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"This is what I live for! And I'm absolutely crazy about it!"

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GeneralA tremendous arsenal of demonic weaponry, pizza, TV, a worthy foe.
MusicDeath Metal

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Body type:Body builder
Ethnicity:No Answer
Occupation:Demon Slayer
Characters: Dante
Verses: Anime, Manga, Cartoons, and Video Games
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Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
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About me:
Dante is one of the sons of the Dark Knight Sparda and the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. As seen in the beginning of the series, Dante is incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to even the most powerful of demons, and he generally enjoys showing off and taunting his adversaries as often as he can. Dante also displays a fearless, almost disinterested attitude towards incredibly dangerous situations, such as assuming Trish simply had to use the bathroom after crashing through his office's front door on a motorcycle, being attacked by the Seven Hells in his office, being swallowed by Echidna, and effortlessly shrugging off wounds such as a head shot or impalement numerous times, the latter of which happens quite frequently for the Devil Hunter. While maturing as time goes by, Dante never loses his care-free, devil-may-care attitude, except in Devil May Cry 2. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but still maintains an overall laid-back demeanor during tense situations, and is never without a witty taunt or comeback. Although seemingly shown at times to be uncaring or callous, Dante maintains a very strong sense of justice like his father, and prefers to fight fairly, never fighting humans or opponents weaker than him. He can be counted on to do the right thing, even if he makes humorously cynical quips about it the entire time. Unusually, while he has displayed discomfort with his own demonic side, only coming to accept it following the events of Devil May Cry 3, Dante has little qualms about accepting demons that choose the side of good and admires their desire to be human, such as Trish and Bradley. Though Dante is quoted as believing that "Humans are often worse than demons" in the anime, he refuses to kill full-blooded humans for any reason, believing it would make him no better than any Devil, be it human or demon. In addition, Dante values family and friends very highly. He cared deeply for his mother and, despite their differences and conflicting ideals, for his brother, Vergil. Even after their intense duels and conflicts in Devil May Cry 3, Dante still tries to prevent Vergil from willingly falling off the edge of the Human World into the Demon World, and goes so far as to cry over losing him. While he says little about his father, Sparda, over the course of the series, Dante has been shown to clearly maintain a level of respect for him. While bitterly claiming that "[he doesn't] have a father" in his first fight with Vergil in 3, he grows to respect him as the game goes on, proudly claiming in his final duel with his brother that not only do they carry Sparda's blood, but his soul as well. He also makes a humorous comment towards Arkham, smugly claiming that his father wasn't as hideous as his twisted form, citing his own physical appearance as proof. Dante also enjoys fighting, shown when he restrains himself from using his full potential. In Devil May Cry 4, he was clearly going easy on his nephew Nero in their first confrontation, soundly defeating him in their second clash. In the anime, Dante gets bored with fighting weak opponents and only finds entertainment in fighting strong opponents who will give him a challenge. Dante's enjoyment of fighting was further emphasized in his pre-battle banter with Echidna, asking her if she agreed with him that "a fight every now and then makes life more interesting". Despite Dante's handsome appearance, he often has terrible luck with women. Currently claimed by Vallina Drac.
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Nobody in particular.

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Dante's Friends Comments
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нalғ-вlιnd Shinobi

Feb 10th 2020 10:32

// Heyo!~ No worries. Good to see the great Dante making his return. Plus perfect timing, I haven't had much time until a few days ago. ^-^
Kurosu Saiko

Dec 10th 2019 22:21

//Sorry, I didn't meant to make you feel that way. I haven't roleplayed anything outside of romance for at least a year. I need to get back into the groove.

He's welcome to keep flirting, or to assume she's trying to fight him! I'm trying to grt back into the swing of letting things happen organically, so do whatever you feel is right and I'll try to respond.

If you feel like that would help, sure! I' not sure how to sound less stagnant... ^^;;
Kurosu Saiko

Dec 10th 2019 21:52

// -Blush-

No, no! Not that kind of playful! Dante didn't realise that Saiko was an old yokai! She was provoking him, but had no intention of fighting him!

More put him in his place and educate him in the other otherworldly creatures he may have to face.

Not... th-that! I'm trying to ease up on the sexual content of my roleplays. I want to really get back into my writing and I can't really do that if my characters are just sexual objects. I'm not that good yet.
Kurosu Saiko

Dec 10th 2019 10:14

//I'm not a combative roleplayer, so that certainly wasn't my intention. Saiko's just an odd kind of playful. She isn't human, after all and Dante isn't completely, y'know?

Dec 4th 2019 12:59

Ooc; Woooo! Hello there. ... Are you going to throw a party now? Don't forget the pizza, extra pepperoni! Oh, oh, oh! Don't forget the citrus soda and the lava cakes and the hot wings and and and and and -Rikku.exe has stopped working-

*Ahem* thank you for adding me. I hope the two of us become good friends and I'm eager to discuss something with you.

PS: Licking windows is illegal in Spira. 
нalғ-вlιnd Shinobi

Nov 17th 2019 13:19

// Just like the idea of her attacking him in a hug head on, it's such a Danyo (Gotta have that ship name at this rate. ;D) thing to make it extreme. But yeah, I can imagine it leaving her embarrassed once the adrenaline shot cools down when they finish the job. //
нalғ-вlιnd Shinobi

Nov 17th 2019 12:29

// I'm legit laughing my ass off thinking about how that would go down. xD But I'm loving it. I can also imagine them prior to proceeding the operation, he has to drill those songs into her head since one; Rock music is non-existant in her world prior to meeting him, two; Language barrier with the lyrics. But I'll be sure to check them out tonight. But I'm definitely into that idea. Also the disguises.//
𝖙𝖎𝖉𝖆𝖑 𝖜𝖆𝖛𝖊

Nov 10th 2019 16:40


I look forward to it!
Zutara is my ultimate OTP. I'll never forgive the show creators for robbing me of that endgame. XD
𝖙𝖎𝖉𝖆𝖑 𝖜𝖆𝖛𝖊

Nov 5th 2019 14:59


I have good taste? Well thanks! I do try. 

Ohhhh I do like both of those idea's! It seems doable, especially with the whole spirit world in ATLA. If there are those spirits, then no doubt there should be demons! 

Honestly, I don't mind dark and gritty! Death Note and whatnot were my porn for a lonnnng time, so don't be shy in throwing the dark idea's my way! 
𝖙𝖎𝖉𝖆𝖑 𝖜𝖆𝖛𝖊

Nov 4th 2019 16:36

Hi there! It was no problem at all! Thanks so much for adding me. Oh, I agree! The entire series is underappreciated. It's disappointing just how sparse the characters within it are. But I'm hoping others begin to rear their heads. 

I agree with you 100%. Although I did enjoy LoK, ATLA was just hands down the best. I mean, I love Katara and whatnot... But the fire nation? They were all just hearteyes for dayyysss. 

I've heard about it, but unfortunately haven't had the pleasure of seeing it. Is it any good? 

I'd love to do a storyline with you! 
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