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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Education:Grad / professional school
Characters: Ankoku Yami
Verses: Original setting, Pinacuhzoma
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Manga, Open, Slice of Life, Thriller/Suspense,
Status: Single
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Politecnico di Milano
Milan, Italy
Grad Year: University
Student Status: Currently Attending
Major: Non-Medical

From 2010 to 2013

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Who I'd like to meet:
ANKOKU YAMI Heroic Hopeful / Heroic Hopeless

NAME: Ankoku Yami (闇暗黒, Yami Ankoku)
ALIASES: Heroic Hopeful (主人公の志望者, Shujinko no shibō-sha, “Aspiring Hero”)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Chantico the Charred, an island from the parallel world of Glass Heart
CURRENT RESIDENCE: A small cottage in the wild on Earth, travels across multiverse
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 160cm (5' 3")
WEIGHT: 50 kg (110 lbs)

    Staff Combat.
    Organic Tissue Control Magic (Biomancy)
    Unintentional Comedy

Trivia Favorite food is Shark Fin Soup.
Hobby is playing reading and travelling.
Talented in mastering any vehicles in a matter of minutes
Best subject is math.

Multiverse Muse, open to everything within limit
Personal preference to adventure/fantasy
Prefers discussions over random starter, but I appreciate if it’s not a copy/paste one

Music Ankoku’s theme- Custom made by a friend of mine

Credits @ᴋ ᴏ ɴ ᴀ for my default picture


This story begins in the far away world of Glass Heart, an universe considered a scar across existence.

Ankoku’s parents, the eccentric merchant Kage Yami and the taciturn mercenary Shini Goroshi, were not ready for a child: while they cared for him, rarely they displayed outward affection towards him. Chantico, their home, was a land of warriors, and Ankoku was small even for his tender age, thus they began raising him as an assassin. His mother would be teaching him combat, focusing on exploiting his opponent’s strength against them and striking for their weak point; his father would be tutoring him in chemistry and helping him form an above average instruction. The child would grow highly analytical but apathetic and introverted. ”And then I thought…”

It was when he would be assigned to a mock assassination that Ankoku would hesitate, finding no desire to attack his target: life ends in death regardless, and to be paid to kill people to kill more people felt pointless. This sense of dissatisfaction turned into aggression, lashing out against others verbally or physically, closing himself off even further.

Finally at a festival he found an answer to get out of his existential crisis, witnessing the sheer admiration people held towards the legendary figure of Zaffiro Re’Shelia Baranastre, the Exalted Hero who had brought forth the golden age of his world by defeating its greatest evil and revolutionizing the educational system.

”... wouldn’t it be wonderful if I were a hero as well?”

Newfound ambition caused him to steadily improve, but he was incapable of catching up to Zaffiro’s legend, no matter how far he pushed himself. Adventures followed, with their memento being ruinous injuries that would permanently scar both physically and mentally the young man

Eventually at the age of seventeen, after a particularly grievous stay at the hospital, he sought to escape his fears by hiding in a cave. He travelled far and wide… When left the underground system, he was in a new world, Earth: a twisted whim of magic had fulfilled his wish, severing him away from his homeland, in a new universe entirely, his way home secluded. Still afraid to face his failures, Ankoku decided to venture in such new land, with rules and laws so different from the ones he was used to… he hoped that by becoming this world’s hero, he’d be ready to face his own.

New Adventures

He came very close at times to save the world: he helped the circus acrobat Cerebella destroy the Skullgirl, took on the Sorcerous Gunslinger known as “The Black Princess”, unveiled a plan from the malevolent Korean monster Samdugumi, helped the Brigadier General Ramlethal Valentine in taking down the rest of the nebulous organization known as the Conclave and with the Devil Queen in disguise Himejima Akeno stopped the Underworld god Hades from making overflow the underworld river Styx that would submerge the entirety of Japan. However, each and every adventure ended on a bittersweet note, either with Ankoku almost worsening the situation, or having to perform big sacrifices.

Throughout these adventures, he found many friends such as Ramlethal, his sister Elphelt Valentine who had a not so subtle crush on him, the mischievous demon princess Lilith Aensland or the eccentric yet highly competent Kagura Mutsuki. Once he was even able to find love with the ridiculously Abnormal Kurokami Medaka, but he would end up leaving her due to complications in their relationships.

Further, he developed rivalries with the likes of the ever bored talent Izayoi Sakamaki and Negi Springfield, son of the Thousand Spell Mage.

His ambition led him to bond even with high ranking demons and gods, such as the Eternal Chaos Dragon Ji’A or her sister, the gumiho Min Seo, as well as have hostile confrontation with the Queen of the Demon World, Morrigan Aensland, the Demon Lord Azi Dahaka and the Outer God Nyarlathotep.

Much to his charging, he would also have to ally himself with people of dubious morality, even some of his rogues, or the Mutant Overlord Bansheea, the grumpy and hostile half beastkin Kokonoe Mercury. Very few times he was the one holding advantage in his adventures, and he was always a sore loser, grumpily complaining about his defeat, even when they were ultimately beneficial to his goal of being a Hero. ”Let’s save everyone, even those who don't deserve it… what? I did not write the rules!”

Alas, his dreams kept blinding him to some of the inner needs of his friends, causing him not to pick on Elphelt’s depression and core meltdown, which would lead to her self destruction. Horrified by his own negligence, he was found by an Angel known as Lilith who offering him an EVA unit would make him connect to realms in the subconscious, eventually leading him to a Crossway of World present in the Anti-Universe, where imagination and perception supercede matter and logic. Finding remnant of Elphelt wishing to be alive, Ankoku would let go temporarily of his dreams to perform blasphemy against nature and bring her back from the dead.

Nothing, even his friends’ worry over his mental state (or worse, his true self showing after being tainted by the many morally ambiguous people he met) or a goddess he lost his heart for threatening to kill him if he kept pushing, and even pieces of Elphelt’s suppressed rage corrupted by the energy of the Demon world made him stop, eventually bringing her back in a convalescent status she will recover in one thousand years, even successfully factoring and countering how such a plan would almost destroy the higher dimension of the Backyard in the process. Unfortunately, very few would acknowledge his success , and none would come to celebrate his victory, yet he would return stronger with the promise of keeping living.

Having found some curious programs in the Backyard, he would decipher them as a map of the Sephiroth tree from the Kabbalah, believing it’s either a map or a set of instructions to reach higher worlds the Anti Universe is still barred. However he is slowed down by lesser adventures across reality and helping his former roommate Ji’A and her boyfriend Ashura raise their daughter Himawari, believing there is greater trouble waiting for him, either behind the First Gate or somewhere much closer...


Ankoku’s physical prowess is considerably above average for a human but unimpressive by superhuman standards. Intelligence and willpower are his sharpest traits and, although the latter can cloud the former’s judgement, he has grown impressive durability and endurance, taking even what should be fatal damage while still standing.

He has learnt how to fight thanks to his mother’s harsh training, and has been constantly sharpening his combat skills by dealing with otherworldly threats. Ankoku can fight both armed and unarmed, his fighting style is focused on counters and knowledge of the battlefield. Despite his thin frame and short stature, he effortlessly takes down common thugs and has handled small groups of trained soldiers on his own.

However, Ankoku is downright gifted when it comes to piloting, having mastered several kinds of vehicle in a matter of minutes, even those counter-intuitive to humans.

Ankoku has been trying to learn how to reach the zen state of Mind without Mind ([無心の心 -兆, Mushin no Shin). It describes the freedom from mind-attachment that has inspired many other techniques across fiction. Ankoku can only achieve such when completely focused in combat currently only to perform an optimal dodge for what would be an otherwise deadly attack. His mind works at a very high speed, but with no intention, plan or direction, to the point it cannot be interfered with.

Thanks to having found the crossroad of the worlds in the anti-universe, where reality and fiction melds, Ankoku can travel across the multiverse.


Denizens of Glass Heart have unique souls whose transcendental nature has driven some of the greatest sages to madness. While Ankoku’s physiology is human, his aura holds boundless potential to be ‘anything’, only limited by his body and his mind. The only current breakthrough he made is the capacity to use a specific kind of elemental magic.

To Ankoku, magic is a glitch of the ordered system of the world, which people with specific souls may be able to resonate with, rewriting certain laws according to scientific and mathematical formulas. Magic is thus an outer source of power he can tap into and, because of it, there is no theoretical upper limit in terms of output how much someone can manipulate such error. It does, however, present limit in the mental strain it causes on the user because of the high concentration of formulas calculated in their minds, the inability to channel magic without the presence of the element people hold and the magic going out of control by employing wrong equations or datas.

Ankoku’s magic is a form of contact induced control over organic tissue that requires the user to compute specific chemical and physical formulas in their mind. Ankoku mostly uses it to reinforce his clothes or to heal small injuries because of the risks of getting the formulas wrong may end up killing him. Applications include:

    ➤ Healing Magic: By touching a person (either directly or through non synthetic cloth), the user manipulates and restores organic tissue in what is essentially a tool-less surgery, even performing neural manipulation to stimulate physical reactions. While dead tissues can be restored, it is impossible to bring people back to life. Ankoku can also heal small cuts, heal bruises and stop bleeding.
    ➤ Durability Negation: Once in contact with an opponent, the user can visualize the physical process required to damage the tissue, hurting them while ignoring any physical resistance.
    ➤ Healing Factor Negation: Because of their control over someone's physiology, the user can hijack their opponent's healing factor to slow it down,outright halt it completely, or even cause it to destroy their wielders. This effect can persist even without his contact, as long as the order has been properly sent.
    Biological Manipulation: The user alters physiology, although they can risk breaking a body in the process. An example being to widen your vision range to 330°
    Sensory: Assuming a grass field (or made of other organic material), the user can place his hand on it and use it as an extra sensory field to perceive the weight on it to pinpoint other’s presence

The most difficult form of Pinacuhzoman magic is called Magical Hijacking where the user resonates with another soul to be able to use their magic, Ankoku has developed a form of magic hijack meant to counter magic or anti magic barriers: as long as he is capable of percieving the presence and mechanic anti-magic barriers of any nature Ankoku can 'grab them' and control them to channel his own magic through them. He has recently used it to hijack Ramlethal's aura and use information to perform magic from the Backyard (which he otherwise isn't capable to, even despite having coded a few lesser spells himself).


To better fight off the many perils he faces during his adventures, Ankoku carries a few important weapons and other trinkets we are going to discuss below:
Knives - Small bone-crafted blades hidden inside his sleeves, previously used by Ankoku's mother for assassination. They can channel his magic to alter suddenly in size as well as bypass organic material. The young hero has never used them in combat out of moral restraint, but carries them just in case.
Polearms: While he would love to say he is best in sword, Ankoku finds himself better in an extended melee, thus has gathered throughout his adventures a vast assortment of polearm-based weapons Ankoku has used. Here is list:

  • Fuman (ふまん, ‘Dissatisfaction’) - Ankoku’s basic weapon, crafted alongside his father first, then reinforced by master smiths, it’s an eighty pounds heavy metallic polearm that hides in its upper half a chain that extend to further extend its range in a morning star-like weapon. During his devil hunter stint, Ankoku had bolstered his weapon by grafting exorcism seals that can injure and banish lesser demons, and even holds enough dark magic from Makai to injure lesser angels. However, it is borderline useless against beings approaching divine.
  • Mercury Rod - Created by Professor Kokonoe, it channels high level of magic to hurt even lesser Demon Lords, although even when further amped by the energies of the Backyard, it did not hurt a weakened Defense unit Valentine like Elphelt. Using a fragment of the EVA’s copy of the Longinus’ Spear, Ankoku was able to turn it into a catalyst for an impact thanks to Elphelt’s energies, and was melted in the process, but its core and the most important components are still operative. Ankoku stores it somewhere in his house for further upgrades..
  • Demon Lord’s Seal of Agony - One of the Spikes used to seal the Demon lord Azi Dahaka. Once the Demon lord freed himself, Ankoku was able to take one during one of their most brutal fights and has used it to injure him. He plans to create someday a weapon out of it
  • Spear of Longinus - Named after the centurion that pierced Jesus, it is a weapon capable of bypassing magical or mental defenses. Due to their size, Ankoku can only use a fragment to further empower the Mercury Rod. Because of the damage the EVA sustained, it is not usable for the time being.
  • Natsunagi (夏凪, ‘Summer Soothe’) - A Naginata named after its creator, the Demon Smith Natsumi, from the broken wheel of a Wa Nyudo Ankoku defeated. It has the power to control the wind and it's most useful when fighting evil spirits. Ankoku uses it when performing exorcism
  • W.I.P. Amenonuhoko (天沼矛, ‘Heavenly jeweled spear’) - The weapon Ankoku plans to develop by reverse engineering the Outrage and using all of the weapons he has gathered, the blade that will bring down even his strongest enemies, to the point he arrogantly called it after the naginata wielded by the Shinto Creator God Izanami, according to Shinto mythology. It is yet a work in progress

Guns: Despite rarely using them due to their lethal offensive potential, Ankoku is the owner of two long ranged weapons:
  • Whirlwind Dragon (旋龍, ‘Senryu’) - An ancient gift from the Magic Bullet user known as the Black Princess, capable of using spells stored through bullets, including time travel. Because of the lack of Ankoku’s traditional mana, he can’t craft bullet, so he is on a limited count, although he has time travelled with it at least once
  • Valis II - Gifted and customized by Elphelt, it was able to run on her own mana from a distance. Ankoku fused it with the Mercury Rod to channel Elphelt’s energy. It has however run out of mana to restore Elphelt to life, with only a few sliver left. Ankoku is planning to dismantle it and use it to customize the Whirlwind Dragon

EVA unit: A mass produced Eva created by the second Angel Lilith that Ankoku has synchronized to its brainwaves. Due to its piloting talents, even being able to tap into some of its old memories as an Angel. Ankoku crafted an application to his mobile to monitor its parameters, and has occasionally used it for travel in outer space. Because of the Elphelt impact, the EVA core was exposed to its user’s eldritch soul, getting heavily mutated into a tentacled monstrosity with a mask and insect-like wings, powerful enough to survive the destruction of the Backyard, but has been left to rest there until the mutations subside.The monitoring function has been shared with the revived Elphelt.


Ji’A Song, Eternal Dragon (Influencer)

"Formerly known as The Everlasting One of the Black Flames, a fearsome Chaos Dragon, spawn of one of the Dragons that go by the title Bahamut and the Korean Goddess of Hearth …but by modern times, an influencer and a bit of a bratty celebrity who was jealous of lady Min Seo… that is, until I was forced to be her roommate. I appreciated to be useful to someone, at last, and I am ashamed to admit I enjoyed to look at her generous bust, as well as filled with pride when people mistook us for an item, and happened plenty of times too… but as time went on I realized she was far from the spoiled brat I assumed:because of her parentage, she mistook kindness for weakness, and yet she yearned deep down not to be alone. I wonder how much I helped her break out of her hardened shell, but ever since she asserted her own dependence from me, even though I will miss her, I am happy she settled down with a good person like Ashura. I kind of fear she might have rushed this relationship they both are very young, (it took me a while to wrap my head around her tying the knot with someone so quickly, although I appreciated some side effects), yet I know she will raise her daughter Himawari well"

Little Lilith Aensland

"Lilith, you are adorable, but frustrate me to no end. I should be an enemy to the demon realm, yet she always welcomes me as your friend, of all things, and makes me a participant of your adventures, where hijinks inevitably ensue. At times, she put me accidentally through more pain I can handle… and I wish she was taking more responsability for her misgivings.I am mad for what she did with Elphelt: I know she acted in good faith but it annoys me she wasn’t reprimanded for the Valentine's corruption. Of course I don’t hate her, but she should grow up by now beyond her adrenaline junkie face. I do admit I kind of envy her freedom and power, but I am aware someday she will have to face her reckoning. I better be with her as a friend to help when it happens, no matter of when I am going to kick her sister/mother/other self’s royal pompous ass. I just hope she isn’t hungry again … sigh…"

Negi Springfield “The Twerp”

"A part of me deeply respects how far Negi has gone in his goal to be a hero out of admiration of his own father ,the Thousand Spell Master Nagi Springfield. He is even my own hero. There is, however, out considerable age gap that deeply annoys me. I do not enjoy being in competition with a twelve year old with a disturbingly consistent track of attracting beautiful ladies, such as his wife Airi, but he tends to win more often than not, often not being aware we are competing. I bet he doesn’t care about such, and what matters to you is your own self improvement, as well as how we can work together and help more people, and this only secretly fuels my annoyance. I do care about being the Hero, the one who, in Heaven and Earth, only he is worthy of honor. This little dweeb, believe it or not… one day, I will surpass both him and his father, but in the meanwhile, I wish him good luck against the Mage of Beginning. Maybe I should deal with that one someday…"

Brigadier General Ramlethal

"I can’t believe she has grown up this much in a few years. I met Ramlethal when she was a few years old, a puppet of the Universal Will, and even without her mind control, she acted a bit too aggressive for my taste, and even our ideologies felt far too different. Yet, I admit, I was wrong: she was but a kitten in a lion’s body. From a grumpy woman living in a cave and refusing to train and improve her technique, only absorbing more energy from the Backyard, she has grown into an upstanding dutiful, defeating Nagoriyuki in battle and deciding to become a guardian to avoid anyone else to be corrupted like her “mother”, Ariels and her mother’s creator Happy Chaos. I feel proud she incorporated some of my suggestions to improve her own magic, and I am thankful she has even bent her own personal code to allow me to step in the Backyard and use its magic. As a promise, though, I better not do it again, lest my body gets destroyed. I made a useful friend, although one that still hides plenty of weakness and frailty, as seen with how she felt powerless with Elphelt’s death. I will keep an eye on you, dear friend. ”

Hero King Morris Wellford

"The heroes I have met these days unnerve me, always striving to be humanized and awfully relatable to my plight. That’s not what I enjoy about heroes, it’s how I can look up to them. Therefore, Morris is a surprisingly straightforward example of my favorite archetype, one I might be a bit too obsessed with. When I wonder how to be a hero is possible, I think of the world of the Ravens, devastated by plagues and overlord, and how Morris, carefully guided by Paladin’s words, leads Ground Zero to salvation, improving the previously thought hopeless condition of a cursed land. Day by day you fight, and you make something out of your wins, until your triumph is inevitable. You prove to me such a path is possible… Yet, is it possible for me? I fear your trust in me is misplaced, Morris. But thanks for showing others this path is viable, I will follow your footstep someday"

Kenith ”Kuro” Jackson

"Of all people I know, Kenith is among the ones that both draws my interest the most, as well as bores me the most. Having been raised on an island with a thriving warrior culture, I have grown to dislike the archetype of Blood Knights, people who merely live to fight a better fight. So dull, so unimaginative. Like a snake biting their own tail, their hedonism is drawn on nothing that can improve me. Strength? I wish to be beyond strength, like a true hero. And yet I cannot deny Kuro’s training is admirable:I know he has had an awful childhood, but look at him now! I don't think he is aware of how blessed he is with his power. If only I had it: alas, I tried his training regime and all it did was give me cramps. If there is a way to unlock more of my potential is not through it. While I do call him an ally, I am not particularly close to him: he is mostly about fighting and huge female chests, not much for me to have a conversation with, even though I do get where is coming from with the latter. He might be another hard case like Ramlethal, but he does have a hidden soft spot. There, I said it!"

Makoto Nananya

"Ah yes, back when I was posing as an undercover student in the NOL, there was this girl, no, the beastkin. She was spoken with fear and disgust, and she acted and sounded every bit as an aggressive predator as you would imagine. But everyone was wrong, me included too. When we were forced to talk together, she turned out not to be mean at all. Only afraid, and alone. That day, I got an amazing ally. Forget Doreen Green, to me the true Squirrel Girl is Makoto Nanaya, and I believe she has become truly upstanding… oh god, do I have to say it?.. a heroine. She’d never admit it, but I think so in private.Noel, Tsubaki, you did miracles and allowed Makoto to unleash her true potential as a purely radiant force of positivity. Although… she is a fully accomplished police officer and spy with discussable outfits and fetishes AEHM, and I think she secretly rummages our stuff for secret informations. Not that she has malicious intents, but I don’t enjoy people looking for my secrets. What about me, after so long, how much have I changed? I am… still myself. Yeah…. but I am happy?"

Kagura Mutsuki

”... Do I have to be the first one to say it? Alright. Colonel, I think your attraction towards Lilith is problematic, and she will literally eat you alive someday. Although her future self does seem to imply he might become successful, so what do I know? Having singled out my one major issue with him, I can list my other minor issues with him: I agree, he is a bit of an oaf. Yes, he is a drunkard. With terrible tastes when it comes to cooking. And he used to be a massive lech with a passion for large breasts. You know, I might one day punt him in the crotch regardless of the future praises I am giving him. Yet, I cannot dismiss his qualities: he is a competent, humane and kind leader, whose contributions to the NOL have been nothing but beneficiary, as well as a good friend in spite (or maybe because) of his eccentric quirks. And he is strong! He has successfully brought down the human monster Azrael single handedly and he plans to take on Nagoriyuki to impress Lilith. For how small of a chance he might have, I still believe it’s not an impossible errand, merely very unlikely. Please, do not kill yourself in such an errand, Colonel…!"

Ashura Himura

"A presence that has always been around like a soothing breeze… and just like the wind, I have never paid too much attention to him, yet I have never disliked him. Ashura is a gifted swordsman with wind powers mysteriously related to a Dragon, incredibly polite and acting like an old fashioned Samurai, down to using this one (拙者) to address himself. I do have however, an issue with him: さま! It’s 暗黒-さま or MASTER ANKOKU, Not 暗黒-どの / LORD ANKOKU. I swear, before I die, I will make him call me such. However, despite this one glaring issue, I couldn’t imagine a better mate for Ji’A, and I am happy for the two of them to have found each other: it pains me I have to threaten him with bodily violence not to hurt her out of brotherly love in her regards, as I really think he doesn’t need such menace to carry out such…I suppose he will understand ”

Kuon of Tuskur

"An apothecary I have been meeting across my travels and I have been often in business with. She is highly knowledgeable with her craft, and she is even quite kind, refusing to let me pay for her cures for my stomach ache. This is personal, I shall not let any debt of mine unsettled, and I will pay her kindness back whether she wishes it or not. I must say she looks positively adorableand I wish to be able to pet her, but I fear in her culture it may come off as disrespectful, thus I have been holding back. She has, however, been unfairly violent to me, squeezing my head with her tail and casually overpowering me and I don’t know why. It annoys me that I was unable to overpower her anytime… I must have unconsciously let her win. Come on, she has no muscle on her, are we going to say now that even a short cat girl is physically stronger than me? Although Lady Ji’A and Lady Min Seo have felt a weird smell on her. I must investigate later…”

Strelitzia 2.0 / “Two Point Ou”

"Be careful what you wish for, some say. Somehow, after the serious damage to the EVA unit caused by the Backyard Impact, I have successfully obtained the greatest desire of any man: a giant robot capable of turning into a woman. You see, I am actually very good… scratch that, I am gifted when it comes to piloting: I am able to master interfaces meant to be human-unfriendly in a matter of minutes, and I speak from first hand experience. It also helps that the Franxx units have been built to resemble an EVA (I wonder if Gendo Hikari ever sued Werner Frank…). However, Strelitzia 2.0, a new model of Franxx which gets rid of the awkward piloting interface, presents a rather strong will, enough to override my commands, and behaves like someone who hasn’t interacted with a living being for centuries. Awfully touchy, lazy and a glutton, I treat her like a roommate at times, but I mostly keep her under study to be sure Dr. Frank hasn’t installed something that makes her unsuitable for interaction. Being a human/klaxxosaur hybrid, she is still stronger than me even in her humanoid body... I guess I can handle her as long as she doesn’t try to step on me or use the neurotoxin in her Franxx body”

Professor Kokonoe “Garfield” Mercury

“... Can someone explain to me how a recluse that spends time eating candies and working on scientific matters is somehow strong enough to just punch Kenith into another city block?! Unfair genetics! I understand she is the daughter of two of the six heroes, although she misses her mother’s more bountiful body structure, she has both her father’s raw strength (although unrefined by her lack of technique) and her mother’s propensity for science. Despite she is not evil per se her ruthlessness and amorality makes me doubt I will ever see her as a true ally, but she has been most helpful, even making me the Mercury Rod.... she is going to be mad once she finds out it’s been destroyed after my fight with Elphelt Alter. Oh, who am I kidding? She already knows, with all the nanobots infection she has given me already. Just the face I found this picture of her smiling was a miracle, now to survive is the next one. Well… in one piece at least "

Hellspawn - King of Hell (and Hobos)

"... this man is such a broken mess, exactly what you’d expect from a sort of but not quite redeemer sinner from Hell who is trying to atone… by running the Eighth Sphere and avoiding other sinners and demons to ravage it. I do poke fun at his overly aggressive and tryhard attitude, but only to make him open up to others. I have no delusion: if he had wanted me dead, I’d be so already… a disturbing pattern among my acquaintances, friends and enemies alike. He is not just a powerful demon, but a considerably skilled fighter, his skills involving ranged combat and even military tactics. This makes me think he had to be an experienced soldier, likely a mercenary given his condemnation, but I honestly don’t care about his life enough to pry further. His heart blackened by what had to be a wretched, but not fully, he is a potential ally, but not one I would contact anytime, considering his amoral ways, not to say and he seems entangled in a war against Hell, Heaven and especially himself. If he ever requires my assistance, I’d likely help: I once defeated Overtkill in his place, it was a bit troubling but I succeeded. Hmmm,.. I shall keep an eye on him, but remain distant"


"....A peculiar specimen with a rather unimaginative name, A̵͕̕i̷̤̒, either based off ‘I’ or ‘eye’, is an horror from beyond in the shape of a young child whose gender I dare not to imagine, nor I think they know the concept. Unlike most of their brethren, save for another wretched exception I shall speak about later, A̵͕̕i̷̤̒, is not indifferent to humans, but their interest seems not to be malevolent either, being genuinely curious about how things like ground or time work. They are aware their essence is poison to my sanity, even if I can handle lovecraftian horrors better than most, so they will do my best to keep me alive while explaining more of their world without turning my brain into liquid mush. Nonetheless, they are a potential threat to the world, even by sheer presence. Thus I am keeping A̵͕̕i̷̤̒, under a tight scrutiny for the time being, if we become allies and I do not die in the process… well, much better! I wish I wasn’t so afraid. I blame N̴y̷a̵ for giving me an ill first impression of the Other Gods"

”Demon God” Min-Seo Rhee

"She may be the eldest daughter of the Goddess of Hearth, and in terms of combat skills by far the best, apparently because she had to suffer so much physical abuse from her parents she learnt how to fight back, becoming an unstoppable warrior goddess. Yet she is by far the one I am the most neutral with: to be invincible is something that has dulled Lady Min-Seo’s edge to the point she relishes more in candies, video games and occasional wish granting, just yearning for a fight against a worthy human. Hmmm? What!?, No, I won’t be the one. Not only do I dislike fighting for the sake of a good battle, but she is so far beyond me it is not fair. She was so unimpressed she once took a dive in our fight (still a victory. In your face, Dante!), and the other time … I was pushed back by her breast bounce. And I am quite sure Min-Seo would be as uncaring about my plight, as she called both me and Ashura Ji’A’s boyfriend. I don’t want her to know. I am still going to kick her ass someday"

"Dr. Faust"

"Formerly, Dr. Baldhead.... wait, seriously? That was his name? It sounds faker than his current one! Anyhow, this freakishly tall man (why am I so short?!) is a prodigious medical doctor who ever since having lost his sanity, has dabbled far into magic. I must be honest, I don’t respect how he fell for the death of a single patient, this is sign of a highly unstable mind. I do commend him for trying to atone. He is also very kind, even willing to give me informations about others and, of course, cure me. This said, I expect him to break down again anytime, and I don’t want him to fall again. When he gets in his ‘Old days’, I treat him normally, and seek to make him reason out… now sorry, but I need to get him out of my layout"


"That is one cryptid specimen that has often come to my notice, and all over my ceilings. Do not think I don’t know where my food disappears. She might camouflage herself enough to be completely invisible to any heat and sound scanner, but so far I have seen nothing that my broom can’t hit! I cannot say she is evil or even hostile, yet her behavior constantly displays signs of intelligence and mischievousness. Also a bottomless stomach that contains a tongue several times her size she isn’t afraid to use to slap people. Given I have seen her consume lava as well as other inedible material, either to be digested or stored, I believe her stomach must be made of asbestos. What has been more baffling so far is that she can talk. I will still observe her, but so far I don’t think she is a threat. She seems to like teasing pretty girls… eeeh, I ship it!"

Rogue Gallery
Null Overlord - ♠

"Spades, Mammmon, Merlin Many names. Many bodies, a true self I have yet to witness, and a very trouble personality that endlessly craves... Do not be fooled by Spades' more comedic moments, she is an amoral monster to anyone she doesn't love while being incredibly affictionate to the point she loves, in a sadomasochistic way, of course. Across all the incarnations I have witnessed, there is a curious ichor that while not causitic to the touch, might have highly infectious properties when digested (given how all of her bodily fluids seems replaced). Thanks to her lover/archrival Yangshi she has been kept in check, but I have been an enemy of hers for a lot of time. I just wish I could get the same energy I used to have when reality didn't keep crashing on me..."

Queen Morrigan Aensland

"Let me take a deep breath and yell aloud… SUCCUBUS!!. There, I took it out of my system, for I am almost unable to speak her name, even though I am on friendly terms with her daughter / sister / other Lilith. Formerly I mistook her for a mere lesser demon rather than the Monarch of this side of the Demon Realm (which according to my study is actually Gamaliel, the Obscene Ones), her dominion’s name fits the personality, and her presence makes my blood boil: a spoiled heir, entitled by talent and adopted heritage. Is she powerful? Yes, this strumpette with wings has beaten me in every conflict we have had so far while never using more than a fragment of her true power, and she enjoys feeding on my energy afterward. What do you mean, is it fun? That is not the point! She has been walking unpunished for too long, and I am going to be her reckoning... although I admit she has helped me bring down worse threats, she did so more out of self amusement than love for us. As someone who knew her adoptive power, Lord Belial of the Da’at (don’t ask, it involved time travel) I believe that to move past her realm might be the key to cross the First Gate. Does it mean I will require her power?"

Champion of Evil - Azi Dahaka

"Here is what some would call the endgame. Is he the ancient king gone mad Zahak or the ancient Zoroastrian Demon spawn of Anra Mainiiu? While I theorize the truth lies somewhere in between, I dare not to find out and he speaks not of his past, for all he says are words meant to be etched in my mind as I last draw breath. The way Azi Dahaka behaves however does not align with fiends: rather, he acts like a Calamity in itself, destroying all that is nearby and leaving as hastily as he came. Yet, never during his rampages, I have seen him enjoy the destruction he brings? Given his speeches, I believe he seeks a Hero of Justice meant to slay him, as prophesied. If such is true I hate him: how dare he lay waste and justify his own destruction by sullying the name of heroism? I hate him, I hate him, II hate him. My desires have drawn him to me and I saybring it!... or rather I wish to. Azi Dahaka is among the people far beyond my scale, and unlike them, he does not hold back. I did make him bleed once, but only by exploiting an existing injury that has since regenerated. According to some, I am seemingly fated to fail to defeat him, given only the Hero of Mankind can slay him. And a hero I am not, merely an aspirant… Yet I am not the kind to falter: , and the Spike I have taken from his head, as well as my EVA unit are key to bring the Champion of Evil down once and for all"

Creator Featherine Augustus Aurora

" Here is another potential Final Boss, arguably more powerful than Azi Dahaka, not as much as raw strength as much as in terms of unconventional powers. To elaborate, I have to explain the nature of the Witches from the Metaworld: somewhere in the high spheres of Ahuitzotl (presumably in the Chokhmah) where form and conscience have yet to take place, there are humans or human-like entities that embody specific concepts seeking higher forms of wisdom to shape worlds… likely for self-entertainment, as with their power they are endlessly bored. I have interacted with a few and, while they have a human mindset and shape, these are not beings to trifle with, yet Featherine seems dreaded among all of these Witches. What else could I do but try to entertain her while addressing her as a humble servant? While she did deem me interesting, I underestimated her morality(lack thereof): when asked what I’d do if theyI did something villainous, I honestly answered that I'd try to stop them. This answer has been deemed interesting enough for her to choose to be my villain… Now she has so far done nothing villainous per se. However, the thought of an enemy like this makes me say this

... CRAP!"


" Screamingly sentient, dumbly delirious, only the gods that were can tell. In a more readable language, the name would be Ṇ̴̱͓́͛̌y̴̦̑̈́a̵͍̘̫͛r̵̨̨̯̝͠ḽ̷͙̻̀͋a̴̧̹͇̍̍̉t̴̘̩̠̏̐̀h̵̡͆̂͌o̷̱̮͉̭̒̄̊͝ṭ̴͒̓̍e̶̛̪͎͎̐͂͘p̷̢̩̟̯̿̾̕, one of the Other Gods from beyond the Last Void, and among the highest sickened, sensitive shadow writhing in hands that are not hands ranking ones. These beings are aspects of the Ein Sof itself, yet Nyarlathotep holds an interest towards we who exists… as pawns whose dreams have to be fulfilled before being throughoutly crushed in a sadistic whim. As her avatar ‘Nya’, She is also the librarian that lives across my street, which I discovered after helping her find the Shining Tetrahedron, an relic that summons one of her aspect beyond the world's vague ghosts of monstrous things. They have been beaten at times, yet their defeats are but temporary, for their true self is beyond my nature. I successfully struck a psychological blow on their true self by pointing out how, if they truly believe in the pointlessness of existence as the will of Azathoth, their sadistic pleasures are equally pointless, given they mingles on something they considers beneath them, yet their superiors treat her with the same indifference. If their personality weren’t completely rotten, I would feel sorry for them. This through this revolting graveyard of the universe the muffled, maddening beating of drums, and thin, monotonous whine of blasphemous flutes from inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond Time annoyed her… yet it also means that I annoyed her enough she considers me a target. She is another one that might be the last hurdle of my trials to become a hero, a challenge she amusingly welcome. I wonder when and how she will challenge, for only a hero can triumph against the gigantic, tenebrous ultimate gods—the blind, voiceless, mindless gargoyles whose soul is Nyarlathotep"

Not Forgotten
Poor Sweet Elphelt

”... I am deeply sorry, Elphelt. I knew of your feelings for me, and they scared me, even when I tried to get close to you like when you taught me how to use firearms. Admittedly, I did not figure out you had seen beneath my bravado and cared for my true scared, envious self. But I never wished you dead, and I still miss you. I went through a lot to revive you: against common sense, against some of my loved one, against the rules of divines, and even some heroic principles. I fought even against a big part of you… and I know I deserve it. Think, people don’t even think you are still alive, but I know you will prove them wrong. Would I do it again for you? YES. You are a good person. You deserve to live. In a millenia, you will wake up again. When it will be time… please, Elphelt, live happily, for me as well. I for one won’t forget the lesson you taught me. Thanks, Valentine of Love. May your next life treat you better”

My Dear Medsie

"... for a long while, I thought Medaka Kurokami would be the one. I have started as a sidekick, driven by envy I became for a brief time her rival, and despite I lost, she was impressed by my spiritual strength to consider me an equal. Conversely, from a Hero I saw her being actually a flawed, if eccentric and overwhelming lady who I believe was goofily earnest to others. Eventually, we became more, she was my first true love. I believe her feelings were genuine… but she was unable to fully open up, thus sharing me with Misaka Mikoto from Academy City. We tried, but it didn’t work, this sharing was caring, but unhealthy. I won’t forget our times together… now I have a crush on another lady, but this… is another story"

“Ara Ara Intensifies”

"Well, don’t misunderstand. Akeno is a huge tease who loves making me squirm, and has a rather unhealthy passion for her enemies’ pain… and some of my own too. ISSEI DID NOT HAVE THESE ISSUES!!... hmmm… what I was saying? Despite her sadistic tendencies and her overwhelming beauty, Akeno is not a bad person, she is a young girl my age who just happens to be a Fallen Angel/Demon who somehow cared for me. Were you my guardian angel? Maybe, maybe you were and didn’t know. But I know you care for me even now. It was weird to be your Pawn, even though I was still kept a human. I was always surprised you cared for Medaka to defend my friendship. I wonder what you would do if you were back. Hug me and zap me?... Yes, you’d definitely hug me and zap me…. Awesome rack on her though….”

“The One And Only, Cerebella”

"My adventure with Cerebella was quite a troubled one: I admired her acrobatics as well as her impressive top, yet I ended up fighting her because she is a sympathizer and employee of organized crime led by the Medici family. We should have become enemies, yet our friendship was forged in fire, as we fought against many opponents: the Skullgirl, the egomaniac Brain Drain, we even pushed back Eliza. And while I will never see eye to eye with her family, she has been extremely close to me as a friend, even helping me during my romantic exploits with Medaka… which turns out, used to be romantically involved with… I do not know the details, but H O T. Alas, ever since I left New Meridian, she has been busier and busier with her troupe, which means I haven’t seen her for so long. I may miss her, yet I know, our friendship existed and I will never forget it”


    More Roleplayers
Holy Boy Bridget



Ryoken Kogami:Revolver

「 精神科医 」


Pink Poison


Android 16


`☆ cαвαяєт

Baby Hotaru


Tales (MCRP)

⸸Chrollo Lucilfer⸸


Mai Shiranui




carrion flower.

Alcheon Archive

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🕸️Ⓗealing Ⓐrachnid🕸️

Soul Uzukai


𝓤𝓶𝓫𝓻𝓪𝓷 𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱

Hot Chocolate!

ᛞ☬ᛟElainᛟ☬ᛞ +Keeper of Ragnarok+

𝖪𝗎𝗇𝗈𝗂𝖼𝗁𝗂 ♦ Sɪɢʜᴛ







Lu Bu


𝐬𝐤𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠

【 Uɴᴋɪʟʟᴀʙʟᴇ 】

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