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28 years old
Tōkyō, Tokio

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September 28 2020

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Characters: Daniel Masters ||♥|| Mature Content
Verses: Romance & Slice of Life || 18+
Playbys: Yuri Lowenthal
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life,
Member Since:November 17, 2017

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About me:

Name: Daniel Masters
Age: 26

===== Story =====

Online romances. They're something, right? In the moment they seem like everything you could ever want. Well.. Perhaps as an introvert, like Daniel, they seem that way. Being entirely Anti-Social, Daniel's whole life revolves around being online. Video Games, his Art and even his video entertainment all come from being on his precious computer so it's not hard to believe that he eventually stumbled onto love there as well. She was a cute Asian girl who lived in Japan. They dated for a few years before she would coax him into moving to Japan to be with her. His family and the few friends he had outside of his virtual world thought he was insane, but he did it anyway. We'll do anything for genuine love, after all.

After struggling to get himself settled in with a job and a place to live, the two tried to keep their relationship going.. But in the end, it all seemed to fall apart. It wasn't a bad breakup, nor was it anyone's fault. They just weren't as in love as they thought they were.. So, here he is. An American who speaks.. Well, decent amounts of Japanese.. Living in a place far from his family and now without someone to emotionally support him. Surprisingly, he didn't let himself be linger on the sad feelings for too long. Stuck in such a bitter situation, he took this as a chance at a new start-- A new life! He wasn't leaving behind the old one.. It barely existed in the first place, but regardless.. He was just going to make this work.

Daniel now spends most of his days doing exactly what he did before he met his Ex Girlfriend, though working at the little convenience store down the road was something he had to deal with. No money means no internet. Or a place to live, for that matter. And that's where this story begins..~

===== Daniel =====

Daniel is a big guy. He isn't exactly overweight, but he isn't muscular either, though he has started doing little work outs thanks to his Ex Girlfriend so he's pretty well defined at the very least. That aside, he's still a rather bulky man. He easily towers over most folks in Japan if not all of them, though he's perfectly find with that. When it comes to the opposite sex he prefers if they're smaller than he is. He looks huge and intimidating, but he's really just big ole' American teddy bear. He spends his time drawing with his Digital Tablet on his computer, playing Video Games either via his computer or, more likely, his consoles and watching Youtube Videos for entertainment. He works at a little convenience store a short walk from his house and only ever goes from home to work and vice versa. He's working on his Ani-Social tendencies one step at a time, though it is much easier to talk to the Japanese. For whatever reason, he feels comfortable around them.

Who I'd like to meet:

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