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The Kuzunoha Clan is the most important Devil Summoning clan in Japan, having been protecting the nation from supernatural and otherwordly threats for over 1300 years. Their founders and backers are the ultra-nationalistic organization Yatagarasu, named after and implictly led by the Three-legged God that has been messanger to the Japanese Gods and guidance to the Emperors.

Currently, the Kuzunoha clan is divided in multiple branches, four main families tasked with overseeing key areas of the nation, and several lesser sidebranches given more menial and less prestious jobs. Due to their prestige, each family representative nominated by merit rather than birthright.

In particular, the Yami Kuzunoha Clan, established around the beginning of the 17th century by the son of an european missionary with a Kuzunoha, acts as psychopomps: through a spiritual medium, usually either a familiar of a mythological vehicle, they oversee the flow of spirits across realms and deal with anomalies. In fact, they have inspired the Japanese mythology of shinigami. More About the Yami Kuzunoha clan

However, because of their western view of death as something to control and overcome, as well as their dealings with the afterlife, the Yamis are looked down by more traditionatistic clans. Although the Herald of Yatagarasu calls their job "foreign affairs handled by foreigners", she still considers them an asset and directly supervises them.

Ankoku Yami

To this day, the leadership of the Kuzunohas, from the Yatagarasu to Management has been having trouble figuring out Ankoku Yami: while undoubtedly a novice when it comes to Devil Summoning, having currently only small imps and lesser mythological being, he is a seasoned adventurer in the field of supernatural, displaying lots of first hand knowledge about deites and offering multiple trophies in exchange of a position in the clan. "... wouldn’t it be wonderful if I were a hero as well?"
Ankoku's Backstory

Once a youthful energetic youth from another world seeking to become a hero and ended up involved in many perilous and disasterous adventures, he came to give up on his dream once he saw his loved ones indifferent even when other lives paid because him. Broken and scarred, he went on a journey to gather his own pieces, and came cynical, yet wiser and still desiring to help others.

He proved himself worthy before the Kuzunohas and was nominated the representative of the Yami household's eleventh generation due to his foreigner roots. Thanks to the representative of the Main Family Genrin the 20th, he was able to cure his scars, turning them into golden markings, to celebrate, but never forget. He currently patrols the streets of the Six Realms and beyond with the purified Midnight Bus 375, all while under the watchful eyes of his superiors. While ordered to kill his heart for the sake of the land, a part of him is still nostalgic about those time, yet he never forgets the promise he made to the friend that fell because of him... Still, Ankoku acts as a self declared diplomat to both humans and devils, while growing out of his depression


Ankoku's fighting skill are considerably above average, having effortlessly taken down common thugs and handled small groups of trained soldiers on his own. His fighting style relies on stalling for time to figure out his opponents' weakness through his sheer endurance, then perform counters. However, his physical attributes are unimpressive to the supernatural threats he has faced, and has a lot to learn.

His greatest talent are his piloting skills, having mastered several kinds of vehicle in a matter of minutes, even those counter-intuitive to humans. In fact, he is the best Kuzunoha when it comes to interdimensional travels: he can theorically perform them even on his own by turning in the crossroad of reality, although it takes considerably more effort and focus.

Despite his rank, his summoning skills are considered mediocre by the higher ups, especially due to his incapability of storing MAG (spiritual power) within his body, being thus forced to employ outer vessels to sustain his summons.


Mind without Mind -Basics (無心の心 -”基”, Mushin no Shin "Ki") - The most elemental level of the zen state sought by many martial artists, when the body moves detached by the mind, performing the most optimal action by sheer instinct. However, as of now, Ankoku can only achieve it defensively only when completely focused in combat, to perform an optimal dodge for what would be an otherwise deadly attack.

Biomancy - Ankoku's magic is a form of contact induced control over organic tissue by glitching reality through soul resonance. While it doesn't consume MAG, to conjure the physical formula to contain and manifest such glitch causes him severe mental fatigue. Applications include:

    ➤ Healing Magic: Manipulation and restoration of organic tissues through contact. Works on clothes too.
    ➤ Durability Negation: Damaging organic tissue on contact, no matter how resistant, as long as its biolical make up is recognized.
    ➤ Healing Factor Negation:
    ➤Sensory: Feel someone's presence through organic material by pinpointing their weight

Magical Hijacking where the user resonates with another soul to be able to use their magic, Ankoku has developed a form of magic hijack meant to absorb other people’s spiritual power through physical contact and use it against them, thus his nickname Devil Hijacker. While Ankoku can channel spiritual power, he cannot store it and the process would only hurt him.

Observation: A trademark skill from Devil Summoners that imposes damage on supernatural opponents, regardless of their resistances, as long as the user believes he can actually injure their opposition. Even the smallest sliver of doubt would dull the technique and can be nullified by humans with greater willpower.


To better fight off the many perils he faces during his adventures, Ankoku carries a few important weapons and other trinkets we are going to discuss below:
Leading Gate (将門, Masakado): Ankoku’s kodachi, forged with the blood of a dragon. It is named after an executed samurai to describe Ankoku's intent of protecting others by his own moral code rather than law. He is training in Kenjutsu with Nanako.

  • Flat (, Taira): Ankoku’s ceremonial kartika knife, used for exorcism and parries in close combat.

➤ Valis(Valis Less-Than-Three) - A shotgun crafted by Ankoku with two magic guns: the chassis of the witch Kurohime's Whirlwind Dragon (旋龍, ‘Senryu’) and the inner components of Elphelt's Valis II. It is used for either ranged combat or summoning rituals
  • C.O.M.P.: A secondary function applied to Valis≤3. Ankoku has connected to its main system the Devil-ware that allows the device to analyze and store demon’s datas, as well as translate their language.
  • Time Travel Bullets:, Another gift from Kurohime. They are on a limited count, although he has time traveled with them at least once

Dragonscale Cape: Ankoku’s cape is made out of the Eternal Dragon Ji'A’s molted scales, making it very resilient to physical and magical damage

  • Horo of the Black Flames (黒い炎の母衣, Kuroi honō no Horo): Ankoku’s strongest technique, When using his Magical Hijacking on his cape, it swells up like a horo before turning into a crocodile-like hind with the might of a dragon, unleashing the Black Flame of the Everlasting Dragon. Being molted scales, it’s not as powerful as an actual dragon but still capable of hurting most demons, either by the physical power or by the released black flames. It consumes Magatsuhi and hurts the user as times goes on.

➤ Natsunagi (夏凪, ‘Summer Soothe’) - A Naginata named after its creator, the Demon Smith Natsumi, from the broken wheel of a Wa Nyudo Ankoku defeated. It has the power to control the wind and it's most useful when fighting evil spirits. Ankoku gifted it to Ventifera

➤ Demon Lord’s Seal of Agony - One of the Spikes used to seal the Demon lord Azi Dahaka. Once the Demon lord freed himself, Ankoku was able to take one during one of their most brutal fights and has used it to injure him. He plans to create someday a weapon out of it


Ji’A Song, Bahamut

"Formerly known as The Everlasting One of the Black Flames and daughter of the Korean Goddess of Hearth.… when I first met her she was a bit of a brat, even becoming my roommate without consent.. and yet we became friends. I am ashamed to admit I enjoyed to look at her generous bust, as well as filled with pride when people mistook us for an item, and happened plenty of times too… but as time went on I realized there was much more to her: because of her upbringing, she mistook kindness for weakness, and yet she yearned deep down not to be alone. I wonder how much I helped her break out of her hardened shell... while I will miss her, I am happy she settled down with a good person like Ashura. I kind of fear she might have rushed this relationship they both are very young, (it took me a while to wrap my head around her tying the knot with someone so quickly, although I appreciated some side effects), yet I know she will raise her daughter Himawari well. I admit I have manipulated her and her own father so that she would get rid of his influence... but she has yet to learn how to stand up to her sisters. Well, at least they aren't evil"

Little Lilith Aensland

"Lilith, you are adorable, but frustrate me to no end. I should be an enemy to the demon realm, yet she always welcomes me as your friend, of all things, and makes me a participant of your adventures, where hijinks inevitably ensue. At times, she put me accidentally through more pain I can handle… and I wish she was taking more responsability for her misgivings.I am mad for what she did with Elphelt: I know she acted in good faith but it annoys me she wasn’t reprimanded for the Valentine's corruption. Of course I don’t hate her, but she should grow up by now beyond her adrenaline junkie face. I do admit I kind of envy her freedom and power, but I am aware someday she will have to face her reckoning. I better be with her as a friend to help when it happens, no matter of when I am going to kick her sister/mother/other self’s royal pompous ass. I just hope she isn’t hungry again … sigh…"

Negi Springfield “The Twerp”

"A part of me deeply respects how far Negi has gone in his goal to be a hero out of admiration of his own father ,the Thousand Spell Master Nagi Springfield. He is even my own hero. There is, however, out considerable age gap that deeply annoys me. I do not enjoy being in competition with a twelve year old with a disturbingly consistent track of attracting beautiful ladies, such as his wife Airi, but he tends to win more often than not, often not being aware we are competing. I bet he doesn’t care about such, and what matters to you is your own self improvement, as well as how we can work together and help more people, and this only secretly fuels my annoyance. I do care about being the Hero, the one who, in Heaven and Earth, only he is worthy of honor. This little dweeb, believe it or not… one day, I will surpass both him and his father, but in the meanwhile, I wish him good luck against the Mage of Beginning. Maybe I should deal with that one someday…"

Brigadier General Ramlethal

"I can’t believe she has grown up this much in a few years. I met Ramlethal when she was a few years old, a puppet of the Universal Will, and even without her mind control, she acted a bit too aggressive for my taste, and even our ideologies felt far too different. Yet, I admit, I was wrong: she was but a kitten in a lion’s body. From a grumpy woman living in a cave and refusing to train and improve her technique, only absorbing more energy from the Backyard, she has grown into an upstanding dutiful, defeating Nagoriyuki in battle and deciding to become a guardian to avoid anyone else to be corrupted like her “mother”, Ariels and her mother’s creator Happy Chaos. I feel proud she incorporated some of my suggestions to improve her own magic, and I am thankful she has even bent her own personal code to allow me to step in the Backyard and use its magic. As a promise, though, I better not do it again, lest my body gets destroyed. I made a useful friend, although one that still hides plenty of weakness and frailty, as seen with how she felt powerless with Elphelt’s death. I will keep an eye on you, dear friend. Can you ask Zetsuko to spoil me like she does with you once in a while? … forget I said anything….”

Hero King Morris Wellford

"The heroes I have met these days unnerve me, always striving to be humanized and awfully relatable to my plight. That’s not what I enjoy about heroes, it’s how I can look up to them. Therefore, Morris is a surprisingly straightforward example of my favorite archetype, one I might be a bit too obsessed with. When I wonder how to be a hero is possible, I think of the world of the Ravens, devastated by plagues and overlord, and how Morris, carefully guided by Paladin’s words, leads Ground Zero to salvation, improving the previously thought hopeless condition of a cursed land. Day by day you fight, and you make something out of your wins, until your triumph is inevitable. You prove to me such a path is possible… Yet, is it possible for me? I fear your trust in me is misplaced, Morris. But thanks for showing others this path is viable, I will follow your footstep someday"

Kenith "Kuro" Jackson

"Of all people I know, Kenith is among the ones that both draws my interest the most, as well as bores me the most. Having been raised on an island with a thriving warrior culture, I have grown to dislike the archetype of Blood Knights, people who merely live to fight a better fight. So dull, so unimaginative. Like a snake biting their own tail, their hedonism is drawn on nothing that can improve me. Strength? I wish to be beyond strength, like a true hero. And yet I cannot deny Kuro’s training is admirable:I know he has had an awful childhood, but look at him now! I don't think he is aware of how blessed he is with his power. If only I had it: alas, I tried his training regime and all it did was give me cramps. If there is a way to unlock more of my potential is not through it. While I do call him an ally, I am not particularly close to him: he is mostly about fighting and huge female chests, not much for me to have a conversation with, even though I do get where is coming from with the latter. He might be another hard case like Ramlethal, but he does have a hidden soft spot. There, I said it!"

Makoto Nananya

"Ah yes, back when I was posing as an undercover student in the NOL, there was this girl, no, the beastkin. She was spoken with fear and disgust, and she acted and sounded every bit as an aggressive predator as you would imagine. But everyone was wrong, me included too. When we were forced to talk together, she turned out not to be mean at all. Only afraid, and alone. That day, I got an amazing ally. Forget Doreen Green, to me the true Squirrel Girl is Makoto Nanaya, and I believe she has become truly upstanding… oh god, do I have to say it?.. a heroine. She’d never admit it, but I think so in private.Noel, Tsubaki, you did miracles and allowed Makoto to unleash her true potential as a purely radiant force of positivity. Although… she is a fully accomplished police officer and spy with discussable outfits and fetishes AEHM, and I think she secretly rummages our stuff for secret informations. Not that she has malicious intents, but I don’t enjoy people looking for my secrets. What about me, after so long, how much have I changed? I am… still myself. Yeah…. but I am happy?"

Kagura Mutsuki

”... Do I have to be the first one to say it? Alright. Colonel, I think your attraction towards Lilith is problematic, and she will literally eat you alive someday. Although her future self does seem to imply he might become successful, so what do I know? Having singled out my one major issue with him, I can list my other minor issues with him: I agree, he is a bit of an oaf. Yes, he is a drunkard. With terrible tastes when it comes to cooking. And he used to be a massive lech with a passion for large breasts. You know, I might one day punt him in the crotch regardless of the future praises I am giving him. Yet, I cannot dismiss his qualities: he is a competent, humane and kind leader, whose contributions to the NOL have been nothing but beneficiary, as well as a good friend in spite (or maybe because) of his eccentric quirks. And he is strong! He has successfully brought down the human monster Azrael single handedly and he plans to take on Nagoriyuki to impress Lilith. For how small of a chance he might have, I still believe it’s not an impossible errand, merely very unlikely. Please, do not kill yourself in such an errand, Colonel…!"

Ashura Himura

"A presence that has always been around like a soothing breeze… and just like the wind, I have never paid too much attention to him, yet I have never disliked him. Ashura is a gifted swordsman with wind powers mysteriously related to a Dragon, incredibly polite and acting like an old fashioned Samurai, down to using this one (拙者) to address himself. I do have however, an issue with him: さま! It’s 暗黒-さま or MASTER ANKOKU, Not 暗黒-どの / LORD ANKOKU. I swear, before I die, I will make him call me such. However, despite this one glaring issue, I couldn’t imagine a better mate for Ji’A, and I am happy for the two of them to have found each other: it pains me I have to threaten him with bodily violence not to hurt her out of brotherly love in her regards, as I really think he doesn’t need such menace to carry out such…I suppose he will understand ”

Kuon of Tuskur

"An apothecary I have been meeting across my travels and I have been often in business with. She is highly knowledgeable with her craft, and she is even quite kind, refusing to let me pay for her cures for my stomach ache. This is personal, I shall not let any debt of mine unsettled, and I will pay her kindness back whether she wishes it or not. I must say she looks positively adorableand I wish to be able to pet her, but I fear in her culture it may come off as disrespectful, thus I have been holding back. She has, however, been unfairly violent to me, squeezing my head with her tail and casually overpowering me and I don’t know why. It annoys me that I was unable to overpower her anytime… I must have unconsciously let her win. Come on, she has no muscle on her, are we going to say now that even a short cat girl is physically stronger than me? She oddly seems to be hosting another personality, far more colder and enigmatic, although from what I see, she is far form evil”

Strelitzia 2.0 / “Two Point Ou”

"Be careful what you wish for, some say. Somehow, after the serious damage to the EVA unit caused by the Backyard Impact, I have successfully obtained the greatest desire of any man: a giant robot capable of turning into a woman. You see, I am actually very good… scratch that, I am gifted when it comes to piloting: I am able to master interfaces meant to be human-unfriendly in a matter of minutes, and I speak from first hand experience. It also helps that the Franxx units have been built to resemble an EVA (I wonder if Gendo Hikari ever sued Werner Frank…). However, Strelitzia 2.0, a new model of Franxx which gets rid of the awkward piloting interface, presents a rather strong will, enough to override my commands, and behaves like someone who hasn’t interacted with a living being for centuries. Awfully touchy, lazy and a glutton, I treat her like a roommate at times, but I mostly keep her under study to be sure Dr. Frank hasn’t installed something that makes her unsuitable for interaction. Being a human/klaxxosaur hybrid, she is still stronger than me even in her humanoid body... I guess I can handle her as long as she doesn’t try to step on me or use the neurotoxin in her Franxx body”

Belldandy, Norse of the Present

"Ah My Goddess. It turns I have been mispelling her name as Verðandi all of this time. It has felt so embarrassing, yet I must say, while I have met a lot of deity, Belldandy may have been the first that somehow both elicits divine authority by presence alone (despite her high ranking, she seems a pacifist) and make me think she looks like the most adorable cupcake ever. Please do not tell her I have stated this, I seek to be seen as a most professional Devil Summoner, and I require not to be a source of embarrassment to Management. I admit I would like to further our bonds outside job. I am also interested in her power to summon an angel... I wonder... if there is a way to replicate it...”

Baiken, Butcher Samurai

"Her life has been signed by tragedy, her losses ending up fanning a never ending flame of rage and revenge against the human-turned-Yokai known as Happy Chaos, only thanks to the dancer/former agent to Asuka R. Kreuz Anji Mito, but she has still a rather fiery and aggressive personality, about as sharp as her blade. And her blade is apparently the strongest Nagoriyuki has ever faced, placing it above the Thunderseal and Junkyard Mark II. Between her inpeccable arts of the blade (she is apparently a weak point diviner) and her many many aces up her sleeve as uncountable gadgets aimed to slay Gears, she is a fearsome opponent. While I wish for her to train me, she will never give me a straight answer at best, or outright refuse me, thus I am required to heckle her and teach me what to do, her pride will get the best of her. While she is a dangerous individual, who has slain countless Gears, there are no reports of her having murdered a human, so I am confident I can trick her into a role of mentorship!"

Yurius, Duke of Levin

"While I have no doubts the Duke is a good person, he is an unknown to the point even Management is somewhat stumped about his presence, having been registered across multiple universes despite not being either an enlightened one or a case of multiversal variants. Chosen by the Primal Bahamut (not to mistake with other Bahamuts I know) for reasons unknown even to Yurius himself, he has dedicated his life to under the nature of Supernatural, something I am more than willing to aid him, given it is what Management is doing in hopes to stop invasions from outside. I have also witnessed something inside him, a mass of scarlet tentacled flesh, over which he seems to be able to exhert some control, also because of his love for the Singularity known as Djeeta, as beforehand he seemed to have been possessed and almost caused untold destruction. He is still a trickster with a peculiar sense of humor, renown to pull pranks on others... An eye required on him, no doubt. But I will say this: terrible comedy aside, the likes only Fediel would enjoy, he is not a bad person, which is more than what I can say for most people"

Hellspawn - King of Hell (and Hobos)

"... this man is such a broken mess, exactly what you’d expect from a sort of but not quite redeemer sinner from Hell who is trying to atone… by running the Eighth Sphere and avoiding other sinners and demons to ravage it. I do poke fun at his overly aggressive and tryhard attitude, but only to make him open up to others. I have no delusion: if he had wanted me dead, I’d be so already… a disturbing pattern among my acquaintances, friends and enemies alike. He is not just a powerful demon, but a considerably skilled fighter, his skills involving ranged combat and even military tactics. This makes me think he had to be an experienced soldier, likely a mercenary given his condemnation, but I honestly don’t care about his life enough to pry further. His heart blackened by what had to be a wretched, but not fully, he is a potential ally, but not one I would contact anytime, considering his amoral ways, not to say and he seems entangled in a war against Hell, Heaven and especially himself. If he ever requires my assistance, I’d likely help: I once defeated Overtkill in his place, it was a bit troubling but I succeeded. Hmmm,.. I shall keep an eye on him, but remain distant"

Leticia Morningstar “The Boomer Demon”

“... Wait, she is the mother of who? A fallen ancient all-conquering Overlord that settled down after deciding to raise a family, Leticia has decided, ever since a mysterious plague attacked all that was dear to her, to become a scientist dedicated to extirpate the Corruption. We have teamed up a few times, but to call her an ally is too much, due to her deciding to mostly use me as a guinea pig. As of now, I know only one weakness of hers: she seems very interested in being seen as one of us ‘fellow kids’. She may be fun to tease, but I am keeping an eye: an Overlord is still an Overlord, and I have a duty to hold balance"


"....A peculiar specimen with a rather unimaginative name, A̵͕̕i̷̤̒, either based off ‘I’ or ‘eye’, is an horror from beyond in the shape of a young child whose gender I dare not to imagine, nor I think they know the concept. Unlike most of their brethren, save for another wretched exception I shall speak about later, A̵͕̕i̷̤̒, is not indifferent to humans, but their interest seems not to be malevolent either, being genuinely curious about how things like ground or time work. They are aware their essence is poison to my sanity, even if I can handle lovecraftian horrors better than most, so they will do my best to keep me alive while explaining more of their world without turning my brain into liquid mush. Nonetheless, they are a potential threat to the world, even by sheer presence. Thus I am keeping A̵͕̕i̷̤̒, under a tight scrutiny for the time being, if we become allies and I do not die in the process… well, much better! I wish I wasn’t so afraid. I blame N̴y̷a̵ for giving me an ill first impression of the Other Gods"

”Demon God” Min-Seo Rhee

"She may be the eldest daughter of the Goddess of Hearth, and in terms of combat skills by far the best, apparently because she had to suffer so much physical abuse from her parents she learnt how to fight back, becoming an unstoppable goddess of destruction. Yet she is by far the one I am the most neutral with: to be invincible is something that has dulled Lady Min-Seo’s edge to the point she relishes more in candies, video games and occasional wish granting, just going through the motion while yearning for a fight against a worthy opponent. Hmmm? What!?, No, I won’t be the one. Not only do I dislike fighting for the sake of a good battle, but she is so far beyond me it is not fair. Her sister was able to take out The DemiGod of Anger Asura like nothing. She was so unimpressed she once took a dive in our fight (still a victory. In your face, Dante!), and the other time ... I was pushed back by her breast bounce. Also her voice and scent are eerily like her other sister’s, which given our personal odds with each other, it only makes me more uncomfortable around her. While I am quite sure Min-Seo would be as uncaring about my plight, as she called both me and Ashura Ji’A’s boyfriend, she has at times supported me out of boredom, once even indulging into the idea of being summoned. However, her food requests were so high I went around and actually made a deal with one of her flames, the Kitsunebi. A part of me is thankful, but I am still going to kick her and her sister's ass someday"

”Dr. Faust”

"Formerly, Dr. Baldhead.... wait, seriously? That was his name? It sounds faker than his current one! Anyhow, this freakishly tall man (why am I so short?!) is a prodigious medical doctor who ever since having lost his sanity, has dabbled far into magic. I must be honest, I don’t respect how he fell for the death of a single patient, this is sign of a highly unstable mind. I do commend him for trying to atone. He is also very kind, even willing to give me informations about others and, of course, cure me. This said, I expect him to break down again anytime, and I don’t want him to fall again. When he gets in his ‘Old days’, I treat him normally, and seek to make him reason out… now sorry, but I need to get him out of my layout"

??? (Tentatively - Neeko)

"That is one cryptid specimen that has often come to my notice, and all over my ceilings. Do not think I don’t know where my food disappears. She might camouflage herself enough to be completely invisible to any heat and sound scanner, but so far I have seen nothing that my broom can’t hit! I cannot say she is evil or even hostile, yet her behavior constantly displays signs of intelligence and mischievousness. Also a bottomless stomach that contains a tongue several times her size she isn’t afraid to use to slap people. Given I have seen her consume lava as well as other inedible material, either to be digested or stored, I believe her stomach must be made of asbestos. What has been more baffling so far is that she can talk. I will still observe her, but so far I don’t think she is a threat. She seems to like teasing pretty girls… eeeh, I ship it!"

Rogue Gallery
E̶l̶p̶h̶e̶l̶t̶ Bonnie Valentine

"Bonnie's existance in herself is an unknown. She seems she was created a few weeks ago and has, according to quite a few people, an uncanny resemblance to the currently incapacitated Elphelt Valentine. For some reason, I struggle with seeing anything but a coincidence. She is a sweet girl, but I am witnessing her existential struggle with comparision of the other one. Given how I feel still in part haunted beyond her grave, I do understand... Thus I am doing my best accomodating her to this new world. Alas, I think I made an important mistake in overstimating her sanity. She has desecrated Elphelt's grave and stolen her clothes and is starting to act like her. I won't lie, this PISSED ME OFF, and I am further disappointed in her caretaker endorsing her. There is something deeply wrong with her, and I will get to it, but it will take me a while to forgive her."

The Cold Wind of France

"AKA Mistral,Real name unknown. A young girl that lived in a war torn country that took away her innocence and shaped her into a sadistic monster that previously worked for the Para Militar Company known as Desperado until it was dismantled. Somehow … in ways that are totally not my own fault, Mistral has been revived thanks to alien technology and has returned as a ruthless mercenary which I have been seeking to stop. Eerily enough, she seems entertained by my attempts to stop her, when she isn’t mad that I somehow failed to add among her programs her favorite weapon, L'Étranger. Nonetheless… She is one hell of a fighter. But the fact I have been realizing demons can be uploaded as programs… makes me wonder…‘"

Platinum Overlord

"AKA Bansheea Krunex, the Platinum Overlord, a mutant demon with ambitions and a curious passion for hyper muscled and curvy girls. I am not one to judge, buuuut….. She may look like a little gremlin, but do not be fooled: she is terrifyingly powerful, holds untapped loads of potential, and has ambitions to match her desires…. maybe. While I say this, I want to make something clear: Bansheea wants to be a bad guy but she isn’t bad. Her desire to become an Overlord stems from a desire to make friends and draw attention to herself while not knowing any better. I will stop her, however, whenever she causes excessive property damage while protecting her if she ever requires help for her friends, such as Talara. I keep her in my rogue gallery because… come on, she would rather be here than in the group of unknown variables. Just in case. Currently, Bansheea is not a huge threat, but has the potential to grow. Better keep an eye on her. I don’t like her literal corruption…."

Merlin of the Order of ♠

"Spades, Mammmon, Merlin One order. Many member, And the true self full of incredible love for humanity, but very little for man, and a very trouble personality that endlessly craves... Do not be fooled by Merlin's more comedic moments, she is an amoral monster to anyone she doesn't love while being incredibly affictionate to the point she loves, in a sadomasochistic way, of course. Across all the incarnations I have witnessed, there is a curious ichor that while not causitic to the touch, might have highly infectious properties when digested (given how all of her bodily fluids seems replaced). Thanks to her lover/archrival Yanjingshe she has been kept in check, but I have been an enemy of hers for a lot of time. I just wish I could get the same energy I used to have when reality didn't keep crashing on me..."

Queen Morrigan Aensland

"Let me take a deep breath and yell aloud… SUCCUBUS!!. There, I took it out of my system, for I am almost unable to speak her name, even though I am on friendly terms with her daughter / sister / other Lilith. Formerly I mistook her for a mere lesser demon rather than the Monarch of this side of the Demon Realm,, her dominion’s name fits the personality, and her presence makes my blood boil: a spoiled heir, entitled by talent and adopted heritage. Is she powerful? Yes, this strumpette with wings has beaten me in every conflict we have had so far while never using more than a fragment of her true power, and she enjoys feeding on my energy afterward. What do you mean, is it fun? That is not the point! She has been walking unpunished for too long, and I am going to be her reckoning... although I admit she has helped me bring down worse threats, she did so more out of self amusement than love for us. As someone who knew her adoptive father, Lord Belial (don’t ask, it involved time travel) I believe that to move past her realm might be the key to cross the First Gate. Does it mean I will require her power?"

Champion of Evil - Azi Dahaka

"Here is what some would call the endgame. Is he the ancient king gone mad Zahak or the ancient Zoroastrian Demon spawn of Anra Mainiiu? While I theorize the truth lies somewhere in between, I dare not to find out and he speaks not of his past, for all he says are words meant to be etched in my mind as I last draw breath. The way Azi Dahaka behaves however does not align with fiends: rather, he acts like a Calamity in itself, destroying all that is nearby and leaving as hastily as he came. Yet, never during his rampages, I have seen him enjoy the destruction he brings? Given his speeches, I believe he seeks a Hero of Justice meant to slay him, as prophesied. If such is true I hate him: how dare he lay waste and justify his own destruction by sullying the name of heroism? I hate him, I hate him, II hate him. My desires have drawn him to me and I saybring it!... or rather I wish to. Azi Dahaka is among the people far beyond my scale, and unlike them, he does not hold back. I did make him bleed once, but only by exploiting an existing injury that has since regenerated. According to some, I am seemingly fated to fail to defeat him, given only the Hero of Mankind can slay him. And a hero I am not, merely an aspirant… Yet I am not the kind to falter: , and the Spike I have taken from his head, as well as my EVA unit are key to bring the Champion of Evil down once and for all"


" Screamingly sentient, dumbly delirious, only the gods that were can tell. In a more readable language, the name would be Ṇ̴̱͓́͛̌y̴̦̑̈́a̵͍̘̫͛r̵̨̨̯̝͠ḽ̷͙̻̀͋a̴̧̹͇̍̍̉t̴̘̩̠̏̐̀h̵̡͆̂͌o̷̱̮͉̭̒̄̊͝ṭ̴͒̓̍e̶̛̪͎͎̐͂͘p̷̢̩̟̯̿̾̕, one of the Other Gods from beyond the Last Void, and among the highest sickened, sensitive shadow writhing in hands that are not hands ranking ones. These beings are aspects of the Ein Sof itself, yet Nyarlathotep holds an interest towards we who exists… as pawns whose dreams have to be fulfilled before being throughoutly crushed in a sadistic whim. As her avatar ‘Nya’, She is also the librarian that lives across my street, which I discovered after helping her find the Shining Tetrahedron, an relic that summons one of her aspect beyond the world's vague ghosts of monstrous things. They have been beaten at times, yet their defeats are but temporary, for their true self is beyond my nature. I successfully struck a psychological blow on their true self by pointing out how, if they truly believe in the pointlessness of existence as the will of Azathoth, their sadistic pleasures are equally pointless, given they mingles on something they considers beneath them, yet their superiors treat her with the same indifference. If their personality weren’t completely rotten, I would feel sorry for them. This through this revolting graveyard of the universe the muffled, maddening beating of drums, and thin, monotonous whine of blasphemous flutes from inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond Time annoyed her… yet it also means that I annoyed her enough she considers me a target. She is another one that might be the last hurdle of my trials to become a hero, a challenge she amusingly welcome. I wonder when and how she will challenge, for only a hero can triumph against the gigantic, tenebrous ultimate gods—the blind, voiceless, mindless gargoyles whose soul is Nyarlathotep"

Not Forgotten
Poor Sweet Elphelt

”... I am deeply sorry, Elphelt. I knew of your feelings for me, and they scared me, even when I tried to get close to you like when you taught me how to use firearms. Admittedly, I did not figure out you had seen beneath my bravado and cared for my true scared, envious self. But I never wished you dead, and I still miss you. I went through a lot to revive you: against common sense, against some of my loved one, against the rules of divines, and even some heroic principles. I fought even against a big part of you… and I know I deserve it. Think, people don’t even think you are still alive, but I know you will prove them wrong. Would I do it again for you? YES. You are a good person. You deserve to live. In a millenia, you will wake up again. When it will be time… please, Elphelt, live happily, for me as well. I for one won’t forget the lesson you taught me. Thanks, Valentine of Love. May your next life treat you better”

My Dear Medsie

"... for a long while, I thought Medaka Kurokami would be the one. I have started as a sidekick, driven by envy I became for a brief time her rival, and despite I lost, she was impressed by my spiritual strength to consider me an equal. Conversely, from a Hero I saw her being actually a flawed, if eccentric and overwhelming lady who I believe was goofily earnest to others. Eventually, we became more, she was my first true love. I believe her feelings were genuine… but she was unable to fully open up, thus sharing me with Misaka Mikoto from Academy City. We tried, but it didn’t work, this sharing was caring, but unhealthy. I won’t forget our times together… now I have a crush on another lady, but this… is another story"

“Ara Ara Intensifies”

"Well, don’t misunderstand. Akeno is a huge tease who loves making me squirm, and has a rather unhealthy passion for her enemies’ pain… and some of my own too. ISSEI DID NOT HAVE THESE ISSUES!!... hmmm… what I was saying? Despite her sadistic tendencies and her overwhelming beauty, Akeno is not a bad person, she is a young girl my age who just happens to be a Fallen Angel/Demon who somehow cared for me. Were you my guardian angel? Maybe, maybe you were and didn’t know. But I know you care for me even now. It was weird to be your Pawn, even though I was still kept a human. I was always surprised you cared for Medaka to defend my friendship. I wonder what you would do if you were back. Hug me and zap me?... Yes, you’d definitely hug me and zap me…. Awesome rack on her though….”

“The One And Only, Cerebella”

"My adventure with Cerebella was quite a troubled one: I admired her acrobatics as well as her impressive top, yet I ended up fighting her because she is a sympathizer and employee of organized crime led by the Medici family. We should have become enemies, yet our friendship was forged in fire, as we fought against many opponents: the Skullgirl, the egomaniac Brain Drain, we even pushed back Eliza. And while I will never see eye to eye with her family, she has been extremely close to me as a friend, even helping me during my romantic exploits with Medaka… which turns out, used to be romantically involved with… I do not know the details, but H O T. Alas, ever since I left New Meridian, she has been busier and busier with her troupe, which means I haven’t seen her for so long. I may miss her, yet I know, our friendship existed and I will never forget it”

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The Cadmus Project

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Hotai Mintaka (MCRP)

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❃┇⤷ 堕姫 ˊ˗

Oct 1st 2022 - 12:16 AM

Contract with devils, to understand. Your character makes a contract to set a soul free? Much like Bleach, correct? Soul reapers are those who send the souls to their rightful place? I'm just trying to understand, expect you use a bus?

Alright, I understand your idea, but, the problem I see is: Daki mask her presence well. It took Uzui's three wives a long time to even identify that she was the demon to begin with, and to even "challenge her rank" confuses me. Not every demon will know of her rank either. I understand we can twist and bend plots, as of right now, I just don't understand it. Perhaps it's more of your character. Basing it on what I read and sticking to the plot at hand, if it's a fight you want, why not just become suspicious of her? Or even her little belt minion, perhaps you got a gander at that and wondered just what exactly it was.
❃┇⤷ 堕姫 ˊ˗

Sep 28th 2022 - 2:43 AM

I'm unsure at who you are calling a "family lady" but that is nothing of me. You are not of beautiful quality; you will not speak to me in such a low manner!

However, discussions are preferred, I would like to know what I'm even writing and the direction it's heading.
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘽𝙤𝙤𝙜𝙚𝙮𝙢𝙖𝙣

Sep 8th 2022 - 7:19 AM

/That is actually really impressive and awesome. Now the Dredge is going to change up its tactics to throw everyone off xD/

Sep 7th 2022 - 2:37 PM

I am not one to be very social, but...it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
I do hope we can get along well, and perhaps start a story or banter.

(ooc: Thank you for the add/acceptance. I look forward to our interactions.)
ᴜɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

Aug 7th 2022 - 9:58 PM

"You there. Bus driver, you are quite intriguing."
Legendary Dark Knight

Jul 31st 2022 - 6:23 PM

I could make us some comic strip like I did Lilith a couple hours ago. I really want to meet new people for imagination purposes..

Speaking of which,, what is Ankoku current journey? Perhaps we can go from there so the connection is tight. I even role as NPC characters for the mile stretch until they death. So that's story driven there.
Legendary Dark Knight

Jul 30th 2022 - 8:07 PM

Never knew your OC carried so much reasonable power, it's definitely a major responsibility. So in our case perhaps Ankoku needed some modern help from medieval times. Like not for power but for older information about a dangerous artifact.

Now imagine a story of that caliber that leads into the Lilith situation. The two could work together in exchange that Sparda must return to his slumber.
Legendary Dark Knight

Jul 30th 2022 - 6:55 PM

-Okay, great questions for our first encounter. In the Devil May Cry franchise it's stated that the whereabouts of Sparda are unknown. It's normal for everyone to believe he's dead, at the beginning intro the viewers are given the tale of his legacy and it state after he sealed the underworld that for another era he ruled over humanity quietly until his death. Meaning he could of simply died of old age but why would Eva become a murder victim? Where was Sparda during this attack on his family?

Long story short of course, what really happened is that Sparda sealed himself along with the demon realm, leaving behind his seed to protect the human realm if this last act didn't work. Hint his weaponry The Sword Of Sparda transforming into Force Edge and Sparda leaving behind not only a key but weaponry for his sons to survive. Ultimately it's a mystery for all we know he's alive waiting on the last seal to break or perhaps what we learned is that Vergil could separate his own humanity and demon form which created two different people.

So what if the day Sparda rebelled against Mundus he separated himself into two halves. One carried his demonic presence and the other his love for humanity and both understood the mission. Or could Dante and Vergil be two halves of Sparda or the moment he sealed half his power away to keep the demon world sealed was the day he split himself and his other side or simply just Sparda went on to have a life until his death or capture.

The world will some day know until that time arrive I simply just rp Sparda before he meant the greater good of humanity, so general phase up to his times fighting against evil..

Now about that sm#t conversation. Are you from the series? I'm really curious because I see you around all the time. You just seem really cool, like we'll never have a boring moment.
Legendary Dark Knight

Jul 30th 2022 - 6:25 PM

- I think we absolutely should, kinda waiting on a reply from this Lilith role.
If she's active then perhaps we could all jump on board together for a fun arc. 
Legendary Dark Knight

Jul 30th 2022 - 6:19 PM

-Thank you for accepting my request.
Hope that soon we can chat amongst ourselves on the many possibilities of adventure.
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