from a parasitic alien lifeform which was used by humans to make bio weapons and clothes, because we humans operate like this. Due to my magic, I have sought of a way to break down Life Fibers, but their biological make up has turned out to be harder to decipher than I expect. Thankfully she tends more to goof off and talk about people’s butts… likely she is doing something cruel while I am talking"

Gap Youkai, Yakumo Yukari

".Did that picture just move? I could swear it moved… Now, I am not racist buuuut why are all Yokai unrepentant trouble makers? I can’t be the only one I am noticing that we have an obnoxious half nigh omnipotent nigh prankster girl who spends the time she isn’t using for sleeping to mess with reality!? And want to bet that she was born this powerful from birth? As a Yokai hunter (of course, I am everything that a hero could possibly be) l have to keep her in check, least she hits me again with a train…Look I don’t care who she thinks to be. Do you know who I am? Ankoku Yami, the one who will defeat the Yokai gap. So many people from her world are coming that I swear, I have been dodging everything thrown in such intricate pattern only the sink has been missing THUD alright, here was the sink… ow…."

Champion of Evil - Azi Dahaka

" Well, I have to say, I have drawn a powerful enemy. I personally fear and despise him! This monster is not a sadist, far from it: he is a no nonsense nefarious nemesis that brings ruination everywhere he goes without messing around. Due to my speeches of justice, I am his next target, everything in between be damned. Worst part? I am seemingly fated to fail to defeat him, given only the Hero of Mankind (read: Izayoi ) can slay him. You know what? Screw Fate! I shall be the one to rewrite this story. SPOILER: I am going to be the Hero and win"


" Screamingly sentient, dumbly delirious, only the gods that were can tell. A sickened, sensitive shadow writhing in hands that are not hands, and whirled blindly past ghastly midnights of rotting creation, corpses of dead worlds with sores that were cities, charnel winds that brush the pallid stars and make them flicker low. Beyond the worlds vague ghosts of monstrous things; half-seen columns of unsanctified temples that rest on nameless rocks beneath space and reach up to dizzy vacua above the spheres of light and darkness. And through this revolting graveyard of the universe the muffled, maddening beating of drums, and thin, monotonous whine of blasphemous flutes from inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond Time; the detestable pounding and piping whereunto dance slowly, awkwardly, and absurdly the gigantic, tenebrous ultimate gods—the blind, voiceless, mindless gargoyles whose soul is Nyarlathotep..".


Music ANKOKU'S THEME - Hero Time (Costume Made by a friend of mine)

Credits @ᴋ ᴏ ɴ ᴀ for my default picture

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20 hours ago

OOC - ;P

20 hours ago

OOC - Monika has heard it all and she's not afraid to blast a guy in the face if she's irritated lol. But yeah I see your point and it's definitely part of the genre ;P

21 hours ago

OOC - Thank you very much, I truly appreciate that, more than words can say for sure. That said, no I do not mind "human nature" and I will never be offended at such a thing. I am a woman after all and have (unfortunately) heard and experinced it all. The one thing that truly upsets me is when I express what I do and do not wish to have in my life and the other ignores it. If that's not going to be an issue (doesn't seem it will be) then I've no problem going foward.

22 hours ago

OOC - Good morning! Well, it is now at least hehe. 830am for me. Looks like I'll have some time to respond today, looking forward to it ;)

Nov 24th 2020 - 3:18 PM

OOC - I'm glad! I am sorry that I haven't finished it yet though real life has been interfering today :/ I am still working on it and I hope you like what I eventually end up sending ya lol
ᘿnigmatic ᗰagician

Nov 15th 2020 - 12:41 AM

|| B e h i n d  t h e  M a g e ||

Hello hello hello! I appreciate you accepting my friend request! It's always nice to make some new friends around this place to motivate me back into role play. Anyways, I do hope I can hear back from you sometime so that we can get a discussion going. I'm even fine with chatting for a bit before we get into the swing of things.
Shield of Ulster;

Oct 9th 2020 - 11:33 PM

So glad you're okay.

Feb 3rd 2020 - 11:15 AM

/ ooc. that sounds exactly like midnight for ya! hahaha. what less do you expect of her, honestly?
as i'm reading the main manga right now, i do plan on the other spinoffs such as vigilantes that you recommended me. 
i don't mind working with ocs since i'm decently familiar with them. if it isn't too much with you, i'd probably keep her as a teacher since i'm familiar with her as a hero than her as a teen.
lιl' Ʀεδ

Aug 8th 2019 - 7:11 PM

Contrary to her size, little miss Ruby is packing—packing chock-full of strength that is! Where did you think I was going with that? I mean, to be lunging around a fully functional, mechanical scythe that's also a gun and spinning it around all nilly dilly, you'd think she'd be STRONK. I guess all that milk and cookies really did pay off? 

She continues shaking his hand and in the process him as an extension because he's still connected to his ball-and-socket joint in his shoulder, but barely.   

"OH-OH!" she abruptly stops shaking him. "So you wanna be a huntsman, huh!?" 
lιl' Ʀεδ

Jul 16th 2019 - 7:39 PM

/And, sorry this tiny ass reply took forever despite having a speedy speed semblance!

Her head continues to hang low as the cloak of her hood seemingly obstructs any and all hints of her eyes. Seriously, like nothing is there. It's as if the animators knew there wouldn't be a lot of movement during this scene so skipped out on drawing the eyes for this animation cel.   

The huntress-in-training rarely shows signs of negativity. As the leader of team RWBY her emotions came last, her teammates and everyone's else's came first.  

It's almost as if nothing had happened, Ruby shots right back up as the wandering boy wonder keeps talking. She beams a wide cheeky grin before replying.
"Psshhh! Don't worry about things like that! But yes, you are looking at her! Ruby Ross, in the flesh!"

Shakes his offered hand nonstop. 
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