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"Tch... Outta my way or I'll cut you to ribbons!

34 years old
Sapporo, Hokkaido

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June 14 2021

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GeneralFighting, wandering the world, sake(the good stuff!)

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Characters: Baiken
Verses: Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax, Under Night In-Birth
Playbys: Satami Kurogi, Miho Sudo, Chizu Yonemoto, Mayumi Asano
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Spar/Fighting, Video Game,
Member Since:September 27, 2017

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About me:
Baiken (梅喧; Baiken) is one of the few characters of Japanese descent in the Guilty Gear fighting game series (others being May and Anji Mito). Baiken was a hidden character in Guilty Gear, but became a normal character in later installments. Baiken has pink hair worn in a ponytail, a scar over her left eye, a red, black and white kimono with the sleeves tucked in the sides of a black vest, gold and black greaves, sandals, a clawed grappling hook for her right arm, peach eyes and a sword covered in a blue sheath. In Xrd, her kimono is almost unchanged, though she now has a jacket that she wears on her shoulders like a cape. Her footwear now resemble boots with the back of the heel and toe missing. She also wears an eye patch made of glass over her missing eye and her hair has become fuller with two tufts pointing upward like cat ears. The sheath of her sword is now red. It's also revealed she wears a sarashi under her kimono like shorts. Baiken is an aggressive, brash, impulsive and anti-social person motivated solely by revenge, wanting to kill That Man. She has remained bitter over her family's demise and intensely hates Gears. Despite this, she tolerates Anji Mito to a certain extent. And though she dislikes the idea of the Japanese being treated like a special race, she occasionally expresses pride towards her heritage. Baiken also comes off as a masculine female character, and she mentions that she has abandoned her gender. She also accepts the natural consequences of her actions and has solemnly consigned herself to damnation for her sins. Six years after the events of Guilty Gear XX, her personality seems to have mellowed slightly, allowing her to express herself more amiably towards people. While she still desires revenge for the death of her family and destruction of her country, she no longer actively pursues That Man and knows when to prioritize the greater good over her personal vendetta. In one of her Accent Core Plus endings, Baiken loses her sanity and becomes addicted to killing people.

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May 18th 2021 - 7:38 PM

"Your response implies that I am right, woman. Cease your path to revenge."

May 18th 2021 - 1:45 PM

"A vampire samurai. However, your spirit is consumed with revenge."
Soul Uzukai

Jan 24th 2019 - 8:18 PM

"Yeah it doesn't seem like there are many of my kind hanging around like there used to be." He said, scratching the back of his head, letting out a small sigh.
Soul Uzukai

Jan 23rd 2019 - 4:43 PM

โ€œHello and thank you for adding me.โ€ The male gave a warm smile before bowing to the person in front of him, his two snow white tails slowly swaying behind himself. His ears twitched a few times before he stood back up. โ€œI'm Soul Uzukai and it's a pleasure to meet you. I hope we can be good friends.โ€œ He stated before giving a slightly bigger smile, revealing a glimpse of what looked like nothing but sharp teeth.
Unlimited Blade Works

Jul 6th 2018 - 1:32 AM

Offers her some sake and beef stew. "Oh I just want to spend some time with my favorite fighter is all!"
Takeda Yagyu

May 9th 2018 - 10:13 AM

Original Sin

Dec 3rd 2017 - 4:20 AM

Well I can get us some booze to sweeten the pot.
Original Sin

Oct 23rd 2017 - 12:10 AM

Yo thanks for the add, let's set up something soon. Just a bit of warning, the character Sin is a bit of an, well what's a nice word for asshole? He's that, he cares little for most things that don't involve his research or pique his interest. He's brash, rude, abrasive, he also enjoys when things get bloody, and his experiments tend to schew on the darker side. That's not to say more vanilla stuff doesn't happen and the contrast can be fun. Anyway let's set up something soon.
Unlimited Blade Works

Oct 6th 2017 - 12:48 PM

Takes off his shirt that was on fire, still refusing to admit what happened. "That's nothing."
Kitsune Kyuu-takami[engaged irl]

Sep 30th 2017 - 10:03 PM

Mmhmmn*kitsune purred more*
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